Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Got Rhythm!

Today was like most days....same ol' same ol'. Every Wednesday Jaclyn and I eat lunch together at McAlisters. It's our thing. And we always get the exact same thing. A cup of tortilla soup, a chef salad with honey mustard on the side & a tea half/half. So like all Wednesdays, I did that today. Call us crazy but it never gets old.
Work was alright. Not crazy busy but good enough.
I tried out some new workout's tonight. I did an 'ab attack' class at my gym. It was only 15 minutes (if that doesn't scare ya) and my dictator cycle instructor taught it. I told her at the end of the class if I wake up tomorrow and don't have a 12 pack I'll be really confused. I almost let out a loud noise at one point which would have totally embarrassed me.
After Ab Attack I tried a 'Cardio Kick' class which is basically tae bo. I liked it okay. Maybe I'll do it again. I did enjoy watching the woman behind me. I swear I'm not being mean... like promise....but she had the least amount of rhythm of any person that exists in this whole wide world. I'm sure of it. I'm so happy I wasn't in that class with a friend because I would have fallen on the floor doubled over in laughter if I had caught once glimpse of my friends face that would have clearly said what I was thinking. Even the instructor would laugh under her breath which you could hear through her microphone. It was just too fast pace for her. I knew she was in trouble when during the warm-up the instructor had us do the grapevine. I've never seen anything like it! Oh my goodness! Whenever I'm having a sad day I'll think about it and I will immediately cheer up. I'll stop now but I just want to let you know if I had a video camera I would have won the $100,000 America's Funniest Home Video award. She was sweet though. I talked to her a bit. Oh well. To each their own.
After Ab Attack and Cardio Kick I did my sculpting class. Probably a mistake because my soreness woke me up in the middle of the night from last nights physique sculpt. I'm obsessed though so I just couldn't not do it.
I came home at 7:30 to a lovely grill meal! Chicken, asparagus & red pepper. YUM-O! I'm about to head to bed. Night!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I really don't have a lot to talk about today because I was a lazy bum all day. Holly and I watched movies today. I watched Big with Tom Hanks for the first time. It was on my HBO Video on Demand and I've always seen that cute piano scene at FAO Schwartz and thought 'why not.' So I watched it and thought it was cute even though I have to say I'm quite surprised it was best actor academy award worthy. It was made in the 80's though....times have changed.
The only productive thing I did today was work-out and cook a delicious meal. Today was my sculpt class followed by my spin class. 2 hours at the gym! I'm sore. Sculpting was pretty hard core today. I'm definitely sore from the sculpting not the spinning. I'm getting very strong at spinning. I had the dictator as my instructor today. I have to take a Smart Water bottle when I know she's teaching because I suck the whole thing down. The other instructors just require a regular bottle....she's so hard core. I also have to use a super thick rubber band for my pony tail and even half way through the class, my hair has fallen so much I have to re-do my pony. She's crazy.
I'm still cool but on my way to frustration because I've been stuck at the same weight for 2 weeks now. I eat so strictly and work out SO HARD so I'm really really confused. I'm at that weight for me though (won't tell you the number) that it's hard to push past. I get stuck at this number a lot. I know if I keep pushing I'll get there.....I just hope I can stay motivated. I think I can.....I've got that vacation ahead. Scott said I should write about the 'line on my calf.' I've got one. Know what I'm talkin about? Yeah baby!
For dinner Scott grilled. Salmon for him, scallops for me. I made a salad with this amazing home-made salad dressing that my Uncle Rex got from a 5 star chef he met while he lived in London like a zillion years ago. It's awesome and a family staple with almost every meal. We haven't made it in a while so I had that tonight. I also made a yummy sauce to go with our seafood. It was amazing! One of those things I just threw together which you're never sure will turn out great or not. It was. I'm going to do it again. It was all low cal of course. Salad know I don't make food that's not. Well, I do....I have some all-star recipes but I never cook them unless I'm having people over. Scott and I just don't eat bad....even when we go out to eat. So many people I work with are giving up fast food for lent. That blows my mind. I MAYBE eat fast food once a month and it's most likely a shared chick-fil-a chicken biscuit between Scott and I when we're feeling a little crazy on a Saturday morning. Don't get me wrong. I love fast food. I drive by Zaxby's and Firehouse every day and think 'OMG I would kill to get to eat that.' I could I guess but it's not worth it. Like Kate Moss says 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.' That my motto too....most of the time anyways. I live off salad, brothy soup, meat, and vegetables. Fun huh!
I'm off to bed now. Even though I was lazy today I'm really tired. Holly is too. Night!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Honey Baked Ham

This weekend was so great! Friday Scott has some tweeks to do to his project so he was at the office until 1 a.m. again. I was okay though because I knew it was over! We spent all day Saturday hanging out with nothing to do. The last time that happened was when we went to Eureka for our anniversary. Like I said, we had planned on celebrating so we ate a fantastic meal at Ruths Chris. Then we headed into the lounge and listened to jazz! It was so fantastic. The next morning we went to church, ate lunch with Scott's mom, then just hung out at the house/took a nap. Perfection.
Last night my mom and Holly came up. Mom had to do some work up here this morning but she's already headed back to Little Rock. My little dumplin doodlebug stayed with me though!
I'm still working out like a crazy person. Burned 625 cals today on the elliptical. Good for me.
Okay so you know how I've told you that I love a delicious meal that's easy to cook & clean up too. Well, I've been addicted to Honey Baked Ham lately. Have you guys ever had those? My family always gets a Honey Baked Ham for Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Easter. They're so amazingly good! Well, you can go in there and buy the ham by the pound. They just slice it right off of the big huge ham. It's so good! Put it on a plate, steam some carrots.....bang! Delicious meal that takes zero work. always for me....low cal. 3 oz. of their ham is about 125 calories. 3 oz is plenty for me so that's about a 150-200 calorie meal including your veggies. And it's heavenly. (I'm a nerd and have a food scale...leave me alone!) It's also a great snack if you're feeling a little hungry. Their turkey is amazing as well and of course turkey is healthier for you. So anyways that's what I'm 'cooking' for dinner tonight. It's just too cold up here to grill.
I need to hop in the shower. I'm gross from working out. Have a great night!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Is It Over?

Today has the potential to be one of the greatest days of 2010. Scott's at Walmart giving a huge presentation right now. If all goes well, and Walmart doesn't want him to change anything, then his insane work schedule stops!!! Well for a few months at least. There's a few times a year where Scott's going to be incredibly busy and these last 3 months have been one of those few times a year. It's been really tough. Last night, for example, he got home at 1 a.m. So pretty much yesterday I never saw him. Not pretty much, I didn't see him. It's sad! I've gotten totally used to going out to eat by myself, going to the movies by myself...I cook dinner by myself, watch my shows by myself. It's sucked! I've cried, I've gotten not as understanding and supportive at's been a challenge. I love my husband! I want to see him and be with him all the time. Even on weekends he's at the office. All day Saturday and after church on Sunday he's off to work. Even if he did come home early...early being 7...he'd come home and work. So's been no fun. And don't think Scott's enjoyed it. I feel more sorry for him than I do for me!! He's even felt like he's gotten sick at times because he never has any down time for his body to rest. At least his boss has been pretty good about all the working. Scott's picked up a ton of vacation days for his over-time. He's seriously almost got a month of vacation now. I'm so proud of him for being such a dedicated worker. I've said it before....he's every company's dream employee. He's already won an award at Sara Lee. He has a little trophy and everything. He won the award at IP in Memphis too. He's crazy!! He said if this is finished today then next week he's gonna come home every day at 5:30! You have no idea how much that excites the both of us! We're going to celebrate big time this weekend if this is all over. I need to plan something great and special for my honey! He deserves everything he wants right now. I'll tweet if it's over! Cross your fingers.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Kelly Ripa Workout

Today was a nice, chill, stress-free day. I slept in...late! Well I woke up early and turned on Good Morning America, ate breakfast, then went back to sleep. I ate a yummy lunch! Leftover chicken fajitas. I hung around my house all day then went to the gym to try a new workout, physique sculpt. It's the workout Kelly Ripa does and she talks about it on her show all the time. (I watch Reg & Kel every day) She said it's changed her life so I thought I'd give it a try. I really liked it! I thought it would be a little more hard core. I could have left my columbia jacket on. I never broke a sweat but I definitely felt the burn! It's like a ballet class. I was clearly the only dancer in the room. When we had to kick our legs up I had fantastic posture and pointed my toes (you don't wear shoes) It was the 16 years of ballet classes kicking in. I'm definitely going to keep up with it. After that class I headed over to do my cycle class. The instructor was not hard core enough for me. It was hard for maybe 7 total minutes out of 45. I was disappointed so after it was over I went and hopped on the elliptical.
Right now I'm watching the Westminster dog show on TV. I just love these! If they had a hybrid version I just might enter Holly. She'd win. She's the cutest yorkie/shih tzu mix I've ever seen. Although she's never used a leash so I think she'd be all the way confused about the rope around her neck then probably have an asthma attack. She has asthma and it always acts up when she gets freaked when she goes to the vet. We've never put a leash on her because she doesn't run away. We take her on walks and she just trots along right next to us. She's perfect. I know I say that all the time but she is.
I was watching Oprah last week and she had nuns on there. Has anyone ever noticed that nuns are always named Mary Francis? It's true! I just think that's kinda funny. So if you name your daughter Mary Francis you can almost guarantee she'll be a nun.

Monday, February 15, 2010

4 Things

Okay so four things.....
1.) I JUST finished watching The Bachelor and they NEVER showed Jade, my honeymoon resort. They were using the promos for next week I guess. The spot where he proposes is the area of Jade where you have cocktails. I was disappointed because I thought they were going to show it this week but they're saving it for next week I guess.
2.) Holly has a bladder infection......again. My poor baby. You know she suffers from these a lot. The vet said it's not bad but still.... Have any of you ladies ever had a bladder infection before? I've had one and it was miserable. I know this sounds so silly to some people.....maybe all people....but for those prayer warriors....say a quick one....even if it is for a dog. Holly's special. She deserves to feel fantastic even if she is a 13 year old lady!
3.) Saturday I woke up at 7:30 to head to a spin class at my gym. WOOOOOO WEEEEE! It kicked my butt! It was without a doubt the most hard core workout I've ever done. 15 minutes in, I wasn't sure if I could take much more. The instructor was a dictator! I pressed on for a whole hour and 5 minutes! I was hungry and exhausted all day long. However, it made me feel awesome about myself. I got in my car after I finished my intense spin addition to my other hour long workout and I thought good girl! You care about being fit and healthy and that's awesome. If I was cheesy I would've patted myself on the back. Dedication to working out is tough. I do it every day....well 5-6 days a week...even when I REALLY don't want to and I'm proud of myself for that. It's something I can control about my life and it makes me feel good. I love that all the trainers that work there know my name. It's such a compliment to me even if you think that's silly.
4.) Valentines Day! It was such a great weekend! Scott and I celebrated Saturday and Sunday! We went out Saturday. Dinner at James at the Mill then drinks with friends at Theos. It was all just great! Then on Sunday church, lunch, nap, home cooked grilled filet, & Valentines Day (the movie) Great day! Great weekend..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ready for Valentines!

It's Friday night...8:30...I have wet hair and I'm in my pj's watching Friends on tv while Scott's busy working. At least he's at home!! That's very exciting. Yesterday, we actually had a lunch date at Panera. We NEVER have lunch dates although I enjoy them very much. Scott takes his lunch to work and eats at his desk while he types away. When we parted ways after lunch we hugged then kissed and I said 'good to see ya!!' I was totally he was a long lost friend. I realized after I said it how redic that sounded. Haha. Wow. At least he's driven. I would be really disturbed if it were the other way around.
Anyways, I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow night. Our Valentines festivities begin tomorrow. It's gonna be great!! So excited.
This week I went to see It's Complicated. Cute movie. I can see if I were my parents age how I would think it was fall off the couch funny. They loved it. I enjoyed it very much too. I'd definitely recommend it. I LOL in a few parts.
I've been working out like a crazy person all week. I've been running on the elliptical for 60 minutes every day this week. Burnin up 550-600 calories. It exhausts me. My t-shirt is wet around the tummy area when I finish. Gross. I'm trying to get in shape for my beach trip in April. I don't know if I can keep up with the hour long elliptical run for the next 8 weeks but I'm definitely going to try. A bikini is great inspiration.
Alright I'm gonna put some socks on now because my feet are soooo cold.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jax and Craig Get Engaged!

My sweet Jax got engaged last night to Craig!! Yay! I'm so excited. I've known since Crested Butte that Craig was going to propose on February 10, their anniversary. (Like 76th anniversary...they've been together forever) Jax lives in Nashville and Craig is in law school here in Fayetteville. He made Jax believe he wasn't going to come to Nashville until this weekend for Valentines Day. He surprised her by being at her house when she got home from work. Her parents and his were there along with her sisters. I so bad wish I had a private plane so I could have flown over for the night to be there to celebrate! Bummer. I'm so excited for her!!! I can't wait for Jax to come back to NWA one weekend so we can celebrate in a big way! I really can't wait for her to be here permanently. I have to thank Craig for making that happen soon. Jacqueline is going to make such a gorgeous bride. I'm really excited about it!!!!! Congrats to my buddies!!!! I love them both so much.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bachelor goes to Jade Mountain

Shut Up! Scott and I just freaked out for a quick second. We just finished watching The Bachelor. Next week they're going to be in St. Lucia AND.....they're totally staying at Jade Mountain our honeymoon resort!!!!!!!! We completely recognized everything and I let out a little yelp! It makes me excited. I'm pumped about next week. But I'm sure it'll make me sad and sooooo bad make me want to go back. Scott better get the bank account prepped.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl 2010

Yay!! I was rooting for the Saints. I'm excited they won! Jaclyn came over and watched the game with me. Brad went to a party in Fayetteville and Scott worked. So we kept each other company with guacamole and pizza.
Today I went to a baby shower for my friend, Lauren. I felt old. I felt old when Lauren got married....she was my first friend to get married. Now I feel extra old going to a baby shower for her. My brother and her grew up together and are uber duber close. Our parents are all best friends. We went on vaca's together growing up. Also she was Miss Arkansas when I was Miss Teen Arkansas. It was really cool to do that together. She was already like an older sister to me before that so it was so awesome to have her there with me that year. She's having a little girl. I can't wait to meet her!
Yesterday Scott and I went to the Razorback game with Braclyn. Good game. We ate at Penguin Ed's and had dessert at Ricks. Yum.
Friday night Scott, Randy (father-in-law) and I ate at Bordinos. YUM! I was craving it. I haven't had it since right before Christmas. It didn't disappoint.
Okay that's all. Sorry it was boring.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last First Kiss

So I was driving home tonight from Bonefish after dinner and drinks with Jaclyn and I was listening to my ipod and History In The Making by Darius Rucker started playing. First of all...OBSESSED with him. I really love the part where he says 'baby this could be our last first kiss' and as unintelligent as it sounds it made me realize that Scott was my last first kiss. In my defence I feel like that doesn't make me seem extremely stupid that I just now thought of that since some people date then break up, date--break up, a zillion times then get my parents for example who started dating when they were in the 8th grade. So anyways, it made me think about my last first kiss......
I met Scott after the Arkansas vs. LSU football game in 2006. My friend, Kelsey, and Scott's friend, Trey, were friends. They were all together and I met them out in Little Rock. Scott and I sat and talked the whole time. Hours later Scott asked for my number before I left because he 'wanted to introduce me to a fantastic filet.' (I told him earlier that I ate my steaks well....he was appalled and assured me if I let him purchase me a delicious filet I would never eat it well again....needless to say I order them rare these days)
That was on a Friday, that next Thursday he picked me up for our first date and took me to Theos. It was perfect. The next day, he came over and I cooked him dinner. The only meal I knew how to cook at the time....grilled chicken, baked beans, and mac and cheese. The day after that, he called me and told me he wanted to take me somewhere nice...Bordinos.
You get the idea....from date one we never went one day without being together. Which made it extra awkward that we took FOREVER to have our first kiss. We were CLEARLY dating exclusively and by hour 50 it was serious. But the kissing thing....well...that took a while.
I remember talking to Jaclyn about it and telling her it was just too cheesy to have the 'at the door kiss while the guy is dropping you off' and I refused to ever have a kiss like that. So like....10 days goes by and we still haven't kissed.
So we were out with all of our friends one weekend and ended up at Grubs like always in the old college days. Scott was at the bar ordering me a drink and turned his head to ask me what I wanted....I told him then we kissed. Just a peck. Then he got our drinks and set them on that ledge right by the bar then we totally started muggin down. 45 minutes later I turned to Jaclyn and said 'we've finally kissed!!' and Jaclyn said 'uhhhhh I've noticed.' HAHA.
So that was my last first kiss. It makes me smile right now just thinking about it. It's romantic in it's own little really funny too. It was History in the Making.....

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tree Man

PS the Tree Man is on Dr. Oz. Seriously the most bizzar thing in the whole wide world. Like really. He wins. Bless his heart. Dr. Oz says it's HPV. When my kids reach the age where their hormons are raging I'm going to show them this picture. That otta do it.

2010 Grammys

In 30 minutes Scott hops on a plane to go to San Diego for a work conference. I hate to stay alone so Mom, Grammy, and Holly are headed up right now to come stay with me until Scott gets home on Wednesday! Girls time. I'm excited.
Did you watch the Grammys? You know how much I love award shows but the Grammy's are probably one of my least favorite. Some of those artists are just plain weird. I'm very excited Taylor Swift won because I love her and her music but I'm sorry the girl can't sing. Like, it's bad. Really bad. I don't get it, how did she make it? Anyways, it doesn't matter because I still love her and the radio does wonders for her voice. Lady Gaga....woo wee. She is the most bizarre person on the planet I'm sure of it. I guess it works, I watch & listen. Scott and I just stared in amazement at her performance....speechless. She's crazy. I kinda like it.
Alright well, I need to get dressed. Mom and Grammy are gonna get here around 1 so I need to get moving. Happy February! I love February....