Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a great Halloween! It was a little disappointing because it drizzled here all day long but we decided to power through and enjoy the festivities anyway. We started our day at the Bentonville square Trick or Treat event. We didn't stay a very long time because of the weather but we all had fun regardless!
After the square we grabbed some lunch then put Campbell down for a nap---actually we all took a nap! Once Campbell woke up we fed him some dinner then put his costume on so we could do some trick or treating around the neighborhood! I was worried that the drizzling rain would make it hard but we had so much fun I almost didn't even notice! I absolutely adored Campbell's costume this year. He was the cutest skunk I've ever seen!!!
I had a feeling that Campbell would really love trick or treating but I wasn't prepared for him to completely get the concept. After the first house, he was a pro! I was dying on the inside at his trick or treating cuteness. He walked up to the house, picked out some candy, put it in his bucket then turned around and yelled "dyyyeeee!!!!" (bye) as he headed off to the next stop. I was in Halloween heaven watching him. He couldn't get enough and I couldn't either! He looked adorable walking around in his little skunk costume and he was having so. much. fun. I wasn't prepared for how much fun I would have watching him trick or treat around the neighborhood. It is seriously the best Halloween I've ever experienced!
We trick or treated with Avery and Emmy and it made it even more fun! They all three looked so cute in their little Halloween Costumes!

And of course we didn't leave our girls out!!! They dressed up as fairies this year and they looked so precious! Madison, Ivy and Grace aren't real sure what to think about the whole concept of Halloween. Putting on costumes and constantly having people knock on their doors is a little much but I think they enjoy the excitement of it.

Scott and I can't stop talking about how much fun we had with Campbell tonight. He truly trick or treated around the neighborhood and watching him love it so much was an absolute blast for me. I will always remember it! I knew Campbell would enjoy the Halloween festivities but I didn't expect him to truly participate in it all. I know I sound like a broken record but it was just so, so fun!
Best. Halloween Ever.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Eve

This has been a fun week! Campbell's cousin, Avery, has been at our house hanging out with us. Jenn and Avery came up on Tuesday and we've been filling our day with lots of playtime and lunch dates.
Since today is Friday and the day before Halloween, I thought it was only appropriate for us to get our day started with some chicken mini's from Chick Fil A! If there's a lot of people at my house, sometimes I like to get a small tray of them. You get 20 mini's and it's only $15 and overall, a pretty fantastic breakfast! Campbell ate so many he spit up (is that TMI?) which was sad and funny all at once. Has everyone picked up on the fact that my child loves to eat?
We spent the rest of our day getting out for a little bit then staying inside and playing while it rained all day. We did venture out to Olive Garden for dinner and they are genius because their kids menu not only comes with crayons but also stickers. Brilliant. The stickers kept Campbell entertained the entire meal. It was great. Every restaurant should implement the sticker idea!!!

We are looking forward to a very fun Halloween tomorrow! If the weather cooperates, we're planning on going to the Trick or Treat event on the Bentonville square tomorrow morning. Later in the evening we're going to take Campbell and Avery trick or treating around our neighborhood. I anticipate that Campbell will LOVE it. I don't think he'll quite understand the whole concept but I know he'll have a good time getting free food from his neighbors. Ha! I'll post pics on here tomorrow of our Halloween fun! Until then.....

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, October 26, 2015


"Hey Mom, could I please have this applesauce?"
"Seriously Mom, I'm starving! It's 10:30 and all I've had to eat so far is breakfast and two snacks." 

Does anyone else's toddler eat all. the. time? Because mine does. Campbell has a snack basket in the pantry. I put it on the floor for him so he would have easy access and his head is basically in the basket all day long. Today I picked him up from MDO and as we were walking to the car he signed to me that he was hungry. I usually have a granola bar in my purse for him but I didn't today. Thankfully we were headed to Target and before I started shopping I got him some popcorn. It's Targets greatest idea yet. We rarely do it but if I get Campbell some popcorn to snack on while I shop in Target, he'll let me shop until my hearts desire. He loves that popcorn!! It makes me feel better to hear other Moms say their toddler eats all day long otherwise I'd think Campbell had a hole in his stomach. 
We went to the last Bentonville Farmers Market of the year this past Saturday. It was cold!! We didn't actually shop the Farmers Market but I didn't want to sit at home because I knew we'd be doing plenty of that during the Razorback game. So I wanted to get out for just a little bit. We just did a short little stroll around the square then grabbed a quick bite to eat at a pizza food truck.
It was our first time to eat there and this pizza was delicious!! I can't remember the name of the truck but I highly recommend it. We will definitely be going back. 
After our pizza we popped over to another truck to grab some mini donuts for dessert and those were to die for too. Yum. The game had already started so we wrapped it up and headed home so we could watch the Hogs play. Campbell took the longest nap ever and Scott and I were able to watch the entire game while he snoozed away. We wrapped up our weekend with church on Sunday and some fun family time together. Campbell loves his weekends that are usually always filled with something fun and different. I do too. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I believe we're about to be hit with some cooler weather starting tomorrow and I'm pretty sure it's going to stay this time. I hate how some days it's freezing and some days I wear flip flops. It was really cold on Monday so I got to bundle my baby up in his cute fall gear. He's learning the color red at school this month so his teachers asked for the kiddos to wear something red. I love, love fall clothes for little boys. I ordered a bunch of stuff online from Gap this week because they were offering 40% off and free, 2 day shipping. I love when they do that. I always partake. For Campbell--I never even think to order something for myself. Ha! 
My neighborhood does thing thing in October where we "Boo" one another. You get a surprise treat on your doorstep from an anonymous neighbor and you have to do the same to two other neighbors to keep the fun going. Campbell had so much fun going through his "Boo" and I realized getting boo'ed is way more fun when you have kiddos to get excited about it! Our Boo came with some stickers and Campbell is obsessed with them. I put a blank piece of paper on our refrigerator and throughout the day he gets to put a Halloween sticker on it. He loves it. He walks over to it, points high, then signs please so he can add a sticker to his paper. Campbell thinks it's the most fun thing ever. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

18 Month Doctor Visit

Campbell (finally) had his 18 month doctor visit last Friday. We had it booked for the beginning of the month but the doctor had to reschedule then I just completely forgot about the appointment and didn't even show up. I was so horrified that I was "that" person and apologized profusely for my absentmindedness. Low and behold we finally made it and thankfully everything with my little guy seems to be perfect! Such a blessing.
Campbell does a pretty good job at his doctor visits. He always bawls his eyes out when they take his temperature for some reason. Other than that (and the horrid shots of course) he's a little trooper. He just runs around the room opening up drawers and taking stuff out of them. I'm so mad at myself because I threw away the growth chart they always give me so I don't know what his height was but I did write his weight down which was 24 pounds, 10 ounces and that puts him in the 53%. It's crazy to think that just a year ago Campbell didn't even register on the percentile scale which had us going to the doctor every other week to check his weight. It stressed me out so badly! Our pediatrician assured us that by the time Campbell was 18 months old he would probably be caught up with the other kids his age and he was totally right.
After his shots Campbell got a sticker which was a first for him there. It made him so happy and he felt like such a big boy with his spiderman sticker. He came home and took an almost 4 hour nap so apparently those shots wore my little man out. Grateful for a healthy checkup for my sweet Campbell!! Always so grateful.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The PERFECT Saturday

I had THE best Saturday. My entire crew loaded up and we all went to downtown Bentonville to spend a few hours hanging out. We started out by strolling around the Farmers Market. I think this coming Saturday is the last Farmers Market of the year (so we'll have to go again one last time!) and we wanted to make sure we could soak it up before it ends. The weather was super chilly and very fall like which made it that much nicer.
We started to get a little hungry so we decided to grab some lunch somewhere. When we take the girls we have to eat at a restaurant with outdoor dining and we had never been to The Pressroom before so we decided to give it a try. Now I know why everyone is so obsessed with it. It was heaven. The outdoor dining was so lovely and our food was delicious.
I got a BLT with a side of tomato bisque and I gobbled it up. Campbell ate every bite of his ham and cheese croissant and I was impressed since he isn't a big sandwich person, unlike his mother. Since it was so chilly Scott suggested we all get a hot chocolate for dessert and I thought that sounded like an excellent idea! They had a tiny little cup for Campbell and he got to experience his very first hot chocolate.
He took a cautious first sip then immediately dove in for a huge gulp. Then Campbell looked at Scott and I and said "YUM!!!" We laughed so, so hard. He's never said that before. I'll always remember it! Yum indeed. I'm not a big hot chocolate fan because I don't like milk but this one was super tasty. I told Scott this is going to have to become our new Saturday thing until it gets too cold to sit outside. Everything about the experience was just so lovely and the girls could not have been more perfect as they patiently waited on us to finish our meal. Even our waiter commented on how well behaved they were. I can usually count on my girls to put on their best behavior when I need them to. Unless a dog walks by then they feel the need to bark.
After lunch we popped in a new dog boutique on the square to get the girls some treats then we went to the nearby park to let Campbell play for a bit. Before I knew it, it was Campbell's nap time and we had to head home. If every Saturday could be like this last Saturday was it would make me a happy lady. I'm so glad I was able to get out with Campbell and the girls. The girls love getting to go on adventures and we always attract quite a bit of attention with our stroller full of cuties. Four different people asked to take our photo (haha!) and just about everyone has to stop us to pet the girls. Madison, Ivy and Grace eat it up! And to be perfectly honest, I do too. I love my little family. They make me so happy.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mid-October Ramblings

We experienced a record high temperature here in Northwest Arkansas today. Ugh. Who else is over this 85 degree weather in the middle of October? One day it's cold, one day it's hot. I'm ready for Mother Nature to make up her mind. Apparently we're supposed to experience a cold front starting tomorrow. Yes please. I love warm weather but 85 degrees in mid October just seems wrong.
These three are in dire need of some excitement in their life. Bless their hearts all they do is lay around the house all day. We usually have our nightly walks and that's exciting but they told me they need to do something fun. So this weekend we're taking them to the Farmers Market. We haven't been to the Farmers Market in a long time because it got way too hot. I think that either this weekend or next weekend is the last Farmers Market of the year so we definitely need to go before they close up! The girls will be thrilled.
Last week I had to go to the post office and I was dreading it. The post office + a toddler just seemed like a super hard combo. I decided to visit PostNet instead since it's usually not too busy and it seemed a little easier to contain my busy boy. To my delightful surprise, they had a kids table and chairs + some crayons and coloring paper for kiddos to play with. You would have thought a pot of gold was sitting in front of me. Campbell had an absolute blast coloring at the table while I had to deal with my mail return. You can't even understand how grateful I was for that table and colors. Like seriously, every business should have something like that. Campbell had so much fun that he cried when we left. Haha! Thank you PostNet. I love you forever!
We are looking forward to the weekend around here. We've got a couple of fun things on our agenda so it should be a good one.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Toddler Meals

If any of you Moms are like me, you find baby/toddler meals to be such a struggle! I'm lucky in that Campbell is a pretty good eater but I still find it hard to come up with different meal ideas for him. Today I thought I'd give you guys an example of our weekly menu (excluding the weekend because we usually eat out on the weekend) around here. Hopefully this will give you all some food ideas for your kiddos. And if you have any ideas for me, please, send them my way!!!!

 Pepperidge Farm cinnamon swirl bread with an assortment of berries. Campbell loves this cinnamon bread and it's the easiest breakfast ever!! 

 Grilled cheese with pasta salad, grapes and strawberries.

Sometimes I go to Fresh Market and get a rotisserie chicken. It's easy and delicious! I paired it with tomatoes, green beans, roasted carrots and potatoes. 

Betty Crocker triple berry muffins. I buy the package where all you have to do is add 1/2 cup of water. We keep these on hand in our pantry always. They're easy to make and taste yummy! Blueberries on the side make a perfect pairing. 

 I make Campbell mini quiches all the time. I put whatever I want in them, stick them in a muffin tin and bake a few at a time. Campbell gobbles them up and it's a great way to sneak in veggies. This is also a great meal for him to take to MDO. I stick his quiche in his Skip Hop Insulated Food Jar and it stays warm for him until lunch time! His teachers love this meal and think it's such a great idea. It's also not messy and I'm sure they appreciate that! Cheese cubes and strawberries on the side make this a well rounded meal!

 A roast in the crockpot is an almost weekly staple in our house. Campbell's favorite part is the carrots.

Pancakes is one of Campbell's favorite breakfast meals. I just buy the mini frozen pancakes so they're always on hand. 

 When I'm not in the mood to do much for lunch, a peanut butter sandwich is always an easy go-to. I roll it up to help with the mess. Campbell loves veggie straws and blackberries and raspberries are 2 of his favorite fruits. 

 We usually have a little bit of leftover roast so whenever we do, I throw it in with some pasta and veggies for Campbell. He loves this pasta/veggie mix and always has. I get it from the Schwans Man and it's so quick and easy to cook. Throw some cheese and tomatoes on the side and this is one of Campbell's favorite dinners!

It's a rarity but sometimes I make Campbell scrambled eggs for breakfast. 

I am obsessed with this chicken salad recipe from Southern Living. I love to make it for lunch. You can find it under my recipes board on Pinterest. Campbell doesn't love it as much as I do so he mostly fills up on the toast and grapes but he'll eat a couple of bites. 

About once a week I make a casserole. This one in particular is broccoli and chicken. I usually make a side of rice to go with it. 

I make these cinnamon rolls about once a week and the boys in my house love them! I just use Pillsbury crescent rolls. Instead of separating them into the triangles I keep them in the squares, slap on a little butter, add cinnamon sugar, roll them up then slice them sushi style to make mini cinnamon rolls. We eat these weekly and I must admit, they are delicious. My Mom used to make these for me and my brother all the time and now I'm carrying on the tradition in my house!

 I get these Garden Lights Veggie Muffins in the frozen section at Walmart and they are great to have around. This is another easy MDO meal that I put in Campbell's Skip Hop Insulated Food Jar to keep warm. He loves them and again, great way to sneak in veggies. I would love to find a homemade veggie muffin recipe but haven't come across one that sounds very appetizing. Cheese, peaches and raspberries round out this meal. 

Sometimes we do Mac and Cheese because this is real life. Making a huge batch of tomatoes to go with it makes me feel less guilty! Ha!