Friday, April 30, 2010

Landon Is Five Today

My little man is five today! FIVE!!! I cannot believe it. It literally seems like yesterday when I got the phone call from my brother telling me that they were headed to the hospital. What a cool day that was! I've seen my buddy grow up before my eyes. I'm such a lucky aunt! He's perfect! Talks a little too much....but perfect! Landon's teacher told Kyle that Landon is one of the smartest in his little 4 year old kindergarten class AND that he's by far the most popular. Didn't surprise me to hear that at all. Especially the popular bit. He'll talk to anyone. Totally not shy. He's always been smart. Landon developed faster than any baby I've ever heard of in my life. He could talk when he was about 9 months. Think I'm lyin? Ask my parents. He was obsessed with lights and we were at Mels in El Dorado and he pointed at the chandelier and said 'tight?' None of us could seem to talk for the rest of the meal. We were in shock and awe. After that it was the normal momma dadda and all that stuff but then his favorite word was car. Everything with a wheel was a car. My Dad's grill was a car. It was cute. He's a smartie. My baby will look stupid compared to him. He did everything before he was supposed to. Walk, talk, roll over, etc. He was holding his head up on his own when he was a week old. I'm not kidding. I swear. Landon is just a very determined and incredibly competitive child. It honestly worries my mother at how competitive he is. He HAS to win. Then when he doesn't he says 'well we're all winners.' Ha! Not when you win we aren't.
He's so hysterical. One day he told Grammy 'Let's sit down and have a conversation. So do you work?' I could go on and on with the darnedest things he says. I feel like it could potentially bore you though because when I talk about him I tend to go on and on and on. Sorry! He says lots of cute things.
My brother gets annoyed because Landon doesn't want Chik-fil-A or McDonalds like most kids. He wants a fillet and salad and sushi. He has a grown-up pallet. It cracks me up. If Kyle says 'let's just grab Chik-fil-A real quick' Landon says 'okay....I guess I'll just get a fruit cup.'
Landon loves sports. He's really good at them all especially at baseball. Kyle was pitching with him in the back yard one day and jokingly said 'if you can hit it over the roof I'll give you $1,000.' Guess what? Yup. Next pitch.....OVER THE ROOF!! And out into the street. Say what!? See! It's that competitive thing. He's all boy. He's my boy! I love him like he's my own. Scott and I both do. He brings so much joy to me and my whole family. I can't imagine life without my little Landon. Still can't believe I've had him for 5 years now....

Landon Birthday 1

Landon Birthday 2

Landon Birthday 3

Landon Birthday 4

Landon on his birthday today at a waterpark in Flordia. Happy Birthday Landon!! I love you so so much buddy!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I just finished watching the news. Benton County had a 2.5 earthquake today. The specific part of Benton neighborhood! Not kidding. Exact spot. When it happened I didn't think to myself 'that was an earthquake' but when I heard we had an earthquake I was like 'that's what that was!!' I was at home standing in my laundry room and I heard a huge boom and my pictures on my walls rattled. It lasted quite a few seconds. When it was happening I was like 'Jesus?' I have this thing where whenever I hear a loud sound or a rattle or something I think it's Jesus coming back. I'm not being funny. I'm totally serious. And that's what I thought today for a couple of seconds....that I was off to Heaven. What can I say? I'm always ready.

Just Another Thursday

I'm supposed to be working but I have zero clients today. Can you believe that? The salon has been SO SLOW the last few weeks. Oh well. It's such a beautiful day so since I'm not at work Holly and I have been hanging out on my back porch. I'm worried the wind is gonna blow her little 7 pound self away. It knocked down my hibiscus tree that I bought at Walmart yesterday and that thing is heavy.
Oh's one of those days. One of those where you feel like doing something different with your life. Probably feeling like that since I don't have any clients today....
Last night Scott grilled us a delicious meal. His favorite thing in the whole wide world to grill is a bone-in chicken so I went to the Butcher Deli and got some. They were yummy. We watched Glee and Modern Family. Do you guys watch Modern Family? It makes me laugh out loud. I'm so in love with that show. And it's not one of those you have to watch every week to know what's going on either. Start watching if you're not already.
I got a friend request from another random this week. Does this just happen to me all the time or is everyone experiencing this all the time too? I do always try real hard to figure out how I could possibly know the person. This girl's 'about me' caught my eye. I haven't declined yet so I could copy and paste what it says.
'I luv my church & family & God.I will do just about anything @ least once, i get irritated easily, i dont like llike people that lie & if i found out that you lied to me give time i wiil get you back, & i hate a, back stabber & use others. dont cum @ me w/ an attiude cuz im not in the mood to listen to. cuz im goin 2 just look @ you like there an dumb ass & think 2myself do you know how stupid you look.'
Hmm....interesting. That first little sentence she wrote just really doesn't match up with the rest of all that. Also, I hate when people write cum. That's really one of those times you should just spell it correctly. Go the extra mile. You know? So this is going to be my new thing I think. Random facebookers and what they write on their profile that catches my attention. It's always nice for a good eyebrow raise don't you think? Or the people I have to keep who have inappropriate updates....may post a few of those every now and again too. ALTHOUGH, I have to say that Sydney sent me a little facebook message and showed me how to 'hide' certain people so their updates never pop up on my page again. She told me 'it could save your life.' far so good.
Okay I'm going to try to find something productive to do with my life.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In LR for the Day

I'm at my parents house in Little Rock right now. Scott and Mom are on the back porch enjoying this beautiful day and I'm anxious to join them so I'm gonna make it quick! As you saw from my tweet, Scott had to do store reviews or something like that in LR today. So I came with him! Mom and I have hung out all day and shopped. We're going to eat a yummy meal here then head back tonight....and I'm bringing my doodlebug with me! My time for custody.
Last night we surprised Jaclyn with a fun little get together at her house. Brad's always thoughtful when it comes to stuff like that! Good job Brad!. There were lots of folks enjoying each others company. Fun little thing to do for what would normally be a non-eventful Monday. I had fun.....too much actually.
This past weekend we babysat Rose. Went to a stock the bar party, ate at On The Border AND PF Changs. Needless to say....I feel fat. Don't worry, I'm taking care of it. It was a good weekend. I'm always sad when they're over.
Mom and Dad are coming up this weekend for work purposes. I'm excited. They haven't seen the new updates I've made to my house with my curtains and new cute chair and other little things here and there I've done.
Okay gonna join my family outside now. Plus Holly's out there and it makes my heart race. I have a wide eye out for coyotes. They're not gonna get my girl.

Today's Her 25th Birthday

Happy Birthday Friend!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Let me just say that one of my biggest pet peeves is when a random sends me a friend request on facebook. That really really buggs. The past two days I've gotten friend requests from people and I have zero idea who they are. I just declined one girl and we don't even have any friends in common!!! Why? Why are you sending me a friend request? I am so not afraid to be like decline!!! Shut down! I don't need randoms clogging up my mini feed. A few days ago I got a friend request from a girl who went to high school with Scott and I've NEVER met her. Why does she think we need to be friends? Nope. Sorry. What kills me more is when they try again!
I know it used to be cool (maybe some people think it still is) to be friends with everyone on facebook. It was like 'that girls a Kappa and I'm gonna be her friend on facebook even though she's 3 years older than me and the only time we've ever talked was during rush.' Or 'I had music lecture with that guy I think.' Or 'She works at Masons.' Over that! Twice now I've gone through my friend list and edited. Especially now with the whole mini feed. I can't stand when some people take it all up with their stupid updates especially when I really don't know them.
Then there's the whole issue of really wanting to remove someone from your friend list but you really can't because they obviously would notice because they love to comment on a picture of you so they clearly stalk your profile a lot. Or it's like your aunt or something.
I also can't stand that person who loves to try to talk to you on the chat thing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. YOU. LOG. ON. Hey Kara! What's up Kara! KARA!!!! UGH! No you're annoying. I don't get on facebook to stay on. I'm checking my updates then getting off. I always pop off immediately even if I'm not done yet. IM was cool in high school. 2010....not so much.
Then there's the girls who were like 7 when you were a senior and they want to be your friend. I mean, I don't really care for you to see all the pictures of me holding a martini glass and quite frankly....those are the only kinds of pictures I have on facebook. Now I just look like a bad role model to you because you're still young and just don't quite get it. Drinkers are bad in high school and now I've gotta start untagging.
What's up with the people who's updates are SO inapproporiate or totally white trash? One girl said 'my husband be on his way back haven't saw him in 3 days gonna get me some tonight.' Or 'missin all her homies to the 10th power.' And my favorite 'to you 2 trashy females tryna wreck my home sorry im the winner and i came out on top....wish i could laugh n ur face but youd prly run as soon as you saw me.' I'm totally not kidding. I just got on her profile so I could quote that just right because I nearly fell off the couch when I read it. And as you can guess....these are all people I don't want to be friends with but for some reason or another, I have to be.
And last but not least I can't stand to get one of those group request or something like that. For example, before I started writing this I got an invitation to be in the group 'get your exgirlfriend back.' Really? really. I don't want to be in that group. Guess who it came from. One of those people I want to get rid of but feel like I can't. I don't want to come see your best friends brothers band play at Georges and I'm not interested in helping you stick political party signs in peoples yards. I love when it says 'don't let this person send me an invite again' or something like that. That is THE best button ever.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dog and Whale

They showed this video on the news while I was in Mexico. So funny!

Just Not The Best Day I've Ever Had....

Today has been one of those days. I woke up early so I could go to the nasty health department (which smells like fruity pebbles) and get the results for my TB test. After sitting there 45 minutes, I told the lady at the desk that I had to leave because I had to get to work. I came back later in the afternoon and waited another 45 minutes, got in this time, and was told I didn't have it. (duh. what a waste of my time I could have told you that) Guess what. A solid 20 minutes after that I got a call from the lady at the Bentonville school district who interviewed me the first time then told me I wasn't worthy to be a sub. She informed me they had made a mistake. There are two Kara Johnson's in their system and they were wanting the other one. What? WHAT!!!???? She said I could come into her office Friday and we could have a little talk. You can't even imagine my rage. If you recall, I said in my previous post (or the one before that?) that when they called I was already over it but decided to go ahead and sub anyway. It's not like I have to...I just thought it'd be fun for my days off. OOOOMMMMMGGGG I was so mad. I called my Mom and she couldn't believe the audacity. Then I called Scott and he was livid. I mean, that is just so rude. Scott was like 'uhhh they better reimburse us for the near $60 we've spent on all these tests and crap.' Uh no freaking kidding. I mean, it's a substitute teacher. If I were trying to be a real teacher, I get it. A sub? No. Just go with it. Realize your mistake but be like 'oh well.' And also, I'm mad at Scott. This would NEVER happen to Kara Luttrell. Ugh common names!!!!! Hate them. Mom called me back a few hours later and told me that she thinks I need to go see the rude woman on Friday and hear her out and be very polite and take the high road. She's right. The high road is always better....and classier. Classy is always best. So that was bummer number 1 today....and made me feel super crunchy too.
Bummer number two occurred with my lovely AT&T bill. I got a text from them at 8 this morning saying 'due to high international data usage your data service was suspended including in USA. Call this #...for customer service' I was kinda like "whatever" and ignored it until I got to work and realized I couldn't access twitter, tmz, or facebook from my phone. Tragedy. So then I called the customer service number. I asked the girl when I could get back my internet and after she went into this long spill about using my cell internationally blah blah, I owed extra money then I could get my internet back. I was like oh okay well I'll just pay you now with my credit card how much do I owe? She was like well you used 35 megabites and 1 megabite is $20 so you owe $700. I literally said 'I'm sorry what did you just say? Something about 700 dollars?' And she was like Uh Hu....that's what you owe extra. Oh my gosh I swear I had a mini stroke. I was so confused because all I did was turn it on for a few seconds, text mom and dad 'made it to the resort' and then that's all....and maybe a twitter pic or two. So I asked the lady what in the world I could do about that and she fixed it for me to where this month I can switch over to the international plan and it would work for this month since the pay period isn't up and I would only have to pay $59 instead of $700. CHECK. Let's do that. So I got that all taken care of and paid that fee at the AT&T store after work. Then I had to call Rel and inform him of the heart attack worthy news since he so kindly still pays for my cell phone bill. (Thanks Dad love you!) I was like 'Dad can you imagine if I hadn't looked into it and you got a bill for 700 extra dollars!!!!' He was like 'no I would have flipped out.' Me too!!! Because I would have of course paid for it. So good to know. The guy at AT&T said it happens to people all the time. So if you're traveling internationally just switch for the month to international, pay an extra 60 bucks and you can use your phone just like in the US. Worth it!
So needless to say I didn't have the most superb day. My buddy William Harper came to get his hair cut from me so that perked it up a bit. It's always fun to cut friends hair. Then Scott took me to Shogun for sushi and wine since I had such a miz day. Then I came home and poured another glass of wine because it'll go bad if I don't drink it tonight. So I HAVE to drink the rest of the bottle tonight. :)
Okay I'm done. Time for wine.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What up! It's nice to be back into my routine. Yesterday was a very busy day. Remember back in January when I went and interviewed to become a substitute teacher for the Bentonville schools but they told me I wasn't qualified? Well believe it or not they called me 3 times while I was in Mexico. By the 3rd time I answered and I guess they had a change of heart. I was kinda over it but I said okay and went in yesterday to fill out paperwork. I thought by paperwork they meant we need your signature here. Oh no. Not only did I fill out about 22 different papers saying all kinds of different things, I had to go to the police station and get fingerprinted, get a copy of my social security card so they can have it in their system, give them my bank account info so they can direct deposit my checks favorite....go to the skanky health department and get a TB test. Which, ouch, it hurt. Plus, I never like to go to the health department. I'm always afraid I'll get AIDS or lice will jump on my head. Sick. So needless to say that took up my entire day.
Sunday I actually didn't go to church. I set my alarm for it and got up and got ready but then Jake told me he was trying to head out of town early and I really wanted to have lunch with him. I never get to see him anymore so me, him, and Jaclyn went to Flying Burrito, one of Jake's favorite. It was especially scrumptious to me that day.
The night before, our little group met up at Theos to have dinner to celebrate Jax and Craig's engagement! It was such a great night. Dinner was fab. I always love getting together with my girls and we always make the boys come with. After Theos we went to Sideways. It was fun. I ran into some old buddies and talked to them a while. It felt like college again where you go to a bar and you know EVERYONE in there. That was nice. The best part of the night though, Jacqueline asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! awesome. I feel honored! I love my Jax!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Coming Home

It's 10:30. Scott and I have an hour and a half before we have to leave. Is it okay to admit that we're both kinda ready? I'm just kinda over it. I've had enough alochol to cover me for the rest of the year. Over that. The last 2 days I've eaten like I'm a garbage disposal. Over that. It started raining here yesterday around 3:00 and it hasn't stopped yet. Over that. I'm just ready.
After dinner (japanese) Scott and I decided we're tired of sitting in a bar until 1 a.m. every night so we came into the room and rented This Is It, the Michael Jackson movie. So good. He's just amazing.
I'm so ready to get back to normalcy. Don't get me wrong, this vacation has been so stinkin amazing. But as of last night I told Scott, I'm ready. Which is funny because yesterday morning we went to the front desk to see if we could extend our vacation through Monday. They don't have any availability otherwise we totally would have. Maybe it's because I know it's time to go home that makes me ready to get there.
I just told Scott I'm waking up at 7 in the morning tomorrow and heading straight to my cycle class. We had a scale in our room and all week long I've maintained the same weight. I've been very impressed with myself. But I weighed today and it said I weighed 5 pounds heavier than yesterday!!!!!! I feel like that can't be right. How do you gain 5 pounds over night right? But regardless, I'm ready to get back to my fruit for breakfast, tuna for lunch, and grilled chicken and salad for dinner. I'm ready for my cycle, physique, and ab classes. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick from the bad food I've eaten the past 2 days. My body is like 'Woah What Are You Doing To Me!!!!' So yeah, ready to get back into the routine of things.
Scott and I really did have such an awesome time this past week. We got ourselves some great tans and ate some pretty great food. Everyone here was so friendly. Everyone wanted to talk to everyone. There were lots of things to do and we were always keeping ourselves busy. We would totally come back.
Okay Scott wants to check our flight to make sure it's on time. I'd die if I got stuck in the Cancun airport all day because of the rain. How miserable!!! We land in Bentonville at 9:30 tonight. And I'm excited because all of my friends are in NWA this weekend because we're celebrating Jax and Craig's engagement with a dinner at Theos tomorrow. Ready to see my besties!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hola! I did my AI gig last night and got 2nd place! Yay for me. I won a free massage which is super exciting since the massages here are a bazillion dollars. I guess maybe I'll do it today since (sad times) this is our last full day here.
I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda unhappy I got 2nd because I SOOOOO should've won. I'm not gonna be a bitter Betty though and act like that. The experience was super fun, the band did the Glee version which was awesome, aaaannnndd my mic wasn't on. Neat. Haha. Typical. I called my parents and was like 'well guess what.' and they were like, '2nd place like always?' Yup you got it. Always 2nd. Always. Oh well. I got a free massage out of it. Super awesome.
Okay my breakfast room service just got here. I'm STARVING.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Ready for AI

I'm getting ready for an early dinner because tonight is my American Idol competition! I have to be there at 7:30 to practice with the live band. The actual show starts at 9:30. I'm very excited/nervous. I don't have just a ton of expectations because in all the years I competed in pageants I never won a talent competition. Swimsuit? Yes. Interview? Yup. Evening Gown? Always. Talent-----never. Never ever not once. Well one time but that's when I tap danced so it doesn't count. So I'm not expecting much but regardless I feel really special that they asked me to do it and I'm really excited about it. It's going to be so fun tonight! The theme for the evening is rock. Today they showed me a list of the songs I had to choose from and I was like 'ohhhhh nooooo.' It was all Aerosmith, Queen, Lenny Kravitz, Chili Peppers etc. How does a GIRL sing to music like that and sound good doing it? So I asked them if I could put my own little spin on my music since it is a band playing and not a karaoke machine. They were like yeah of course do what you want. So I went and paid 6 bucks online for sheet music so I could sing the Glee version of 'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey. Hopefully the band can play it. If not I'm up a creek. I mean the regular version is fine and I can sing it but it's not impressive.
Okay I better finish getting ready. Wish me luck. I'll need it since I never win talent competitions. Scott keeps trying to remind me this isn't a pageant. True. True..... and P.S. by the way it's too bad I didn't have him around during my pageant years. I'm disturbingly impressed by his opinions/knowledge on what/how I should do stuff and all that jazz. He's crazy! And such good support. He's just excited he's going to get to see me perform for the first time ever since we've known each other. Ha! I'll post the video later. Jake informed me I HAVE to make Scott film the whole thing and I HAVE to post the video tonight. I'll try my hardest!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swimming with Dolphins

This morning we woke up bright and early at 6:45 because we went and swam with dolphins!! I've always wanted to do it and have never done it before so we took off early and did that. It lasted about 3 hours. It was really one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life. At first I was scared and was like 'what was I thinking why am I doing this.' But the dolphins were precious and super sweet and it's now one of those things I'll remember forever! Of course I totally got suckered into buying a disc of the pictures and a video of our time with the dolphins. A zillion dollars later, I'm showing it to you guys! Enjoy the pictures!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

3 Day Wrap Up

Ahh!! I got a signal on my laptop. A small one but still. It's nearly impossible for me to live without internet access so this makes me happy.
So what have we done this week so far. Okay we got here Saturday around lunch time. For some reason they believe we're on our honeymoon so we've gotten the hook up. Scott slipped the check-in guy $10 to 'see what he could do about upgrading us.' Apparently $10 goes a long way here in Mexico and we are now honeymooners.
We ate lunch then put our swimsuits on and headed for the beach! Saturday night we ate at Bordeaux, their French restaurant and it was super yummy. I was incredibly exhausted because we woke up at 4 a.m. that day so we went to bed early. We woke up yesterday and ordered breakfast from the room service. After that it was off to the gym to get in a good workout. Then out to the beach. We hung by the pool then had lunch. After lunch we went to the beach. We were our normal adventurous selves and did a little kayaking. Then a beach volleyball game started up and Scott REALLY wanted to play. So I went with him a little reluctantly. Only because I knew I would embarass myself in front of all the other people. Sure enough, I did. When it was my turn to serve, the ball went to the left about 4 inches. The people felt so bad for me they gave me another opportunity to try. It happened embarassing. Well, believe it or not, the next go round I was freaking awesome. Something about being incredibly humiliated the time before did something to me. I kid you not, I became the best server on the team. I'm for real you guys. I know you don't believe me but I promise. I even scored the winning point. Yay for me. I plan on playing again many times this week.
Last night we had dinner at the seafood restaurant. It was very yummy. After that it was off to their super cool nightclub where they did about an hour of karaoke. Scott made me sing. I never like to because nobody likes the girl who can actually sing. It's like 'get off the stage, you're full of yourself we want to see the girl who sings like Cameron Diaz circa My Best Friends Wedding.' Well, anyways, he made me and I ended up singing Last Dance by Donna Summers and it sounded really good if I do say so myself. It's amazing what a lot of drinks will do to your inhibitions. I thought I WAS Donna Summers. It was fun.
So anyways I've had a lot of people come up to me today being like 'you're the karaoke girl.' I'm famous now. THEN, the 'entertainment crew' from the resort hunted me down and wants me to do their 'American Idol' show on Wednesday night. They pick they said about 8 people to do it and you win prizes for 1st and 2nd place. So looks like I'll be doing that at 9:30 on Wednesday. Say a prayer. I'm not so sure what I think about judges telling me how bad I sound. Not looking forward to that. SCAAAARRRRYYYY.
This morning we woke up and did the breakfast buffet. Then our workout again then down to get some sun. Today we stayed at the pool the whole time. Never ventured out onto the beach. It was fun and I think I ate too much food. Now it's time to get ready for dinner. Tonight---Italian!!

Scott loves the mini coronas in our refrigerator

Beach Day 1!

First Dinner--Bordeaux

Beach Day 2!


Hanging at the night club after dinner 2

Sunday, April 11, 2010

hola from mexico

Greetings from Mexico! uh oh. this keyboard is random. it's not like America's and i can't figure out some of the key strokes so this will look a little weird. I'm very sad because i brought my computer and planned to blog every day but i can't get Internet access unless i come into the business room. so no blogging for me for the week. I'll just update you when i get back with a very long blog post. Scott and i are having an absolutely amazing time so far. we've been here for a little over 24 hours and we are already so excited and pumped about our week. the water is gorgeous, the food is amazing, the amenities are perfect. apparently they think we're on our honeymoon. we have a honeymooners banner running across our door. ummm...okay whatever. just means we're getting extra spoiled! we're about to head to the 'seafood' restaurant. last night we ate french and it was fantastic. I'm craving sea bass so off to the restaurant it is. i may blog later in the week if i get the chance to pop in here. hope you guys in Arkansas have a great work week. I'll lay on the beach or by the pool and think about you while i sip fantastic cocktails!!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Travel Sized Please

Last night Scott and I began the early stages of packing. I'm taking like 12 swimsuits. I'm just not in the mood to try and pick. I'm also taking double the clothes I need. Again, not in the mood to try and figure that out.
After dinner and packing Scott and I watched a biography on Sam Walton which was very interesting. We always get a kick out of anything to do with a Sam or a Walmart biography on TV because Scott's grandpa is in the background of nearly every picture they show. He stalked Sam Walton for years before they discovered it and placed him in prison. Just kidding Just kidding!! I freaked you out for a second there huh? No he was with Walmart/Sam from the beginning. It's always like 'oop there's grandpa' 'there he is again.' It entertains us....we don't know why.
Today I'm off to try and find mini everything so our bags won't weight too much. Scott and I are going to try super hard to only have 1 bag since they charge you a zillion dollars for each extra bag. That really just PO's me. If we need two, then we're taking a carry on. We refuse to pay an extra $50 for our luggage. That's just so rude and a total waste of money.
In-between hunts for mini-travel size everything I'm treating myself to a pedicure. A few more errands after that then a stop at the gym and I'm done I think. We're going to try to go to bed early since we have to be at the airport at 5 a.m. Probably won't happen. I never can fall asleep when I know I have to wake up that early. I'm always afraid I won't wake up. to Walmart. The Food Revolution on ABC comes on tonight. If you haven't been watching it you should. It's awesome!
Oh and finally you have to watch this. Oh My Gosh it cracks me up so hard.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I got a chance to run home for a second because I have a break at work. I have a minute so thought I'd blog.
-I'm leaving for my trip in less than 48 hours! Woo hoo! Can't wait.
-Yesterday I got a much needed haircut. I was starting to look like a porn star. Way better now.
-So when I was in Little Rock last weekend there was this article in the paper about how coyotes are eating people's little dogs. I'm so disturbed. I woke up at 3 in the morning startled because I guess I dreamed about it happening to Holly. Can you imagine? The people who've had it happen to them said they can just hear their dog screaming from pain. I would die. I would die. Then I'd go on a coyote hunt and kill every single one I came in contact with like a mad man. I'd make them extinct. The paper said you're most likely to see a coyote during the day. And they're very smart. They'll sit and watch and the instant you turn your back from your dog they go and snatch it up. Don't leave your small dog out!! Walk by it's side while it potties then pick it up and carry it back inside. This isn't happening just in the country....these people live in the city. Mom was sitting on her back porch and saw a coyote walking by the creek that runs in their back yard. Needless to say Holly NEVER goes outside anymore. I called Mom on my way to work this morning to remind her that I'm still haunted by the coyote article and to remind her Holly isn't allowed outside anymore. She was like 'oh don't worry. I never let her out anymore.' Holly potties on puppy pads so she doesn't have to really go out. And if she's really missing the outside then we'll just take her bye bye and roll the windows down. She's forbidden from the outdoors. I'm sorry but that's just the way it's gonna have to be. My dog will not be a victim. It would just be too tragic. I know this is disturbing but if you have a small dog you need to be aware that coyotes are running rampant right now. The animal control people are trying to catch them and carry them away in a bus to like Arizona or something. I say kill the bitches. I'm sorry I never speak like that but that's how angry it makes me. Be aware and be careful and don't turn your back on your dog. We can't keep having this happen to our sweet precious babies!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A YouTube Fav!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dish Soap

I am all the way aware that it is all the way time for a new blog picture header but there hasn't been one taken that's worthy enough. Maybe on my trip that I'm going on (on Saturday holla!!!!) I'll get a really good one. Not that the current one is super fantastic but there's a story behind it that's kinda a cute wedding story so I enjoy it very much.

Hmm...what can I talk about that doesn't have to do with the food I eat or my workouts? I know that's all I talk about but I mean....there's nothing else going on it my life. I got some M&M's out of one of those machines they have sitting in the middle of the mall where you can get a small little amount for a quarter....they were good....then gave me a stomach ache.
That's something about me you probably don't know. I can't pass up a machine like that. Especially if it's a gumball machine. I ALWAYS get something. I just can't pass it up. But if I get a blue or a green gumball or a handful of yellow skittles I get a touch frustrated.
I'll let you in on a little something I've been in love with for a good year now. This dish soap from Williams Sonoma! My favorite scent is Pink Grapefruit. White Tea & Ginger smells good too. Who says you have to go to Walmart and buy Dawn....which looks ugly sitting out. Step it up and get yourself some good smelling, nice dish soap from Williams Sonoma! They also have hand soap which I love as well. Bath and Body Works soap is so burnt toast.

I think about my trip I'm going on all day every day. I'm so excited about it. SO EXCITED. The pictures look so great. You just can't get much better than laying on the beach all day getting all leathery and wrinkled then going and having great food and great drinks and not having to whip out your wallet because it's already all paid for! Ahh all inclusive. Can't beat it. I hope the maid doesn't steal my wedding ring....I always worry about that.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

This weekend Scott and I headed down to Little Rock to spend Easter with my family. I had just such a great time. I love going to my parents house. Friday night we went out to eat at this yummy restaurant that I can't remember the name of. It's out in Chenal. Arthurs Steakhouse maybe? Very good.
Saturday Scott and I wanted to eat at Flying Fish for lunch. We ate at the Flying Fish in Memphis all the time so we miss it. It didn't disappoint. Then off shopping for our trip that we leave for on Saturday. YAY!!!! So exciting. We shopped all. day. long. Then Dad cooked us an amazing meal and we had good wine and it was so fantastic. The best was Sunday though.
I knew going to Fellowship in Little Rock for Easter wouldn't disappoint. It never disappoints but I knew Darrell Adcock who is the worship leader and sang at my wedding, would throw together some grand production. He did. The worship service was so amazing that I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. First of all, I felt like I was at a Celine Dion concert. I counted because I was so impressed....they had 25 people playing instruments. There were a group of guitar guys, a horn section, a violin section, pianos, was incredible. To top it off, they had my favorite girl singing. Don't know her name but her voice is jaw dropping. THEN....drumroll please....they had a member from Point of Grace singing along with her. Oh you know, just someone from Point of Grace leading me in worship on Easter. big deal. She goes to church there. You know the Point of Grace girls are all from Arkansas right? All but 1 went to OBU I'm pretty sure....anyways....she lives in Little Rock and goes to church at Fellowship. Mom said she never leads worship...has done it only once before but needless to say she was incredible too. So cool. I was awestruck. She was such a natural....duh though.
So yeah I can't get over it. It was incredible. INCREDIBLE. I can't stop thinking about it. I can't stop talking about it. Darrell is amazing and put together an incredible worship service. That church in general is so amazing. No offense but fellowship nwa couldn't hold a candle to it. I told Scott if we were an hour driving distance from LR I'd drive every Sunday to go to church there. I want to try and youtube and see if they have video of one of the songs they did. Incredible. Incredible. I wish all of you had been there to experience it.