Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lake Day with Landon

Landon wanted to take our picture. Did a good job I think!

What a fun day at the lake! I'm worn out though. Time for bed!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

My brother has a cute little family with 3 kids that lives across the street from him. One of them, Avery, happens to be exactly Landon's age! So they've been playing together a lot while Landon is here for the summer. Landon and Avery really enjoy each others company. My Mom has been watching Landon while Kyle works and today she decided to take Landon and Avery to see Despicable Me. Okay so let me give you a little bit of background info on my sweet nephew. He is adorable of course. But also, he talks more than any child I know. He is not afraid to talk to strangers. He'll carry on a conversation with the waiter, he talks to the lifeguard, you can hear him clear across Walmart.....the child is not shy. He can talk your ear off more than any child you've ever know.....except for Avery! Landon has met his match!
So Mom gets them in the car and starts heading to the Promenade movie theater in LR which is about 7 minutes from their house and Avery is talking the whole time non-stop without even taking a breath. Right as they're turning into the Promenade Landon throws his hands up in the air, looks at Avery and says 'BLAH BLAH BLAH.'
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Mom said she wanted to laugh out loud so hard but she had to control herself. So Mr. Landon, you got tired of hearing her talk? How do you think we feel!!!??? Haha. Love my buddy....

Heading to LR tomorrow....couldnt get away from work today because I was booked solid. Good thing I, yes that's a good thing.

Hurry Up Day...Get Over With

Let's just say that this week hasn't been my favorite. I am SO READY for this day to be over with. I go in to work at 1 and will be hauling butt to get myself out the freaking door and not return....until next Tuesday. You know how sometimes you just have one of 'those' weeks at work? Yeah....I'll try to remain professional and not talk about it but lets just say AHHHH!!! I had a melt down on Tuesday and cried!! Yes I cried at work. Not in front of clients of course. Just in the breakroom. That's how ready I am to peace out for the week.
I think I may be peacing out down to Little Rock. I need to hang with my little buddy, Landon. And it would be nice to actually have some company as my husband works until 1 a.m. every day. Getting old Sara Lee.....getting old. That probably contributed to my tears on Tuesday. This always happens when Scott's in his relay. I think I'm doing so well with the absentee husband thing then I have a moment where it hits me and I can't take it anymore and I have a total meltdown. So that's why I believe I'll be going to LR today. I need people to love on me! :)
Okay I guess I'll get ready for work. Today is the day where I'm supposed to work until 8. My least favorite work day of the week EVER. As of yesterday I didn't have any clients past 3 so hopefully that's still the case and I can leave after I'm finished. Of course I'll probably have to sit in the break-room twiddling my thumbs until 8:00 in the off chance a walk-in comes in. You know...someone needs to be there in case that happens. And it always ends up being me. Oh how I love being made to sit for hours upon hours for free making zero money....which technically isn't legal to make someone do that but whatever. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Really Love My....

Yesterday when I was bored I went to the place I always go to when I'm bored--Barnes and Noble. I was flipping through the People Style Watch mag and I always love when they show the celebrities in the 'I really love my....' You know where the celeb is photographed wearing the same thing all the time. So I thought to myself if I was a celebrity what would they do for me in the I really love my....
I really love my
.....BCBG Tunic

.....Hype button down
.....Diane Von Furstenberg dress

.....BCBG dragonfly belt

.....Leopard Louboutains
.....Urban Outfitters retro dress (worn with a side of Jaclyn apparently)
.....l.a.m.b. shorts
I wear these shorts too much. Well that might have bored you to tears but I had fun doing that. I could do a few more pics of say my pearl earrings that Scott gave me as a wedding gift that I wear almost every day, or my Tory Burch black flip-flops, or those skinny jeans I'm wearing in the pic above, or an American Apparel v-neck shirt (I think I have every color available) but I figured I shouldn't overdo it.

So those are some of the things in my closet that I don't hate and didn't get rid of this weekend. Now I'm feeling the need to do some online shopping.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm having a day where I'm very lonely and missing my family. I wish they lived here. Scott is in his relay at work and he works nearly 24/7. I feel very alone. I do everything by myself when he's in his relay. Today I went to church by myself, ate lunch by myself, went to see Eclipse myself. It sucks. This is my life every day and is for about 5 months out of the year. I know it's not his fault and I don't resent him by any means. I just really wish I had my family here to keep me company when times like these come around. It makes me very sad.
Or....I wish I could go on a vacation and get away from my empty house. I've always wanted to go to Carmel. My parents think it's the most fabulous place in the world. What I wouldn't give to hop on a plane tomorrow and go to Carmel! Or Vegas. You all know how much I love Vegas. It's obviously not going to happen, so I guess I'll try to find a way to entertain myself here in Bentonville. I guess I'll go water my flowers. So exciting.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Work, Clothes, Loner

Blah Blah Blah what a non-eventful weekend. Well actually Scott and I went to Bonefish last night and had a lovely meal. He squeezed me into his work schedule. Work work work. Boo!!
Tonight would have been a fantastic night to go to Theos and have a pomegranate martini while enjoying appetizers on their patio....then head indoors as the night went on and continue great conversation with great friends....but Scott has to work.
I'm in the mood to throw almost every article of clothing I own out and buy all new. I hate almost everything in my closet right now. So today, I threw a lot of stuff out and took it to Platos and Goodwill. Then I headed to Masons and must have tried on 30 different things and walked away with nothing. Where else is there to shop up here? Hmm...nowhere! I need to schedule a Dallas weekend to do some good shopping....or Vegas, whatever.
Does anyone ever eat at a restaurant alone? I do it all the time and my people seem to find that so odd. Why don't I think that's weird? Why doesn't it make me feel awkward? I dunno but it doesn't. I crave something, can't find someone to go with, I go anyways...alone.
Alright guess I'll get back to Hitch on TBS.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bed Hog

Holly really likes to sleep with me which I love. Problem with that is she likes to curl up right by my neck and the pillow. Sometimes I breath her hair up my nose she so close to my face! For a 7 pound dog, Holly manages to take up so much space. I'll catch her stretched across the bed with her back against my entire pillow, and she loves to sleep on the fitted sheet with the covers on top of a human! She makes me lose sleep at night because she's in my way!! I'll go get on Scott's side and nearly share his pillow with him because she's taking up all of my side. What is wrong with me that I can't just pick her up and move her? It's like 'don't disturb the dogs sleep.' And even if I do get frustrated and not care if I wake up Holly and I do move her, she just goes right back to where she was. And if I put her on the floor and tell her to get in her bed, she just scratches on the bed until I put her back on. The only thing that works is if I tell her she stinks and needs a bath. That sends her literally running into her bed in the closet. But I feel bad saying that to her because she looks terrified/super sad. I'm in a dilemma.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Brother

Did you guys watch Big Brother tonight? So I've never watched it before ever. However, one of my BFF's, Britney, is on it. Okay we're not BFF's. But I do know her and have for nearly 10 years now. She's a pageant girl! We competed in MTA together. AND....drum roll....she's a KKG! She is a total sweetheart and super duper friendly. Great girl.
Okay so Jake is a huge Big Brother fan and informed me that Britney is on it this season. So Jaclyn and I have decided to tune in and we're officially obsessed. Only because she's on it but it totally keeps me (us) entertained. She is LOL funny to me. The three of us were talking about it at lunch on Monday and Jake was like 'how were we not BFF'S with her in college she is JUST like us. Same humor and everything.' And Jaclyn was like 'but no one in the house likes her' and Jake goes 'oh...I guess that means no one like us then either.' HAHAHA. (bummer)'ve just got to watch Big Brother now so you can root for Britney, my BFF.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today I made myself feel like an overly obsessed celeb fanatic. I watched TMZ cover Lindsay Lohan going to jail live on their website for a good 30 minutes. I mean I couldn't care less about LOLohan but I was bored. She is such a mess. Why can't she get it together? She was even 7 minutes late to jail today. And she lets out a gross smoker cough nearly every 3 minutes. And she looks 64, not 24 from all the drugs and partying and bad hair color/extensions. I mean, what is the deal? I can't ever decide who is more crazy...her or her father. He BUGS so bad...fame whore. Then there's her mom...she's a fame whore too that thinks she's still an 18 year old Rockett and is in major denial about her daughter being a hot mess. That whole family needs some serious help. Maybe jail will give Lindsay a wake up call but I kinda doubt it. I bet even Oprah couldn't talk some sense into her. Someone threw confetti on LL as she was heading into jail and it really made me laugh.
That's all I guess.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Too Old For This

To say this past weekend was long and crazy is an understatement. I felt like I was going and going 24/7. It all started on Thursday when Scott and I had Jake, Jax, Jaclyn, and Brad over for dinner. We cooked pizza and salad and had lots of wine. (Note my tweet) Needless to say, I felt like I was waking up on a Sunday after Row weekend all over again. Not acceptable. I felt like poo poo. Can't remember the last time that happened to me. Friday night was dinner at Bonefish with the same crowd + Craig. Afterwards we drifted over to Eddie's then Scott and I left early because I can't stay up late on Friday nights because of my 8 a.m. cycle class on Saturday morning. Scott came with me to cycle!! First time ever he's gotten up with me. Saturday was a touch boring for me. I slept a lot because I was still worn out from my eventful Thursday night. Then I got bored and couldn't come up with anything to do so I went to the gym again and ran for 35 minutes. I came home and got ready for Anna and Austin's wedding shower at Scarpino then headed over to West End (aka OTR) and had another night full of good times. Like I said, it was Row all over again. The night ended with Me, Scott, Jake, Ashley, Jaclyn, and Brad going into t-bell to eat 4th meal like a bunch of fatties. Sunday that same crowd - Scott + Rebecca went to the lake. It was enjoyable and relaxing. Whew! That gives me a headache just thinking about it. It was fun but I'm getting way too old to party like that. Good times though....good times....
I had a cleaning lady come yesterday. (Imagine angels singing as I say that) I LOVE a cleaning lady who's name is not Kara Johnson.
Today I had a freak-out, paranoid moment with Holly because she went winky tink like, 8 times in 6 hours. (not normal for her to do that in even 1 day) So I took her to the doctor because I was just so sure something was wrong with her bladder again. One nervous dog, 1 ziplock baggie full of urine that I collected myself by chasing Holly around the yard, 2 doctors, 1 xray, a medicine refill and $215 later.....she's completely fine. All that for nothing. Well not nothing. I'd do anything for my baby and I'm glad to know she's A-OK. The doctor said she's in really great health especially for her age. That's my girl!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sweet Holly

I took Holly for a long walk today and she enjoyed it very much. She loves walks but I don't like for her to go outside because she gets stinky. She's not my smell-good puppy when she goes outside so I have to give her a bath and she doesn't like that. If she expects to sleep with me she has to be clean and smell pretty! That's the rule.
I forgot to tell you guys that Holly's hearing came back. Yay Holly! I can tell a little bit of a difference in her hearing since she's gotten this ear infection. It's not as good as it was before. Not that it was 100% before anyway. Within the last year her hearing has gone down. She can't hear the garage door open when we get home anymore....or the door open for that matter. We no longer get greeted at the door. We go to the closet where she's sleeping to greet her. That's okay though. As long as I don't have to yell at her then I'm fine with her hearingness.
Short work day tomorrow. Yay! I talked my boss into letting me leave 2 hours early. So 12-6 tomorrow. Sweet!
I'm sleepy. It's only 9 but long day, hard workout....time for Holly's bath, my shower and bed. Night!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Nephew is So Crazy!

I'm back from my weekend in LR. I'm glad I went and the drive wasn't as bad as I was imagining it in my head. We took Landon to the lake Saturday and Sunday. We didn't stay out long on Sunday because it started raining so Landon never got an opportunity to try to ski again. We have all summer....he'll get it down. He's at a really cute age. And he's just really cute. He has the best personality. He says the craziest things!!! The first day that we were at the lake, we were going and going all day. Skiing, knee boarding, rafting. Towards the end of the day Landon said 'let's just relax now.' So we anchored the boat....and relaxed in the water!
Today he said something to his Gamma about eating Holly's food. Mom said 'Her food is yucky.' and he said 'have you had it?' and Mom said no. And he said 'well how do you know you don't like it if you've never tried it?' Ha! little booger.
Today I went to my brothers house to watch Landon this morning. He was playing Mario on the wii and doing really good! I was nervous/anxious/excited while I watched him play. He rescued the princess and I was so proud of him! He was proud of himself because he said he'd never done that before. It kinda makes me want to go buy Mario now so I can play it at home.
When lunch time was approaching I told him we should get him out of his PJ's and into some clothes so we could go eat because everyone was going to get there soon. So he climbs out of his pajamas and he looked so cute in his little boxer briefs. So I said 'Landon I'm gonna take a picture of you real quick.' and he said 'I don't want you to take a picture of me in my underwear it's inappropriate.' What 5 year old says that? He cracks me up. So when he turned his back I snapped a picture real quick. I love my little buddy. He's adorable and it kinda made me want one of my own today. I'll still wait though. He'll do for the next 5 years or so...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

DeGray with Landon

I wrote a blog yesterday that was a bit grumpy so I decided to delete it. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer and that blog made me seem like I was a miserable person. So if you read it, my bad. I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday.
Okay so I COULD NOT decide if I wanted to drive to Little Rock this weekend. I literally just couldn't make up my mind. But I talked to Dad and he was like 'just hop in your car and drive down here because Scott's going to be working all weekend and you'll be home by yourself and I need you to help take pictures of Landon on the boat while Mom films him.' Okay I said...and hopped in the car. Sometimes you just need your Dad to tell you what to do. So I got here yesterday afternoon and we headed to DeGray. I'm so glad I didn't miss it. Landon LOVES the lake. He is the cutest little kid. We bought him ski's and tried to teach him how to water ski but he just couldn't get the hang of it. The boat just pulls him too hard. We're going to try a different method today and see how that goes. Landon does love the knee board though and he wanted to ride on that all. day. long. Enjoy these pics! We're going out again today so I'll put more up tomorrow!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Blinker Means Taken!!!

In case you aren't aware, if someone has been waiting on a parking spot with their blinker on for about 3 minutes before you saw it, the spot is theirs. Someone stole my parking spot today!!!! I totally wanted to pull a Fried Green Tomatoes move on the rude little person. If it hadn't been pouring down rain, I would have gotten out of my car and knocked on their window and informed them that they were not only rude but had no class and no decent human being would do such a thing. It infuriated me...just ate me up. I'm still annoyed about it! It was bound to happen to me at some point in my life....but still. RUDE!
I'm watching Boston Med on ABC right now. It's the 'reality' version of Grey's. Real life doctors...real life traumas....I think I'm gonna like it.
I'm bored with my life right now. I wake up, go to work, work out, eat dinner, watch tv, go to bed. SOREFEST. I need a touch more excitement than that.
I am SO TORN over whether or not I should go to LR this weekend. I feel like I never spend a weekend at home. I'm always going somewhere doing something. BUT Landon is coming to Arkansas and they're teaching him to ski for the first time in his whole life on Saturday. The thought of missing that makes me so sad. The thought of driving in a car all weekend...UGH. Scott can't go with me. He's in his relay time at work where I never see him and he's at the office until 4 a.m. so it's not like he'd keep me company in the car. What to do....what to do. I dunno. I just don't know.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Holly's Hearing

I finished Breaking Dawn today. My Twilight reading is now over. I liked Breaking Dawn. I can't decide if it or Eclipse is my favorite. They're pretty neck and neck.
I'm worried about my little doodlebug. Holly has a bad ear infection. Mom took her to the vet about a week ago and he gave her some drops to put in her ears. I saw Holly this weekend and she was her usual chipper self! Then all of a sudden when she woke up on Sunday she went almost totally deaf. It's the strangest thing. I mean, you have to yell in a cheerleader voice for her to hear you. It breaks my heart! Mom took her to the vet yesterday and he said it's most likely all of the drops clogged in her ear. He looked in them and said she has a lot of build-up drops in there (which is a good thing he said). He told Mom to drop back from every day to every 3 days and see if that makes a difference. I called Mom this morning to see if Holly was hearing better and she said not yet but it hadn't even been 24 hours since she'd had drops out of her ears. Mom said Holly was laying in her little bed in Mom's closet taking a nap this morning and Mom vacuumed all in the closet and Holly never even noticed.
Holly being deaf is not an option. You can't go deaf overnight right? I mean it literally happened overnight. I witnessed it with my own eyes. SURELY it's the drops clogged up in her ear. It better be. But if those drops make her go deaf I'll be visiting the vet and having a large and scary discussion with him. Not that it's his fault but he seems like the right person to blame for this. My sweet little girl....bless her little heart. I know she's an old lady but I can't handle screaming at her for her to be able to hear me. Like I always ask of you...please pray that Holly's hearing comes completely back to normal. You people must pray for her because everything always turns out to be okay with her after I ask for some of your prayers! Thank you for that!! You may feel silly praying for a dog but she's actually my baby so it's really no different than praying for a human.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend Wrap-Up

I had a LONG weekend. Scott and I drove to Little Rock Friday and had a great meal at my parents, then we went to bed early.
Saturday morning bright and early, Dad and I ran our first 5k together! It was so so fun! I finished in less than 30 minutes. The person who won the race ran it in 13:36. Can you imagine? The first 100 women and men to finish received a firecracker. I wish I had known that. I could have totally been one of the first 100 women. The first 100 finished in 25 minutes. I didn't know there was a prize!! I would have started at the front of the line instead of the back. For probably the first 2 minutes Dad and I were walking because there were just so many people crammed in front of us. Now I know...I'll be one of the first 100 next time. Promise.
I got home around 9 and took an hour nap then got ready to go to Hot Springs for MTA. I got to Hot Springs and something had happened with the music we were supposed to sing and we ended up only singing one song together. Problem with that. I had never in my entire life even heard the song they chose to sing!!!! So all that time I spent learning those other songs---waste! You know how I was so stressed out learning those words even though I had a few days to do it. Imagine having a few hours to learn a song. Panic attack in action. I loved the song we sang--For Good from Wicked--but I knew there was absolutely no way I could learn those words in 4 hours. So I did the only thing I knew to do...have my Mom write my lines on poster board. I had the press people who sit right by the stage hold them up for me. That's right. I totally did that. I had no other choice! And don't judge me....I know many girls who have done that. It ended up working out perfect. Mom, Dad, and Scott (and all the other people who knew I didn't know the words and wrote them on poster board) told me they couldn't tell one little bit that I didn't know the words. So it worked out just fine. I didn't even try to learn those words. I knew it was a lost cause.
I was very pleased with our performance. It ended up being very pretty. Lacy (MA 2004) and Amber (MTA 2000 and MA 2006) and I sang together. The song was a dedication to Mac. The 3 of us girls grew especially close to Mac so we were asked if we would sing a song for him together. We held it up onstage but broke down backstage after we finished. Mom, Scott, and Dad said I looked like I was about to cry at any moment onstage. My Mom came backstage after it was over with tears running down her face. (She loved Mac so much too) The song is really sweet and sad but a perfect song for us girls to sing to him. He loved it! I know he did. He watched proudly from heaven as 'his girls' sang to him.
The next day was nice and relaxing as we headed to the lake for some sun! I actually spent the first hour and a half or so asleep as I was still exhausted from the day before. Monday we had burgers and brats then Scott and I headed back home. It was a great weekend! A long one....but a good one!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Few Pics...

Here's a few pics from last night at MTA that I stole from other people. Will blog later.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

I have a very big day tomorrow. 5k run at 7:30 am and then singing at MTA. I still don't know the words to one of my songs. I told Mom and Scott they're going to have to write the words down on poster board and sit on the front row so I can see it. I'm so stressed out I want to cry. I've never not known the words to a song I had to sing in front of thousands of people. I 97% know the words to my solo which is what I've been concentrating on most. The group song...I mean I haven't even thought about that one. My stress level is maxed out. At least I have an hour drive to Hot Springs and many hours of rehearsal. Wish me luck! I desperately need it. I'll try to recite the words in my head while I'm doing my 5k with Dad tomorrow.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

15 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Me

1.) I've never colored my hair. Not even 1 little foil of a bang. This may not seem like a big deal to you but given that I'm a hairstylist, it's pretty strange.
2.) I've seen every episode of: Friends, SATC, I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Andy Griffith, Seinfield, Entourage, Saved By The Bell (who hasn't) The Brady Bunch...I think that's all. I used to watch Nick at Night ALL the time. When ya'll were watching MTV growing up, I was watching Nick at Night. I would almost list Welcome Back Kotter, Taxi and Mork and Mindy but I'm not 100% positive I've seen them all.
3.) I was the Editor-In-Chief of my high school newspaper.
4.) Birds scare too.
5.) I LOVE chocolate. I want it always.
6.) I gave up sodas last summer. I used to have a Diet Coke at lunch every day. It's very random if I ever have one now.
7.) I turn down the temperature in my house really low right before I go to bed. It has to be freezing in my house for me to be able to sleep well. (However freezing to me and to Jake are two different things. Freezing to me is about 67. Jake would stay at my apt all the time in college and I swear to you one morning it was so cold in my house my refrigerator was warmer than my home. I'm literally not exaggerating. Jake thought that was so funny when I told him that. I did not. I was angry.)
8.) My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast.
9.) I have a feeling I'm going to have all girls. My Mom does too. 2 boys and 1 girl would be perfect. Girl first.....boys later. If I had all boys I would be devastated and keep trying until I had a girl. I need a little mini me!!!!!!
10.) I still remember the exact moment I saw Scott. What he was wearing, what he was doing, the first thing I heard him say. I was infatuated immediately.
11.) I eat a chicken kabob or a bone-in chicken for dinner almost every night with salad & my home-made dressing. Scott and I have GOT to get more creative.
12.) My Mom and Dad started dating in the 8th (Mom) and 9th (Dad) grade. The first time Mom saw my Dad she turned to her friend and said 'I'm going to marry him.' Her friend said 'who is that?" and Mom said 'I don't know???'
13.) You couldn't pay me to take a shot.
14.) I sang the National Anthem in front of 60,000 people.
15.) I framed my marriage licence and my wedding invitation. They're both hanging proudly in my home!