Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Landon

Happy SIXTH birthday to my sweet, precious, adorable nephew. Such a big boy now!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Thoughts

Happy Wedding Day!! Eek! Yes ladies and gentleman, yours truly woke up at 3:30 AM to watch history in the making. My alarm went off and I've never popped up and turned on the TV to abc so fast in my life. To my disappointment, I saw the wedding started at 5AM...not 4AM like I thought. There was no way I could fall back asleep though. It was entirely too exciting! Mom came in my room around 4 and we went into the living room and watched it all go down together. It was so fun watching with her. Mom got up for Charles and Dianas wedding too! I'm so glad I watched it live. I wasn't going to but last night Mom and I decided we'd watch together. It was a fun memory for us both.
The excitement for me started when we saw William and Harry. I gave Moms leg a little squeeze. "He looks so handsome!" exclaimed Mom. I loved that the two of them rode in a car together. They looked so excited about the big moment. I loved how William was trying really hard to not grin from ear to ear. You could tell he wanted too!
Kates mother and the queen both looked fabulous! And Pippa was STUNNING. Her dress was ridiculous. SO gorg.
When Kate got out of the car I let out an "ooohhh!!!" She did not disappoint me. Princess Perfection.
I loved how William kept his back turned as she walked down the isle. I loved even more that Harry was grinning SO BIG and supposedly said to William "wait til you see her!" Love That!!
Lip readers confirmed what I said to Mom what I believed William said when he saw Kate, "you look beautiful." I should be a lip reader.
The wedding was lovely. I'm gonna be all feminist here and give Kate a shout out for not allowing 'promise to obey' in her vows to William. My brother surprised me at my wedding while he was speaking and said it was my job to obey Scott and it caught me so off guard and I couldn't help but laugh slightly hard. This is not 1913 anymore. Sorry fellas.
The carriage ride was a true fairy tale. I love that Kate looked at William and said "I'm so happy." Everlasting Love Indeed!
The balcony kiss was the second most anticipated moment for me (after Kates dress reveal). I grinned when they kissed. Aww. THEN!!! They did it again! Literally, I gasped then squealed. Best royal moment ever.
Some people may think I'm crazy for getting up at 3:30 and that Im a little too into it. I love watching history happen though. I'm always glued to my television for any big event like this. Inaugurations, Clinton Library Opening, Princess Di's funeral, Reagan's funeral etc. I feel as if historical moments like these should be watched. It will be talked about for centuries to come and I can officially tell my granddaughters "Yes dears, I got up with your great-grandmother and we watched the Royal Wedding together from start to finish and it was brilliant!" (Imagine that with a British accent)

Alright....Memphis time. Scott and I are halfway there! Can't wait. This will be a great weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Landons Dance Off

Last night Landon and I had a dance off. This was his dance.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Four Things

---Thing number 1: Glee was so good yesterday. You know I'm amazed when I pop out my phone and buy the song immediately. That would be I Feel Pretty/Unpretty and Born This Way. I now have two versions of Born This Way on my phone. Love that song. Pretty/Unpretty will be sung by yours truly in the car on repeat for a while. Speaking of yours truly singing....I have a little Kara knowledge I've never told you before. I tried out for American Idol. When I was....20?? Yep. Mom and I hopped in the car, drove to Austin, woke up at the break of dawn, sat in a ridiculously long line, waited for hours for me to sing for producers....only to be turned down first round. Boo! It was a really interesting experience. I was blown away at how many amazing singers were there. A lot of good ones get turned away....and it's such a shame. Two you may know of: Amber Riley (aka Mercedes--Glee) and Hillary Scott (aka Lady Antebellum). Can you believe that!!!!??? Definitely makes me feel better about my vocal skills.
---Thing number 2: Today is her birthday!!

Happy Birthday to the kind of best friend every girl should get to have in their life! (Isn't Rose a cutie!)
---Thing number 3: I didn't get to share much about my Easter day. I went to Fellowship Little Rock with my family. Seriously yall, that church never fails to blow my mind. We walked into the sanctuary and Mom said 'oh wow we've got an orchestra today.' Yep. A full blown orchestra complete with a trumpet section as well. Let's not forget Kim Qualls (aka singer known to give goosebumps) and the sweet little Point of Grace gal. I took this pic just for your guys...

Now....I'm a singer. However, when I'm at this church, all I want to do is close my eyes and listen. That's how moved this singer gets while attending Fellowship Little Rock. To not even want to sing myself but simply listen to the beauty being sung before me. Amazing! One song I'm loving these days--O The Blood by Gateway Worship. While at the gym today, I felt no desire to listen to my 'pump me up music' but instead listen to O The Blood--on repeat--for 30 minutes. I even closed my eyes, raised my hands, and mouthed the words. So powerful! I don't care if people thought I was weird. Buy this song--if you haven't already.
---Thing number 4: I would love to get involved with the Fellowship NWA praise team. I've been talking with Scott about it for quite a few months now. I feel like the Lord is telling me I need to be a part of it. I don't know though. It's such a big church. I'm almost sure if I pursued it they'd be like 'and who are you??' Devil talking? I guess I'm quite familiar with the worship I was in his wedding after all. Ha! We shall see....
That's all I've got for ya. Enjoy your Wednesday. Week's almost over!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Stores (For Me)--New Wardrobe

Greetings! I hope your day has been splendid. I, for one, enjoyed a rain-free day. They come few and far between these days. Since I'm headed to Memphis In May this weekend, of course a new wardrobe was in need (insert Scott rolling his eyes here). I feel like my clothing should be very boho-chic for a music festival. Eh? I decided to pop in SOHO and browse their clothing since I had to pick up something for Scott. I don't believe I've ever purchased anything for myself in there but I found 2 new dresses that are super cute and will work perfectly for the weekend! I tried to find pics of them online to show you but wasn't successful so I'll just take pics this weekend and post on here!
I decided one of the dresses needed a belt. Now, I'm not one who really cares to spend a lot of money on a belt. So off to Forever 21 I went. I found one for $8!! Plus a few other things as well. I usually don't have luck in Forever 21. I try to shop their $12 tops and dresses but always walk out empty handed. I love their earrings and a lot of my earrings come from Forever. Clothing on the other hand--I don't own hardly any of it. Sometimes when my friends look super cute I'm like 'OMG that's presh where did you get that?' And they proudly announce 'Forever 21!" Ugh. Never happens for me. HOWEVER, I found 3 super cute items today and I just had to share with you!!
I love the loud top, fun sundress and casual maxi! Perfect for summer right?! Can't you just see me walking on a beach--barefoot--in that maxi? Guess I'm going to need to book a trip to the beach now!! I'm so excited about my new purchases! From stores I never purchase from too!! I'm always in a dress in the summertime so my new items today make me giddy all over! Okay I better get dinner ready. I'm starving!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Landon Love

This weekend I got to spend time with my sweet little buddy! In the past, I always thought kids weren't as fun past toddler age but I find myself enjoying him more and more the older he gets! He just says the darnedest things!

Friday night Landon and his Uncle Scott played baseball together. Landon always wants someone to play with him. He doesn't enjoy playing alone.
While waiting on dinner, I decide Landon and I should indulge in an impromptu photo shoot.

I always brag about how Landon is my 'little athlete.' So I thought I'd shoot this video of him and Kyle playing some ball---to prove it!

After lunch on Saturday, Scott and I took Landon for the day and spent some quality time with him. I thought it would be such a great idea to go to PetSmart to show Landon the birds and fish. Little did I know the humane society was there with lots of puppies and kitties.....
Landon found this little guy and just had to have him. (He was the cutest kitten I think I've ever seen in my life.) I knew Kyle wouldn't want a cat but I called him anyway to satisfy Landon. After being at PetSmart for nearly an hour and not being able to pull Landon away from the kitty, we finally managed to walk out of the door empty handed.

Then we delt with this for a solid 30 minutes. Landon kept saying over and over 'that kitty loved me so much.' I felt terrible for him. Scott thought he was being a little dramatic and I told him that's how I felt when I went to Vegas and he told me I couldn't get the Chanel bag I've been wanting for a zillion years.

Landon continues to say he wants that kitty for Christmas....
On Saturday we had a little birthday celebration with the family for Landon. We got him a pinata and it was a major hit. I've never seen a child more entertained. He loved it!

What a fun weekend! It never fails to be entertaining when Landon Luttrell is in town!

Friday, April 22, 2011

You Did What In His Face!?

Scott and I got into Little Rock around 10 last night. This morning I woke up and got to see my little buddy....
After a lunch at Jason's Deli, Mom, Scott, Kyle, Landon and I went to the mall to search for Landon an Easter outfit. We started browsing the shoes and Landon was standing right behind Kyle, bored out of his mind. Suddenly Landon says in a very disturbed and quite sad voice 'you just farted in my face.'
Shocked at the accusation, laughter erupts from all four of us. Kyle turned around to Landon and said 'I'm sorry buddy I didn't know you were standing right behind me.' Then, Landon said it again 'you farted in my face.'
At this point we are unable to control our laughter. However, Landon does not find it funny one little bit and starts crying big crocodile tears. Mom somehow managed to keep her laughter silent and picked up Landon to console him. Meanwhile Landon keeps saying over and over to Mom throughout his sobbing meltdown 'he farted in my face. He farted in my face.' He probably said it 22 times. At this point I'm nearly on the floor laughing. I'm also quite tickled at Mom who's holding him and stroking his hair saying over and over in such a sweet and soft voice 'he didn't mean it.' Poor Landon. He just felt so disrespected.
Apparently, that saying we learned in elementary school is true. SBD---Silent But Deadly.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Five Things....Or Seven

Today started out so beautiful and sunny then turned into a dreary day full of hail, thunder, and rain!! Before that all went down, I got out for lunch with my BF, Jaclyn, and decided since Easter is just a few days away I'd go on ahead and throw on my white shorts that I love!! It made me happy. Other things that are making me happy....
My very cute and very comfy new pj's from Mrs. Victoria herself.....
My big orange bowl full of oranges....
Messy bun with a little braid to give it some oomph.....One of my favorite things in the whole wide world.....
Holly's new nightlight...
And speaking of Holly....

Alright!! Off to Little Rock to spend a wonderful Easter weekend with my WHOLE family. Looking forward to it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Way Back When...

Once upon a time I was a wee little girl....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greener Grass And Straight Hair

How's everybody's Tuesday been? Mine was about normal. It started bright and early around 2 am when Holly decided to get out of her bed and get in mine. This always causes me to get a major lack of good sleep. She hogs my bed!!! It's funny, Holly used to stay in her bed until she heard Scott hop in the shower in the morning. Then she decided maybe she'd get in with us around 6 am....then 5:30...then 5. Slowly but surly she keeps moving up her opportunity to crawl in bed with me and we've now reached 2 am. Soon she's going to convince me to just let her sleep with me all night.
Shall we talk hair? I've received lots of messages on facebook from people saying they've tried my technique and they love it. That makes me so happy! Speaking of curly hair...
Mine's got not an ounce of it. Naturally that is. I air-dried my hair last night and this is what it looked like today. Seriously. No products, no nothing. Sad huh? I would love a little Jen Aniston wave when my hair air-dries. Funny. People spend hours in the salon and hundreds of dollars on a Keratin treatment getting their hair to look just like this. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.
Speaking of grass, I fear as if I'm almost turning myself into a vegan. I did have a chicken kabob last night and it was yummy but normally it's only carbs, fruit and vegetables. I have SO MUCH energy and feel just plain great. Here's the dinner I prepared tonight....Mmmm. A yummy spinach fettuccine with a lot of sauteed vegetables and my special always. Just something I whipped up. Scott is very much a protein with every meal kinda guy but he allowed me to forgo the meat tonight and he enjoyed very much.
40/29 is ruining TV for me right now because they're covering a storm watch that's happening a zillion miles away. They always do this. Every time it snows they interrupt GMA, Regis and Kelly and The View by going on and on and on about the same thing over and over again---how much it's snowing. Duh we know, we have windows. It's so irritating. Even Scott is yelling at the TV and he is way more patient and calm than I am. It's unnecessary and I'm thinking about writing them a letter. Whew. I'm getting all worked up. I better hop off and pour some wine. Cheers!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Wheels On The Bus...

My sweet, precious nephew has a bully. Just breaks my heart. How could anyone be mean to this little face...

Landon is 5 and his bully is 11!!! It's happening on the school bus--I've never been a fan of those anyway. I feel like they are a bully trap waiting to happen. Landons teacher said Landon gets so upset about an hour before he has to get on the bus and once he was so stressed out she thought he may throw up. Bless his little heart. Supposedly the teachers are "taking care of it." They better. I hate bullies. That kid better be glad Aunt Kara doesn't live in Tampa. I'm not sure what I would do or say but it would surly end with him crying followed by a meeting with his parents. The kid obviously has some serious issues. What 11 year old even pays attention to a kindergartner? What a loser. Bullies are always very insecure and usually just jealous of the person they are bullying. Although a five year old would never understand, I guess in some strange way you could take bullying as a compliment.

This marks the second time we've had an incident with this school bus. About a month ago, Landon went missing! He goes to this sports arena a few days a week after school and the bus takes him there. The sports place called Landon's Mom one day asking where he was. Meanwhile, the school said they saw him get on the bus. Talk about absolute fear and panic. Apparently Landon got on the wrong bus. It kinda makes me laugh picturing him just driving round and round.

Luckily, Landon won't have to deal with the bus this week because he's coming to Arkansas! I can't wait to see my little buddy. We always have Landon/Kara day and those are my favorite. And his too I'm sure. I usually manage to spend a ridiculous amount of money on him because I can't seem to use the word 'no' when he's around. You want those sperrys? Okay. You like this shirt? Okay. You want a cupcake? Okay. You need that toy even though you've already got one just like it at home? Okay. You want a hot chocolate from Starbucks that you'll only drink 3 sips of? Okay. Now you want a Sonic slush? Okay! It's never ending....

My little boy is going to be SIX in 11 days and I find that mind blowing. SIX? You're supposed to be three still. They just grow up so fast don't they....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quality Time

I've had a WONDERFUL weekend! Scott didn't work all weekend and its been so, so nice! We stayed in Friday night and watched Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. It was very good of course. I can't wait for the final installment. After that we watched Country Strong. Ehh, just okay.
Yesterday Scott slept in until 10:45....and that's only because he set his alarm! Poor guy. He's been working until 2 and getting up at 7:30 so he was in dire need of really good rest. We ate a delicious lunch at Crabbys, did a little shopping, then came home and took a two hour nap!! We topped the day off with an incredible meal at Bordinos followed by a few drinks at Theos. Perfection.
All weekend Scott and I have been hugging each other and saying "I've missed you!" Ha! It was so nice getting to spend some quality time together. We never get to do that it seems like. This weekend was MUCH needed.
Meanwhile, I've been keeping myself incredibly occupied with my new outdoor living space. The patio is built and next weekend the backyard will officially be completed with new sod and landscaping! It's been so fun. I've bought a gozilion flowers it seems like. I just love potted flowers. I'm going to have an iris garden and I'm slightly overjoyed about that.
Now Scott and I are about to meet up with Randy. He's building a house and I think it's fully bricked now so we're anxious to see it. After the house tour, we're going to do On The Border for dinner and sit on the patio! Randy has never done the On The Border patio before and I know he's going to LOVE it!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dear Memphis, I Miss You Today

The beautiful weather we're experiencing now always makes me miss Home Sweet Memphis. It's true--I was a little anxious to get out of there. However, there are some things about Memphis that made my heart pitter patter. For starters, my old home. Scott and I lived in The Lofts. It's an old warehouse turned into the sweeeeetest condos on the river in downtown Memphis. The Memphis trolly ran right in front of our door--literally. It was perfect for a weekend out. 99% of the restaurants that Scott and I ate at were downtown so we'd hop on the trolly for 50 cents and enjoy a night without having to park or worry about driving. It was wonderful! A big reason I miss The Lofts is because when the weather was nice we'd go on our buildings rooftop.......grill, look at the Mississippi, chat with all of the other residents (that rooftop was THE place to hang after 5) drink a little vino, and soak in that southern goodness. Scott and I would spend the majority of our nights up on that rooftop. During the day, I would soak in some sun, swim some laps and chat with Doc--A FedEx pilot who was around 50 and I loved him. He is THE SWEETEST and a great conversationalist. We hanged a lot.
The Lofts was almost like a family community. Everyone knew everyone because all of the residents hung on the rooftop and got an opportunity to know one another really well. Scott and I talk about how much we miss that rooftop all the time. It gave you a really great feeling!

One thing I don't miss about The Lofts..... This is the catwalk that connects the parking garage to the building. It was very nice and safe to have. You have a scan card to get into the garage and the gate shuts behind you quickly. However, just imagine carrying groceries up the flight of stairs to take you to the catwalk--walk across the catwalk--get on the elevator and head to apartment 411. Miserable.
All in all, my Memphis living environment was the best. Sadly, I don't believe I have any photos of mine and Scott's super cool loft. They all got blown up in my car....that got blown up. We loved it though. One whole wall was brick. I loved that. It's definitely not a building you could ever find in Arkansas. Our building can be seen in Walk The Line. The Lofts were in a great location and you could walk to many things.
Including this... Seriously, just a few steps away. All they offer is cheesecake and--not kidding--best cheesecake ever. I introduced my family to it and my Dad is obsessed. He has to travel to Memphis a lot for business and he loves to pop by here and get a little to-go slice.
Of course the best thing about Memphis... SPINDINI!!!!! My hands down all time favorite restaurant ever. EVER. Scott and I became obsessed with Spindini and ate there all the time. I believe I've eaten everything on the menu--and it's all incredible. If you're ever in Memphis you're crazy to not go to Spindini. It's walking distance from The Lofts and we took advantage of that for sure! We tried really hard on the weekends sometimes to eat at different places but we just loved Spindini so much it was hard to get away from it!
Memphis has a lot to offer and I definitely miss it at times. I loved taking the trolly and strolling downtown while jazz magically played in the background. I loved the southern soul, the Elvis impersonators, the entertainment, the food.....ahhh! Scott and I never got bored while living there because there is so much to offer! Living downtown was very cool. Our loft was the best and the food in Memphis is heaven. Lucky for me...I get to go in just a few short weeks for Memphis in May!! Scott and I are staying with our, what I like to call, Memphis friends! Wade and Alissa are offering up their pad for the weekend (which is also downtown right by The Lofts) and Scott and I are VERY MUCH looking forward to it! If you're headed to Memphis in May....or if you're ever going to Memphis in general, you should message me. I know all the yummy restaurants that are must visits and all of the great shopping and fun places to go.
I'm happy to say I've lived somewhere different. I remember having a sad day once, being away from family and friends and very much missing them. I called my Mom for consoling and she said something I've never forgotten. She said that I should feel grateful for the opportunity to live somewhere different because most people always live in the same place their whole lives and I had the opportunity to be somewhere really cool for a short period of time. Very true Mom!!
I've told Scott I feel as if I could handle a 'random' location much better now. It was a hard adjustment period being away from the people that I love and not getting to see them frequently. However, I have a very different life now than I did 4 years ago. My life is Scott--and Holly. We cook together, watch our shows, have date nights. I still get happy times from family and friends of course but I'm just as happy that my life now is just Myself, Scott, Holly, a few chicken kabobs and On Demand.
I would love it if Scott got the opportunity to move. Sara Lee has an office in Chicago and I think that would be ridiculously cool. However, I would die if Scott could get relocated to Europe or somewhere crazy like that. Just for 12-18 months or so. I'm very jealous of people who get an opportunity to do that.
For Memphis will have to do.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fit For Life

Greetings blogger friends! Thanks for popping in to hear today's story. I jump-started my summer health kick today. It was bound to happen--and time too. The tummy is starting to get a little fuller--not a fan. As you all know I'm already a very healthy eater 94% of the time. However, I've started reading this new book that really makes me look at food differently. It's called Fit For Life. My Mom has been a fan for nearly 2 decades now. Most people have never heard of the book but it's a really interesting read. It explains how food breaks down in the body and it's very detailed. They point out two things in particular that were very interesting to me and I thought I'd share.

1.) Humans are the only mammal that continue to drink milk once we're adults. As they say, you never see a grown cow drinking milk from another grown cow. Humans are the only ones who do that. Why do we continue to drink milk--and another mammal's milk for that matter? And by we I don't mean me. I've never been a fan of milk. I do like a hot chocolate in the winter every now and then but my Mom has never kept milk in the house so I guess that's why I've never been into milk. I can honestly say I've never, ever, ever, drank a glass of milk. Ever. Totally agreeing with the authors of this book. It's not right and very unnatural.

2.) Point number 2 that really sparked my interest was the whole idea of us eating meat. The authors feel we're not even psychologically equipped to eat meat. The example they give is that if we're taking a stroll and a chipmuck scurries across our path--our first instinct isn't to pounce on it and eat it right then and there. Also our teeth aren't meant for meat-eating. A carnivore's teeth are long and sharp--all of them. We have molars for crushing and grinding.

It's all just very interesting. They aren't encouraging people to be vegans. They're just laying out how the human body was built. They also encourage that if you want to have a healthy body that digests food properly you need to combine your foods the correct way. Apparently, they believe you should only have vegetables and carbs. Or vegetables and meat. Never carbs and meat together because when the two combined get into your body, your body has to work too hard to break them both down. Which leads to excess fat/weight gain/toxins etc. They say you're body will make a complete transformation if you eat only fruit for breakfast and snacks, and combine your food properly (aka veggies/meat OR veggies/carbs. And also no dairy. Because its eww.
Anywho, I've decided to try it. It's really not too different from how I eat anyway except I never eat breakfast (except for an occasional cappuccino) and I tend to eat turkey sandwiches for lunch...with goldfish crackers on the side...and snack with more goldfish crackers during the day.
This book makes you want to ignore your 'bad' cravings and just treat your body the way you would treat.....your dog--perfectly, wonderfully, spoiled with only goodness.
Alright. I'm almost boring myself. Until tomorrow....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yowzers. It's a long one folks.

Happy Monday! I'm up late and there's only 31 minutes left of it but oh well. I hope everyones weekend was fun. Mine was very chill. Scott had a hard work day on Friday and he usually craves comfort food when he gets home after a hard work day. So we ate dinner at Chilis. We had queso and shared the jalapeƱo burger. Then, Scott went to 8:45...and I watched Monsters Ball. I'm 10 years late with that but it was good.
Scott went to the office Saturday so Holly and I spent some quality time together. We ate lunch on the patio at McAlisters. Of course she got all kinds of attention. People love to tell me she looks like a walking Teddy Bear followed by the "what kind of dog is that?" question. I feel comfortable taking Holly anywhere with me because she's such a good girl. She doesn't make a peep and she just sat in my lap while I enjoyed my chicken tortilla soup & chef cucumbers or cheese and honey mustard on the side, with an iced tea half/half with a lemon. (my McAlisters staple) Of course she gave me the please, please, please eyes the whole time so she enjoyed some ham and turkey.
A few errands later and my little lady was worn out so I dropped her at home so she could nap.
I later got a call from Scott asking if I could bring him and his coworkers some food for lunch. So I picked up their to-go order and met his new employees?? and chatted with them and his boss for a bit. His bosses always apologize to me for how much Scott works. Mmmmm's kinda a lot.
THEN I went to Westwood Gardens and picked out flowers. As I was putting the plants in my trunk, I realized right as I was shutting it, NOOOOO!!! I laid my car key in the trunk while I was loading my flowers. So I had to make the embarrassing call to Scott, which was only embarassing because he was at work, that I locked myself out. He had to leave work, go home, get the spare key, and drive ALL THE WAY to rescue me. I felt bad.....and stupid. I've never done that before.
That evening we enjoyed another casual meal at On The Border. I should probably let you know I have a slight addiction to that restaurant and I have for over a decade. I think they have the best salsa. I live for On The Border. I especially love it in the summertime. Scott & I sit on the patio, enjoy a few drinks, and share fajitas. I told our waiter that I think their salsa is so good that sometimes I just eat it plain with a fork. When he brought me a to-go box he brought me a QUART of salsa and said "shhhh." He's my new favorite person.
I came home and watched a Lifetime movie on the Scott & Laci Petterson story.
How different my life was this weekend. I usually spend them with full blown make-up, curled hair, little dress and heels, stacked bangles and a small clutch while dining at an amazing restaurant and sipping a martini. This weekend I had a Chilis burger and watched Lifetime movies. Gotta say, I'm not sad about it.
Sunday I had to go to church alone because you know who was working. Not acceptable. I received white daisys later that evening as Scott felt he was "probably in the dog house" because of that. Yes and yes. And not just with me. Jesus didn't care for that either.
My mother-in-law, Jodie, treated me to a movie that afternoon. We watched Just Go With It and it was really cute. However, Jennifer Aniston never fails to make me feel bad about my body. She's amazing. Her legs are perfection. Anywho, I made a vow to never eat again.
Hence, I'm starting my summer health kick tomorrow. I always eat healthy but I'll snack on goldfish. Or have a random weekend of Chili burgers and On The Border salsa. No more of that. Im going to be in a bikini soon and I've decided I need to look just like Jen. I went to Walmart today and got all my yummy fruits and veggies and I'm excited about putting good foods in my body. No more processed crackers for snacks.
I also bought this book today that explains how food digests in your body and at what times and what foods rot (ew) in your tummy and all that jazz. So nerdy of me? Yes. Innerestin book? Very. Okay that's all. That was a very long post. My bad. I guess I just had a lot to say.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bring It On Home

Last night I met up with my girls at Jaclyns to plan a wedding shower for my other Jacqueline. Always nice getting to see my girls!
I got home around 9:30 and I immediately sensed something was wrong with Scott. He's usually so chipper. He just sat at his computer with a sad look on his face. "Bad day?" I asked him. Bless his heart....more like a bad week. He is so stressed out at work right now and it's written all over his face. I don't think I've ever seen my husband like this. My heart is very sad for him. His Walmart buyer wants something done in 2 weeks that actually takes about 6 weeks to get done. This is when you really wish life were like Glee and music would suddenly appear out of nowhere and I could serenade Scott with Bring It On Home by Little Big Town. It would have been very appropriate for the moment after all.
I want to do something really nice for him but I can't think of anything to do! He works about 90 hours a week. He has time for nothing. I took him a spicy chicken sandwich from Chik-fil-A for lunch earlier. He said he needed some comfort food. Anything nice I could do requires time! He doesn't have time!! I'll think of something sweet...
Time to clean now. I'm working at the Spa again tonight. I still have to make sure I squeeze in some bike time. I went for my first ride yesterday and it was so lovely. Although I did have a wreck. Let's just say I'm not very coordinated at turning in a culdesac. So embarrassing especially since a person saw it and was waiting on me to get out of the way as I was sprawled out in the driveway that they were trying to get out of. Neat.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guess What I'm Getting Today!

That's right folks. In just a few minutes I'm off to get my bicycle! Who's ridiculously excited? ME!! The last time I got a new bike I was 6.
I had planned to get my bike yesterday. I called my father-in-law, Randy, and asked him if he could meet me and get it for me because he has a bike rack on his car. He met me at Target and I pointed out the bike that I liked. He got it off the rack, popped it up on it's front tire, grabbed the pedals and started wheeling them around and all kinds of other maneuvers. I was laughing to myself and thinking 'Well this is a little intense.'
Let me give you a little background info on Randy. I think I've said before that he's hands down the healthiest person I've ever known. The ONLY thing you can find in his pantry are paper plates, olive oil and bread and the only thing in his refrigerator is chicken, salmon, asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, tobasco sauce, turkey, mustard, and ketchup. If you think I'm exaggerating-- I'm not. He eats the same things every. single. day. I don't know how he doesn't get tired of it. He also works out like crazy. He's really into running but he's also very into biking. He has a ridiculously nice bike and he bikes 14 miles every day. He doesn't even carry a water bottle. He has this backpack that holds water with a little tube coming out of it and he just sucks water out of that so he doesn't have to pause for a water break! HE'S CRAZY!!!
Soooo, he starts messing with the bike and he just doesn't approve. He said it's all messed up, it won't shift gears, the breaks are bad, etc. etc. etc. He said we would have to get it fixed right away and he felt I would be disappointed in the bike in just a few weeks.
What a bummer. He suggested we hop in his car and check out the bikes at Lewis and Clark. So we did and all of a sudden his bike snobbyness is totally rubbing off on me. Fifteen minutes in and I'm thinking 'uh oh.' I find a bike I'm kinda all the way obsessed with and the guy at Lewis and Clark convinces me to ride it around in the parking lot. I call Scott--tell him what's going on--he said just do whatever I want.
AN HOUR LATER, I'm still at the store trying to decide if I should get this bike....that I really want...but feel bad about purchasing. I told the guy 'okay let's do it!!' then I was like 'NO, I have to go home and think about it!' I was super stressed out and feeling very confused. I also felt bad as I wasted nearly an hour and a half of Randy's time with my indecisiveness.
Scott and I talked about it last night and he said he thought I should get it. So I am! Randy is going to meet me at Lewis and Clark in just a few minutes so he can carry it home for me. I'm very excited--feeling a little guilty--BUT--I have wanted a bike for a long time and I think in the long run this is definitely a better investment. I'll take good care of it, ride it nearly every day, and appreciate it a lot more than the bike from Target I believe.

Wanna see her?!

It's a Schwinn and the guy suggested a Hybrid since I'll only be riding it in my neighborhood as a good cardio workout. Isn't she pretty! I love that the seat is chocolate brown. I haven't decided on a name for her yet but I'm thinking maybe Pearl. What I love about having this bike is that they've totally fixed it up just for me--my height, weight, long legs, long arms, shorter torso, etc. It fits like couture. It's a couture bike! Love it. Love my husband even more for letting me get it. He's the best.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guest Blog by Holly

Hello everybody! My name is Holly Luttrell and I'm going to guest blog for Kara today. I thought I'd just let everybody get to know me a little better. First of all, I'm 14 years old. I'll turn 15 in October. I love treats, taking naps, going bye-bye, treats, getting the mail, sniffing (I'm a big sniffer), and treats. Kara tells me all the time she doesn't know why I don't weigh 27 pounds instead of just 7 because of how many treats I eat. I guess I'm just blessed with a good metabolism.
These are my favorite toys ever and the only ones I'll play with. My ball and my snake. I've had them both my whole life. Kara's had to stitch up snake's tummy once but otherwise they've held up well! I'm very gentle even with my toys so I guess that's why they're still here for me to play with 14 years later. I mostly just enjoy rolling all over them but I do love when someone throws my ball and I try to catch it in the air.As I said before, I love treats. I always expect one after I go potty or after I get a all throughout the day as well. Kara's cut back on my treats since I've gotten older. But some days I just want a lot and she can hardly resist the sweet face I give her. However, if she's being stubborn about it, I'll just stand in the pantry (where she keeps them) until she gives me one. That always works.
Now I do not like to get a bath. However, I LOVE to get dry. It just feels so good to me.Something else that I just really love is a nap with my family. They pull out a blanket and I wag my tail and get so excited!!! I curl up in a little ball in their body curve and get great sleep. I also really love to take a nap in a suitcase! I love suitcases except sometimes they make me nervous because I know when they come out it means my family is going somewhere. So I sit and watch them pack very patiently while waiting to be told my fate--do I get to go too?! Or is Grammy gonna come to the house and watch me. Ultimately though, my favorite sleeping spot is my red velvet bed. It's so soft and just the right size for me. I always sleep in it when my family leaves me home by myself. They keep it in their closet. Sometimes I sleep so soundly in it I don't even hear them come home!I really love to go bye-bye. I get so excited especially when we go to the bank because I know they give treats there. I really love it when the window is rolled down. The breeze in my hair....ahh!! Usually though, I sit in the drivers lap and face the passengers side. I'm a very good bye bye rider. I'm a very sweet and loving girl with a very calm, and quiet personality. Momma and Kara really like that about me. Landon is the total opposite of me and he just plain makes me nervous. I'm not really a fan because he's just a little too rambunctious but he does love to share his food with me so I like him then. He really loves me a lot....Momma and Kara are trying to teach me to be better about letting him hold me and well...just get near me really. Check on the look on my face here. I'm terrified! Finally, here's me with my Kara. She loves me so much and I love her so much too. She tells me how cute and how smart I am all the time. The reason I'm so smart is because 1.) I've learned a lot of words so I have a very large vocabulary and know what a lot of things mean and 2.) I'm really good at telling people what I want. I know how to explain myself very well. My family treats me just like a human--I mean, I kinda am one after all....I just look like one of those dog things. I know that I'm spoiled but I think that's okay. It's just because my family loves me so much!
I'm glad I got to guest blog today! I hope you enjoyed my post and got the chance to know me a little better. Okay, I better stop rambling now. Enjoy your Tuesday everybody. KISSES!!