Friday, February 27, 2009

American Idol

I haven't blogged all week because nothing blog worthy has happened to me all week. I've been staying with Jaclyn at her parents. Brad has been out of town too so we've kept each other company. It's been great! Like college all over again. Jaclyn's mom, Monica is so great. We wake up early, get dressed, and head downstairs and there's a paper bag filled with orange juice and a homemade breakfast to go. I'm going to miss being spoiled!
So what did everybody think about American Idol last night? I'm SO excited that Kris Allen has made it to the top 12!! I voted for him exactly 50 times on Wednesday. I'm pulling hard for him because a.) he's from Arkansas, b.) he's a great singer, c.) he's got some dance moves, and d.) as Jaclyn says...he's beeeeautifuuulllll! Jaclyn and I had huge grins plastered across our faces while we watched him sing 'Man in the Mirror.' So good! I love him. I love that he's married too. That makes him cuter to me for some reason. I liked the cute little blonde who sang 'Put Your Records On' but what was up with the extremely uncoordinated twist with her arms she was doing? That was so awkward! She'll look back on that video and hate herself for doing that. Red head is good but has ZERO personality. I was actually feeling a little uncomfortable while Ryan was interviewing her on Wednesday before she sang. Then there's crazy hair broadway boy. He's really great. I think he'll stay in the top 12 for a while. Is he gay? I can't decide. Every time I watch American Idol I'm like 'I'm trying out next season.' Never happens...
My husband is coming to see me today!! YAY! He's leaving work at 11:00 and I can't wait to see him! We've got a very busy weekend always when he comes to Fayetteville. He's very popular. Everyone loves him. Actually, if you don't love Scott or can find some reason to not like him, then you've got a serious problem that might need medical attention. He's precious!! And I'm not saying that just because he's mine all mine!
We're going to eat with our friends Matt and Meredith tonight. Matt is Scott's groomsmen who got all the men the cuban cigars at the wedding. I think every man there found that to be the highlight of the wedding. Tomorrow night we're going to eat with Scott's dad and grandparents and I'm sure we'll eat with his mom and Steve for lunch on Sunday. Busy busy.
Okay well, I've got a meeting at work today so I need to get booking. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jake's Blog Post

I just read Jake's post and it made me laugh out loud the whole freaking time. This is why he's my best friend. He keeps life entertaining. I'm recommending everyone to read his blog even if you don't know him. You'll laugh really hard. It's about the Oscars. I always know that Jake is watching an award show live just like me so I love to send him texts during the show as if he were sitting right beside me watching. So when the precious little Asian/Japanese/Chinese man accepted his award and all he said was 'sank you, sank you, sank you' it made me laugh really, really hard so I had to send Jake a text making fun of that. Anyways.....check it out.
Oh and I know that I'm catching a lot of flack for loving Beyone's dress. I knew before I posted that it got put on the worst dressed list and that still didn't change my mind. I know Jessica Biel's dress is getting mixed reviews as well but I loved it. Her hair...that's a different story. It looked like she nibbled on it a bit in the limo. But I loved the dress. So there you go.
Oh and P.S. Jake. You WOULD want the previous winners presenting to arrive in their Oscar attire they won in. That is so freaking cheesy. And I'm not at all surprised that you said that.

Oscar Favorites

My favorite Oscar gowns! In no particular order....

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm watching the Oscars right now and I'm loving it!! I loved the red carpet. Angelina looked georgous!! Not necessarly her dress but her hair and make-up were flawless. Of course my favorite celebrity, Jen Aniston, looks great!!! She didn't wear black and she did something with her hair. Yay for her. She had Brangelina to impress so job well done. Did any of you notice that she was standing right in front of them while she was presenting and the camera totally shot to them 2 times while she was speaking. Whatever Brad knows he still wants her. I can't wait to read Us Weekly next week so they can inform us on the afterparty drama between those three.
So my eyes watered up big time when Heath's family accepted his award. So sad. Everyone knew he would win but that was really heartbreaking. That's as far as I've gotten so far. I'm feeling Kate Winslet. Ever since I saw her in Titanic she won my heart. I love her and it's about time she deserves a win!! I think she will. I do love Anne Hathaway too. That'd be fun and surprising. I would also love to hear Angelina's speech so I'd be cool with that too. Plus I watched Changeling with Mom a few nights ago and it is so good.
Okay Ben Button is winning everything. I'd so love for Bradly to win even though he left Jen for the girl with the tattoo overkill. I'm still a fan although his cool points have taken a dive since that tragic January day when he and Jen announced they were through. It was just as sad as my friends, Nick and Jess, announcing they were over....that day in November.
I loved the thing with Beyonce and the HSM and Mama Mia kids. Super good.
Okay I need to get back to the Oscars. They last until 11:00. That is quite a show.

I know you all are just dying to know about my trip to the big D. I will say that it was fabulous and I had an amazing time!! We stayed at the Hotel ZaZa which all of you should know if you are any type of celeb fan. It was so awesome!! Jaclyn did find a dress and it's beautiful and fabulous and she is stunning in it!! I told her Take My Breath Away was playing in my head when I first saw her! Gorgeous!!! She decided to take the big plunge and get it and the precious lady at Stanley Korshak got a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate! Jaclyn and I had a good 4 glasses. JJ finally found one so we were definitely in need for some celebration. Yay for my best friend finding her wedding dress! I'm so glad I was there when she did since it'll be a day she'll never forget! And I won't either... Brad will faint!
Oh and P.S. Jaclyn's lady at Stanley Korshak told us Jessica Simpson had been in the other day. We were like, shopping? And she said, yeah she was just looking around. And we were like 'well of course you can't tell us more...?????' and she just smiled.
So you heard it here first!!! On Kara Luttrell's blog. Kara Johnson...whatever. Jessica Simpson was looking at wedding gowns this week. Note. Jessica Simpson was looking at wedding gowns this week. I'm thinking of contacting People...
That's all. Have a good Oscar night!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crazy Memphis Night

Today is a touch better. I did end up spending the night in Little Rock and drove up early yesterday morning. Mom and Dad had to do some business today in Ft. Smith so they came to Fayetteville last night and stayed with me which was great! Today is my good TV night so I'll be good to go. Tomorrow, I'm off to Dallas for the weekend with Jaclyn and her mom to go shop for wedding dresses!! I'm very excited!
A lot of people are wondering why I'm such a baby about staying by myself. So to not make myself seem totally foolish, I thought I'd share. It's a combination of a couple of things. Here's thing number 1.
When I moved to Memphis, I moved in the same apartment complex as Scott. It just so happened to work out that I got to live in the apartment right next door to his! We mostly hung out as his place because he has the better TV. So, I was over there late one night, watching Christmas with the Cranks, and Scott had already fallen asleep. Well, it's about 1 in the morning and the movie is almost over when I hear a knocking on the door. I jumped up from the couch and ran and woke Scott up. The knocking persisted so he got up and looked out the peephole and didn't see anything so we assumed they realized they had the wrong place and left. Well, we were standing close to the door talking so I guess the people heard us and they suddenly started BANGING on the door. We wouldn't open it and it got worse and worse. Scott told me to call 911. So I did and they said they would send someone over right away. The people were getting really frustrated at us not opening the door. The kept telling us to open the GD effing door. They were screaming and you could tell from the voice that the guy could very well have been the size of Shaq. They kept banging and screaming and the door looked like it was coming off the hinges. Scott put his hands on the door to basically keep it from falling down. Meanwhile, I'm FREAKING out. I'm screaming at Scott to NOT open the door and they're screaming at us. Scott told them we had called the police and they were on their way, when they said they were from the Sheriff's department and ordered us to open the door. NOPE. Not happening. After, about 5 minutes of this, the cops still hadn't come so Scott told me to call again. This second 911 call, I was not calm and polite. I was like, get your ass over here! We're about to get killed!!! The 911 guy could hear the people and I could tell it freaked him out a little bit too. He said they were on our street pulling in. So these 'sheriff's' are still yelling profanities and basically knocking our door down while Scott and I are totally freaking out. Then, all of a sudden, our lock turns. I swear God gave me super powers that night because I flew to the door and locked it back. Well that totally pissed them off and they told us to step aside they were shooting the door down. So Scott and I stepped aside. Then they said we had one last chance. So Scott looked at me and said 'I'm going to open it.' I went all psycho and was like no no no they're going to rape me and put a gun to your head and make you watch then kill us both. (I'm very dramatic in my worst nightmare thinking) And Scott was like, 'it's okay 911 said they were basically here.' So I said okay and Scott opened the door. The 2 'sheriff's' casually strolled in and wanted LaTonya. We said we didn't know her. Then they asked us why we didn't open the door and we said we had no reason for the sheriffs to be visiting us so why would we. Then he asked for our drives license and by this time I'm sobbing hysterically. At first I was very brave when Scott opened the door and I screamed at them and asked them what they wanted and told them to leave the door open. Then I turned into a big cry baby. So they told us next time to open the door, said 'sorry we made you cry mam' and left. What the hell was that about? Oh and by the way...911 never showed up. I was so upset and Scott was literally speechless so after sitting in silence for a good 30 minutes, we decided to pack up our bags and hop in the car at 3 in the morning and drive to my parents house. Never again did we stay in that place. When we went back to move, there were holes in the door from them beating it so hard with the baton. So yeah...we totally should have sued for emotional damage because Scott and I still get freaked out. He'll wake up in the middle of the night and check the locks on the door. And then there's me....we all know how I get. So yeah, that was so scary and not cool.
The second thing is the Anne Pressly murder. That really rattled me. I could just never stop thinking about it and it was so brutal and my worst fear. I think it freaked out a lot of women. I'm a little better now and don't think about it as much as I used to but that was horrifying. My wedding flower lady actually is Anne's mom's best friend so she had a lot of info that she told us about that no one else knew which didn't help matters. Bless her heart. As a christian, I shouldn't think like this, but I really hope he burns in hell.
So that along with the crooked people who wanted to shoot the door down doesn't quite settle well with me. Plus, Scott and I came home to Memphis one weekend and there was a naked man sleeping in Scott's bed. He was totally harmless and just incredibly drunk and got the wrong apartment (Scott's cleaning lady didn't lock his so the guys key 'worked) We ended up laughing about it later but imaging the initial freaking outness of coming home to goldielocks sleeping in your bed!!! Naked!
So that's why I'm such a big baby but I'm lucky because I typically don't stay here by myself. My parents come or I stay at Brad and Jaclyn's or Scott's dad's or something. So yeah...that's all I guess. We don't have good Memphis luck and it's created mental damage in the safety department.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More of Debbie

Well today has been a sucky day. And it's only 2:00. I left Memphis this morning. Scott woke up at 5:30 and was out of the house an hour later to head off to work. There was no way I could have possibly gone back to sleep so I hopped in the shower and was on the road by 7. Like, really, this is getting so old. When Scott and I were saying bye to each other, my tears felt like the weighed 2 pounds each because they slid down my face really fast and hit my arm and made a big splash. I kid you not. I stopped by my parents house in Little Rock and I'm still here...stalling. I don't feel like going up to Fayetteville today. I'm thinking about spending the night and waking up really early tomorrow and driving up. I HATE staying by myself at night. I creep myself out. My house is really old and makes noises all the time. I feel like Peter Pan because sometimes my shadow freaks me out. I'm serious. I'll jump and then realize it's just me. I can't take a sleeping pill at night because they make me really groggy. So I stay up until about 2:00 every night until I'm so tired I know I'll sleep all through the night. Then I wake up early to go to work and I'm tired all day. During the weekends, I just crash. Scott was like 'what's wrong with you?' because I slept until 11:00 on Saturday.
Last night, Scott and I were getting ready for bed and he said 'I've really enjoyed getting to spend some time with you.' I'm like, really? A husband shouldn't have to say that to his wife. I wish I didn't have a job so I could just move back to Memphis and stay until May or whenever. Dang responsibilities.
I knew this was going to be the scenario but I guess I underestimated how depressing the situation would be. Damn economy. It's all Bill Clinton's fault. And Barack Obama certainly isn't going to make things better with his ignorant ways. You can tell by looking at him that he knows he's way over his head. Only accepting 13 questions at a press conference...whatever. I've said it before and I'll say it again. 1 term president.
Woah don't know how I got off on that. I'm just frustrated at everything right now. You should see me on the road today. If 1 more big truck gets in the left lane going 65 MPH I'm honking as I zoom by.
That's all. Sorry I'm such a Debbie Downer. Expect more of her these next few months...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day Festivities

Well I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy in Memphis! Scott is outside washing mine and his car. They're very shiny! I'm sitting inside watching Cars on TV. You'd think that I would be burnt out on Cars because every time Landon comes to Arkansas, all I do is watch Cars with him. I've managed to memorize the movie. But I'm tired of watching Top 20 Celebrity Divorces and Best and Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery's on E! And there's nothing else on so...Cars it is.
Scott and I had a great Valentines Day! We woke up and opened our presents right away. We got each other the exact same thing! We tend to do this a lot. We'll get each other the same card all the time. Since we took that couples massage class while we were on our honeymoon, we obviously had that on our minds so we both went to Bath and Body Works and got each other massage oil. Different scents. Then a bunch of other little things to go along with it. We actually just laid around the house all day long until it was time to get ready to go out. We ate at our favorite restaurant, Spindini!! Since we're such frequent diners, they emailed us a free appetizer which is always exciting. We had a bottle of champagne and a couple of drinks. Red for me, Sapphire and tonic for Scott. Whenever we eat a nice meal we like to make it a long dining experience. Scott always tells our waiter to not 'rush it.' Ha. So we were there for a while. Then we just headed home and I was really tired so we turned on Oceans 13 and went to bed. On Friday night, Scott took me to go see He's Just Not That Into You. It was really good! I very much enjoyed it.
Tonight, we're going over to our Memphis friends house, Wade and Alissa. They got engaged on Friday so we're heading over there to celebrate!!
I guess that's all I have for you. I know that's pretty boring but that's basically been my life all weekend. Just laying around with my husband!! Hope you have a good Sunday!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Five Love Languages

Well....I haven't had too eventful of a week which is why I haven't blogged. Nothing to blog about. I'm waking up early tomorrow and driving down to Memphis to see my hubby!! Both of us got our Valentine's shopping done today. It's slightly odd since we share a bank account now. We're like 'don't do any online banking so you won't see where I got your gift from.' My gift for Scott isn't super special. I got him a couple of little things but they're nice and I think he'll like them. I just couldn't think of anything fantastic! He said the best gift I could get him was no gift at all. Typical coming from a financial analyst and over the top saver. I just could never NOT get him a gift. After reading my honeymoon beach read, The 5 Love Languages, I discovered that my love language is gift giving. You tend to do your own love language for your spouse so even though that's not his love language, I feel like I would be a bad wife if I didn't get him something!!
Maybe I should explain this book a bit. I TOTALLY recommend this book to EVERYONE. I'm so glad my brother got this book for Scott and I to read. The author is Gary Chapman. He's written many books like this. He's a psychologist and has discovered that people speak a certain love language. The 5 love languages are: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Gift Giving, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. Everyone has their own love language. So for example, my love language is gift giving. That means that when Scott gives me a gift, weather it be a surprise coke from Sonic, or a diamond ring, that's when I feel the most loved by him. His love language is quality time. So he feels most loved by me when I spend time with him. Weather is sitting on the couch together watching TV or going on a long vacation. The book has a test in the back for the couple to take so you can figure out your love language. Even though you pretty much can figure it out half-way through the book what your love language is. Most people have a 2nd love language that comes very close to your main love language and it's equally important. I feel like my 2nd love language is typical for a woman and Scott's 2nd is typical for a man. My 2nd love language that scored very close to my primary love language is acts of service. Meaning if Scott does the dishes and vacuums the floor I really feel loved. His 2nd love language is physical touch. Duh. No explanation needed.
The psychologist explains that many couples have marital problems because they don't know their spouses love language. The husband may send his wife flowers but she really wants him to do the laundry. Or the wife may give her husband physical touch when he really needs some words of affirmation. It's such a great book and I think it can totally save a marriage. While we were in St. Lucia, we saw a couple get married on the beach. We saw them many times after that and since my brother gave Scott and I two copies of the book, I decided to give my copy to the newly married couple. Hopefully they'll read it and it will make their marriage really strong.
So like I said earlier, you tend to do your love language for your spouse. I love leaving Scott little notes and buying him gifts. He thinks if I snuggle on the couch with him and if he gives me hugs and kisses I feel really loved. I'm like, nah! Just buy me something!! Haha. Scott was like, OF COURSE yours is gift giving. I'm like well, hello! I have to deal with you sucking my face off all the time so get over it! Just kidding babe :)
Scott told me today he had to make extra sure his gift was a good one since that's my love language. Awww. I'm like that too though with him...
So yeah, the book was great. It's a really easy read. It took us about 3 days to finish. I think it's a great book and would make a great Valentine gift too!!
So there you go. I had no idea when I started this blog that I would write about The Five Love Languages the whole time but I'm glad I did. Hopefully it'll help some readers out!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Debbie Downer

Well I had a nice weekend. Mom and Dad came and kept me company and we had a great time. Bordinos for din on Friday, Abuelos on Saturday and Olive Garden for lunch on Sunday. I can't remember the last time I had Olive Garden. Jake, Jaclyn and I used to eat there, I'm not kidding, like 3 times a week. We were obsessed with it our junior year in college. We ate out every single night. Except for American Idol night. Jake cooked. Now we're grown up's and can't afford to do that anymore so getting to eat lots of yummy meals was nice!
Ever since my parents left around 3 yesterday I've sunk into a deep depression. I guess I'll give some background info. Scott and I made the decision to move back to Fayetteville since our lives were in danger every day in Memphis. I was extra not liking Memphis so Scott told me to go on ahead and move to Fayetteville and get a job and he'd be right behind me. I got a job offer immediately and moved right away in September. The business world obviously doesn't work like that. Scott started applying at Walmart vendor teams and he was fairly quickly interviewed by Heinz. The first was a phone interview. They liked him and wanted him to come in person. Scott interviewed in person with them about a week or so later and they loved him! They called a few days later and told him they felt he was over qualified for the position he applied for but they liked him so much and wanted him on their team so they decided to create a whole new position for him. So he went in for a third interview for this new position. When he got there for his interview, the 2nd head guy at Heinz met with him. He said that everyone in the office was buzzing about Scott and he heard that Scott was quite the 'athlete' in the business world. (Duh! He's a rockstar) He said they absolutely wanted him on their team but they first needed to get his position approved since it was being created just for Scott. They said it would be about 4-6 weeks.
Scott and I were so excited. The job was really great and the company is a really amazing company to work for. So we were like, 4-6 weeks that kind stinks but it's alright.
So around November they call Scott and tell him the job got approved. The papers were drawn up and they were about to call Scott and have him come in and sign them. The day before that happened however, the company went on a hiring freeze. We were so upset but they told Scott the job was still his, and please wait on them because they really want him working there. We decided the job was too amazing to give up on so we said okay.
Well, the Friday before the wedding, Scott talked to the Heinz guy and he told Scott it would be the first of May before he'd start working. MAY? MAY?? I mean, what do you do? Scott said okay and that is that.
So I'm married to the perfect man but I don't know what that feels like because he lives 5 hours away from me. We share a bank account, last name, and that's it.
I cried to Scott on skype all last night and cried to Jaclyn on the phone today. It just sucks. I'm really, really lonely. I miss my husband. I want to wake up next to him every day and I want to snuggle with him at night. I want to watch TV on the couch with him and I want to cook a meal for him and eat on our new china. I want to use our silverware together and open gifts together. I want to not feel scared every single night. I want to feel married!!!
It's so depressing. I come home from work and sit all by myself until I go to bed. I feel just as bad for Scott as I do for myself. I just want to hop in my car right now and drive to Memphis and stay until May.
So anyway, I think I'm so sad because this is the first I've been all by myself in a while. Because I was in Little Rock 2 weeks before the wedding then went on my honeymoon. Now it's back to reality and reality sucks right now. I'm a sad girl. I guess I'll finish watching TV, fix something not special to eat since it's just me, have some wine and go to bed. Aren't you just dying to be me right now?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wedding Day Thoughts

Well, so many people have been asking me what I thought about my wedding. I guess I haven't really blogged about that topic so that's what I'll talk about today.
I thought everything just went great! I was stressed out for a good 14 months about that one day. I was extraordinarily picky about everything. Not a bridezilla but I knew what I wanted and that was that. The actual day of the wedding though, I just couldn't have cared less what happened. If someone had spilled Koolaid on my dress I would have been like, 'well that sucks' and not thought anything more about it. Right before Dad and I were about to walk down the isle and before Landon and the flower girls walked down, Landon was being extra grumpy. He had his Elmo sippy cup in his hands and Dad was like, 'give me the bottle.' Landon was fighting his Pops hard on that and I was like 'just let him walk down with it. I don't care.' Thankfully, my church coordinator looked at Landon and said 'you are not carrying that down there. Give me that' and took it away from him. I think Landon was slightly intimidated by her and didn't say a word when she did that. He grabbed his pillow and off he went.
Standing there with my Dad while my pianist played the song I walked down to seemed like a good 20 minutes. It was just 1 minute but definitely the longest minute of my life. Scott and I hadn't seen or spoken 1 word to each other that whole day. Not even a text, so I was really ready to see him and very anxious.
Jaclyn was freaking out to herself just a little bit because she could tell when the coordinator came in the dressing room to give us a 20 minute warning that I started freaking out. I didn't say anything but I think you could tell by the look on my face. I felt like I was about to have to sing at a Razorback basketball game again. Just very anxious and ready for it to come.
I was left in the brides room all by myself for about 15 minutes. The girls had to line up and Scott was out there so I had to stay put -by myself- for the longest time. My dad finally came and got me and that's when Landon was being a pain and I had the longest minute ever.
Before that everything went great. I had my hair and make-up done and got to the church at about 2. The girls were all basically ready to go. We put our dresses on and took some pictures. That seemed to last forever. We were forced to leave because guests started arriving. That didn't seem right to me. Even though pictures were taking a long time I couldn't believe it was time for the guests to get there.
I didn't eat 1 bite of food or drink hardly a sip all day. I had more important things to think about and had absolutely no appetite. When Scott and I took communion, I'm not sure if I left him any grape juice because I think I sucked it all down. I was the same at the reception. I had a few bites but had too much on my mind to enjoy the food.
I know this isn't flowing in the right time line but my mind is all over the place with this. Bare with me.
I thought the ceremony went great. Kyle did an amazing job and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to marry Scott and I. I was very proud of myself by how little I cried. I didn't cry at all before the wedding. I thought mascara would be running down my face when I walked down the isle and I held it together. I didn't hold it together greatly when I was saying my vows but that totally didn't surprise me. I prepared everyone for that. My mom, dad, and Jaclyn were very teary eyed all day and I just refused to cry even though it was really hard. Honestly I didn't want to ruin my make-up and have it all down my face! So I just refused to cry before the wedding. I was like steel!
The reception was a great time! I was really pleased with everything and thought it just went great! Exactly how I envisioned and then some. There were lots of crazy things that happened with crazy guests but that's a given when there's an open bar...that ran out of liquor....
Scott and I stayed at the Capital the night of our wedding. Our room was beautiful and Scott had it all decorated :) I figured he would have a bottle of champagne for us but he went over the top when he got me 10 truffles as well! And smell good bath bubbles that whenever I smell them, it allows me to smell the memory of that day. We stayed up for a long time talking about the wedding. We woke up pretty early and I felt like a different girl. I felt like a married woman!! It was a cool feeling.
We hung out with my parents on Sunday then went to bed early and woke up early the next day to go on our honeymoon. The rest is history!
I'm sure I'll remember something else about the wedding that I'll want to blog about but for now that's all I can think of.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Officially Kara Johnson...pretty much

Today I went to the DMV and changed my name on my drivers license. Now all I have to do is change it on my social security card and I'm totally and completely Kara Johnson. It's very odd because on some things, I still have to sign Kara Luttrell and on some things I have to sign Kara Johnson. So right now, it's very confusing and I have to think for a second on which name to use whenever I have to sign something. It's quite sad. It's like...bye bye name. Oh and, I have such a common name now that I have to go into great detail with everything. Normally I just have to say Luttrell and there like, Kara? Today, when I was changing my drivers license, it became complicated because there's another Kara Michelle Johnson in Arkansas. I am THE ONLY Kara Luttrell anywhere. Trust me. I've facebooked it. Do you know how many Kara Johnson's there are on facebook? Over 500. So annoying now. It's like, here's my social, birthday, phone number, favorite color, and place of birth. Can you find me in the system now???
Scott is loving that I'm Mrs. Johnson now. That's all he calls me. We went to get a joint checking account when we got back from our honeymoon and he wanted the checks to say Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson. I was name is not Mrs. Scott Johnson. Scott was like, yes it is! Needles to say, I won the battle. They will say Scott and Kara Johnson.
I guess that's all I have for you today. Scott is in Memphis this weekend so mom and dad are coming up to Fayetteville to visit and keep me company. They should be here in a few hours. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bridal Portraits

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Drunken Fools

Top 10 Best Drunken Moments at Scott and Kara's Wedding

10.) Jake decides to become a part of the band by playing the tambourine
9.) Groomsmen gather in the men's room to pop their beer bottles so the beer will bust out of the bottom
8.) Zach makes his own drink in a HUGE glass with many straws coming out encouraging everyone to try a sip
7.) Bridesmaid shows up to lunch at US Pizza the next day in her floor length gown
6.) Kelly slaps Jake
5.) Groomsmen 'enjoy the weather' as they sit in their cars at the church parking lot all day while leaving the groom to sit all by himself the day of his wedding
4.) Brother goes to get groomsmen in the parking lot for pictures and hears as he's walking to their cars 'it's the preacher! it's the preacher! as the boys 'clean up'
3.) James & Zach making a video message as the reception is ending...who knows what the hell it's going to say....
2.) Guest gets home and falls through his shower as he's flossing his teeth
1.) Dad catches groomsmen under the margarita machine with his mouth open holding the spicket up trying to get the last bit of margarita

Ummm...the country club ran out of alcohol. RAN OUT!!
Did everyone enjoy the open bar? I think so!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pre-Wedding Video

I've got so many things to write about concerning the wedding and it would just take way too long to write about it all at once. So I've decided to make separate categories about certain topics and blog about each of those until all of the wedding memories have been documented. Today's topic will be mine and Scott's pre-wedding video. Jake really wants me to post it so I'm doing it just for him!
Scott and I decided to make a video to have played at the wedding once all of the guest were seated but before the wedding actually started. The video is basically just to inform people about us. I know that when you go to weddings, you usually know about either the bride or groom but rarely do you know both. So we thought this would be a great chance to update all of our guests about Scott and I and let them know things like how we met, our first date, the proposal, etc. So here's the video that we played at the wedding for those of you who weren't there or even for those of you who were but would like to watch it again. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hello all! I'm back from St. Lucia! Scott and I had a wonderful time and we hope to go back sometime within the next few years. We're thinking 5 year anniversary...
I know I should probably blog about my wedding first since that came before the honeymoon but I don't have all of the pictures yet or videos and you know I'll want to post both along with it. So honeymoon first. Get ready, I'm sure it'll be a long one!
Scott and I woke up at 4 a.m. Monday morning to catch our 6 a.m. flight. Mom, Dad, and Holly drove us to the airport
After an hour long flight to Atlanta, a 2 hour layover, and a 5 hour flight to St. Lucia, we arrived at our hotel just in time to get situated, shower, and get ready for dinner. Scott and I quickly learned that dinner at Jade Mountain had the most amazing food to ever touch our pallet. The hotel has 4 different restaurants, but The Club has the nicest food so of course, Scott and I being the food snobs that we are, we ate there all but 1 night. It's a set 5 course meal every night with about 4 different options for you to choose from. Before they bring you your entree, they bring you sorbet to cleanse your pallet. Scott and I got the all-inclusive package to Jade and we took full advantage. Scott was more adventurous in his food choices than I was. He had Shark, Blue Marlin, and King Fish and was not so adventurous with a rack of Lamb one night. I had Chicken, Filet, and towards the end, fell in love with this vegetarian pasta dish that the chef made that is the best thing I've put in my mouth and I ate that 2 nights in a row. The chef and I actually became friends so he emailed me the recipe. Yum. I'll make it all the time.

On Tuesday, Scott and I were a touch disappointed because it rained for about 5 minutes every hour. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal, but the it was cloudy all day because of the rain. We still hung out on the beach though.
Tuesday night, was the one night that Scott and I didn't eat at The Club. We ate literally on the sand. I thought it was lovely and the food was delicious but it just couldn't compare to our 5 course meal. We still had a great time though and after dinner was over, we walked 12 steps to the bar area and had a few drinks and listened to some local music. It was very entertaining and we enjoyed it a lot.
Scott and I were quite adventurous on our vacation. We aren't the type to just lay on the beach all day doing nothing so every day we did some sort of activity. So on Wednesday, we decided to tour an active volcano in St. Lucia and tour their botanical gardens. That was probably one of my favorite activities. I really enjoyed all of it. The volcano, however, smelled like the most miserable thing I've ever smelled in my life. It has sulfur in it and sulfur smells like rotten eggs. I told Scott when we first got there that I didn't think I was going to make it. I kept gagging and really thought I was going to be 'that girl that threw up.' Eventually, I figured out a technique to not smell it and the tour actually only lasted about 30 minutes.

Directly across from the volcano was a waterfall and one of the most picturesque things I've ever seen. Notice the goats on the left.
Here's a video of the volcano. Notice the lava shooting out of it from time to time.

Once we got back from the volcano and botanical garden tour, we headed out to the beach for some sun and pina colodas!
So of course, I took many videos. However, blogger only allows a 100 Mb video to be uploaded on here and that's about a 1 minute video. It's quite hard to film a video in just under a minute so I decided to create a youtube account for all of my videos that are longer than 100 Mb now. Here's the first one I added! Enjoy this and all the more to come in the future!

Once the sun went down, we headed up to our room to get ready for another delicious dinner! Scott and I tended to wake up very early every day. We were usually up at about 7:30, ordered room service, then put our swimsuits on and went down to the beach. On Thursday, Scott and I went sailing and snorkeling. We had tons of fun and the snorkeling was the most beautiful I had done!
As we were sailing, we past by many villages in St. Lucia. Here's a picture of one of them.
Once we were done with sailing, we hung out on the beach some more then, of course, headed off to dinner.
On Friday, Scott and I did kayaking and we also sailed a sailfish. A sailfish is just for 2 people so Scott sailed and I rode. We had a lot of fun doing that and I think Scott wants to buy a sailfish now.
After we got in from the beach, Scott and I decided to take a couples massage course. We had already gotten our couples massage on Tuesday, but we decided to take a course so we could learn how to massage each other properly. It was really great and will be great for us since Scott and I both have lower back problems! After our massage, we headed to The Club for our last meal.
Since our flight didn't leave until 4, Scott and I decided to wake up early and get on the beach for the last time.
All and all it was an amazing honeymoon! Jade Mountain was fabulous! We were treated like royalty. We had a personal assistant named Teclus and he waited on us hand and foot. He would roll our bed down for us every night and sometimes put flowers on it. Every time we came in from dinner he would have a warm bath ready with bubbles. We had a small cell phone that only had one button to push and it went straight to him in case we needed anything. He was wonderful and we loved him! The hotel was just amazing. We couldn't have asked for anything better. Our food was fab and the activities were so fun! We had a great trip and can't wait to go back!

Finally, here's a virtual tour of the room Scott and I stayed in narriated by yours truly. Enjoy!