Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jaclyn's Lingerie Shower

Last night I threw Jaclyns lingerie shower and we had a really great time! I threw it at my father-in-laws condo which is in the Underwood Plaza building on Dickson street! We catered Bordinos and had great wine, great food and great dessert! (chocolate fondue pot!) We played a fun game with Jaclyn! I met with Brad earlier in the week and asked him a bunch of questions and Jaclyn had to answer them how she felt Brad answered. For all the right answers she got to open her gifts but for the wrong ones she had to take a sip of her (quite stout) drink. Towards the end of the game, we just made her take a bite of a cracker instead of a sip of her drink if you know what I'm sayin! I totally understand. We played the same game with me at my bachelorette/lingerie party and at the end of the game, I found it to be appropriate to model all of my lingerie for I danced to rap music and my bridesmaids watched while taking pictures. The next day I felt like poo poo and we had to come in early from shopping so I could take a nap. FUN TIMES!!! :)
I think everyone had a great time, at least I hope so! I most certainly did. I've been on my diet you know, so not much alchy for me cause 1 glass of wine is 200 cals. Well, for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks I finally cheated on my diet and ate the Bordinos pasta (small portion) and had WAAAAY too much wine. This afternoon, Scott and I were driving....home from church....and I said 'Jake's calling. I just talked to him yesterday, wonder what he wants' and Scott said 'uhhh...on the way home you called him and left him a long voice message.' Whoops! Totally forgot about that. Jake could not stop laughing at me and said I left him a 2 minute voice message. Apparently I told him he HAD to come up to Fayetteville so we could eat at Papa Johns and Taste of Thai together?? I guess I'm so confused why I said that as I never eat at either of those places. Hey you know what though, I don't care and I don't feel bad about it. I never get drunk and make a fool of myself...I'm owning up to it!! I was with my girlfriends at a condo drinking good wine and playing fun games. Plus, I called my husband and made him drive me home....responsible! Alright well, enough of tainting my character....enjoy the pics!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I hate that I'm so slacking on the blogs. I want to be better...and I'm not quite sure why I'm slacking. I'm thinking it's because I'm SO BUSY all the time?? I got home tonight at 7:30 which is pretty much typical these days. I'm blaming it on the working out. Yes I'm still extremely hard core on that. I've been on my workout/diet plan for 2 weeks and 1 day now and still haven't cheated yet. Not even an ant crumb. I'm very very motivated for some reason. I've gotten to where I run 5 miles every day now. Yes that's right. 5 miles. In case you're wondering it takes me about an hour exactly. Today I started working on my speed so I can get down to a 10 minute mile. Instead of running at 5.0 on the treadmill I ran on 5.3 today. Made it go by a little faster. I love my new gym. I'm so obsessed with it. Sometimes if I have something in the evening I have to do I'll go on my lunch break and shower there. That's how nice it is. The showers are nicer than the Kappa house showers. Or I'll go in the morning. I've only done that a few times because my mornings are my treasure. Anyways, I've very excited about it and I love the results. My trainer had a long talk with me about how I can't be obsessed with the number on the scale and how I just need to focus on the body fat and all that so I promised myself (and him) I would only weigh every Monday. But as of Monday I had lost 3.2 pounds which made me excited since it had only been about a week and a half of being on the diet! Yay for Kara!

Okay so all of you who read this and are going to the Little Rock game need to listen up! Scott and I are going to do a tailgate and we want EVERYBODY to come. Yes. That means you!!! I'm not quite sure where we're going to have it yet. We considered buying a spot in Little Rock for the year just to make it easy for people to find us but decided to just save the money and make it a touch more difficult for everyone. (Sorry) BUT, we're gonna have yummy foods and an Image One tent up somewhere so YOU HAVE TO COME!! BYOB but we've got the yummy food and I really want everyone to come. I promise you it's gonna be the cool tailgate with the cool people so if you think you're a cool person you can't miss out! Even if you're saying to yourself "well I know Kara but I won't know anyone else there" then my answer to that is "well act like it's your very own tailgate and tell all of your friends to come to (insert your name here) and Kara's tailgate! I'm so stinkin serious. I shall keep you updated. And if I don't know where the spot is gonna be until that morning I'll just tweet it and you can get on your iphone and look at my blog because I post my tweets on here and you can figure it out from there! Okay?? OKAY!
Alright well....I'm gonna finish this wine...probably pour a 3rd glass if I'm going be completely honest with you....then go to bed. It's just been one of those days and Jaclyns advice to make it better was 'take an hour long bath and get drunk.' So I believe I'll follow that advice....whether or not it's good or bad.......................... I'm thinking good.........night!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today was uneventful. I didn't have 1 client today. Not 1. I blame it on school starting back in NWA today. Every ones schedules were probably already all filled up. However it was nice because I left work at 3. So nice. I left the salon and went to Fuse to work out. I'm so dedicated it frightens me. I still haven't cheated on my diet and today I felt as if an hour on the treadmill was only sufficient. 30 minutes running, 30 walking. I feel like such a rock star that I can run for 30 minutes straight. Just sayin...
I met with my personal trainer. I feel bad but I can't remember his name. I'm so bad at names. I probably don't remember it because when he introduced himself I couldn't get over how huge he was. He's a body builder and had just finished a competition a few days before we met. Whoa. This dude is bowed up. I bet he could bench press me with just one hand. He's super nice though and I think I'm going to enjoy working with him. He gave me some good eating tips like Braums has the best tasting skim milk of anyone. Which I found to be true. I'm a 2% kinda girl and I 100% cannot tell a difference with this milk. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up very early and work out before I go to work because I'm got commitments I have to do later in the evening and I just know I'll hate myself if I don't get my cardio in. So early in the morning work out it is.
It shouldn't be too hard because I've turned into a very early to rise person these days. I woke up 1 1/2 hours earlier than I needed to today and just layed in bed and watched Good Morning America and enjoyed my morning. It was so lovely. I'm becoming very grown up. :)
Scott and I went and looked at my favorite house on the inside yesterday and met with the contractor who happens to be....from El Dorado! I thought that would help me out a bit with the 'we don't want to buy, only rent' bid but it didn't so sayonara pretty on the inside house. Boo...
Hopefully we'll find one we love just as much soon. Renting instead of buying makes it very difficult.
Alright well, the battery on my computer is about out and I don't feel like getting the plug so I'm just gonna peace out! Have a great day/week!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Well I had a nice weekend. Scott and I had date night on Saturday which is always nice! It's very rare when we get to spend some quality time on the weekend with just us. We had dinner at Hermans then we went to see The Time Travelers Wife. Good movie. I'd recommend it for sure!
Yesterday Scott and I went to church then we went to open houses around Rogers! Scott and I love to go to open houses. We go in Little Rock and we went in Memphis all the time. It's just fun! Well, we went to this one neighborhood and I found a house I'm soooo obsessed with. The outside is much to be desired but the inside is so fantastically wonderful I'm willing to forgive the way the outside looks. I would never purchase it but Scott and I are looking for some place to rent. Scott's dad is a contractor so we're going to start building a house within the next year and a half or so but we're really tired of living where we are now so we'd like to find something to rent to keep us content for the next 2 years until we can move into our house!
Well, this neighborhood is like Wistera Lane! Scott and I have always thought it'd be fun to live in a painted house just once because the whole layout and everything about them are so unique. Nothing we'd probably want to purchase but definitely something we'd like to rent! We found this one yesterday and it's so amazing! It's actually a model home and the realtor thought we'd be able to rent instead of buy but the contractor said no when she texted him to ask. I was SO disappointed. So Scott's gonna call the guy and see what he can do. It's so wonderful!! I'll be so disappointed if the guy won't budge. It was the first house we looked at yesterday and all the other houses seemed stupid compared to that one. We shall see. Probably won't happen....
After we looked at houses I went to Fuse where I work out, and ran on the treadmill for...wait for it.....30 minutes STRAIGHT!!!!! Straight. Not stopping for even 2 seconds. 30 straight minutes! I'm very proud of myself. I'm just gonna toot my own horn and let you know I'm in stellar cardio shape right now. Stellar. AND, I haven't cheated once on my diet since I started on Wednesday. Not even a sprinkle. Yay for me. I'm supposed to meet with my personal trainer/nutritionist at 5:00 today! Very exciting...
Okay I'm gonna hop off now. Got lots to do today!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foot in Mouth

The last episode of Friends is on TBS right now and Scott is very intrigued! He's never seen it and since being married to me, he's become as much of a Friends nerd as I am! He's gotten to season's what we watch before we go to bed! Anyways, it's an exciting moment for me. Friends fans would understand.
Okay so yesterday I had the absolute biggest foot in mouth moment in the history of the whole entire world. Whole wide world! So I had a new client yesterday come in. When he walked through the door, I was standing at the front desk writing something down and didn't notice him until he was right behind the counter. He told me his name and I told him I would be the one cutting his hair. So I said to him 'well wobble on over this way!' because he was on crutches. As I came around the corner right beside him and looked down to ask him what happened to his leg and why was he on crutches I noticed......HE HAD NO LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No leg. Oh my gosh the man didn't have a leg and I told him to wobble over to my station. Oh my gosh I wanted to die. Sweat started pouring down my back and I couldn't think straight for a good 5 minutes. I didn't know what to do after that so I just pretended I had a speech impediment and ignored the whole situation. I'm pretty sure I won't be seeing him ever again. I figured his amount of anger towards me would be based on the tip he left...or no tip (what I was expecting) but he left me $8 so maybe he didn't hear me at all. Except there's no way that's possible because I was very loud and clear and was looking directly at him with a gay ass bubbly smile on my face. Oh I just want to crawl in a hole.
So yeah....that happened to me yesterday. Neat.
Also something happening to me yesterday, I joined a gym! Fuse in Rogers. Scott and I joined together. I've walked/run around my neighborhood and done my workout video still but it's just not getting me the results I feel I deserve. So I'm on an extremely intense diet and I'm going hard-core on the elliptical. I meet with my personal trainer on Monday whose going to help me out with my eating plan and give me a work-out to do. I started the diet yesterday and have already lost .5 pounds if that tells you anything. It's actually my pageant diet which freaked me out when they gave it to me. I was like 'woah! totally done this before.' I didn't realize it was international. :) It worked extremely big-time on me then, I've never been tinier, so hopefully it still will 10 years later! I told Scott my reward for myself if I can lose what I want to lose in 8 weeks is a pair of Manolos! He didn't seem to find that appropriate but we'll see. I'll be working my ass off....literally! I think a beautiful pair of shoes is just the perfect amount of motivation to do it! Scott thinks Mexican food should do the trick.
Alright well, I know for everyone else working out and eating healthy gives them more energy but I'm exactly the opposite. It makes me SOOOOO tired! Scott thinks I need to see a doc. I dunno??? I've always always been like that so I think it's just another weird quirky thing I possess. So even though it's just 9:00 I'm about to pass out! Night!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ninja Cat

This is so cute!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jake Got In a Wreck

My best friend, Jake, called me yesterday with some news. He told me he got in a car accident. My reaction "Oh No!!! You rear-ended someone didn't you?" Yep. Spot on. I try to tell Jake that he drives like a bat out of hell. Plus he comes to a screeching halt at a traffic light like Pheobe Buffet driving her grandmothers cab. Jake just thinks it's so funny and laughs out loud at me because I have a near heart attack while riding as a passenger. Although, I'll admit, he can get somewhere very quickly when you're in a hurry. Here's an example of how Jake drives.

I've been telling Jake for years that he's going to rear-end someone and the day it happens I'm just gonna say 'told ya so.' Anyway, it did happen to him yesterday which I feel terrible for him. That really sucks to get in a car wreck. One of my all-time favorite Jake stories is when he got in a car wreck in high school and flipped his car over and over and over until it landed upright. It's not the wreck that's funny to me, because that's serious stuff but it's that Jake landed sitting in his back seat clinching his blinker in his right hand! Hahahaha. I laugh out loud just picturing that. He was fine without a scratch BTW.

So now that you all probably think I'm a terrible friend with no sympathy for my dear friend getting in car crashes I'll move on...
Everyone is asking me if I'm preggers since my last post. No. no. I'm not. Stop asking.
Scott and I are going to Little Rock this weekend to see my parents and their new ski boat! We're all going to go to the lake on Sunday and have some fun! I'm very excited about it. I'm looking forward to tanning since I've been scared to death of laying in a tanning bed these days. Have you seen the recent headlines? WTH? I'm 75% more likely to get cancer now? Bum. I just can't look at myself in the mirror if I don't have some color. I live in a tanning bed. What am I going to do? Don't say spray tan. That DOES NOT even come close to looking the same. Ahhh...dilemma. Until I figure it out though I'm excited about the rays I'll be getting on Sunday.
Alright well...I'm gonna get ready for my nightly TMZ episode. I live for this!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Happy Sunday. Mine has been very lazy. I set my alarm at 9:30 to go to church and for some reason it never went off. I was very distraught when I woke up at 10:20 and realized I wasn't going to make it to church today. My week doesn't feel right if it doesn't start with church. Normally Scott and I can't manage to make ourselves sleep that late but we were up late last night because we were at Brad and Jaclyns wedding shower. It was a good time. Brad's parents friends always know how to throw a good party. I can't believe it's August. Brad and Jaclyn are getting married October 17 which is just right around the corner. Ahh. Crazy!!
So since Scott and I didn't go to church this morning we were lazy in our pajamas all day. Until about 3 when we decided to do our Sam's and Walmart shopping for the week. I'm going to eat extremely healthy this week and not drink any wine. I even bought oatmeal at Walmart which isn't my favorite but Dr. Oz tells me I need to eat it so I got some for breakfast. And blueberries because we're supposed to eat those every day. Not my favorite fruit but oh well. It's good for my brain or something...
I'm looking forward to all of my healthy foods, that is if I ever get my appetite back. Ever since my food poisoning stint I just have ZERO appetite. I have a strong distaste for food right now. And it's just miserable when a Applebees or Golden Corral commercial comes on my TV. I have to turn my head. I told Scott I'm almost starting to wonder if I'm pregnant. I mean, not really but does food poisoning last this long? I'm so confused. Tonight when I was taking my bath all I could think about was the possibility of me being pregnant. That's supposedly 99% impossible so I know I'm just being paranoid but why am I so nauseous still?
Not that having a baby would make me sad. I've been bit with the baby bug lately and want one real, real bad. I realize that I should be in no hurry to have kids however, as Scott and I will only get to be just the two of us for a short period of time over our marriage. We want to travel a lot and treasure our newlywed status for many more years. So no rush but really excited for the day to come. I almost went in a baby furniture store the other day just to look. What's my problem?
Anyways...maybe I'll feel better by tomorrow. I'm going to try to go for my run for the first time in a week. I've just not been up for it because of all the nauseousness. Cross your fingers!

**Hahahaha. Scott just read my blog and was like "You don't really think you're pregnant do you? Go take a pee test."