Monday, September 29, 2008


Don't you just hate it when you've been wedding planning all day and you're so exhausted from it you have to fight back tears and all you want to do is take an hour nap before you get in a car and drive 3 hours to Fayetteville but for some reason, everyone decides this is the best time to call your cell phone therefore preventing you from taking the nap you've been longing for since 3:00. Yeah me too. Bed Bath and Beyond just called me trying to tell me that I didn't register for enough items. I mean, I don't need to walk around with the 'gun' and scan the whole store. I registered for everything I need. I'm not going to walk around and scan a Yankee candle. I can buy that myself. I finally calmed him down by telling him that if need be, I'll come in and scan some towels.
Then my brother called. Some woman started breast feeding in the middle of the mall and he found it so disturbing he needed to make a phone call to tell me about it.
I'm just not in the best mood ever. I had a 3 hour long meeting with my flower lady and I swear nothing wears me out more. I'm almost at the point where I want to tell her to just surprise me. Then, to top it all off, my church lady that I was supposed to have a meeting with canceled on me. So now I'm going to have to make a whole other trip down to Little Rock.
All I wanted was a nap. That's all. Just a 1 hour nap. So now, I'll just stay up and wait on Scott to drive through Little Rock so we can have dinner together. I've had an exhausting day but if anyone wins the award for annoying exhausting day it's Scott. He drove all the way to Tulsa today to meet his dad and get a new car, only to not get it. So now, he's on his way back, going to stop and have din with me, then drive back to Memphis and wake up tomorrow at 5:45 a.m. to get to work at 7. I would not want his life right now. And to top it off he's back on the road again on Friday for the butt crack of dawn Razorback football game that we'll no doubt loose by 100 points on Saturday. Poor Scott. He needs a hug. And so do I.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding Registry

Today was a really fun day! Scott and I met in Little Rock and went to Dillards and Bed Bath and Beyond and set up our wedding registry! After a year of popping into Dillards to look at china patterns, I've finally chosen what I want and I'm very excited about all of my decisions! I've been looking forward to registering for a long time and I can't believe that the wedding is so near it's finally time to do this!
My Mom came along for the ride to help us pick and choose. Dad actually came as well but stayed long enough to grab my formal china from the display stand and place it on the set up table for me to see what everything would look like together. At Dillards, I was able to pick out my formal and casual china, stemware and flatware, and a few little extras along the way. Including Razorback platters that Scott is very excited about. He's really trying to force me to get solid red china and he's so dead serious about it. I told him I'd get him 4 red plates for Christmas. This just gives me one more website to look at when I'm bored which I'm very excited about.
While Dillards was the fun part for me, I thought Scott had died and gone to heaven at Bed Bath and Beyond. All he's been talking about for months is getting the 'gun' to scan items with. Bed Bath and Beyond was actually a lot of fun as I am quite 'mammaw' or so my friends think. Scott made fun of me that I wanted a progressive lettuce keeper but I honestly feel that will be quite useful. He said I don't keep lettuce for more than one day. Wanna know why that is? I don't have a lettuce keeper to put it in. We scanned lots of gadgets and other items that will definitely come in quite useful for us when we're married. I feel like we're going to have such nice things and that makes me so excited! I'm sure the spatulas I choose at Bed Bath and Beyond will work way better than the ones I got at Wal Mart in a package for $1.99. You can for real get a whole thing of cooking spoons and stuff like that in a package at Wal Mart for $1.99. I'm not making that up. And I know I just knocked it but they actually work pretty well. You get like 12 different spoons and laddels and grilled cheese flipper things. Pretty good deal really.
So yeah. That's what mine, Scott, and my Mom's day consisted of. We had a good time and I couldn't have done it without my Mom. Mom's are definitely a necessity when it comes to stuff like that. Mom was quick to point out things that I would never use and would be wasted space, and things she can't live without. Very helpful. Alright well I guess that's all I have for you!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bikes and Holly

I'm sitting here in Memphis watching Arkansas get their butts kicked by Texas. So embarrassing...
I drove to Memphis last night. Got in late. The ride wasn't too boring. I stopped by my parents house and ate dinner with them. I felt kind of bad because it was my parents wedding anniversary and I totally crashed it. I guess after 27 of them though it's alright. On my way from Little Rock to Memphis I listened to the debate on my XM. That made the drive go by pretty quickly. I felt very 1940 listening to the debate on my radio.
This week was a little uneventful. Bikes Blues and BBQ is going on in Fayetteville which is fine unless you work on Dickson street. Oh my goodness, there's just nothing like it. Every man and woman looks the same. The men all have goutes, grey hair, are the same build, and wear an eagle on the back of their leather jacket. Oh and I can't leave out their orange bandanna. The women all have dirty blond hair and are a huge fan of stone washed jeans and a black spaghetti strap shirt which is definitely worn too tight. They all wear a black scrunchie around their low ponytail which is very long and stringy (from the wind I guess). I felt slightly out of place as I pranced into my salon in my flower print dress, long pearl necklace, and Charles David wedges. And you wouldn't believe how tow happy Terry's Towing is. They are banking this weekend I'm sure. I have much beef with them as my car has unnecessarily been towed by them a few too many times.
I definitely enjoyed having my precious Holly stay with me all week. She's my little doodlebug. I love having her as a cuddle partner at night. However, for her only weighing 7 pounds, she sure manages to take up more of the bed than I do. I feel so retarded when I wake up at night hanging off the edge of my bed, but not wanting to move her out of the way for fear of waking her up. So I just hang out on the edge while she cozily lays her little body across the two pillows. I wouldn't trade it for anything :)
I'll leave you with a video of my precious pumpkin doodlebug. It's of her and her favorite toy that she's had since the day we got her. I'll post videos of all of her tricks eventually. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Charles Barkley's Golf Swing

Today wasn't very eventful for me. I woke up to Scott calling my phone and was shocked to see it was 10:30. I could have sworn it was 7:00. I never sleep that late but I did go to bed late so that'll be my excuse. Scott said he was embarrassed for me for sleeping that late!
I went to work today and Jake stopped by and I cut all of his hair off. We decided the swoop wasn't very professional although it was very cute. His short do looks quite nice.
Scott left me today :( He was able to stay through today because IP wanted him to work the career fair at the UofA today so it was nice that he was able to stay for so long but I'm sad he had to leave.
My friend Molly told me that I need clarify mine and Scott's situation because she was confused by my moving to Fayetteville and Scott not. Basically Memphis is miz and I had to get out. Scott compromised and decided he would move back to Fayetteville for me since Memphis does nothing for me and we've had to call 911 five times. The weekend after we decided we would move back I came up here and starting interviewing for jobs. I got the incredible offer from Black Sheep and decided I would start ASAP. The process for Scott finding a job is obviously a little harder and takes a lot longer so he's staying in Memphis working for IP until he gets a job offer here in NWA. So it's no fun at all not being able to see him every day like usual but hopefully he'll get up here soon. And we've actually been able to see each other quite a bit so it hasn't been so bad. I'm going to Memphis this weekend because Scott has done all of the traveling so far so now it's my turn. So that's that. Scott was very amazing for changing his life plan by leaving his job at IP to move up here. I'm very grateful that he's doing this for me. He could have very easily said no and I would have to be in Memphis for a few more years. He's a sweetheart and I love him so much for doing this just to make me happy. He's a good man.
Going political for a minute here....
Has anyone else heard that rumor that Biden is going to drop out as VP citing 'health issues?' He's supposedly going to do it after the first VP debate and Hillary is going to step in and become the new VP. Interesting gossip huh. Definitely not sure if that will happen. Everyone thought Hillary would raise hell at the DNC and she didn't so we'll just see.
Okay I guess I'm done blogging even though I have a lot more to talk about. No sense in boring you all though. I'll leave you with a funny little youtube clip. Has anyone ever seen Charles Barkley's golf swing? It's so freaking funny. Here's a video of that and the second is of Tiger Woods impersonating Charles Barkley's golf swing. Hope you laugh as hard as I do.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Too Early to Tailgate

Well I've had a fun weekend. It started on Friday night. Jake, Jaclyn, and I met up at my house and drove out to Dickson together. We started at On The Rocks and I had so much fun there because I was able to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in a long time. All of my college friends were there and I got to chat with them and it felt like old times. After OTR, we walked to Z bar because Barrett Baber was playing and we love him! Apparently everyone else does too because it was so packed and loud that it almost made it not fun. Scott showed up to Z once he drove in from Memphis and I was very excited to see him!
We woke up just a few hours later to get ready for the football game. We reluctantly got ready and drove to the hill to tailgate. At one point, I walked to the table full of food and started chowing down on the sausage balls and donuts only to look up and realize I was totally at the wrong tailgate. Everyone was just staring at me in silence wondering who the girl was. I just looked at them and said 'whoops! You're not my tailgate' said I was sorry and slunk away to the correct tailgate. That is why a game should not start at 11:30. People's minds aren't functioning right yet...
I'm not even going to comment on the game except to say I was one of the devoted Razorback fans who stayed to the bitter end. True fan...true fan.
We decided to have a low key night since Friday was so eventful and ate at Crabbys with my parents then went to Brad and Jaclyns house to chill. Very nice to do sometimes...
Today, Jake, Scott, and I are going to go to Scott's dad's house to eat and watch the Emmys. I'm very excited about the Emmys. Alright time to devote my time to Holly. She's staying with me for the week!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Productive Day

I just spent the last 30 minutes writing a blog and then decided I didn't feel like informing everybody about every detail of my life that went on today so I deleted and am starting over. Jake said that was very bi-polar of me. I was quite productive today not only with work but with wedding planning as well. It always feels good when I'm productive with my wedding planning. It makes me feel a pound lighter because that's how much stress I was carrying in my brain today. So yay. Now I can have a fun filled weekend with no worries. I am going to the game of course. I'll be getting there bright and early to tailgate with all of my friends and family. I'm not sure how fun it will be tailgating at 9 a.m. but there's nothing I can really do about it huh? Alright well mom, dad, and Holly are about to be here so I better go put the clean sheets on the bed. Jake made fun of me and said it's the first time he's ever seen my bed not made up. I'm sorry I just have to have a made up bed. I turn my alarm off, crawl out of my bed, and make it up. I can't sleep in an unmade bed. Just another one of my many quirks....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Day of Nothing

I'm sitting on my couch with Jake watching Newlyweds again. I'm sure all of you think I'm so cheesy that I'm on the the 1000 people in this country that actually bought those DVD's but oh well. Jessica Simpson is one of my top 5 favorite celebrities and Nick is my celebrity crush so I had no choice but to buy the videos.
Work was productive. I went to the salon even though I had no appointments and I got a walk-in! I was very excited but he was from out of town so I'll never see him again I'm sure. He's from Little Rock and just up here visiting and had no idea where anything was. That was confusing to me. He asked me what he should go and tour and I suggested Old Main and he didn't know what that was. Isn't that odd? I kinda thought so.
Jake and I are so mammaw and pappaw. I almost fell asleep on the couch watching Bill O'Reilly at 7:00 so we decided to get up and do something so we went to the mall. We walked in just about every store in the place. We spent 2 hours at the mall and had absolutely no reason to be there. Of course Jake and I tried to get some free food. If you walk by the Chinese places, they'll always try and get you to buy something by offering you a free sample. All you have to do is walk by them slowly and act interested and they always want to give you a toothpick with some kind of chicken on it. It works every time.
Jake and I cooked a delish din tonight. Not to toot my own horn but I'm a good cook and so is Jake. We always have yummy food but it is always low fat. I've been on a diet since March because I have a wedding soon and I don't want to look like rotunda in my dress. So I've been hungry for nearly a year now but it will definitely all be worth it.
Okay time to devote my full attention to Newlyweds!

I Have Air Conditioning!

My air is back on! It feels so nice and chilly in here. It's great. My landlord woke me up so early it was still dark outside to let me know the air people were on their way to fix it. I couldn't go back to sleep after that and I was so bad wishing I had a personal assistant who would run out to Chik fil A and get me a breakfast burrito and some hash browns with a tall orange juice. I didn't want it bad enough to go get it myself. Too much of a production. Now Jake and I don't have to eat every meal out anymore since cooking made it even more steamy in here than it already was. Even microwaving for 3 minutes made it more hot. I am about to head off to work for the first time today. I'm getting a slight late start on my day but that's one of the great things about being a hairstylist. This one's short because I don't have much to say but check back later tonight. I'm sure something will happen to Jake that will make for some good writing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nick and Jess

Jake and I are sitting on my couch right now watching my DVD's of Newlyweds. It makes me so sad that Nick and Jess aren't together anymore. They remind me of Scott and myself except that we don't argue as much as they do and we will not be getting a divorce. I wish they would get back together. What was Jessica thinking leaving him? He's so great.
If you read my blog earlier, you know that my air is out. Jake and I are sitting here with the window open waiting on a crazy to bust through. I guess I should feel better about it knowing that I'm in Fayetteville not Memphis. The air people came today and they said it has to be completely replaced so they're coming back tomorrow to do that.
I feel so fat right now. I just ate one of those small 88 cent bags of Cheetos. I opened it and put half in a bowl and saved the other half but I've eaten the whole thing now. I hate myself when I do that.
Nothing really interesting happened to me today. I went to work even though I didn't have appointments just to see if maybe a walk-in would come. No one did. Oh well.
Okay back to Nick and Jessica. Jake is laughing so hard and just said 'I want their lives.' They are cute but I like my life. I used to dream of having what they had and I thought it was not obtainable given my past relationships. However nothing could hold a candle to what I have with Scott. Not to sound know...whatever....but I like to think our relationship is perfect because it basically is. I credit it to Scott because he's so chill and all whatever. I am very aware that sometime within our next 50 years of marriage, something will probably come up and not be perfect, but for now, it's amazing so that's all I can ask for. I'm in love with him. Aww.
Okay time to stop. Bye!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Penguin Ed's

Happy Tuesday! Well, not really I guess. Scott and I just got back from a funeral. His stepdad's mother died on Saturday but she was able to live a long and happy life so we mainly celebrated the good life she lived. After the funeral, the family gathered at her house for lunch. They catered Penguin Ed's which was so yummy and I was a little bit embarrassed because I of course fixed a to go plate for dinner tonight. Enough for me, Jake, and Scott. I of course got made fun of by the whole family that doesn't know me very well yet but I really have no shame when it comes to that and I probably should.
Last night was fun. Scott, Jake, Brad, Jaclyn, Christina, and I went to a Young Professionals event in Rogers. It was at Crabbys and was a lot of fun. I had been to one before when I went on a date with a 29 year old long before I met Scott and it was fun too but this one was way better for obvious reasons. That guy didn't last long since we went out to eat after that and he insisted on feeding me himself. He cut my meat up for me and everything. SO WEIRD.
Everyone who went to the Young Professionals event at Crabbys received 2 tickets for free drinks. I, of course, searched the floor and was able to find two extra tickets. Scott's always so proud when I manage to do those kinds of things. After the event was over, we all ate dinner at Crabbys and it was so yummy.
My air is out at my house and I'm so grouchy because of that. They're coming to fix it tomorrow and tomorrow just can't come soon enough. I had to sleep with no covers on last night so I couldn't sleep as well because I love to cuddle with my comforter up to my chin.
On a happy note, I get to eat free Penguin Ed's tonight. I bet my brother is so jealous. Speaking of my brother, Landon bought a gold fish and he's already killed it. They think he gave it a heart attack and that totally wouldn't surprise me. Poor fish.
I've got to go to work now and sit in my chair and hope for a walk-in which I'm sure won't come but oh well. Free Penguin Ed's tonight!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun With Friends

Last night was a very fun night! Scott, Jake, Jaclyn, Stina, and Scott's dad, Randy, and I all went out to eat at Bordinos! It was YUMMY! Scott and I had the veal and it was delish. Jake, Jaclyn, and Christina all got the spinach fettuccini which is always a good choice and I ate quite a bit of their food also. After dinner, we all went to that new club, FIX. It was loads of fun but the bouncer was quite rude. He wouldn't let me in because I didn't have 2 forms of id even though I was showing him a government issued liscense that states I'm 23. It made me mad and it made Scott even more mad then me which is a very rare thing. He asked to speak to the manager and got it all straightened out. It's a very cool dance club and reminds me a lot of something you would see in LA or Vegas. Except the DJ wasn't as good as a DJ in Vegas or LA would be but that's alright. Maybe he'll get better. There were tons of people there and for some reason, so many people kept making fun of Jake's lovely haircut. One guy was really rude to him about it, and I told him that Jake was sporting the 2008 Zac Effron look unlike him who was still stuck in 2004 with the Ryan Cabrara. I don't have a tolerance for mean people especially when they're being mean to my friends. I'll straighten them out right away.
After we left FIX, we pretended to be college students again and went to Z bar. It was loud and cramped. I'm getting too old to enjoy anything like that these days. I did run into Benny boy and was so happy to see him! While we were at Z, Ike decided to come and greet us and poor Jake had to run many blocks to go get the car and pick us up and take us home. He was drenched and I felt bad for him but it was also kind of funny because he was so dramatic about the whole thing...of course. We continued on with our trying to be college kids night and went to T-Bell. I hate myself in the morning when I do that because you can so tell in my tummy that I ate a number 5 from there. I'm not going to do that again. Once we got home, I had a slumber party at my house with Jake, Scott, Brad, and Jaclyn. This morning, we woke up and had lunch at US Pizza and now, all of the boys are napping and I'm stuck here blogging because I'm wide awake and there's nothing else to do!
Okay so I guess I'll stop blogging and watch Fox news. Have a nice lazy Sunday!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm Back Finally

Oh my goodness! After too many days of no internet access, Jake, Scott, and I have finally figured out how this computer thing works these days and FINALLY have internet again. Whew.
So not much has been going on really. Just busy working (sort of) and getting settled into my house. I'll tell you something that is a little bit entertaining/gross. I just happened to look under my bed for a reason I'm not sure of anymore, and guess what I see! An Elmo sippy cup filled with milk. Clearly it belongs to Landon, and just to let you know, the last time Landon was in Fayetteville was JUNE!!! I didn't even bother to open the cap and put it in the dishwasher. I just threw it straight in the trash. I'm sure the smell would make me pass out. I'll just go to Wal Mart and buy Landon a new Elmo sippy cup.
Work is going good. I'm not just flooded with clients which is a little depressing so I'm going to need all of you who are reading this and living in Fayetteville to come see me at Black Sheep.
Yesterday, Jake and I were driving down Gregg and their was a car in front of us with a bumper sticker that said 'The only bush I trust is my own.' How disgusting is that? I want to know why liberals are so screaming unclassy. You would never see anything like that on a conservatives car. Have you ever noticed that it's not uncommon for liberals to have bumper stickers ALL OVER their cars but conservatives only have 1 tiny bumper sticker during election season, placed neatly in the corner of their back windshield, and it's removed immediately after the election is over? Just saying...
Last night was a good night. Scott and I went out to eat with his grandparents and his Dad. I always love getting to eat with Grandma and Grandpa except they eat at 5:00 and by 7:00 I feel like it's time for me to go to bed because Grandpa likes to order lots of drinks and wine for everyone. But it's fun because he insists on everyone ordering their OWN appetizer and dessert. And if he thinks the sides aren't big enough he insists you order extras just in case. So funny. After dinner, Scott and I went to his dad's house where I took a two hour nap before meeting Braclyn, Jake, and Stina at aloft at 9:30.
Tonight, the crew is going to eat at Bordinos then who knows what after that. I'm sure we'll find some way to entertain ourselves as always.
And to finish this off, here is a video of Joe Biden speaking about a state senator, Chuck Graham, who happens to be in a wheel chair.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of Work

Yesterday was my first day of work and I loved it! I only had 1 client, Jake, but still it was fun! All of the girls are SO nice. I know I'm going to love working there!
Last night, I hung out with Jake, Christina, Brad, and Jaclyn and we had a lot of fun! We went to Theos to eat some of their bar food, then headed to the new wine bar. The wine bar was so cool! It was very mellow and they played Frank Senatra music the whole time. Very cool place to chill.
I'm about to start my day and get ready for work. I only have 1 client for the day so far, Scotts dad. Hopefully more people will call and book appointments.
I believe I'm going to eat Slims for lunch. Jake and I ate Flying Burrito yesterday and it was so yummy! All I need to eat now is Slims, La Huerta, and Penguin Eds and my Fayetteville food cravings will be fixed. Okay better get my day started! Hope yours is great! Come see me at Black Sheep! 479-443-7776.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

For Jake

If any of you read Jake's blog, I'm sure you read the 'tagged' one and I'm bored and finally decided to participate. I don't really know what tagging means but here...I'm tagging Jake...Okay never mind I spent 4 minutes trying to figure that out and I can't and don't care anymore.
So here's the point in this.
The rules are:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag six bloggers by linking.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger

I'm not going to do the last two but I'll do the rest.

1. I tap with my fingers. Like, I do tap steps with my fingers. I started doing it when I competed in pageants and tap was my talent my first year and I would 'practice' my tap routine by tapping with my fingers. So annoying even to me.

2. If I eat gummy bears, I eat two at a time and one of them is always a red one.

3. I am OCD when it comes to organization. My mom said when I was 4, she walked into my room and my clothes were all over the floor and she asked me what I was doing and I told her I was organizing my drawers.

4. Sometimes when I'm taking a shower and I have my iphone playing music, I'll pretend like I'm making a music video and the video is of me singing in the rain. I get very into it. Should I admit that?

5. I absolutely have to take a bath before I get into my bed. I feel gross if I don't and can't go to sleep.

6. When I put chapstick on, I rub it around my lips for a good 30 seconds. It feels really good to rub it on for that long.

I could probably list 6 more. I've got lots of quirks....Okay why not.

7. All of the light switches have to be pointed in the same direction. I can't have 1 up and 1 down if they're on the same pannel.

8. I play with my engagement ring. I move it up and down my finger all the time which has caused me to drop it twice and I've had to take it back to Romance Diamond and have them fix it because it's knocked the diamond loose.

9. I WILL NOT walk on a hotel floor in bare feet. WILL NOT. Gross. Or take a bath in one. You couldn't pay me a million dollars. I don't pull up the comforter to me either. It gets folded down and stays on the foot of the bed.

10. If I'm pushing a buggy at Wal Mart, I won't push it with my hands. I'll either push it with my arms or if I'm wearing long sleeves, I'll pull my sleeve down over my hands and push it. Germs.

11. I will not put my purse down on a public restroom floor. I have come into situations before where I have dangled my purse around my neck because the stall didn't have a hook for my purse. And don't even get me started on how many times I layer the toilet with paper.

12. I have to fall asleep with the TV on. Sleep timer is the greatest thing ever.

**Bonus quirk** I wash my fruit with soap.

Back in Fayetteville

I'm back in Fayetteville! I'm sitting in my cozy little house watching Fox News with my mom and Holly. It feels so good to be back up here knowing I don't have to go home anytime soon! I'm almost done organizing my house and getting everything settled. I had a garage sale yesterday to get rid of some of the unnecessary items I have. It turned out to be pretty successful which is great! I hate clutter in my house so I was more excited about getting rid of all of that than anything else. My agenda for today is to deep clean the house and organize the guest closet, which will be Jake's closet since he's coming to live with me for a few weeks.
I'm so excited about starting my new job! I popped into the salon yesterday to meet some of the girls and speak with the receptionist about my future appointments and how they run the salon. Everything is so great and I know I'm going to love working at Black Sheep. COME SEE ME!
Okay I guess I'm going to go heat up my Outback grilled shrimp and steamed veggie leftovers then get busy with my house!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am in love with Sarah Palin! I have a total girl crush on her! She blew me away last night at the RNC. She's the first woman politician who has ever inspired me. She seems like the average PTA mom which is so unlikely in a woman politician. Most women politicians don't act like women at all. They do their best to act like power ball men and that turns me off. (aka Hillary, Nancy)I'm not very feminist at all. I probably should be a little more feminist actually. I'm all about a man running this country and the household and everything else for that matter except for a clothing store or a makeup counter. I'm very old fashioned in that sense. I think that's because no woman has given me a reason to believe any differently. Sarah Palin did last night and it really changed my opinion on women in the political arena. I don't think she's going to play that whole be as butch as I can, wear a pantsuit, never show some leg, wear plain makeup and only have my hair cut to look like a football helmet card. SO REFRESHING! Now all we've got to do is put John McCain in a pink tie and the world of politics will never be the same!
Speaking of John McCain, I'm in love with him too. After watching his and Obama's interviews at Saddleback, John McCain made me feel so safe in him being the leader of my country. He answered his questions with such precision and accuracy. He didn't beat around the bush or try to explain his reasoning on issues. He just said what he believes and hit the nail on the head. I think he's going to be very much like Ronald Reagan.
As for Barack Obama at Saddleback....where do I begin? He stutters and stumbles and takes 40 freaking hours to answer a question. You can see the wheels spinning in his head as he tries to think of how to answer something. He doesn't know what he believes. It is so clear to me why he has refused to do debates with McCain. He can only sound good when he has a prepared speech that someone else wrote for him. It's not a democrat thing for me, it's just an Obama thing. If any of you haven't watched the interviews at Saddleback, I highly encourage you to do so. You probably haven't heard much about it because the left-wing media doesn't discuss it because Obama did so badly. That's why I only watch Fox news. It's the only way you can get accurate information about politics.
That's a whole other post I guess. I could go on forever about that topic......

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm taking a break from packing. Moving is probably one of the more miserable things in this world. I like to be organized while I pack which takes a lot of thinking and my brain is tired so I'll just blog now.
Last night, Scott took me to eat at my 2nd favorite restaurant in Memphis, Encore. It was so yummy, as always. Encore is definitely a restaurant that I'll miss. I'll miss a lot of Memphis restaurants. The city sucks but they have GREAT food! On Thursday we're going to eat at Spindini which is, by far, the best restaurant in the whole wide world. I'll miss Spindini SOOOO bad! Everything on the menu is delish!
I'm contemplating eating at Rendezvous tonight so I can completely fulfill my Memphis restaurant cravings but I really want to watch the RNC so I dunno. That's a thinker....
Okay I guess I should get back to packing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Black Sheep

I have some very exciting news! After living in Memphis for a little over a year now, I've come to realize it's just definitely not the place for me. I've come home to a random naked man sleeping in my bed, had police bust my door down at 1 in the morning after I refused to open it, (they had the wrong house clearly) watched a teenage boy steal 5 coach bags, had my car demolished after it exploded into flames for no reason, watched my apartment suffer horrible smoke damage because the apartment next door was on fire, and been approached by countless "homeless" people wanting my hard earned money so they can smoke crack and get high all day long. Memphis just doesn't scream Pleasentville to me so I'm over it.
As you know, I went to Fayetteville this weekend for the game. On Friday, I had an interview with the new salon on Dickson Street. It is an amazing salon! It's very urban and so cute and they sell Bumble and Bumble products which are my absolute favorite! The interview went great and the salon was too good to be true! I accepted the job offer and will begin working a week from today!! I'm so excited and can't wait to start! All of you who live in the NWA area will have to come see me to get your hair done!!!
So I'm leaving my precious Scotty behind and moving to Fayetteville this weekend. It will be sad not getting to see Scott every day but we both have webcams in our computers so we'll still get to see each other I guess. It's bittersweet for me but moving to Fayetteville is definitely something I need to do since fearing for my life has become an everyday occurrence. I've always kept my little house that I had in Fayetteville so all I've got to do is move my clothes right back into my closet! My BFF Jake is going to move to Fayetteville too and live with me for a little bit! It will be like the old college days all over again! I'm so happy and really looking forward to the next week!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I had a great long weekend! I went to Fayetteville for the Razorback game and had a wonderful time! Scott took Friday off from work so it was an extra long weekend for us! We met up with Braclyn for lunch and had dinner with Scotts dad at Bordinos. After dinner, we met up with Braclyn and Ashley at Theos. My brother and his friends even stopped by for a bit which was fun. Then we headed to Grubs to meet Jake. Saturday was great fun too! Scott and I tailgated at the Julians tailgate spot. Many of my friends, and my family were there! The game was 'snorefest fall 2008' since I apparently could qualify to be a Razorback football player. Hopefully the next game won't make me fall asleep.
On Sunday, a bunch of us hung out at Jaclyns parents house. We got some sun, ate pizza, drank tankinis, swam, and had a great time! Later that evening, Scott's dad cooked us a fabulous din and then we drove to Fayetteville to see Scott's friend, Matt, at Georges.
Here is a video of Brad, Jaclyn, Jake, Scott and myself tailgating. It's not entertaining but you know how much I love a picture and a video clip! I will point out the somewhat entertainingness of the video. It starts with Brad and Jaclyn making out because they're not aware that I'm filming. Then I tell Scott to film "the three of us" (meaning Jake and Jaclyn) and Jake grabs the camera and tries to film because he's confused. And finally, while we are looking ridiculous singing the William Tell Overture, Jaclyn proceeds to call the Hogs which is not something you do during the William Tell Overture.