Thursday, October 30, 2008


My mom called me last night to tell me that Hudson had put some of my engagement pictures on their blog! I still haven't seen all of them yet but here is a quick preview for me and you! I'll post more when I get them! So far, I'm pleased and I'm very anxious to see the rest. I should get all of them no later than tomorrow! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I guess I should give you a Holly update. I know I told you earlier that I found 1 big lump and 2 little lumps on her little tummy. Turns out, it's breast cancer. No big deal because it's supposedly a very easy surgery and the next day she'll act like nothing happened. So mom took her last Wednesday to have her breast cancer removed. Before she had the surgery the doctor wanted to do blood work on her to make sure she was healthy enough to do it. Well, mom got a call a few hours after she dropped Holly off at the vet and he told mom Holly's bloodwork didn't come back perfect. So he asked if he could do a few things and check her out. Of course mom said yes, do anything, and keep me updated. Poor Holly had to get an ultrasound and a cathader put in her to test her urine because the doctor seems to think that Holly has bladder cancer. Bladder cancer is not good. I googled it and it's really not good. The doctor said Holly definitely had a bladder infection and when she tinkled it felt like crystals were coming out of her. Poor baby. That makes me feel so bad for her. The bladder infection could be an extreme case that made it look like bladder cancer so he gave us some medicine to give her twice a day and told us to bring her back in on Monday, which was yesterday.
So mom took her in and they had to do another ultrasound and just really can't seem to figure it out. The doctor told mom that bladder cancer in dogs are in two forms. Some look like a mushroom which is easy to cut out and get rid of, and some are lining the bladder. Holly's isn't the mushroom kind. The doctor said it could possibly be feces too. He said he has really good equipment but there's another vet in Little Rock who has the absolute top notch equipment so he's sending Holly there.
Holly has an appointment with them on Friday and I've just been a nervous wreck all week. My dad had to come up to NWA this week for work so he brought Holly with him so I could spend some time with her. I can't stop loving on her. We will of course do surgery but she's 12 so I just wonder if she'll make it through. Holly seems to be acting a little spunkier than she normally does so maybe she did just have a really bad bladder infection and the medicine is making her feel better. She seem's to be feeling better not only to me but to my mom as well. I'm praying she'll be okay. I know she's been alive for a long time but I'm just not ready yet. I'll never be ready but I really just can't handle this. I'm looking at her right now all snuggled up on top of my pajama pants and I just can't imagine not having that to always look at. I cried myself to sleep the other night just thinking about it. Holly is like a baby to me. I've had her since I was 12. It will be a sad sad day in the Luttrell house when we loose Holly. For now, I'm going to think positively. Holly see's the doctor on Friday so please say a quick little prayer that she'll be okay. I'll update you on the news.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Proud To Be An American!!

Today I felt really proud that I was born in America. I went to the Washington County Courthouse to vote! While I was standing in line waiting to vote, for John McCain, I thought about what I was doing and how cool it is that I can help decide who runs this country. I got to thinking about all of the men who started the US government and how brilliant they were to allow the people to decide. It was a very cool feeling! I was helping make history. Very cool. I obviously voted in the last presidential election but I voted absentee so it just wasn't quite the same feeling. I checked back over all of my votes about 3 times to make sure my answers were correct. I just had to be sure that John McCain is getting my vote because this is obviously going to be a very close election. I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous.
Last night I spent my evening filling out a marriage questionnaire form. Scott and I have to take marriage counseling before we get married at Fellowship. The questions were very long and quite deep. Some asked my favorite color and movie, others asked who would pay the bills, where we would spend each holiday, if we want dogs, how clean I want our home to be, and how I feel about euthanasia. They wondered how I like to be cared for when I'm ill, how important travel is to me on a scale of 1-10, and 5 positive qualities Scott and I are each bringing to our relationship. Some of the questions took a lot of thought!! It took me about an hour an a half to complete the 15 page, multiple choice and fill in the blank form. I'm really happy to do it though and I'll be curious to know how Scott answered his questions when they're given to us at the workshop. I have a pretty good feeling that I'll know exactly how he'll answer the questions but I'm still anxious to see them. I kind of wonder if the people who read them have ever gotten a couple who were so obviously a bad fit for each other. I wonder if they tell you that you might want to reconsider your spouse choice! Ha! That would be terrible. I'm sure it's happened.
I should get ready for bed now. It's very late!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arkansas vs. Ole Miss

Well I had a fun weekend! Of course I went to the game. I nearly pee'd my pants when I thought for a minute there that we might win. Of course I should have known better since being a Razorback fan is always heartbreaking. At least it was really close thought right? Scott and I tailgated with Brad and Jaclyn like always and it was great because we didn't have to get there at 9:30 a.m. We had lots of fun and I'm sad that next weekend is the last time I'll get to tailgate for a whole year! I guess I do have the LSU game though. I'll for sure be attending that one. Want to see some pics from Saturdays tailgate?
So after the game was over we went to On the Rocks for a bit and were bored so we left. This afternoon, I went to Abuelos in Rogers with my parents to eat some super yummy mexican food. Mom and I went shopping at Dillards after then my parents took me to Wal Mart to stock up on some groceries. I love it when they do that!! It's so nice and helpful! I got some Halloween candy for the kiddies but I hope I don't eat it all before they get here. I'll try to be disciplined and not eat the skittles and snickers! The snickers will be tough to ignore since a snicker is my favorite candy bar!
If any of you don't know, Me, Scott, Jaclyn, and Brad are hosting a Halloween costume party at Brad and Jaclyns house! It starts at 8:00 and everyone is welcome to come! It should be lots of fun but you can't come unless you wear a costume. I've had my costume picked out for quite a while now and had something at home that I could use for it, but mom thinks she's sold it. Uh oh! She's going to look for it tomorrow and send it my way if we still have it. Hopefully so because Halloween costumes are like, $40 and I most definitely don't want to waste my money on something stupid like that. We'll see I guess.....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Generic Version But Not Really

Well oh well I've had a crazy busy week. Today was just a tiny bit stressful and yesterday was all the way stressful. I'll start with yesterday. Work was very busy which is awesome but when work is busy for me I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make sure I stay on time. When I was done with work, I went to Walgreens to pick up some medicine. I asked my doctor if they could call in the generic version since the regular version is $60. Imagine my fury when I picked up the generic version and it was $57. It should come as no surprise to my friends who know me well that I asked to speak to the manager. After I complained, nicely, and stressed that it was ridiculous that a generic version would be the same price as the regular version since the point of generic is to be cheaper, I asked for my money back and told her I would go to Wal Mart. So I went to Wal Mart and asked them how much their generic version was. $50. A little better. Since I have to have it and had to take it today, I said okay with tears filling in my eyes. (Right now, $50 to me might as well just be $500) Then, the dude tried to tell me that he called Walgreens to switch my prescription over and the Walgreens dude said that he had filled that order for me already. I felt like I was being treated like a drug addict for a second. I was confused why as it's not like the medicine was a xanax or a hydrocodone or anything even close to it. Whatever. I did not appreciate that.
So today, Scott and I had our engagement pictures taken. We took them around the Fayetteville square and Old Main lawn. The photographer said I'll get to see them in about a week. I'm glad they're over with just because of the whole diet thing which I failed at miserably BTW. Still dieted but not nearly as hard core as I would before a pageant. After we took our pictures, we ate yummy food at La Huerta. My belly is big and full now!
Right now, Scott is watching DVR'd Greys Anatomy while I'm blogging. We decided to stay in for the night since tomorrow will probably be quite eventful. Scott and I will go down to tailgate at about 2:00 but will pre-tailgate at my house probably an hour before that. Yay! I'm excited about this game. Finally a night game. Finally! GO HOGS!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Week of the Pageant Diet

I'm not much in a blogging mood. My back hurts from planting pansies last night. I didn't want to get my knees dirty by putting them on the ground so I bent over the whole hour while I was being Bree Van de Kamp. I'm definitely regretting that now. Apparently I'm too old to bend over these days too. I'm just an old woman.
Tomorrow I'm going on my 'week of the pageant' diet because I'm getting my engagement pictures taken on Friday. For those of you who want to know what my 'week of the pageant' diet consists of it's pretty simple. No more than 50 milligrams of sodium a day and about a gallon of water. You can do the math and try to figure out what food other than raw lettuce has less than 50 milligrams of sodium in it. Everything has sodium. Except for jelly. And one time, when I actually was getting ready for a pageant, I cooked a plain chicken with just pepper on it and dipped it in jelly. If your shivering and gagging right now you should because it was terrible!!
Alright well, time for Hannity and Colmes. If any of you didn't catch Sarah Palin on SNL here it is! So funny.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alfred E Smith Roast

It's been a while since my last post. I've been really busy this week. I can't remember exactly what I've done but it seems like all I've been doing is running around from one place to the other. I have nothing interesting to talk about at all. Friday night was fun. Scott and I cooked at my house and Brad and Jaclyn came over to eat my famous pasta dish. After we were out of wine the four of us drove to Theos to have some more! For some reason, we ended up at On The Rocks where Scott and Brad acted foolish and had 4 shots of Jager....Immature. They paid for it the next morning that's for sure. Last night, Scott and I headed up to Brad and Jaclyns house and they cooked for us this time! We grilled hamburgers and watched the Razorback game that seemed in the bag until the last 4 minutes. Being a Hog fan comes with heartbreak. This morning Scott and I went to Fellowship guessed it...Brad and Jaclyn. We don't know how to have fun without those two do we?
I did do something exciting this week. I went to Wal Mart and got a pumpkin! I've been wanting one for weeks now but just haven't done it and I finally did! Of course Jake and Scott made so much fun of me but I felt better about it when I went to Jaclyns house last night and she had TWO pumpkins!!
I got honked at the other day and I'm so confused why. I don't know what I did and it kinda didn't sit well with me that someone would have road rage against me so badly. Whatev.
Okay so that's all. On Thursday, Scott and I watched the roast of John McCain and Barack Obama at the Alfred E Smith dinner in New York. It was hilarious! John McCain did great and Barack Obama did not. Which, I'll be honest, surprised me. I thought Obama would do way better than McCain at the comedy routine but he was just not funny. If you didn't catch it on TV and have a few minutes to watch these, it's definitely worth it.
Here's McCain, part one and two.
Here's Obama part one and two.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cakes and Alterations

I'm in Little Rock today doing some wedding planning. Every time I leave somewhere after discussing wedding plans I feel the need to go home and take a nap. Mom says it's because my brain gets so stressed trying to pick and choose every last detail of every single thing. I guess so.
Today I met with my cake lady. The cake has been the hardest thing for me. I've looked at Ricks, Mickey's in LR,, and countless magazine pictures and haven't liked anything I've seen. I don't know what I'm looking for and I don't have anything in mind but nothing blows me away. I felt sorry for my cake lady because I don't feel like I gave her any direction whatsoever. I just showed her some pictures I liked, told her the idea I was going for, and with a confused look on her face she told me she would draw some stuff out and email them to me. Works for me! While trying to decide what my cake looked like was difficult, the cake testing was super easy! Yum O! I know what flavor of cake I want. I'm excited.
After my meeting with the cake lady, I drove to the seamstress to have my dress altered. And when I say altered all it needed was hemming. Okay so just a hem, shouldn't cost that much right? WRONG. It was $195! Let me say it again. ONE HUNDRED NINETY FIVE DOLLARS!! To fix a hem?? I guess I'm confused as I was thinking $40. I was tempted to tell her never mind, that my 8th grade home ec teacher, Mrs Nixon, taught me how to sew and I could do it myself but whatev.
Saturday was fun wedding planning though. I drove to El Dorado to register. El Do doesn't have a Dillards but we have a few stores that carry the same china as Dillards so everyone goes there to register and buy gifts.
While I was in El Dorado I visited my Mimi. Bless her heart she just doesn't know what to do with herself since my grandpa died in March. I feel sorry for her. She'll cry just talking about him. It breaks my heart. They were married for 61 years! Mimi tickles me though. She's in her early 80's and can't remember anything. She asked me 5 times if I had a boyfriend, what he does, when my wedding was, and how many bridesmaids I'm having. I know I'll be just like that when I'm her age because I'm full blooded Luttrell. Not looking forward to it...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Arkansas State Fair

I drove down to Little Rock tonight. My family decided to take Landon to the Arkansas State Fair and I wanted to come along for the ride before he heads back to Tampa tomorrow. He kept calling it the farris. We had a really great time! Landon had never been to a fair before and he loved it! We started him cautiously with the easy kiddy rides and before we knew it, he was all about the 'tilt a whirl.' He was so cute on the little rollar coaster, holding his hands up in the air. He decided with all of the rides it was necessary to hold his hands up in the air.

Landon's first fair experience was great! He had so much fun and giggled and smiled all night long. He loved it! My favorite part about the fair?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holly Sings

Do any of you know how much I adore my puppy, Holly? Well, she's not so much a puppy anymore. She turns 12 this month. Oh my gosh that makes me so sad. I can remember like it was yesterday the day I picked her up. We got her in Bryant and we rescued her. She wasn't from a pound but..let me put it this way...I stepped in goat dodo on my way out of the house. A lot of people wonder what breed Holly is. She's half yorkie half shih tzu. She's so smart and so sweet. I can ask her for a kiss and she always gives me one on my nose. I can talk to her like a 2 year old and I feel like she knows what I'm saying. She has a very large vocabulary and knows a lot of words. She's perfect. My perfect doodlebug. So I was devastated today when I was rubbing her belly and noticed a huge lump on her chest. It's rock hard and about the size of a kidney bean. I seriously had to go lay on my bed when I saw it because it made me nauseous and I thought I was going to pass out. Holly is like a child to me and I cannot imagine my life without her. I'm taking her to the vet in Little Rock tomorrow to get it checked out. I googled it and it's either breast cancer, a cyst, or a tumor. It's just so sad that she's starting to show signs of aging. The good thing is she acts totally normal so hopefully that's a good sign. I'll let you all know what the results are. Please pray that everything is okay because I know she's old but I'm definitely not prepared to let go yet. Of course I can't help but think the worse and I held her in my arms and balled and squalled today. If any of you have loved a pet like it was your child you would understand. I just love her with all of my heart. To lighten up the subject, I made a video of Holly tonight. It's of her doing one of her tricks, singing. Enjoy!!!!

Sarah Rocks, Obama Slips

Woooo weee. You guys have gotta catch this video of Sarah Palin. She's a rockstar and I love everything about her! The dems will so be hating that she did this because it's awesome! You Go Girl!!

And just for kicks, here's one of Barack Obama. He is just a little bit scary to me. Who hangs out with terrorists and crazy preacher who hates America man? I guess I'm just SO confused. Who is this guy and why is it a possibility that he could be running our country?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Old Lady

So far, today has been just okay. My kidneys hurt. I know that sounds random but they do. I feel like an old woman these days. I know I'm just 23 but I'm starting to see what my mom was talking about all those years about how it comes fast. Like, if you read a previous blog you know that a backbend is impossible unless I want to take my rheumatoid arthritis medicine again. I have to wake up in the middle of the night now to go to the bathroom. That might have been a little TMI but that's so old woman of me. I have to go for a run in the mornings now to keep my legs toned otherwise my knees look fat. What's next I wonder? Cellulite? Wrinkles? Ooohh I'm not looking forward to it. Like, I just cannot imagine myself as an old woman with 7 grandkids. I literally cannot wrap my brain around that image. I'm gonna be a cool grandma though. I'm not going to look mammaw either. I'm going to color my hair, keep up with the fashions, and watch all of the good TV shows so I can have something to talk to my grandkids about. I'm going to keep reading People too. I just can't see my celebrity fascination fading away. Those days are far away I suppose but I seem to be well on my way apparently.
Getting away from that topic now. I enjoyed Holly's company so much last week, I decided to keep her for this week too. I think she's really enjoyed herself. I went to Target and bought her, her favorite treat - Beggin Strips. She LOVES beggin strips. They used to be too big for her and I'd have to break the strip into 3 pieces but now they make them in mini's for little dogs and they're a perfect size. Ever since I bought them, all she does is stand by the kitchen counter where they're stored and wait on me to notice and give her one. She's so funny. Her diet the past few days has consisted of beggin strips. I can't resist her sweet face though.
Work has still been great. I'm going to need all of you who live in NWA to come see me though! It takes a while to build a clientele but you guys can help me out by coming to the salon to see me! 443-7776! My hours are very flexible and I can make time around your schedule! Plus I'm really good at what I do. Not to toot my own horn or anything but it would be good information for you to know!
Time to focus on Oprah. She's giving tips on how to save money. Something I'm very interested in however I don't know if I'll learn anything new as Scott has already trained me well. He's very into saving. He still has his Christmas money from when he was 7! Crazy...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A really long one

Oh my it has been forever hasn't it? My bad. Ever since I got a job life doesn't make much room for Perez and blogging anymore. These past few days have been exceptionally busy. So I have A LOT to talk about. First of all, we'll start with Friday night. Friday night was so much fun. Brad and Jaclyn had an engagement party and it was fabulous! It was at the Julians house and I swear there were 65 people there. Lots of fun because I'm one to think the more the merrier! Jake made a special playlist on his ipod for the occasion but as Jake's luck would have it, the ipod froze up so we had to result to my iPhone which only has 100 songs on it as I have not converted the songs from my ipod to it yet. Jake and I had to be on stand by to run to the ipod bucket whenever Jessica Simpson and Dreamgirls came over the speakers. Even though the party had nothing to do with me, I was surprised with a little present that night. Sweet Jacqueline got Scott and I a fancy wine bottle cork with a big J on it. My first J present! Very exciting. I'm using it tonight for the first time! So here's a picture of our little group from the night. Austin and Anna, Scott and Christina, Craig and Jax, Brad and Jaclyn and myself and Jake. Scott and Jake should have switched spots. Too late now.
Okay so the next morning came quite early. After just 5 hours of sleep, I woke up to go to the Razorback game. Precious Landon was here for the occasion!! He went to his third Razorback football game. Landon is a huge Razorback fan! His Arkansas family has brainwashed him well. Kyle is determined that his son be as big of a Razorback fan as he is and I think Landon is well on his way. He knows all of the words to the Arkansas fight song and I'm working on teaching him the moves to the William Tell Overture. Kyle particularly wanted to make sure Landon was at this game because we were playing the Florida Gators. Landon lives in Florida and knows a lot about the Gators as well so this was a particularly fun game for him. We lost (shocker) but it was still great for Landon to be there. Mammaw Kara made a video of Landon at Chick fil A for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

P.S. I'm well aware that Darren McFadden doesn't play for the Razorbacks anymore. Just wanted to clear that up in case any of you think I'm ignorant.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Masons Launch Party

Hello all! It's been a while. Well just 3 whole days I guess. I really have nothing to blog about. Work was good. I'm super tired because Holly is staying with me again this week, and she insisted I get up during the wee early hours this morning and play ball with her. I can't resist her cute face starring at me with her tail wagging in the morning so I got up and played ball then decided to go for a run.
Last night was good fun. Jake, Braclyn and I went to Masons for their website launch party. Our dear friend, and one of my bridesmaids, Anna, is responsible for the whole site. Anna has worked SO hard on the website and I must say it looks fabulous! She's a model in a lot of the pictures and looks so good. I would be a miserable model as I can't look right in a picture unless I'm showing all of my teeth. I'm just not sexy. After the launch party Jake and I came back to my house to watch my favorite show, Dirty Sexy Money. It was SO good. If you don't watch it you so should.
Alright I just have nothing to talk about. Jake and I are going to drive to Bentonville to Brad and Jaclyns house and Jaxie and Craig will be there too! Jax is my other dear friend who lives far far away in Nashville but she has a killer job so she's excused. She works for a talent agency and gets to see country music artists walking in her office all the time. Why just the other day, Faith Hill popped in and said hi and bye to Jacqueline. So cool. So yeah, she's up here and that makes me happy!
Tomorrow night is Brad and Jaclyns engagement party! We will have tons of fun I'm sure as Brad's mom, Mrs Betty, has gone all the way out for it. Okay time to go. My friends are awaiting!