Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crested Butte Day 2

Howdie folks! Today was such a great day!!! Jake and I progressed to the blues and I'm pleased to say I only fell once. And I really shouldn't have. I got freaked out cause I was going too fast and I just decided to fall down. Jake and I are perfect ski partners. We are totally on the same level. It snowed lightly today and it was just so wonderful!
Jake and I got on a lift with a random. As usual, I asked him where he was from. 'Fayetteville, Arkansas.' 'SHUT UP!!! US TOO' So we had a good talk on the lift. His sister lives here and he recommended a delicious restaurant for us to eat at on New Years Eve. We told him we wanted something like Bordinos/Theos and he recommended this place so we made our reservations today. Yay!
I only spent $5 dollars today. Can you believe that? I'm so proud of myself. I can't even manage to do that in NWA. I spent it on a lovely hot chocolate after a sorta chilly day on the mountain. Today was a touch colder than yesterday. We came home for lunch and I had to add more layers. Yesterday was such great weather. Today was colder because it was snowing I think. We only have a 3 day pass so tomorrow Jake, Jaclyn, and I plan on checking out the town. However, I'm having such a great time skiing I told Jake we should just wake up and head out on the town early so we could go on the slopes tomorrow around 1. We'll have to buy an extra pass for Thursday but we're enjoying ourselves so much and we're such rockstars it makes me want to not miss a day! I think the reason I'm skiing better than I ever have is because I work out 4 days a week. Pretty sure that's why.
I miss my husband. I think about him all day. I would love to make out with him on the ski lift! Haha. JK...kinda.
I've got to tend to my dinner. Jake and I tag teamed and made chicken spaghetti tonight. I think it's almost ready. Until tomorrow....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Crested Butte Day 1

Greetings from Crested Butte! I'm sitting in front of a fire while looking at white covered mountains! Jealous?
We left NWA at 5:00 a.m. and got to Crested Butte around 7ish. Jake drove me and Jaclyn and we followed Craig, Jax, Austin, & Anna. The trip was actually not terrible surprisingly. It was definitely a long day but I was with my 2 best friends in the whole wide world so sitting in a car chatting was nice! We drove into town, straight to a pizza joint, then passed out!
We woke up this morning and Jake, Jaclyn, and I decided to ski. The others opted to go to the grocery store and just chill. The slopes were great! I'm a rockstar. Never fell. Was super proud of myself too especially since it's been 4 years since I last skied. Okay I will admit that I just did greens today but they were so super easy and I believe Jake and I will progress to some blues tomorrow. I do have one super funny for you though.
So after doing a couple of runs we decided to stop by The Ice Bar and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and relax on top of the mountain. When we were finished, there was a ski lift that was just right outside The Ice Bar so we decided to take it. I knew we were in trouble when Jake had a hard time just getting on the ski lift. It bounced really bad because it was old and rigidy and when it bounced his ski polls few out of his hands! Bummer number 1. So then we ride all the way to the tip top of the mountain. TIP TOP. You could seriously go no further. Then, as we're getting off the lift, it bounces again and throws Jaclyn into the air and she lands 10 feet away on her bottom. Bummer number 2. Jaclyn gets up and we turn to look at the trail sign and guess what are options are. Double black diamonds or double black diamonds. Bummer number 3. Are you freaking kidding me? Double Black Diamonds? I guess I'm confused. Like literally. We probably stood at the top of 'Jokerville' (name of the slope, isn't that ironic) for 10 minutes wondering what in Gods name we're going to do. I mean, it is the steepest slope I've ever seen in my life. Straight down. All the way straight down. Well we had no option we had to go down it. Jake first. He goes about 3 yards and falls, spread eagle ALL THE WAY DOWN. His polls and skies flying all over the place. Some nice guy picked them up and handed them to him at the bottom of the slope. My turn! I go about 10 inches and fall sliding on my butt which was just fine until all of a sudden my body flips around and I'm going down backwards, like a roly poly at 188 miles per hour I swear. I just knew I was going to break something. Then Jaclyn follows suit just like me sliding down backwards just as fast. Some ski instructor watched and carried our skis down and told us we might want to go down 'The Yellow Brick Road' right down that way to the left which is a green and will lead us home. YOU THINK? So we did and it was just fine except we would have to stop at points because we were laughing so hard at ourselves we couldn't breath. I will NEVER forget that for as long as I live and from now on I'll be paying more attention to which lifts take you to which slopes.
Enjoy pics from day one taken from Jakes camera.....I'll share the ones from mine when I get home.
Here we are on the roller coaster....I mean ski lift headed to the double black diamonds. Oblivious of the future that awaits us.

Monday, December 21, 2009

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Easy Meal

Is anybody else like me and always looking for a super easy meal to cook that doesn't take a long time but one that's very delicious as well? Allow me to introduce you to my new meal invention! It's so easy and simple. Takes about 10 minutes total to cook and is delicious!! I just had to share. It only requires 3 ingredients.
Shrimp stir-fry! Buy your bag of frozen shrimp. All you have to do is put them under hot water and they're ready to eat! Grab a frozen stir fry vegetable. Put some olive oil in a pan and throw that baby right in the pan. Add your shrimp then your stir fry sauce. So yummy and seriously takes no time at all! Add some rice if you'd like. Without the rice though this meal is rediculously low in calories! Scott and I have about 7 shrimp a piece and we split the whole bag of veggies. I calculated it to be about 200 calories only!! How genious am I!! It's nice too because everything is frozen so it won't go bad. If you're like me you plan to make this glorious meal then never cook it and all of your food goes bad (waste of money). This is just fantastic! A new staple. Every time I go to Walmart now I just stock up on stir-fry veggies and shrimp because it's something I can throw together in 10 minutes and it tastes like I spent a really long time on it. Anyways, just thought I'd share! Try it out. You'll love it!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Years 2009 Plans

Sooooo....guess where I'm spending my new years. Guess. JK. I'm going to Colorado holla!!! My friend, Jacqueline, has a home in Crested Butte and a bunch of us are packing up and taking a road trip to go skiing! Jax asked us months ago if we wanted to go. I waited until just last night to give her a definite answer because I have a tiny little problem. Scott can't go. Work. Such a bummer. I went back and forth with it but I decided to take the opportunity to be with my wonderful friends, in Colorado, skiing, eating fantastic food, making memories. I feel so sad that I won't be with Scott on New Years. But it's either sit at home, all week, off from work, while Scott's not, being bored, doing my same ol' same ol' OR skiing in Colorado. I'm taking the opportunity. It's fantastic and I'm so excited about it!!
A bunch of us went about 4 years ago to stay at Jacqueline's house for Spring Break. It was a fun time but I'm positive this will be way better. We all know what to expect, what the house is like, where the good restaurants are, what the slopes will be like, etc.
So it's gonna be: Jax & Craig. Anna & Austin. Me. Jake. and hopefully Jaclyn. Jaclyn has the week off from work as well but can't decide if she wants to leave Brad behind for New Years because he's in the same position with work as Scott is and can't get off to go. I told her no pressure. She can decide the day before if she wants. Of course we all want her to go. Can you just imagine me, Jake, and Jaclyn on a 15 hour road trip to Colorado? Yes I said 15 hours. At first I searched long and hard for a flight a few months back but they were all about $700 because Crested Butte doesn't have a big airport near it. Just too much....I guess. It'll be alright. Even if Jaclyn doesn't go it'll be me and Jake in a car together and I'm not too concerned with being bored. I'll post videos on my way there maybe.
So I have 2 Colorado problems. The first is that Scott can't go. I hate going on trips without Scott. Even when I was having a blast in Miami with my girlfriends I was really wishing Scott could have been there too :) He's my buddy. There's not a whole lot I enjoy doing without him there with me.
Problem number 2 and quite possibly larger than problem number 1 is my skiing wardrobe. It is uuunnnnnfortunate. So the first time I went skiing I was like, 12. My ski coat is seriously tri-colored with fusha, purple, and blue. Yuck! And my ski pants have elastic around the ankles. They aren't the cool snow-boarding kind. I've been skiing many times since I was 12 but I mean, who wants to spend $300 on a ski outfit when you don't go just all the time. I've never wanted to spend money on a new one. So I thought I'd bite the bullet and go to Lewis and Clarke and check out their stuff. I just can't do it. I just can't spend money on that. I'll never wear that coat unless I'm skiing or there would be the rare, random, off chance Scott and I decided to go camping in November which I never see happening since neither of us are outdoorsy. What am I gonna do? Does anybody have a cute skiing wardrobe I could borrow? Facebook me!! My mom has a cute red coat. I guess I could grab that when I'm home for Christmas. However I would love to have options. Jaclyns looking for something too if she decides to go. Help some girls out!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I find that my friends and I speak our own language. Are you like that with your friends too or are we Special Edna like that? Here's my Kara & Friends dictionary and maybe some background info on why that saying/word came about in case sometimes my blogging vocab confuses you.

1. Miz-Miserable
2. Burnt Toast-Old, boring, etc. (Extra old/boring if you say Stale Burnt Toast)
3. Buggs - Bothers You
4. Dus Woo! - Woo Wee who cares
5. Thumma Scew - Summer School. (Jake had a professor who talked with a lisp and she was African American and he said she wore her Easter Outfit to class the first day and she said summer school pronounced thumma scew. LOL. So funny to us...we'll just randomly say thumma scew)
6. Crunchy Curls - Girls with naturally curly hair who put too much gel in there hair and when it dries it's crunchy.
7. I Guess I'm Just Confused - My all time favorite saying and if you can't figure that out for yourself then....I guess I'm just confused. :)

Hmm....I thought I had a lot more. I'm sure I do. Maybe we'll do sayings part deux. Until then....holla!

Thumma Scew

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Decorations

I always thoroughly enjoy decorating for Christmas! I definitely get this from my Mom and Grammy. They both go all out!! Mom's house is gorgeous right now!! She should be featured in one of the Christmas homes tour because her house is just breathtaking with all of the decorations. Mom has 3 trees in her house: Her fancy huge ginormous tree that's very Christmas store looking, her all snowman tree, and then her 'special ornaments' tree. These aren't little trees that sit on a table. I'm talking 8 feet. Grammy has a snowman tree too. I've seemed to accumulate lots of snowman ornaments myself. Face it. A snowman is so cute! ANYWAYS, I've got TONS of glass ornaments. That's usually what my tree is decorated with. All glass ornaments. This year, however, I decided to be different and do a Santa Clause Tree!
I love it and think its so cute! Plus it was way easier to decorate because it only has a few ornaments on it verses the 479 glass ornaments I usually put on my tree.
However my santa tree created a problem because I have all of these beautiful ornaments and nowhere to put them. Alas my creativity was put to the test! I went and bought a bunch of clear glass jars from Hobby Lobby and Walmart and placed my ornaments in them! I decided to have a theme with them since my tree was 'themed' this year. Here are some pictures!!
This is my centerpiece on my kitchen table right now. The 3 glass jars are filled with snowmen, gingerbread men & candy canes, and toy soldiers!
This jar is sitting on my kitchen counter and it features all of my glass balls! The red one on the very top is my favorite. Scott got that ornament when he went to Poland for business and it has a castle that's in Krakow, Poland on it. It's so beautiful! Plus that yummy smell good candle from Dillards that I buy every year.
This is my 'love' jar in my master bathroom. It's with all ornaments that are filled with love! Hearts, a bride & groom and 2 flamingos kissing! The tree votive is from Pier 1. I got it this year and think it's too cute!How cute is this! My girly glass jar. This is sitting on the corner of my bathtub. I've been collecting ornaments since I was a little girl. My mom got me these over the years. As you know, I grew up a dancer and that was what my life was focused on for many years!
This jar is in my guest bath! It has one of my favorite ornaments of all time --my dragon fly! Plus another cute votive!
Finally!! My last jar. This is in my bedroom filled with all red, white, green, gold, and silver ornaments. How precious is that big one with the 3 Christmas carolers? That's new! Got it just a few days ago. I nearly died when I saw it. So adorable!!
Of course I brought back my Department 56 snow village this year! I always enjoy this. I gained a new member! The one front and center. It's a pancake house and the little fan spins around!Last but not least my sweet little manger scene. I always find it hard to find a manger scene that isn't tacky. This I've had for years and I always enjoy it very much.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009


I know this is my second blog in 1 day but the first one doesn't really count because it only took like 46 seconds to read probably. I told you I would inform you about my ultrasound results when I went to my doctor today. Ready? There's nothing wrong with me. Zero. Zilch. Notta. No problemo. I know this is my catch phrase but I mean, I guess I'm just confused. I mean, don't get me wrong I'm very grateful that I don't have a cantaloupe sized cancerous tumor sitting on my uterus and all but like, I'm in pain and I need to know what this is about. So off to another doctor on Friday that my doctor is sending me to. I'm sooooo over doctors. I'm sure this doc will find nothing too.
Okay I'm done for the day. Look forward for tomorrow---Christmas decoration pictures! Until then...

Hungry Girl

Listen up ladies (gentleman too)! I have a new cookbook that everyone should get.
I am so excited about this cookbook! I haven't tried all of the recipes yet, just some, but all have been extraordinarily delicious!!! It's got everything you need. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, appetizers, you name it! Look at my tweet photo today to see what I had for breakfast! Scott couldn't even tell they were low fat. Ask your parents for this for Christmas or go get it for yourself and get an extra one to give to your mom or girlfriend as a Christmas gift! $20 at Barnes and Noble. It would be a great gift to give. Hope you try it out! :)

Friday, December 11, 2009


For those of you who don't know I'm very much into fashion. I wouldn't consider myself a fashionista even though I would love that title attached to my name. Maybe some people would consider me a fashionista which would be the highest compliment someone could give me. I have very fashionable friends that keep me on my toes. I love designers and I love labels. I don't think it's wrong to admit that I'm very much a label girl. I also don't think it's wrong to spend a ridiculous amount of money on an amazing outfit or shoes or a bag. You all know I love shoes and without a doubt my favorite designer is Christian Louboutin. Scott bought me my first pair of Loubs for my birthday a few years back and I've been addicted ever sense. Quite a problem since I can't just run out and buy a pair on a random Saturday because of the $$$$. It usually is a special occasion when I acquire a pair. I shop on Neimans and Saks and Barneys weekly to check out the Louboutins and I also stop by Manolo to see what he's got going on too. Obsessed! That's where I like to spend my fashion money because shoes always fit & you can keep them for years. Plus isn't Forrest Gump so right when he says 'you can tell a lot by people's shoes?' Dead on. I also love bags (vuitton and chanel) and I have some specific clothing designers I salivate over: Chanel, DVF, Marc Jacobs to name a few. If someone told me I could only wear Chanel for the rest of my life I would do it non-reluctantly with a smile on my face. So chic and classic but edgy if you want it to be.
The reason I'm telling you this is because I discovered a new blog thanks to my Memphis friend, Alissa. It's http://www.seaofshoes.com/
This adorable girl, Jane, from Dallas who is in high school started this blog and I'm officially obsessed with her! She has amazing clothes and I love how she puts her outfits together. It inspires me to amp up my wardrobe!! I would totally wear everything she wears but I would probably never notice it in a store. My eye would wonder elsewhere. This is why I don't consider myself a fashionista. So many people do it so much better than me. Sometimes my clothes look cute but I feel as if I'm so predictable. Everyone at work always says to me 'that's cute where'd it come from, Masons?' Yes because that's the only store in NWA that I visit. We need a Neimans or a Saks. I would die. So would Scott. We'd create debt which we're proud to have none of.
Anyways, I love clothes and shoes and bags...jewelry, sunglasses, anything you'd find in Vogue! Although I must say Vogue isn't my favorite fashion mag. I know I just created a fashion sin by saying that about the fashion bible but I'm sorry that's how I feel. It bores me sometimes. The point of this blog was to inform you about http://www.seaofshoes.com/ so you too can become inspired by this fashionista!! I would love to throw out all of my clothes and hop on a plane right now and head to NY and buy all new but unfortunately that's just not realistic. Enjoy Jane! I hope she becomes a new staple to your work breaks.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pelvic Problems

I haven't blogged because I literally have nothing to talk about. Life is just not real exciting these days. I've had one thing on my mind lately and one thing only.
As to try and not get too personal with my medical issues I'll try to keep this short. But if you remember back in July right before my Miami trip I blogged about my OBGYN doing my yearly check-up on me only to destroy my insides since she's apparently stupid. I had to go to the ER, plus 2 different doctors yada yada for them all to tell me she must have pinched a nerve and it would heal soon. Well.....December rolls around and that 'pinched nerve' is getting worse. Way worse. So I make an appointment with my doctor which I didn't want to do but all of the other OBGYN's couldn't "squeeze me in" until February so I was left with no other option but her. She ordered an ultrasound which I took on Monday and I won't know until this coming Monday what she's done to me. The ultrasound lady wouldn't let me see the screen but I sneaked a peak when she left the room. Apparently I think I'm Addison Montgomery and would magically know how to read it. I must admit a funny though because she put the little dealy on my stomach and all of a sudden I heard this noise coming through the monitor to which I wide-eyed asked 'UMMM.....IS THAT A HEARTBEAT?' The lady laughed and said 'oh sorry! I forgot to tell you, you would hear your blood running.' Umm...yes mam that was necessary to tell me and I don't forgive you for forgetting to inform me of that vital piece of information. Then she said, 'calm down! Your blood is racing now.' Umm...yes. Why wouldn't it? I did not realize blood made noise only heartbeats I thought.
So that's my ordeal right now. Mom, Dad, Scott, & Jaclyn ask me every day how I'm feeling. Ummm....not good! I keep looking to see that knife blade with the cinder block sitting on top of it but it hasn't appeared out of my skin yet. Not happy & very confused because nobody seems to have a single clue as to what could be wrong with me. Neat and not typical because if you read my blog you know I'm always the weird medical case.
Okay Scott's nagging me to stop blogging so we can watch Glee. Yes that's right honey. I just outed you.

Friday, December 4, 2009

In Little Rock

Happy Friday! I'm in Little Rock right now. Scott's in Chicago on a business trip and you all know how much I hate to stay home at night by myself so I drove down to LR to stay with my parents. I'll be working for them this weekend because it's the State Championship Football finals. My parents work with the AAA so I'll be at all these football games the next few weeks. I'm very excited because El Dorado made it! We went my junior year of high school and also last year too but we've never won. Maybe this is their year! Go Cats! I'm sure I'll feel so old. Last year the quarterback was the little boy I used to babysit!!! What?? How did that happen.
Well, I guess I better hop in the shower and get dressed. Even though I'm very comfortable snuggled up with Holly in my pajamas, AKA Scott's t-shirt and sweatpants. There's nothing more comfortable than his big shirt and pants. I've taken to wearing Scott's clothes quite often. I'm quick to wear one of his buttondown's over leggings with a belt. He's like 'really? My clothes AGAIN today??' It's so cold outside I don't even want to step out of the house. I went for a run yesterday in my parents neighborhood and I thought I was going to die!!! My throat hurt so bad because of the cold. Not going to be doing that again.
Alright. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!