Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Landon!

This little guy....

Is 7 years old today. I'm sorry? Seven? How is he 7 now? My little buddy is growing up way too fast. I can remember taking that photo with him like it was yesterday. He always had those hands in his mouth!

Happy Birthday Landon!! I love you bunches kiddo!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Holly Necklace

I've anxiously been waiting on a special delivery for the last two weeks and it finally arrived today.Mom and I both got one of these necklaces from Roberson's in Little Rock and I know I will treasure it forever. It's about dime size, 18 carat gold, with an H in diamonds. We also had Holly's name engraved on the back. It's so special and beautiful and priceless--just like Holly. I predict I will wear it every single day and I'm very thankful to my Mom for getting us both something so nice to remember our sweet girl by.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm taking a break from packing. I've got boxes all over the place and my house is just a mess. I just posted some furniture on Craigslist that I'm hoping to sell before we move out of this house on Saturday. We're selling everything in our living room but our TV and ottoman and I hope we can get rid of it. I don't want to have to move it to the storage unit. That would be a pain!

I thought I'd share my inspiration for my new bedroom. We wanted to do a very soothing, calm, hotel type feel. I found these photos on Pinterest and I'm wanting our bedroom to look similar to these.
It's taken a very long time but we've basically completed our bedroom look and have found all of the key pieces we need.

I found this dresser when I was in Little Rock and it was exactly the look I was going for. It's very distressed and creamy-grey which is exactly what I wanted! It's also taller than your normal dresser which I like because we're going to hang our TV over it and I didn't want there to be a huge space between the furniture and the television.
We found our bed at IO Metro. I'm only showing the headboard but it also has foot railings. It's very clean and sleek and we chose a very light creamy/white fabric. It's not white but it's not cream either. Again, a good mix. We're going to do the thing where the bed is folded down like the photos above. We got some plain ol' white sheets from Pottery Barn (I hope they're comfy!!) and a plain white duvet cover from there as well. I haven't found a blanket yet though. I can't decide if I want to do cream or grey and I'm just waiting until we get the bed in to decide. The blanket is important because it's what will show the most. I'm thinking a trip to a Restoration Hardware will be in my near future.
Finally, I found these gorgeous mirrored nightstands at Ethan Allen about 2 months ago. I love the mirrored furniture look and wanted to incorporate into our bedroom in some way. I've seen a lot of mirrored pieces but these nightstands were my favorite. The picture really doesn't do it justice. They're not too mirrory to where your reflection jumps at you and they're done in a brushed silvery type tone. They're beautiful. I splurged on these but I think I'll have them for a very long time. And if I get tired of them I think they would be really pretty in a little girl's room.
I hope everything ties together and looks just as lovely as my head is picturing it. It will be a while before I know though. All of these pieces won't be in until the middle of May so we're just going to have a floating television on our wall and mattresses on the floor for a few weeks!! I ordered all of these pieces a long time ago so I'm surprised they aren't in yet but it's okay. At least we'll have the mattress and our comfy new sheets!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I've been very busy with house stuff this week. We move in on Friday and I'm so excited. All day long yesterday I ran around town setting up water, gas, electric, change address, etc. The gas was easy because I was able to do it over the phone but all of the other company's made me fill out a form and show an ID. Needless to say, it took up an entire day.
Today I had a guy come out and do a little landscaping for me. Our air conditioner is so visible. It's right by the driveway which is obviously near the front of the house. It would be an eyesore to look at every day. Why couldn't they put it in the backyard somewhere? Obviously, it needed to be fixed. So we did some landscaping to help cover the air conditioner. I went with some simple shrubs but then added 2 crepe myrtle trees. One light pink and one white. I had them plant the trees right next to one another so it'll look hybrid. My Mom did that at her house and it's gorgeous. It already looks better even though the shrubs don't cover the air conditioner yet. Wanna see? I also bought a mattress for our new king sized bed today! I'm beyond excited about the new bed. I know I will sleep so much better. Scott will too. I think it's the stress from work but he's been suffering from insomnia lately also. He wakes up every night around 4 and flips on the TV. Normally that would irritate me that he would wake me up by turning on the television but I completely understand. You've gotta do what you've gotta do. He gets my insomnia now and complains every day about how miserable it is.
I felt a little silly today because I brought our new sheets into Cloud 9 to help me pick out my future mattress. Having my sheet tuck in really snug is just as important to me as a comfortable mattress. My bed must be tucked in really tight or I'll loose sleep from the crazy sheet that's all over the place. There was one bed that was really comfy but was too thick for the sheet to tuck in so it was automatically nixed. I chose a Sealy and I hope we love it. If not, I'll get a feather bed thing to put under the mattress pad. I had one on my bed in the Kappa house and it was the most comfortable bed I've ever had, ever. That bed was so stinking comfy and you know the mattresses at the Kappa house probably cost $30 so the feather bed is obviously fab.

Writing a blog that makes life seem as if it's completely normal feels odd. Life has to go on but it doesn't mean my heart doesn't ache. I'm having a very hard time. Just writing these last few sentences brings tears to my eyes. Missing my sweet girl so very much and heart broken my snuggle bug is gone. My heart always feels this way. Don't ever think it doesn't even if I act like all is well. All isn't well....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Forever Reign

Scott and I went to church today. I say that like it's not typical but I don't mean it that way. We go every week. I asked Scott if we could skip out last Sunday though because I knew it would be hard for me.
We got home from being in Little Rock last Saturday night and it was horrible. For both of us. Scott left home in such a hurry when I called him early that Wednesday morning to tell him about Holly so we came back home to normalcy. Her puppy pad still out, her food and water bowl still full, her toys was hard. And so crushing. I knew I couldn't go to church the next day so we laid in bed all Sunday long in this sad and empty house.
I knew church would be hard. I knew worshiping in the place where I usually feel such peace, hope and love would make me depressed. I don't feel peace, hope or love right now. I feel sad, lonely, empty, depressed, sorrow, grief, anxiety, pain, loss, and despair.
I woke up this morning dreading going but knew it was what I had to do. I prayed for Hosea 6:1 to repeat in my head over and over. "Come let us return to the Lord. He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us. He has injured us but he will bind up our wounds."
We got there and all seemed fairly normal. But then the worship started and I felt my emotions stirring up. I never feel more closer to God than when I worship him with music. I knew the worship would be hard for me. Suddenly the praise band started singing Forever Reign and I came crashing down.

Oh, I'm running to your arms

I'm running to your arms

The riches of your love

will always be enough.

Throughout those lines I cried different tears. I feel like I'm running into the Lords arms for comfort and help right now. Then I sing to him that the riches of his love will always be enough. God has shown his love for me so clearly through Holly. Holly was a gift from Him. He gave her to me and she is one of the greatest blessings I've ever received in my life. God knew how much she would capture my heart. That I would adore Holly and love her to a level I've never known. He knew when he formed me that he would bless me with my precious Holly when I was just 12 years old and that she would stay in my life for 15 1/2 amazing years.
Holly was such a blessing. A way of God showing his great love for me. I love him for loving me so much that he would give me Holly.
Of course I had to excuse myself from church. The crying hasn't stopped and I don't know when it will. I'm starting to redefine my new normal and life is going on. It has to. But it doesn't mean that every second, of every day, I don't think about my sweet baby. The little girl who's face I miss so much. I long for that face. I long for her. I miss her. I miss her so much it hurts.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Does anyone watch The Weiner's Circle on truTV? Scott and I have been watching it all evening long and it's making me laugh like I never thought I could do again. It's this restaurant in Chicago and these crazy black ladies make these people do things/say things to win a free meal. Just a second ago these white people who were clearly from the south strolled in to order some food. The ladies running the restaurant asked them if they wanted to try to win free food. When they said yes, I was taking a sip of my wine when the Weiner's Circle ladies said "tell me 3 things black people like?" I literally had that moment you see in movies where the wine that I was sipping sprayed out of my mouth. The super white southern couple won free food when they said "rap music, Cadillacs, and hair weaves." Haha!! New TV show.
Scott said I should make today's blog light so people wouldn't think I was suicidal. So there you go.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Week Later

It's been a week now since I said goodbye to Holly and the pain is getting heavier and worse. I can't even talk about her without breaking down. I've already said it but I honestly cannot imagine a day where I won't cry. I still just can't believe this is happening. Holly is on my mind 100% of every waking hour I live and breath. So many times throughout the day I have 1 second where I slip and forget she's gone. At night I'll go to flip on a nightlight so she can see in case she gets up in the middle of the night. Or I'll eat out and think for a quick second that I should get a to-go box so Holly can enjoy my leftovers. A loud noise will happen and I look to make sure it didn't scare Holly. I'll walk past the dog aisle in Target and have a split second where I think I should browse in there to see what they have. Or I wake up in the morning and our house feels too cold and I worry that Holly is uncomfortable.
I just feel like a walking zombie. I keep myself out of the house all day because it's too painful to be here alone. My house feels like there's no life in it. Scott told me today people at his office keep asking him how I am doing and he wants to say to them 'well ask me how I'm doing too, I'm just as sad.' Just because you're a man doesn't mean your heart hurts less. I've never seen Scott this sad the whole time I've known him. He doesn't sob and break down like me but anytime I start to cry his eyes fill with heavy water. Our world revolved around Holly and he loves her just as much as I do. Holly had Scott wrapped around her little paws like nothing I've ever seen. If she could talk and ask Scott to buy her something that cost a million dollars he would literally find a way to do it! And Holly knew she had Scott suckered into her cute preciousness. She took advantage of it. Holly always knew if she asked Scott for a treat she would get one and I would get onto him all the time for caving! When I left Holly in his care when I went to China she gained half a pound!!! Both Mom and I got onto him and had to have a talk. What can he say? He loves her and she loves him. She loved his weakness for her. Haha!! Smart girl. It makes me laugh to think about it. This is what Holly would do to Scott all night, every night.
This is her saying "I want a treat Scott." And when he'd try to be brave, not cave, and ignore her, she crept closer and closer until it ended up coming down to this.
It's just so funny because Holly never did that to anyone until she met Scott and she never did this to anyone but Scott. And even when he would grant her request and giver her a treat, it didn't settle it. The process started all over again. It annoyed him, made him laugh and made him feel special all rolled into one. Holly loves her Scott. Scott--the sucker Holly finally got in her life that could never say no to her overwhelming cuteness.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Angry Post.

Today was a really hard day for me. I miss my girl. It's getting very real that I'm not going to see my sweet Holly again and it literally makes my heart feel like it's ripping into a million pieces and flying out of my chest. It's so hard. My family never thought of Holly as even a "pet." She is our baby. We did/would do anything and everything for her. She was treated no differently than we would treat a "human" family member. We never even referred to her as our "dog." Dog? No, she's the baby. We talked and treated Holly like we talked and treated Landon when he was little. That's the best way I can compare it. I know one of the reasons she was so smart is because we actually talked to her like we would a child and she had such a large vocabulary and could communicate with us so well. She wasn't one who cared about belly rubs, shaking your hand, and chasing a squirrel. That's very dogish and she didn't act like a dog. Holly was our toddler who stayed a toddler for 15 1/2 years and she acted no different than my nephew did when he was 2 and I'm 100% serious. Would you board your toddler while you went out of town? Of course not. Would you do everything in your power to make their life perfect? Yes. Would you do all you could to make their life happy, comfortable, pleasant, and enjoyable even if it meant sacrificing something of yourself? Of course. That's how we all felt with Holly. Holly our baby.....not our dog.
I must say I have been overwhelmed by the support I've gotten. So many people have reached out to me and I've even gotten flowers and cards and all of the sweet gestures are so, so appreciated. There's a lot of good people in this world. It's really been comforting and nice to know that people get how hard this is on me and my family.
However, I feel like in just a few weeks people will forget and move on but I will never forget and move on. It's like when it's a human loss people check in on you and remember and keep you in their thoughts and prayers for so long but when it's a pet it's like....different. I don't know. Holly is my baby and I'm devastated. Some people will get it, some people won't.

I'm going to allow myself to vent for a second though. I feel like I can because I'm going through trauma and honestly, I don't care if someone thinks what I'm about to say is rude. I've gotten some texts from people who are like "I'm so sorry to hear about Holly. BTW can I get a haircut?" Umm, no you can't ever, ever again from me. Would you text that to someone if they lost their child? Their parent? Their spouse? How dare you. It's been less than a week. I want to turn ferocious but instead I just don't respond. It's the rudest thing ever and it's happened 3 times and I'm over it. Hair? Nope. Don't care one thing about it. I just washed mine for the first time since Saturday. That's how I feel about hair right now.Scrolling through iPhone photos is a bad idea. Almost every photo is of Holly. This is the one that got me today. This was taken last Monday--the amazing day Holly made it through her teeth getting cleaned. I had such high hopes that day. I thought we'd fixed all that was wrong with her and I'd still get to have my Holly right now. Look at her sweet, precious, adorable face. Gosh she's so breathtakingly cute. I miss kissing that cheek so much. I can't take it yall. This is the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life. My baby is gone from me. I'll never get to see her again. The only thing that ever brings me comfort is knowing she's in Heaven with my Savior. Please Lord Please take care of her. I know you will but it makes me feel better to remind you.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Life Today

Hi all. How was everyone's weekend? Mine was miserable, obviously. Life in general is miserable for me right now but that's just how it's going to be for a while. The hardest time is nighttime. Our evenings revolved around Holly. She was mine and Scott's entertainment. Our house is so depressing. It's so quiet, so's very clear someone is missing. My heart literally hurts.
About two months ago I wrote a post about having a weird day but at the time didn't feel like talking about what made it that way. What happened that day caused me to go to the ER. I had felt like I was having a heart attack. My chest was heavy, my left arm was numb, my shoulders and jaw were achy. I experienced it all day and finally got scared enough to go to the hospital. Scott and I walked into the ER, I told them my symptoms and .48 seconds later I was hooked up to all types of heart monitors. They kept me there to watch me for 2 hours and it turned out that I was having an anxiety attack. When the doctor asked me what was causing so much stress in my life that my body would react like that, I sobbed and told him about Holly. I have feared this moment in my life so much and it physically broke me a few weeks ago. I told him that Holly was my life and that I knew I would lose her soon and I literally couldn't take it. He was so sweet to me and completely understood. He made me take 4 (yes FOUR) Xanax, prescribed me some anti-anxiety medicine and sent me on my way.
It's just horrible. Today especially was hard. My heart hurt and I now know that I'm experiencing an anxiety attack when that happens. It's just so, so sad and I can't believe this is happening. I miss Holly so much and I can't even imagine how I'll feel as the days, weeks, and months go on. I have zero doubt in my mind that she's in Heaven. I know she is. I keep asking Jesus to please take such good care of her. Holly is an explorer so I know she's sniffing every single inch of Heaven right now. It's going to take her so long to complete her sniffing so maybe by the time she's done I'll be there. I told her before I said goodbye that I wanted her to be the very first to greet me at the pearly gates. I can't wait to see my sweet Holly again. I love that little girl so, so much.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Holly

Life is really hard right now and I can't imagine a day where I won't cry. I miss my precious Holly so much and I can't believe the time has come where I don't have my sweet baby to love on anymore. I feel sick, depressed and incredibly sad. My house is so quiet and empty and terribly lonely. I have moments where I don't know if my heart can actually take the pain anymore but I know time heals and one day I'll pick up the pieces and have the strength to move on.
Here's a video I made of my precious doodlebug to honor her beautiful and long life.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holly Luttrell

October 1996 - April 2012

Forever living in my heart.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Today has definitely been better for Holly. She slept all day long yesterday. We're struggling to get her to eat something. She hasn't had a real meal since Friday. When we weighed her at the vet yesterday she was 6 pounds even. She's supposed to be 7.5 pounds so seeing that number made Mom and I gasp. We've gotta get some food in that baby's belly.
Another issue we're dealing with right now is Holly's kidneys. When Dr. Bob called with the great news that Holly made it through the anesthesia yesterday he also informed us that her kidneys were extremely bad. He said "I'm going to give you a number we use to test kidneys. A 2 is considered really bad. Holly is at 11.6." He said he wants to flush her kidneys every day for 7 days to try to get that number to come down. It's basically like dialysis for dogs. He said he's not saying it will work but he thinks if it does work we can get that number down to like a 3/4. So I'm staying in Little Rock all week until we finish flushing her kidneys. I hope so bad it works. We think it already is since Holly seems to be feeling a tiny bit better every hour. Dr. Bob also commented that he thought her eyes looked more lively than they did yesterday. If her kidneys improve then I think we can get our little Holly back to being "Holly" again.
It's just kind of irritating to me that her NWA doctor didn't suggest this a long time ago. I've known that she's had bad kidneys for over a year but I was never informed that there was a way to try and treat them. Why didn't she suggest we do this? Maybe they don't know how to do it there--I don't know--but we never would have gotten to this point had we treated it a long time ago. All morning and afternoon long I was angry. I went to the mall to buy some new clothes because I didn't bring very many with me since I thought I would just be here 2 days. I felt like one of those people that if someone accidentally bumped into me I would have erupted into a rage and freaked out on them. Everyone was taking too long to check me out, everyone was annoying me, even I was annoying me. I'm feeling a little more pleasant now but going through this is just sickening, depressing, irritating, and sad to me. Holly has never been so pitiful and it breaks my heart. I'm mad at myself too. I should have brought her to Dr. Bob and had him do a little check up of her every once and a while. I just always thought to myself 'well, she's getting older, that's why this is happening.' I shouldn't have thought like that. I should have known better.
The big thing challenging Holly right now is food. No food = weakness. Holly is really weak right now. She did eat today but not much. I think what little she did have today will give her some energy for tomorrow. She's having a hard time walking right now and is slipping so bad on Mom's hardwood floors and bless her heart she's too weak to pick herself back up. For some crazy reason I bought Holly some socks years and years ago. I got them because I thought it would be funny and I knew Holly would not appreciate them. I have a little bag for her with all of her stuff and I always bring it with me when I travel with her. I remembered the socks today and stuck them on her feet to see what would happen. Sure enough, I've solved the slipping on the floors problem! They have rubber on the bottom just like baby socks so it helps her to not slip. Normally Holly would not appreciate the socks but I think she knows they're helping her right now. I think that'll improve her emotions too. She's upset with herself that she's not normal and I can tell it's bothering her. Hopefully she'll be feeling great and her health will be so much greater by the end of the week. That's my prayer.
Holly's a fighter and so is her Momma and Kara. We manage to be extremely creative during these times and come up with all sorts of ways to fix a problem. We love our girl. We want her to be healthy, happy and comfortable. Whatever it takes we'll do it. We'll do anything for our Holly.

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Little Fighter

Scott and I drove to LR Friday to spend Easter with my family. Holly was her typical self on the car ride. She even begged for Scotts beef jerky snack and wanted the entire bag for herself! That made me excited since it's been so hard to satisfy her with food these last 2 weeks.
Saturday I woke up to a completely different dog. She was absolutely pitiful and we all thought that she was dying. Around 3:00 we truly thought it was happening. Mom, Dad, Scott, and I gathered around her. I held her, we cried, I told her it was okay to let go, then Dad grabbed his camera and asked me if it was okay if he take a few photos. I thought about it for a while and my initial thought was to resist but I then said okay. I didn't want anything taken at that moment but felt I may want it one day.
In typical Holly style, after I'd made a mess of myself, she said 'umm...I think I'll hang around a bit longer' then decided to get up and sniff the grass. It's one thing for my Mom and I to assume the worst but even Scott and Dad thought that was it. Even though she got a little pep in her step, I still didn't feel out of the danger zone.
Sunday was basically the same. She was pitiful--just not her normal self and was now going on two days of no food and about 2 weeks of hardly any food. Scott got online and researched for about 2 hours. One thing he'd found was maybe her problem was her teeth. He said "I mean, I know she's 15 but what if this is something else? I think we need to take her to the doctor tomorrow just to see and not continue to think she's old and it's just her time." It gave me some hope--not much--but Mom and I decided we'd call her LR doctor just to see.
So this morning Mom called Dr. Bob's office--crying. They were sweet enough to squeeze us in at 9:30. Everyone loves Holly there too! We got there and Dr. Bob gave Holly a quick review and immediately knew what was wrong. Her teeth!!!
I don't know if you'd noticed from my tweets but I've been complaining about Holly's breath for so long now. It's horrible. She has plaque on her teeth and I know it's infecting her gums and causing periodontal disease. You're supposed to clean your dogs teeth once a year and we haven't done it since Holly was 12 because it's too high risk to put her under anesthesia because of her age.
Dr. Bob told us she absolutely needed her teeth cleaned. Her bad teeth and gums were affecting her kidneys and Holly already has bad kidneys. He said it was extremely high risk and if I were his wife he would tell me I might very likely lose my dog. But he thought we should give it a try. Dr. Bob said doing it could give her more time. If we chose not to do it we would lose her very soon. However, we could loose her during the process if we try. Obviously it was a big decision.
He left Mom and I to discuss what to do and we both decided the right thing to do was to give it a chance. Once we informed them of our decision they got started right away. We left Holly in their hands. With everything going against us. Not knowing if she would wake up from the anesthesia and taking the chance of never being able to see our little doodlebug ever again.
Leave it up to my little fighter to defy the odds of veterinary medicine.
Or should I praise Dr. Bob, the miracle doctor? I think a combo of both.
Holly made it. My 15.5 year old made it!
If Scott and I hadn't come down to Little Rock I think we'd all be saying goodbye to Holly this week. While I always compliment Holly's NWA doctor, and I do think she's great, she couldn't have helped Holly. What I love about Little Rock vets is that they specialize in medicine for dogs just like doctors do for humans. Dr. Bob is so big on dental health. He has dental technicians and has invested in the very best equipment there is to be able to clean teeth on even the most risky patients. Putting a 15 year old dog under and having them come through is an absolute miracle.
I trust Dr. Bob so much. I truly believe he's the reason Holly is still here. Holly has had little struggles here and there that anyone could fix. But Dr. Bob has fixed the major, big time issues we've had with Holly and I don't believe most doctors could do that. I appreciate that he takes risks. I kept telling him he's a miracle doctor!! He's my favorite person in the whole wide world today! Everyone at Briarwood Animal Clinic is. I can't even tell you how sweet they all are. It's almost like a family. It's like they love us, they love Holly, and they'll do everything they can to keep her around, comfortable, and happy as can be.
But I can't give all of the bragging rights to him. He gets 10%. The other 90% goes to my little fighter. My amazing little fighter. Holly is so strong and I am so proud of her. I didn't know when I was giving her away this morning if I would get to see her again. I gave her so many kisses and loved on her and she looked me in the eyes and I said "you can do this. You can do this Holly." And she did. She did it.
We've still got a road ahead of us and I'll write about that tomorrow. But for now all I can say is--my little girl is amazing. She is absolutely amazing. I was so nervous about doing this today but deep down inside I had peace. I know Holly. I know she's strong. I know she's a fighter. I know she loves life and loves her family. I didn't even cry giving her away today. I knew she would do it. And she did. She did it. My little fighter came through.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bobby, You've Got Some Splainin To Do

Well hello Razorback nation. Today's been innerestin. I just happened to catch the Bobby Petrino scandal break right away on Twitter. Then I was in the salon getting a mani/pedi when the 5:00 news led with the story on the massive television screen they had in there. It felt like Steel Magnolias. The ladies went all crazy and the gossip exploded. My thoughts are this: You had an affair with a girl who is your children's age? Ew. You're 25 and you had an affair with a 51 year old man? Ew. AND, what's Mrs. Petrino going to do? Who thinks Jessica will no longer be stressing over wedding planning if you know what I'm sayin?
I definitely don't think Petrino will get fired. He wins games. That's what matters in college football world.

Other things keeping me occupied today...
I went out to my new house this afternoon. Our fence is in the process of getting built! We're going to stain it really dark. I think it's going to look great.
We also met with a guy to install speakers/TV gadgety stuff. Scott is so excited about having speakers all over the ceilings of our house (even outside) and I'm really excited that our components will be hidden in a closet. It's a win win. Let's just cross our fingers that the remote won't be crazy complicated.
I also got my hair cut today for the first time since October. As a hairstylist, I do not condone that behavior. You should get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks. I just got a little trim. Nothing special.

Like usual, I washed Holly's bed today. I normally do that about 3 times a week. She was so ready for me to finish washing/drying it. Look at her! She's like "Kara!!! Hurry!!!! I'm ready to snuggle in my bed." (Scott makes fun of my socks. Who cares? They're crazy comfy.
And once I completed re-constructing the bed, all was well in this one's world.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New House Stuff

I forgot to mention that Holly got to visit her new home for the first time this weekend!! She really likes the yard. It's actually quite large. I didn't realize it until they marked it for the fence. For some reason we have one of the biggest lots in the neighborhood and Holly really appreciates that! Scott and I cruised through the neighborhood today and caught them building our fence. Exciting stuff!! We finalized our appliance shopping today and finally picked out our fridge and range. That was fun. Everything feels like it's really coming together. Less than 3 weeks!
We're also going to get a new washer and dryer but I haven't decided what I want yet. I'm leaning towards the Electrolux simply because I think they're cool and Kelly Ripa uses them. It's amazing what a celebrity endorsement can do. And just so you know, I think I'm just as excited about the extra little drawer storage underneath the new washer/dryer as I am the new washer/dryer. What woman doesn't love storage? Scott and I are going to spend our Easter with my family in Little Rock this year. We also want to shop for furniture while we're there. We did a little furniture shopping over the weekend and we finally found a coffee table!! We've possibly found a dresser for our bedroom too but we want to check out what Little Rock has first before we make any decisions. I'm just so ready to be done with the stuff we have to have right when we move in. There's other pieces we need but I'm in no hurry to find them. Actually completing the house will be a slow process and I'm excited about that. It will make it fun.
Holly couldn't decided where she wanted to be tonight. Bed or Sofa? BED? OR SOFA?? I made the decision easy for her. Bed ON Sofa. My Mom made an observation about Holly and her bed last week and she was dead on. She said Holly's bed is like her blankie. It's a comfort thing for her. Like a little kid with their blanket. She is SO right. Holly will get in her bed and just hang for an hour. I'm always like, hello? what are you doing just chilling in there???? I told Scott tonight that I'm going to get Holly a new bed for the new house to leave on the sofa. Since it's a sectional the bed won't take up any room at all and Holly will always have her "blankie" around us in the evening. Spoiled. Spoiled spoiled spoiled spoiled spoiled....

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Allow Me To Confess

1.) I planted so many flowers last year and not only have they decided to come back but they've multiplied!! I'm so proud of myself for making that happen and will totally be digging some of them up and bringing them with me to my new house.
2.) I put a heating pad under Holly's bed last night. I finally made her get out of her bed at 2:00 this afternoon. How was she not thirsty and bursting to go potty? If Holly could marry a heating pad she would.
3.) I went to my house the other day and my shoe shelves are already built. They are way amazing! I feel like Kim Kardashian.
4.) I just finished watching Dance Mom's. I've always said Chloe had the greatest potential. She got accepted to the Joeffrey School of Ballet this episode and Maddie didn't. Maddie's the better dancer now, Chloe will surpass her. I've said it from the beginning. Remember it.
5.) I bought some wine today. When I got carded the lady said "wow you look good for being born in 85." Huh? I was born in 85 my age isn't 85. I'm basically still a baby. What do you mean by that? I guess I'm just so confused.
6.) When I got done with my errands around 5:15 Scott was already home. (That never happens, it's always such a shock!) He helped me bring the wine in and sat it on the kitchen counter. Apparently he does a horrible job at that. 10 minutes later--BAM!!! All of the wine fell off the cabinet and catapulted to the floor. It was really sad. Five bottles-- and burned.
7.) I have decided to give Holly only Smartwater to drink now--because of the Electrolytes. It's okay if you think I have officially gone over the top. I agree with you.

Monday, April 2, 2012


My weekend was a little busy. Friday night we helped Scott's Mom get ready for a garage sale. We got to her house around 6 and were there until around 11. We dropped off a few things for her to sell for us. I'm happy to report we made $90! I felt like that was good especially since we didn't have much to sell and I was really wanting to get rid of it. I'd planned on having a garage sell myself but Jodie saved me from all of the trouble!
Saturday we had all of the parties. We ended up not being able to make it to the baby shower because our Saturday afternoon was a little crazy. We still ended up making it to Trey and Elyse's shower.
And Stina and Jonathans!Since we had such a crazy weekend I asked Scott if he wouldn't mind us skipping out on church. We just never got a chance to relax and normally I would never do that but I felt like we both needed it. So we slept in/got some stuff done around the house/relaxed and it was pretty nice. Since the weather was so lovely we spent the majority of the day outside. After Holly did her sniffing (not in the grass, she won't get in the grass??) we set a blanket on the table and plopped her on top of it. She LOVED it. The wind blew in her hair, she smelled the fresh air, and totally chilled just like this for a good 2 hours. I loved how content she was. It made me happy.
She makes me laugh though because she'll just stare off into nothing and I always wonder what she's seeing. I tried to find it. I wasn't successful.

It ended up being a good weekend. I gardened, slept in, saw a lot of friends, ate good food, and hung with my favs. All of them.