Monday, January 31, 2011

OWL Get Rid of My Shirts Now

Scott started his new job today. He has to start interviews soon because he's a boss now. Haha. That just makes me laugh. Someone is going to ask him for vacation days and pay raises. He's 26! I would think it would be hard to be a boss especially when the person you're the boss of is way older than you. I have no doubt he'll be great at it!
I'm super excited about the snow day I'm most likely going to have tomorrow. It's just SO HARD to go back to work after a vaca. I love that my iphone says chances of snow--100%. When I lived in ElDo you couldn't get excited about a possible snow day because it probably wasn't going to happen. In NWA when they say it's going to happen, it's always going to happen. I need to go to Walmart and stock up. I'm a little worried the power may go out because we're supposed to get ice. I hope not. That's no fun.
I was doing a little cleaning and organizing yesterday. I've decided it's time to put up those function shirts and make room for vacation/marathon/razorback t-shirts. I'm going to have a blanket made out of them! I counted my shirts.....46!!!!! Forty Six Function Shirts! Sheesh. Of course that was my wardrobe freshman year in college. I didn't know anything but a function shirt existed in the fashion world. I think a little blanket will be great to have. I asked Scott if he wanted me to do the same with his but he's just not quite ready to part with them yet. He said his 'son may want to wear them.' Yeah, I'm thinking exactly what you're thinking....
Alright.... As embarrassing as it is for me to admit this at 12:20 PM, I better hop in the shower and get dressed.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Welp. I'm back! To sum it up the vacation was great. I always enjoy myself when I ski (especially when I'm like, the best person on the mountain) but this was especially fun having the hubby there. It was a very different experience than my Crested Butte ones before. Usually we stay in Jax's cabin, eat in and hang. This time Scott and I ate out for almost every meal which was nice since I hadn't really experienced the CB food before even though this was my 3rd visit! For a town with a population of 1300, they sure do have some incredible food. If you're going to CB ask me where to eat. Scott, of course, did tons of research and I'm pretty sure we hit up the number one spots.

Something that didn't make me happy....American Airlines. I'm sure you've realized that already given the text to the right. First of all, I think it's ridiculous that airlines charge people to bring clothes so they won't be naked on a vacation. That just makes me mad. If it's that important to them just add the charge into the ticket so I won't notice it. Every time I head out for a vaca I start out irritated because of the luggage charge. Scott and I usually manage to pack one bag but given the bulkyness of the clothes for this trip, we were forced to take two. That means we spent 100 wasteful dollars. Annoying!!! Then, we get back home and AA manages to lose it! The nerve!!!! Luckily, I ALWAYS pack a little carry-on because this marks the 3rd time for luggage lossage. Take it from me, it's totally worth it to take a carry-on when flying. This is what you should put in it from an expert luggage loser.

This is my exact bag y'all! You need a lil somethin that looks like this and here is what should go in it for just in case purposes. 1.) Makeup bag. This is essential. Trust me. 2.) Toothbrush. 3.) A pair of panties (this is essential too as I had none once, had to stay overnight, and hand wash mine with a cheap bar of soap. Gross). 4.) Curling Iron. 5.) Razor. 6.) A little t-shirt to sleep in. In case you have to stay in a nasty cheap hotel that the airline provides. 7.) Socks...if it's winter. 8.) Bikini...if you're headed to the beach. 9.) Computer...but that's just's half the reason I take my little purple guy. 10.) Shampoo & Conditioner. You know how those hotel shampoo's can be.

Anyways, I wasn't too bummed about the disappearing luggage because I had my main essentials when I got home--Makeup and Curling Iron. Scott intends on writing a letter to AA demanding a refund. I agree....of course.

Also, for your pure enjoyment.....if you're ever bored you should definitely check out @AmericanAir's @ mentions on Twitter. It is freaking hysterical because everyone if maaaaaaad at them. My favorite angry tweet simply said @American Air #fail #fail #fail #fail #fail #fail #fail #fail. I LOL. On another note, all of @SouthwestAir @ mentions are positive. Interesting.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vaca Low Down/3 Exciting Things

Greetings from snowyness! How's Arkansas been treatin ya? Colorado has been fab. Some really exciting things have happened today. I don't know if I should start with the fact that Scott, who has never skied in his life before, conquered blues with me today, or the fact that I'm such a rockstar and dominated a black, OR the fact that when we got back in the room Scott had a missed call from his boss informing him he just got promoted! We'll start with that first.
SAY WHAT!? Scott was like 'wow that's cool I don't even have to interview for it.' He's a balla. His official title is Team Category Manager. Yeah pretty sure he has to be one of, if not many years, youngest person in the whole vender world with that title. So proud of him!!! He took over his bosses job. Neat-O, Mosquito.
Now let's talk about me! I'm not trying to sound totally cocky but I'm like, the best skier ever. I've been wanting to try some blacks because I feel super comfortable on the blues so for the last run today I went for it and it was so awesome!!!! Scott watched from uphill then went down a different slope. He said at first I was going sooooo slow but then about 20 seconds in got some nerves and just went for it. I'm ridiculously proud/excited. Go Me!
Okay back to Scott. I'm so proud of him at how well he's progressed. The first day was miserable. It took us like a zillion years to get down a 20 minutes slope. He was super irritated and I was super irritated back. It wasn't cute. After he walked down to the base we decided he should get himself some lessons. So he spent the last half of the day and all day yesterday with that. (We took Tuesday off) His ski instructor let me come with them the last half of yesterday since I had been skiing all by my lonesome the whole time. He was super nice and even gave me some tips for 'advanced' skiers. He said it not me!
So today Scott and I skied together for the first time since Miserable Monday and it was so great! I'm so proud of him. It's obviously a significant difference if he's able to handle blues! Everyone told me he needed to take lessons and I was so against the time and money. Unless you're 12 then I guess you should take them. It really is worth it and helps you enjoy your vaca more. Scott said he's attempting a black with me tomorrow. Honestly, I think he can handle it. At first I could tell he was totally not into this trip and now he's like 'if we were here just one more day I bet I could get really awesome.'
Other than skiing we've enjoyed yummy food and relaxing in our room. Some nights we come in and crash but others we've gone out on the town. We saw No Strings Attached--So cute. For our anniversary dinner we ate at the most fabulous French restaurant called Soupcon. It was amazingly delish...comparable to something Vegas or NYC would offer you which is surprising it's in such a tiny little town. We've done pizza one night, tapas & leftovers with all of the above (sometimes it's nice to just stay in). For lunch we've done mexican, burgers, & homemade sandwiches...with Sara Lee bread of course. Tonight Scott wants sushi and I agree that is sounds perfect. Of course with a side of champagne too. We've got lots to celebrate tonight!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today is My Two Year Wedding Anniversary!

Happy TWO year annivesary to the kind of man every girl dreams of marrying! I love you Scott Johnson. You are my world.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crested Butte Day 1

We've made it to Crested Butte! The flight was redic-- 2 hours from Dallas. Love that! We got into town at 11, got to the hotel by 11:30, unpacked, then headed to Avalanche--one of my fav CB restaurants on the mountain! We decided to spend the day hanging around the town. We did a little grocery shopping then came back to the room, took a 30 minute nap or so (we're so worn out) then had pizza at Secret Stash. YUM. We decided to come back to the room and chill. We rented Seabiscuit and are about to get in our PJ's and watch it! I'm so, so tired and Scott is to. We have a big day tomorrow so it's good for us to be really rested!
Scott is making me excited because he's loving Colorado so far. Can you believe he's never been? His family always did the Caribbean for vacations. He's never seen anything like this and it's neat watching him be so impressed and fascinated with certain things. He's really excited about being here. I cannot wait to go skiing tomorrow. It will for sure make for a memorable 2 year wedding anniversary!

Our room is great. Very spacious and cozy. The kitchen is much bigger than I was anticipating. Our view is amazing. We're on the top floor and we are right in front of the ski lifts so we have a great view of the mountain. Okay. I guess I'll shower up and get ready for Seabiscuit!

Friday, January 21, 2011


What's everyones weekend plans? I'm unsure about mine. I have a coupon for a free Bang Bang.....I think we should use it tonight! I've got some errands to run today for our trip that we leave for on Sunday!! Woo Hooo I'm so excited. Scott is getting really excited too and I'm glad. I could tell when we first booked it that he wasnt super into it. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for not thinking Scott needs to take lessons. I never took lessons and I'm a great skier. No need to waste that time and money when I can tell him to keep his skis parallel and head downward myself right? He'll be fine without them.
We decided to get each other gifts this year. We always do birthday gifts but never for the other big holidays. We were talking about our gifts last night and I said "I'm sure you'll just get me a massage or something" and he was like "Nu Uh!!! Not anymore...." Typical. I think its safe to say Scott is always predictable when it comes to gift giving. So I asked him if I should email him a gift wish list and he was like "NO! I've got this." (how much should we bet he still goes with the massage)
Who is totally loving Sex and the City being on E! now? Me!!! Who else gets so annoyed when girls on facebook talk about how much they love the show & brag about how often they watch it but call it Sex IN the City. That bugs me so bad.
Alright I guess I should get ready for errand shopping. Have a great weekend folks! Until next time...

Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Please leave me alone before I start thinking bad thoughts about you." -Me
"What kind of bad thoughts!" -Scott
"Not naughty ones!!!!"-Me

For the love of marriage. I almost can't handle my husband having a snow day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pretty Parrots

Love this photo of Mom and I! I'm quite proud of myself letting a bird get so close to me since, you know, they scare and freak me out. However, these little guys were just too pretty to ignore. It was a cool experience and I'm glad I got over my fear for 60 seconds to do it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News & Shopping

Every time I turn my TV on I always manage to catch Alyse doing her talent! Girlfriend is all over the place right now!!! She was just on Bill O'Reilly for his pinheads and patriots. I immediately went and voted----YOU SHOULD TOO! She will be on David Letterman on Thursday and Access Hollywood Friday. Shut. the. front. door! She was talked about on Chelsea Lately last night, on MSN and the Huffington Post homepage today. She's obviously all over the news in Arkansas. Loving this!!!
I bought myself some Colorado clothes today. I'm not one that owns many sweaters. I think I have 1. I've got lots of cardigans but those obviously won't keep me warm in 5 degree weather. So I got 3 today. It was difficult shopping as I don't feel super fashion forward in jeans and a sweater. It sure will be comfy though and very Crested Butte appropriate. I would look redic in a dress with pumps. I tried real hard to find a very ski looking sweater. You know, like something Bill Cosby would wear. I thought surly Ralph Lauren had to have some type of snowflake sweater with a moose on it or something but they don't. I'm serious I think that'd be cute for Colorado! Oh well! Plain white, grey, and red will have to do.
Okay Scott's annoyed that he's actually not working and getting to hang and I'm busy blogging. Better hop off!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vegas In A Nutshell

I'm back from Vegas! I flew into Little Rock around 3:00 and by 4:00 was on the road to Bentonville to see my hubby! I had such a great time. It felt like a girls trip mostly. Dad brought some of his customers to Vegas for this convention so the first few days he was with them. Mom and I did lots of shopping and we all ate great food! Check out my Life blog for more on that.

Miss America was obviously an incredible experience. You would have thought I was on that stage competing. My heart was pounding out of my chest and at one point I thought I may throw up. Seriously. I was proud and disappointed all at the same time. SO CLOSE!!!

As we were heading back to our hotel room to go to bed, I decided to go ahead and waste the last $15 in cash I had on some slots. I can't even believe how much money I lost gambling--I won't go into detail, but I could've cleared my house payment almost. Sickening. I was the classic Vegas idiot by thinking 'I'll get it back.' I have the worst luck. So Mom decided to slip in a $20 and play next to me. She, of course, turned it into $130 and cashed out. So we were walking to the room and we passed a $5 slot. I told Mom she should just put the $130 in it. She said 'nah......well okay.....which one should I do?' I said 'this one!' and she sat down and started betting the max bet--$10. It quickly dwindled down and she had one last pull. Guess what happened. She won $5,000!!!!!!! I freaked out. I mean, freaked out! Mom said I was doing a happy dance. I started screaming and jumping up and down for a solid 5 minutes. Everyone gathered around us applauding and congratulating Mom. The lady came over, gave Mom 50, 100 dollar bills and we walked into the room....with a glass of champagne of course. It was so exciting and it wasn't even my money! Dad was like 'how would you have reacted if that was your money?' Probably the same. It was super fun!

That's about all. Believe it or not I didn't take many pictures. I took a lot on my phone but I don't feel like putting them on here. Except one. This is the ceiling in the Bellagio lobby and I had preplanned to make sure I got a photo of it so I could use it as my new iphone background. Pretty huh!! Feel free to copy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vegas Night 1

Well I was able to check off one of my dining musts. Last night we ate at Beso! Incredibly delicious. Everything was perfect other than the screaming child in the room. Who brings a child to a restaurant like that? They weren't even trying to shush him. As we were walking out, the manager asked how everything was and my Dad was like 'great but you know, that screaming child..' and the manager cut him off saying 'I know, I know.' They talked about it for a bit and the manager told us to come back, gave us his card, and said it would be on him next time. I don't know if we'll do that but still....nice gesture!
Mom and I played some slots last night for fun. She won $400!!!! WHAT!? I lost $60. It did take me a very long time to lose it though. I refuse to lose more than $100 so if I can't win that back then my gambling adventure will be quite snorefest. Crossing fingers!
Alright I guess it's time for me to get movin for the day. Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ready For Vegas

I'm off to Vegas ladies and gentlemen! I'm so excited. I'm definitely bummed that Scott can't go (he's working of course) but I always have fun when I go on a vacation with the parents! Dad and I have been discussing food. As foodies, we find that's probably the most important thing to worry about. I have three restaurants I really, really want to hit: Beso, Olives, and TAO. Other than that, I'm chill with whatever. Dad wants to eat at Delmonico Steakhouse. I've not been there yet so that would be fun. We may eat there tonight.
Did ya'll see on my Life blog yesterday that Joy Behar is judging Miss America? Lord help us. I can see her making me extremely uncomfortable in an interview. Not because of her politics but because she always laughs at people. I can see her making a sarcastic comment and totally throwing me off because I can't stand sarcastic people. Then I'd cry because she laughed and made fun of me. Glad I'm not competing. I also didn't envy the Miss America contestants last year. Rush Limbaugh was a judge. SCARY. He would make me shake in my Manolo's if he asked me a political question.
The snow in Little Rock has been so enjoyable. Dad and I were 1 of 10 people who ventured out yesterday. We had lunch at Ya Ya's then went to Bedford to get some new gadgets for my camera. A little stop at Kroger for some groceries and 4 hours later we made it back home. Dad CANNOT stand to just sit around and do nothing. Mom told him yesterday 'you would make a horrible prisoner' and Dad said 'I feel like I am in prison!' Oh goodness...
Alright well, I guess I'm going to hop off here and get moving for MA/Vegas. Talk to you soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Camera Play

This photo is classic to me. iPad in hands, phone and laptop on my left, Holly on my right, glass of vino on the table, while lounging in comfy clothes. Typical.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Toy

Look what I got today!

A Nikon D3100. Exciting day!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Blog Design

Sheesh. I made the horrible mistake of 'playing' with my blog and now....look at her! I'm super confused. Not to self: Don't mess with blogging templates just for fun. This may be a process ya'll....

UPDATE: Well, after a slight panic attack and 4 hours (literally) later, the ol' blog got an accidental makeover. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just assumed after I played around it would revert back to the original template. WRONG. It's gonna take some getting used to but as Sheryl Crow says 'a change would do you good.'

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holly Goes Potty

Warning! If poo poo talk grosses you out do not continue to read.

There's two important things you should know about Holly. She goes potty on a puppy pad and treats rock her world. Let me elaborate.

First: When we got Holly, it poured down rain for the first 2 weeks we had her. So potty training posed a problem. Because my dog is incredibly dainty and she won't step outside in rain, sleet, or snow. It's slightly humorous. The solution at the time--Puppy Pads! She got used to doing her business on those, and 14 years later--we've helped the inventor become a billionaire. The reason I'm telling you this is because we read a book while we were potty training Holly that said we should make a really big deal and praise her when she goes potty. So we would just hoop and holler and clap! Somehow, Holly came to believe #2 was a much bigger deal than #1. And still to this day, whenever she goes #2 on the puppy pad, she RUNS into the room with her tail wagging to let us know what she's just done. We hoop and holler and make a big deal out of it (because 14 years later, she still expects it) and she gets a treat. It happens daily....she's a once a day kinda gal...mornings preferably.

Second: Holly lives for treats. LIVES for them. I've never known a dog who loves treats like Holly. You say treat to her, and she licks her lips. As if it's a command. I mean, I cannot articulate enough how much my dog lives for treats. She asks for them all day. I'm sitting on the sofa and Holly gives my that come hither look. To which I ask 'what do you want Holly?' and she does her happy dance and leads me to the pantry. Sometimes she'll just stand in front of the pantry until a treats emerges from it. She doesn't care if she has to wait 30 minutes for it. She's crazy. CRAZY for treats. It's amazing Holly doesn't weigh 20 pounds. She should. God blessed her with a great metabolism.

Okay so Holly loves treats. And she goes potty on the paper.

So tonight, Scott and I dined at Bonefish. We're on Bonefish's 'special' list. (Just go online, you can be too) and they always send me something on my birthday and anniversary. The $10 gift card we received this week and used tonight had 'Happy Anniversary' on it. The lovely folks at Bonefish gave us some fudge from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as a sweet gift. I told Scott on the way home 'Holly is going to love this.' So of course we give her a nibble. Then she demands another, and another. We turn on Greys and try to ignore the cutie pie who's trying to lead us to the fudge as best as we can. Suddenly, Holly comes RUNNING to the sofa, tail wagging, doing her happy dance. I know this. It's her 'I just went #2 number.' This is strange to me, as she'd already done it this morning. So I go over to her puppy pad and see a hot tamale sized...ummm...poo poo...and I'm covinced she forced it out just so she could get more fudge. And yes, she got more fudge.

Smart dog.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quote of 2011

When we build our house, I'll make sure you get a really great office babe. -Me
Sounds perfect!-Scott
And I'm going to put a sexy picture of me hanging on the wall.-Me
What about a TV instead?-Scott
You can be my sexy screen saver.-Scott

Oh lordy...

Vaca Ready

Well, I'm sad we lost last night. It was a really great game though. The first half was snorefest. The 2nd was-- sitting on the edge of your sofa-- exciting! Hopefully we'll get to go back to another BCS bowl next year!!
I'm on call at work today. I'm really tempted to crawl back into my bed. Holly is currently snuggled under my sheets and she looks very comfy.
I'm SO READY for my Vegas vacation next week. I'm leaving Tuesday and coming back Sunday. Then, the next Sunday after that I'm headed to Colorado. Ahh! Just how life should be.
The bad thing about me going on vacations is I always want a new wardrobe for them. Scott does not like me for this. Luckily, everything is on sale right now for a ridiculously low price.

For those of you who know the Gobers and would like an update: Alan had surgery on his leg yesterday. It was the worst day he's had so far--lots of pain. He has to have another surgery for his eye. The socket is sinking or something like that.... I don't know, I'm not pre-med. I'm not sure when that surgery will be. Possibly today. The great thing about the Gobers is they haven't lost their sense of humor. If you know them at all, they're all quite the comedians. When I was in the hospital, we were laughing out loud basically the entire time. They're such great folks! I love them all dearly. On Sunday the doctors were thinking Alan would be able to go home on Friday. Then, all of these problems started popping up so it's looking like that definitely won't be happening. Remember I said that they could find problems for up to three weeks. Let's say a prayer that this will be Alan's last surgery.
Happy Humpday!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello Friends! Happy New Year. The end of 2010 and begining of 2011 has been a bit crazy! I stayed in NWA to celebrate New Years with Scott. He actually did take off a few hours to take me on a date and it was desperately needed. We had a very nice time. I woke up the next morning and immediately headed to Little Rock. I drove straight to UAMS. Ol' Al is doing incredible! I told him he looks so great! I expected him to have a black and blue face with scratches all over it and a blown up swollen head. He looks very normal other than a few scrips and scrapes. It is just a miracle beyond belief. The poor guy has broken nearly every bone in his body. I told Mom I wonder if there's anywhere on him that doesn't hurt! Even his eyelids have stitches. The doctor said that in cases like these, you can continue to find problems for up to three weeks!!! So far, he has: 7 broken ribs, punctured lung, broken hip, broken fibula, broken shoulder, torn spleen and lot's of stitches. Hopefully they won't discover anything else.... Well, Mom just came in my room and told me Alan has to have another surgery today for his fibula. I'll update more on that as I learn more.
Sooooo, after another visit or two at the hospital, I'll be heading back up to NWA today. Supposedly this is Scott's last week of 17 hour work days. Of course, the office always says that and it ends up being a whole other week but I'll be in Vegas next week so I guess it won't really affect me that much! Just poor ol' Scotty.
I did make resolutions but you'll have to read my Life blog because I don't feel like typing them again. I was wanting to do a top 10 in 2010 post with pictures but I got a little distracted with all that's happened. So I'll just do a list.

1.) Getting more plugged in at church
2.) Taking a trip to Mexico
3.) Another wonderful year with sweet Holly
4.) A fun birthday in Memphis
5.) Another fun summer on the lake where Landon was able to be there the entire time
6.) Great Razorback football season
7.) Another beach trip--Dominican Republic style
8.) Scott got a work promotion within just 9 months of being at the company
9.) I lived a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating right
10.) I kept my 2010 resolution.

I don't think I shared my 2010 resolution with you guys. It was a similar style to my 2011 resolution. I came to realize that all I needed in life were people who mean as much to me as I mean to them equally. There are very few people who would walk on fire for you because you would do it for them. And realizing who they are made me appreciate them more. It also led to a lot less disappointment for me when I would do something for someone and wonder why a similar situation or feeling would never be recriprocated. It's okay to have people in your life who wouldn't walk on fire for you, but if you know they wouldn't for you, then don't for them. And you'll just feel better about the whole thing! So that was my resolution and I totally stuck to it with maybe only a few slips in the beginning. It was great because it led to no hurt feelings and disappointment from anyone.
Alright, I better get dressed and get my day started. Happy Monday everyone!