Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Touch Paranoid

Hello Mates! What's been going on? I've been working the girls 7A volleyball tournament all week. Fun times. I've worked it by myself which gets quite boring. It's all good though. I had lots of mags to keep me entertained.
My hubby just got back from San Antonio. He's been gone all week. I didn't share that info earlier because I'm worried some creeper will read it and come and murder me or something. I'm very impressed with my staying-alone skills. It literally terrified me to stay by myself in the past. The sorta sketchy hood in Fayetteville may have contributed. But now I feel safe and sound in my cozy little painted house. I actually got great sleep since nobody was in my bed taking up my space and stealing my covers. I have to leave my TV on when I'm by myself though because I wake up many times in the middle of the night and it's nice to see nobody is starring over me while I snooze. Am I paranoid? Yes. I am always that aware woman of 'what could happen.' I used to walk around the UofA campus at night with my mace in the air and my finger on the button.
I'm like this with many things in life. I get irritated with Scott if we're Walmart shopping and my purse is in the buggy and we split to look for separate stuff and I see him standing by the cart starring off in wonderland. Hello! Someone could steal the bag! Whenever I'm somewhere and a woman turns her back on her bag (or baby) for a quick sec I almost want to take it to prove a point that anything could happen in a second but that would probably get me arrested.
I hate to leave Holly in the car to run into a store real fast. I'm always worried someone will break into my car and take her! I've expressed this to Scott many times and for some reason he and Holly took a road trip by themselves between LR and Bentonville one time. He had to stop in Ozark and potty and he left Holly in the car. As he was deciding which candy bar to eat on the road, he suddenly heard his car alarm go off. Scott said he threw the Snickers down on the floor and sprinted out of the door looking foolish only to see Holly sitting in the car with a 'what's going on!!!!!' look on her face! HAHAHA. Makes me laugh so hard to picture that. He said all he could think was 'Kara's going to kill me because she always says not to leave Holly in the car even if it's only for a minute.'
Anyways, yeah, I'm paranoid. I don't find it to be a bad quality at all though and I contribute my equally paranoid mother and living in Memphis for obtaining this. That's all...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scary Cars

Car's have been scaring me a bit these last few days! Last night I was walking out of Walmart with my cart of groceries and this car backing out of it's spot almost ran me over. Seriously not exaggerating. I let out a quite girly scream (kinda embarrassing) which the car heard and made it come to an abrupt halt! Everyone in the parking lot was gasping with their hands over their mouths then presumed to tell me they thought I was about to get run over by the lady who was not paying one bit of attention. Scary!
Then, this morning I'm getting ready for work and my brother calls me in hysterics! I'm freaking out thinking somethings happened to Landon. He tells me that he was pulled over on the side of the interstate shaking because he almost got hit by a car going 70 mph. There would have been absolutely nothing for Kyle to do but let the car plow into him. Thankfully the car noticed just in time and slammed on it's breaks creating huge marks on the road and clouds of black dust. The person was texting. It scared Kyle to death. And made him furious that the person was texting! I've had close calls but never on a 2 lane interstate where a person was totally not paying attention and I had nowhere to swerve to avoid it. It just makes you realize how quickly life can change. What if something terrible had happened to him? I'm so grateful he's okay. And now it's time for me to preach like Oprah and say don't text and drive!!!! Are you crazy? It's so so so dangerous!!
Alrighty, that's about it. Kyle's story was scary....mine was too but I have to admit I laughed out loud once I got in my car and relived the girly scream over and over in my head. I actually apologized to the Walmart crowd for the sissy scream explaining 'it was just a reaction!' So embarrassing....lata!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Social Network

Today has been an easy and relaxing day. I love day's like that! I went to the movies this afternoon and saw The Social Network. Seriously, such a good movie. It was one of those where I'm still thinking about it hours later. I just had to learn more after it was over so I came home and googled the invention of facebook to death. I felt quite special knowing I was involved in facebook while it was still called thefacebook. Anyways, great movie. If you haven't seen it you totally should. You'll look at facebook very differently from now on. Not in a good or a bad way, just differently.
I went to the gym after the movie and ran on the elliptical while I watched Oprah. Today's show was heartbreaking. I had to fight back the tears.
Alrighty, it's 10:00 which means bed time. I'll watched my DVR'd Guilliana and Bill then hopefully fall asleep quickly after that. I'm pretty exhausted so it should come easy. Toodles!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Breakdown

What a weekend! Friday night Scott and I stayed in and made turkey tacos. They were yummy. We watched It's Complicated after dinner. I love that movie. So funny. We woke up bright and early on Saturday and headed to the hill. The game had perfect weather until the 3rd quarter. We really didn't get rained on at all though. Once the downpour came we were in the car having cocktails! Then we went back in to finish up.....the had to leave again. We finished the last 7 minutes of the game at Grubs. Scott and I headed home after that and I kid you not we were in the bed by 8:30 and completely passed out by 9:30 and didn't wake up until our alarm went off for church at 9! It was so fantastic. I laid in bed for so long my back hurt me! Fabulous!
We had our normal routine Sunday except for the fact that I had my cleaning lady make a visit! My husband has finally let me to talk him into letting her come every other week! Isn't that so romantic? I'm pretty pumped.
We had our first community group tonight since we joined the church. Scott and I are so happy with it. Great leaders, great people. It's a good feeling.
Alrighty, that's all I got. Until next time....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Computer Virus

Our computer has had a virus for a good 4 months now. Of course it's all my fault. Scott's always like 'What did you do?' Why is it always assumed that it's my fault? Rude! Anyways, the virus has been exceptionally irritating to me because I feel like I'm on this computer 24/7. Scott never really noticed it because he's on a computer all day at work so it's the last thing he wants to do when he gets home. Finally, after I threw out a loud ARGH!!! followed by a I'm taking this to Best Buy tomorrow because I can't wait any longer to get this fixed, Scott got the point and was like I'll fix it tomorrow. I didn't believe him because he's been saying it for 4 months but whatdya know, he fixed it! It must have been the ARGH followed by the attitude....
I would consider myself to be computer savvy but not when it comes to fixing a virus. This wasn't just any virus, this one was tragic. Good thing my husband is what I would consider to be a computer genius. Well, he's pretty much a genius at everything but he's really good when it comes to computers. Like, the dude knows nearly every key stoke out there. He rarely has to use a mouse. He always tries to teach me but I always forget. Anyways...back on track. Scott had to completely wipe out our computer and restore it so I basically feel like I have a brand new laptop and it's fantastic! Good story huh? Sorry, that's all I got. Unless you wanted me to complain about the game tomorrow for two reasons: a.) it starts at 11:20 and b.) there's an 80% chance of rain. That does not work for me. BOO!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holly is 14!

Today is my sweet Holly's 14th birthday!!!!!! I cannot believe it. I've had that sweet little girl for over half of my life. She is my number 1. I love her more than you could possibly imagine. I feel so lucky that I've had the blessing of having her in my life for as long as I have. She just gets sweeter, smarter, cuter, and more perfect every year. I haven't seen my little doodlebug in 5 weeks and it's KILLING me. Mom and I are meeting halfway between LR and Bentonville on Sunday so I can have my turn of Holly lovin. I haven't gone this long without seeing Holly like....ever. I don't like it. She's got all kinds of birthday presents ready and waiting for her when she gets to my house so she better get excited!
Here's Holly the day we brought her home from the hospital!

Happy 14th Birthday Holly!!!! I fall in love with you more and more every day. You are my favorite puppy ever and I know you ALWAYS will be. Kisses!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wade & Alissa's Wedding

Whew! Well I feel as if I'm just now getting back into the swing of things since last Wednesday! Scott and I headed to Cincinnati for Wade and Alissa's wedding on Thursday. We actually stopped in St. Louis on Thursday night at the mid-way point to help breakup the trip. Scott and I had so much fun in St. Louis! We researched the week before to find out what the most popular local restaurant was. We took a cab there and it was phenom! We headed back to our hotel downtown after that for a few cocktails then went to bed. I insisted to Scott that we eat at Maggiano's for lunch before we headed for Cinci. Mmm....mmmm....Scott had never been there before. He now knows why I love it so much. They need to put one here in NWA!!
We arrived in Cincinnati around 6:00 that night. Wade and Alissa had a cocktail party Friday night so we went to that and it was super fun. We met a lot of amazing people and hung out with them all night. Alissa is from Cincinnati and Wade is from Jersey (they met at Wake Forrest) so needless to say we were the only Arkansas folks there. Or as some people pronounced it AR-Kansas.
I told Wade I was quite tickled by the eastern boys attire. Khakis, button down, blue blazer, same haircut, same shoes, same EVERYTHING! I felt like I was watching that movie The Skulls. I loved it! Too cute.
Saturday Scott and I went shopping at Saks. AHHHH Heaven. It's so such a good thing we don't have one anywhere near me. I managed to sneak away with a few goodies. Who has the best husband ever? Me!!!
Alissa and Wade's wedding started at 5 and they had a shuttle bus (or 3) for all of their out of town guests to take. It picked everyone up at 4. Their ceremony was beautiful! I always love to hear those wedding vows. It makes it resonate with you all over again. After the ceremony we headed to the Country Club for a very fun paaarty!! Cocktails for two hours, delicious filet and crab cakes for dinner, amazing cake, great dancing to a great band, champagne overflowing, black tie attire! It was amazing and very tasteful. Good job Alissa!
We drove all the way back to Arkansas on Sunday. We left Cincinnati at 12 our time and got back at 10:30. Not too terrible. Good thing I enjoy my husbands company or that long of a drive could have potential to be pretty miserable! All in all it was a perfect weekend. We wouldn't have missed their wedding for the world! They're very special people to us and even though we don't live in the same city anymore they'll be those kind of friends we'll always keep in touch with. You can check out their wedding photos on my fb page. Congrats Wade and Alissa!!! I have no doubt you guys are in it for the long haul.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pizza & Movies

I had a fun night last night. I, along with Jax, Anna, and Christina went to Jaclyn's house to watch her wedding video! We had pizza and wine and thoroughly enjoyed our girls night! We didn't leave her house until after midnight!! Youchie! Did this morning come early? Yes. Totally worth it though. We may have to make it a weekly event!
Tomorrow Scott and I are headed to Cincinnati! Well actually we're going to break up the trip by staying in St. Louis tomorrow which is halfway to Cinci. We've searched out the most fab restaurant in the city and plan on eating at it tomorrow. I think it'll be fun!
What am I going to cook for dinner tonight? I always crave warm comfort food this time of the year. It's hard to cook food like that for just 2 people though. Always too many leftovers...not to mention full of fat and calories. I'll figure something out.
Alrighty. Back to Ellen.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boring Weekend

I'm bored. There's nothing left for me to do but blog. I'll tell you about my weekend.
It started Thursday night. Scott and I went to Bonefish for a yummy little dinner. It was delicious! On Fridays we typically stay in and rent a movie. So that's what we did. We ordered a pizza from Jim's Razorback Pizza & watched a movie. On Saturday we woke up early and worked out, then we went to Walmart and a local garden center to get fall flowers. It's amazing how long it takes to plant flowers. I started at 11 and didn't finish until 2:00. I now have pretty pansies in my flower bed! Scott's dad came over to watch the Razorback game. It was kind of a boring game don't you think? We looked pretty terrible too even though we won. After the game Scott and I went to Shogun for some sushi then came back home and rented yet another movie. We were boring this weekend. Today, church, shopping at the Rogers mall, laundry, football, and I'm about to head to my father-in-laws for Sunday night dinner.
Not one interesting thing about that huh. Today is 10/10/10 though. That's kinda cool. Hope you all have a great week! Mine should be more eventful as I'm headed to Cincinnati on Thursday for our Memphis friends, Wade & Alissa's wedding!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today started out very average. Wake up, turn on Regis and Kelly....yada yada.
THEN, around 3:00 my phone beeps that I have a new email. I open it up and literally gasp out loud as my brain comprehends what my eyes are reading. Celebrate Magazine wants to give me their special Seal of Approval for my blog,! I knew Celebrate gave these out to blogs they like because I am a big fan of Celebrate Magazine. I never imagined they would give me one, especially since I've had this blog for only about a month.
I immediately called Scott with the exciting news! He knew how special that was for me because he's heard me talk about the seal of approval before. I'm seriously beside myself! I'm 1 of only 8! Two of which are amazing photographers here in NWA (Hudson & Benefield) and a blog I'm a big fan of (Blonde Ambition). You can find them all under my favorite blog links.
So yeah....pretty honored!!!! Scott took me out to celebrate the Celebrate tonight! We had a lovely dinner at Bonefish and came back home to pop open a bottle of champagne while we watched Greys and Private Practice!
I'm so excited you guys!!!! What a cool thing. Wooo Hooo!!
If you haven't read please do!! Also, 'like' my fan page on Facebook, Life In Northwest Arkansas and if you have a Twitter please follow It would mean SO much to me!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life In NWA

Soooo....what do you guys think about Life In NWA? Are you all reading it?
I'm having a lot of fun with it. Still trying to 'tweek' the look of it....I think it's almost done. I feel bad for anyone trying to look at it while it's under reconstruction. Anywho....
I figured out how to download a track counter onto my site so I can see how many people read it, how long they stay on the site, what state/city they're reading it from, etc. It's pretty hard core. Crazy how smart technology is these days. I set it up earlier this week so yesterday was the first full day of track counting and over 50 people read it yesterday! I was pumped about the 50ish. I figured maybe 20ish.
So you guys have a job to do. I need you to promote on your facebook page, follow it on Twitter , and 'like' it on facebook. I created a page, Life In Northwest Arkansas. If you would do that I would greatly appreciate!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Landon Soccer Photos

Gotta bore you real quick with more Landon soccer photos!

Poor little guy got hit in the head with the ball so hard it knocked him off his feet! Took it like a champ though. Got right up and started running for the ball! That's my boy.

This is right after he scored! Look at that grin on his face! Priceless.

Vegetable Soup & Cornbread Casserole

I have been very domestic today. It must be the fall weather. It's my favorite season. October is my 2nd favorite month (after May). I went to Walmart today and all of the Halloween goodies got me excited. So I decided to make rice krispy treats and use Halloween cookie cutters to make shapes! It was a touch more difficult than I intended given the stickiness. Plus the palm of my hand feels bruised from pressing down so hard on the metal cookie cutter. Oh well! All worth it. My husband enjoyed. I think I had a bite. I didn't care about eating them I just wanted to do it for fun. I made plenty for Scott and I to take to work tomorrow.
I also made some delicious vegetable soup! Again--it's the weather. I have such a great vegetable soup recipe and it's seriously the easiest vegetable soup recipe in the whole wide world. I'd be will to put money on it. Want the recipe?

2-Big Family sized cans of Campbells tomato soup
1-Can of Rotel
1-Can of Petite Diced tomatoes (drained)
1-Can of Le Sueur Peas (drained)
1 -Can of Le Sueur carrots (drained)
1-Can of corn (drained)
1-Can of french style green beans (drained)
Fill 2 empty cans of soup with water. Mix together. Add a squirt of ketchup. Salt and Pepper to taste.
Bam! Told you it was easy. Sometimes I add a pound of ground beef and some potatoes too if I'm feeling adventurous but that takes longer and creates more dishes for me to have to wash. Seriously....isn't that the easiest vegetable soup recipe ever? And people always rave to me about how good it is. Try it! It's such a delightful comfort meal.
I also made an amazing cornbread casserole dish to go along with it. Again, it's probably the easiest cornbread casserole dish that exists. You believe me now right? Want that recipe?

1-Stick of melted butter (badness I know)
1-Can of Whole Kernal Corn (drained)
1-Can Cream Style Corn
1-Box of Jiffy.
Mix together. Bam! I add some jalapenos because I love that extra flavor. Bake how the jiffy box tells you. It's amazing. Again, I always get compliments on it and now it's become a staple dish for Thanksgiving and Christmas in my household. Such a great meal tonight if I do say so myself. Comforting, easy, and....lots and lots of leftovers!

Back to work tomorrow....BOO!!!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Landon Plays Soccer!

Today was a very big day for the Luttrell's! Landon played in his very first soccer game! Mom, Dad and Kyle flew to Tampa to watch. Scott and I wanted to go but it conflicted with our DR trip. I got updated every few minutes though and Landon talked to me before the game long enough to say 'Hey Kara I can't talk I've gotta go play in my game.' Landon scored the very first goal and he assisted on the other 2 that the team made!! They lost 4-3 but I'm so proud of my boy!!! He's my little athlete. Hopefully Scott and I can make it down for one of his games. I would hate to miss out. Plus he looks just so cute in his little uniform!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Back from DR

Scott and I are back from the Dominican Republic! We arrived at XNA after midnight last night. It was crazy to feel chilly air. We left hotness, went to extra hotness, then came back to cool. Lovely! Fall is my favorite.
So if you're wondering if it rained all day Wednesday the answer is yes. It held off for about an hour. Long enough for Scott and I to get settled with our Miami Vice's, slap on some sunscreen, and soak in the sun. Then bam. Storm. We were sent to our rooms for the rest of the day. WHAT a bummer. We figured though given the season...and our luck but still....not happy 'bout it. I just poured into the amazing book I read (Redeeming Love) on our terrace while looking at the rain pouring into the ocean....and ordered random room service with Scott at 3. Not because we were hungry...because we were bored!! Best way to gain weight for sure. (Which I only gained 1. Yay for me. Record!!!!)
We didn't fly out until 5 yesterday so we had plenty of time to enjoy the beach yesterday which was great!
All in all it was a really fantastic trip. The Dominican Republic is beautiful. It's an up and coming touristy island and I love that we got to experience it before it became too popular. Our resort was gorg!!!! I loved the Spanish feel of it. I also loved that it was way under capacity. Scott and I scored the best seats (same ones all week) every single day. We were always the 2nd couple out by the pool. We made sure to get there by 9 every morning. Most people showed up around 11...Scott welcomed the swim-up bar when it opened at 10 with open arms. Free!! he kept saying all week. We must take advantage! Nerd.
The staff was ridiculously friendly--huge language barrier but that's alright. I understand people trying to speak English WAY better than Scott. He does better trying to figure out Spanish than their English. The food was much, much better than Secrets Maroma. I would rank this my 2nd best trip ever. It was so fantastic to get away and relax for a week! Whew! That was long. Enjoy all these pics now.

Our random room service food we ordered at 3 pm because we were bored. It was so good btw.