Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emmy Red Carpet 2010

Favorite Emmy Dresses in order starting with my hands down favorite....

Kelly Osbourne has never looked better. Props to her.


I'm feeling a touch better today. I didn't go in to work because I figured any activity would make me woozy. You know how when you're at home sick all you want to do is lay around and watch TV? Well, I turned my TV on this morning and the cable is out. I'm just now getting my internet to work and it's almost 4:00. I called ATTuverse and they had me on the phone for 30 minutes unplugging and holding buttons--the last thing you want to do when you're sick. They couldn't figure it out so they had to send someone out. I hate when some type of repair person has to come to my house and Scott's not here. It makes me nervous. I watch Oprah I know what can happen. The guy said there must be something wrong with the line buried under our grass so they'd have to come back tomorrow. TOMORROW? I told him that TV is what I do as my entertainment and I'm not sure I could go all day without a television. THEN, Scott texts me to tell me the whole neighborhood's cable is out. Something with construction or whatever. It better be fixed by tonight. I've got my shows to watch! Gotta go blow my nose now.....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Cold

I'm sick. Ugh. I woke up from a nap on Friday not feeling great. By Saturday morning I was out of control. I thought I was getting better but I've officially gotten worse. I went to church yesterday and I couldn't stand up during the worship part because I thought I would pass out. I kept having nightmares right then and there about how embarrassing it would be if I did that...and how likely it would be too given my track record with passing out. What if the preacher said through the mic 'is she okay? Let's say a quick prayer for her.' How mortifying. Luckily it didn't happen!
I have a tiny fever, 99.0. My regular body temp is between 96-97 so that's a high temp for me. I did have the worst sore throat in the whole wide world but that's actually feeling a touch better. I have a horrible stopped up nose yet I have to blow it 100 times a day. And don't even think about getting good sleep at night. I've taken a whole box of DayQuil. I'm never good at knowing what to take. I just texted Scott to send him on a mission to go find me something different. DayQuil isn't working. I think I'm about to call my boss and let her know I can't come in tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be feeling any better. Boo. I hate being sick.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Exactly One Month From Today...

Scott and I are going to be here!

Hello Mexico! We're looking forward to seeing you again.

We very randomly have decided to take a trip. Scott wanted to relax on a beach after all of this hard work he's been doing. So we contacted our travel agent on Tuesday and told her to send us some stuff. We looked at the Caribbean and other parts of Mexico but we're going back to Riveria Maya, the same place we went to in April. We love the water there so much and it's such an easy flight. And for us to be so last minute we thought this would be best. We're going to stay at the sister resort of the place we stayed last time--Secrets Capri! Tammy, our travel agent, was hesitant to send us somewhere so similar as last time but we liked this option the best. We wanted to book the trip this week and we just didn't feel like looking into lots and lots of places. We know we'll like this because it's basically the same so it makes our decision easy and less complicated.

I'm so super excited! I love a vacation! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Five Things For Hump Day

**I got my haircut (trimmed) today. I'm in the process of mending a bad haircut that I've had for nearly a year and a half. It slowly gets better with the every 6 weeks I trim it. I feel as if I still have about 5 months to go. You probably wouldn't notice it but it drives me crazy.
**I told Scott I'm worried I have a gross worm inside me eating all of my food because I feel consistently hungry all day long for a few days now. I'm actually more hungry after I eat than before. I just suffer through the hunger pains until the next meal time comes around. It's pretty miserable.
**If I could eat a cupcake every single day I would.
**My Grammy is coming to hang out with me on Friday. She needs me to do her hair so she's coming up just for that. Love my Grammy & her company and any excuse to see her works for me!
**Scott and I have officially decided where we're going for our 2 year anniversary trip. We'll be hitting the slopes in Colorado!! I'm pumped. Our travel agent is searching for places. I can't wait to hear what she comes up with!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Landon's First Day Of School

I just got off the phone with my little buddy and he had a great first day of school! He drew a picture of a monster, he already knows a friend in his class, Ryan, and he's not going to be friends with any girls this year.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fellowship Members

Yesterday Scott and I decided to officially join Fellowship NWA. We've waited a while to do it because we wanted to pray about it and make sure it was the right fit for us. We think the Lord is leading us to Fellowship so yesterday we began to take the steps to join. I'm very excited about it. We have to do the Discovery classes on Sundays which I'm looking forward to. We're also going to try to find a good community group to become a part of. They also need some volunteers in the childrens department and Scott and I have talked about helping out! We really want to plug in and get involved but we're kinda at a loss because the church is so big and we really don't know a ton of people there who are members. Hopefully we'll be able to find a way to get really involved. It's a great church and the people are really great too. Scott and I are both looking forward to becoming members.
Tonight I'm going to cook my husband a special yummy dinner. I love him so much and he's so good to me. He deserves a fancy meal on our fancy china because I haven't done that for him in a while. He's such a great man. I hope that his greatness rubs off on me the longer we're together. Okay I've got to look through some cookbooks for a really delicious homemade salad dressing. Enjoy your Monday!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Too Fat For Fifteen

I am so excited because Scott and I are going to spend the entire day together!! He's not going to work today which makes me happy. We're going to go to his Dad's to lay out by his pool then tonight Scott is taking me out on a date! I don't know where...he's keeping it a surprise! I love when he does that because it makes it feel special and not like our typical weekend of us both deciding where to go eat! Barrett Baber is playing at JJ's tonight and since Jaclyn and I are obsessed with him, we made plans to meet up there with the boys after we have our own little dinner dates.
Yesterday was a great day! Jaclyn and I had lunch then decided to go to Fayetteville to hang. We both miss living in Fayetteville SO BAD. I would find it pretty hard to meet someone who enjoys Bentonville/Rogers better than Fayetteville. Fayetteville is so much better in a zillion and one ways. Unfortunately mine and Scott's lives are up here in Bentonville so it would be silly for us to have a house in Fayetteville. Thank goodness Fayetteville is just a 20 minute drive! I make it down probably 1-2 times a week and every time I'm down there I shake my head in sadness that I don't still live there and probably never will again.
Last night Scott and I went to go see The Switch. It was very cute. I would highly recommend it!
I'm watching Too Fat For Fifteen on the style network and it's just really sad. This 15 year old girl can't make it up a very tiny hill. She has to stop and sit every 10 steps. It makes me so angry that parents let their kids get to this point. Jaclyn and I were eating lunch at McAlisters and this table next to us had two little kids. One was eating macaroni with cheetos and the other was eating macaroni with doritos. Really? That's what you're allowing your kid to eat for lunch? I wanted to say something to the parents but obviously it's not my place. It made me so angry though. Fat kids is the fault of the parents. Plain and simple. They should get arrested for child neglect. Okay I'll get off my soap box. It's obviously a hot button issue with me. It makes me so sad when I see a 5 year old who probably weighs as much as I do. They don't know what calories are and what bad food does to your body.....but their parents do yet they continue to feed them cheetos, pizza, and McDonalds? You're killing your child. Props to Michelle Obama for trying to do something about it. Hopefully she can make a difference. On a cool note with this show, these kids are at a fat camp in Texas and one of them is wearing a t-shirt my parents made. HAHA!
Happy Saturday. Eat healthy! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Such A Bummer

The worst has happened!!!! My favorite cycle instructor, MaryAlice, has moved to Houston. NO!!!!! My cycle days are over I guess. I only go to MaryAlice's classes because she is THE BEST. The other instructors look like pansies compared to her and it's a total waste of my time to even get on the bike. I am so bummed out. Alicia told me at physique this morning and for the whole 45 minutes all I could do was mourn the loss of MaryAlice. Seriously what am I going to do? I love cycle so much but only when she teaches it. What a horrible thing to have happen!!! I know I'm not the only person at my gym who is so bummed out. She was everyone's favorite. If you didn't get to her class 15 minutes early there weren't any bikes left. OOOOOHHHHHHHH I'm SOOOOOOO SAD. Are my cycle days over? Will Fuse find someone to replace MaryAlice who teaches just like her? I'm seriously going to have a talk with the owner or manager about this.
My hubby is back from Chicago!! He got back around 8:30 last night. His relay is over on Tuesday which means BIG celebration. I can't wait. He worked 40 days in a row!!! For like, 14 hours a day. It's so hard to basically not have a husband. I don't like not having my buddy around. He's my bestest friend...I missed him. :(
Time to heat up my lean cuisine. I've got to come up with a different lunch for myself. I eat those bad boys for lunch every day...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Pics From Friday Night -- Anna + Austin's Stock The Bar Party!
Friday night was a blast! A+A racked up! Jax and Christina threw a fun partay!!!

Pics From Saturday -- Beaver Lake!
The lake this weekend was a blast. Brad's parents were sweet to loan us their lake house. It's right on Beaver and it's so fantastic! There is nothing better than walking a few steps to your boat doc. We got there early Saturday morning and the four of us plus 3 other friends of Braclyn came out with us. We pretty much just lounged and watched Rose swim. We cooked a yummy meal for dinner and got right back out on the water on Sunday. It was great to be on the water with friends having a good time. It was the first time in 40 days Scott hadn't worked so that made me and him both very happy.

Scott left for Chicago yesterday so Mom came up on Sunday night to stay with me. We saw Eat Pray Love yesterday. I loved it. It was pretty much the book to a T. Of course I loved the book so I knew I would enjoy the movie.

That's it. Mom, Holly, and I have just been hanging. We've been cooking yummy meals and going for hour long walks together at night. I always enjoy when my Mom comes to see me. I wish we lived in the same town. I know we would see each other every day if we did.

Time to get ready for dinner. Rachel Zoe tonight!! I'm going to get Mom as hooked as I am.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I've got a fun weekend ahead of me! Tonight Scott and I are going to a stock the bar party for Anna and Austin. Tomorrow we're taking a little getaway with Brad and Jaclyn to Brad's parents lake house. We'll hang out on the lake all day tomorrow and Sunday and I'm pretty excited about it! I love the lake and I love lake houses so this should be perfect. Alright well I better head to the gym so I can get my workout in. I'm going to be rushing to get back and ready in time for AC+AC party in Fayetteville at 7. It's 3:30 now....better jet!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Steven Slater

I don't know what you guys think but this dude is my freaking hero. My Dad emailed me about this hours after it happened and my response 'I totally get it.'
Who doesn't want to quit their job like this? Sure it's dramatic but I mean....it's so awesome!
Seriously picture yourself on this plane when this happens. I don't care what anyone thinks. I'm loving it and I want this guy to get a reality show and be my friend so we can talk about it for the rest of our lives. He just quit the job he dreads going to every single day the way everyone wishes they could. In the best way EVER. But like, literally ever. It's made the news. I'm loving this story.


After Scott blew up my car in September 2008 I got a new Acura TSX. Love the car. It's amazing. I'm very pleased. However, the customer service people at wherever the Acura headquarters are located are driving me insane!!!! When I first got the car they must have called me once a day for an entire month to ask me how I was enjoying my car. I finally told the woman she was not allowed to call me and ask me that question anymore.
So I just had to get my oil changed and the customer service people called me and wanted to know how my experience was and if I'm still enjoying my TSX. THEN, they flood my inbox asking me to take a quiz. And don't even think about just deleting the message and ignoring it. Oh no, they'll continue to badger you until you take it. So I just took the stupid thing then I had to leave them a special message. I informed them that I love my car, I never have trouble with it, the service I receive at Riverside Acura in LR is always fantastic but they have got to stop bugging me. I told them they call and email me way too often to make sure I'm okay with my car which is making me NOT okay with my car. I told them that their customer service tries way too hard and they are the reason I may not ever purchase an Acura ever again. That may not necessarily be true because I've had 4 cars now and it's for sure my favorite but I really needed to get my point across. If you're thinking about purchasing an Acura beware. I never thought friendly customer service could be annoying. Acura manages to make it a bad thing.
Do you guys remember when my car blew up? In case you weren't reading then here's some photos of my brand new white Nissan Altima. This was apparentaly a default and I was the lucky person to get affected.

It was so traumatizing at the time but Scott and I can't help but LOL every time we talk about it now. I mean...what is that? Maybe I should thank Acura that this hasen't happened to me the next time they make me take a quiz.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Celeb Confessions 101

I want to be your friend....

You make me feel bad about myself...

I wish you had a reality show....

No one looks better tangled up in a sweater than you do....

You're next in the tabloids for being called out for becoming too skinny....

You always look good when you go out...

I'll buy the magazine if you're on the cover... (Although you're getting a little weird on me Jess)

So glad you're back together....
I really don't care....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

400th Blog Post

Who's getting excited about football? ME!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Razorback football and I'm so pumped the first game is in less than a month! I would have to say my friends and I definitely do it right when it comes to Razorback football. We get out there early, do some fun tailgating, watch the game, get super into it, celebrate after if we win. It totally makes my life better. I never ever ever miss a game and I never ever ever plan to.
Today's been good. Went to church then Jaclyn kept me company this afternoon while Scott worked. I just finished Big Brother and now I have an hour to kill before Kourtney and Khloe then Entourage and then I'm gonna check out The Girls Next Door: The Bunny House and see what I think about that. I'm not gonna lie I loved watching The Girls Next Door with the original girls. I couldn't watch it with the new girlfriends and I think the rest of America couldn't either as they no longer have a show.
Hmmm....I don't think I ate enough food for dinner because I'm starvin marvin. I may have to grab a handful of goldfish...
Gonna do some online shopping. Yay Sunday night TV!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bye-Bye Landon

Yesterday was a good day. I did exactly what I said I was going to do. Mani-Pedi, lay-out, workout, dinner at Bordinos. We had a great time last night. Bordinos just painted and it smelled bad so they gave all of us our first round of drinks for free! We had a yummy meal then went to Theos like we always do. Then we headed to OTR. It was fun hanging with my friends!
Today I just don't know what I'm going to do. Scott's working of course. He actually did promise me that he's only going to work for the afternoon and take the night off to take me out on a date! I'm very excited about this. I can't decide where I want to go though...
Landon is headed back to Tampa today and I'm very sad. I really loved having my little buddy here for the summer. He's such a joy to be around! He's at a great age and he's so so sweet. He'll love on you and tell you he loves you and it melts your heart! He says the darnedest things too! It keeps my family majorly entertained. I cannot believe he's going to be in kindergarten!!!! The time has flown by. Here's a few more pictures of my little man.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Let's Move On....

Okay something is getting on my nerves and I finally just have to vent about it. Jessica Simpson is on yet another magazine cover talking about how happy she is 'with her new body.' I'm so over this. A.) She's been bigger for nearly 2 years now so why are we still talking about it and B.) Jess you're lying and everyone knows it. Tyra and Jennifer Love Hewitt all tried to tell us how much they loved their bigger body too and what happened? They lost the weight. The magazines need to give it a rest. They're bugging me even harder than she is. Come up with a different subject to talk with her about because we're all sick of the headline that reads 'Jessica Defends Her New Body: I love it!'
Today I have the day off. I think I'm gonna go to the pool and maybe get a pedicure. Then I'm going to go work out then get ready for dinner at Bordinos with my friends to celebrate Jacqueline's birthday! I'm excited about it. I love Bordinos and I love a night out in Fayetteville. It makes me happy.
Okay that's all....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today Is Her Birthday

Happy 26th Birthday Jax!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comfort Food & Polos

What am I going to do with myself? I already hate this week too. If it weren't for watching Wipeout today I wouldn't have smiled probably at all. I decided to cook a comfort meal for Scott and I tonight for dinner. The Butcher Deli has these chicken breasts stuffed with dressing. Mmmm mmm. I throw a can of cream of chicken on top and BAM, it's like Thanksgiving. A can of Le Sueur peas and carrots and you've got yourself a comfort meal. Not exactly healthy but I bet I could eat a bad meal every now and then and it'd be okay. (That's what I have to tell myself)
I'm still hard core on my workouts. Especially within the last 2 weeks. I've upped the cardio workouts from 30-45 minutes to 1 hour-1 hour and 15 minutes. I don't know why...I just feel like it. I can tell a difference too which makes it easy to keep on doing it.
I need a vacation so bad right now. I probably say that once a week. Jake and I plan trips all the time and never follow through. One of these days we're gonna go for it. We were so totally serious about going to Vegas last week. Had all of it planned out. Never happened.
Landon is going to be in kindergarten this year and he has to wear a uniform. Either a red, white, or blue polo (how original). For all you Mom's out there (or aunts like me who love to buy clothes for their little guys) TJ Maxx ALWAYS has Ralph Lauren polo's for little boys, the good ones, and they're only $15. I looked in LR for Landon and they didn't have hardly anything. But Rogers and Fayetteville have good TJ Maxx's and they had every color in the rainbow when I looked today. Just a little FYI in case you hadn't discovered that for yourself yet. I've always enjoyed shopping for Landon since before he was born and I discovered that 5 years ago. Such a good deal.
That's all I've got for ya.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Shopping With Landon

I had a really great weekend. Of course I always enjoy getting to spend time with my sweet nephew. I arrived in Little Rock around lunch time on Friday and Mom and I almost immediately took Landon to the pool! He's a great little swimmer! I taught him categories and he loved it. I still love categories myself. I made Scott play it with me when we went to Riviera Maya and he was so embarrassed but humored me anyway.
Saturday we went to the lake...of course. My family lives on the lake every weekend. Landon never managed to ski. Of course he'll only try about 3-5 times then he's totally over it. Next summer for sure. It was a fun lake day. We were silly and had fun and it was great!
Sunday was such a lazy day. We took Landon to see Toy Story 3 and I'm not even ashamed to admit I cried at the end. It was good! For some reason the power went out in my parents neighborhood around 7 and after waiting until 11 and it never coming back on, Mom, Dad, and I headed over to Kyles to spend the night.
Today I watched Landon all day. I managed to spend $100 while doing that too. I took him to the little shopping area in LR where Fresh Market and Bonefish is-- whatever that place is called. I just can't help myself when it comes to little kid clothes. I almost want to go on ahead and purchase some for my future children. I bought Landon a cute little shirt from Cupcakes and Catapillars and some Sperry's from Belk. I love Sperry's on little boys. Landon really wanted these shoes that light up but they were hideously ugly and I wouldn't buy them. I remember when I wanted stuff that I thought was so cool but my Mom thought they were ugly so she wouldn't get them for me. Like jelly shoes or those dressy socks with the beads dangling from them. Ya'll remember those? I never had any. Mom thought they were tacky and I thought that was so mean. Haha! I get it now.
After shoe shopping we went in the Toggery and I really wanted to buy him this adorable Cookie Monster shirt but it was a size 6...too big! Good thing probably...it was $50. Landon managed to find himself a Toy Story toy while in there and I don't know how to say no (except to ugly shoes) so we got it. Then got a cupcake next door. I decided after that I better go home before I spent another $100. As we were walking to the car I said to Landon 'well I've spent a lot of money on you within an hour' and he said 'It's been a great day!!!' He's so sweet. I could just eat him up.
I went home and gave everyone a haircut before I left....like always. Then Mom took me to Barbara Jean and bought me a DVF dress!! It's very Charlotte York Goldenblatt/Park Avenue...not typically a style I gravitate to but I decided to go for it anyways! It's sweet. I like!
I got home at 8 and was so hungry my vision was blurry. I watched The Bachelorette (boo ali) E! News is currently on and now I've gotta hop off so I can watch my recorded DVR of Entourage.