Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bentonville Snow

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Little Rock Snow

Looks like Little Rock got a little snow too! My Dad emailed these images to me today.
The back of my parents house...
This is a creek that's right behind my parents house. Literally 20 steps from the back door. So beautiful!!!

Great pictures Dad!! So beautiful. I'll take some today around NWA and post them later.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day!!

It's coming down hard!! I took a video to show the blizzard of snow coming down but in the video it doesn't even look like it's snowing at all. The last time I looked out the window was around 7:30 and you could still see grass. Just ice was on the ground. 11:00 rolls around and this is what it looks like and believe it's supposed to do this all day long. Literally.

Scott stayed home from work today! Yay! I actually get to see my husband. I'm very surprised he stayed home. It's just because his office is closed otherwise he'd be there!! But look what he did. He says he needs two monitors to get his work done so he unplugged the TV in our bedroom to make it monitor number 2. He's just a touch intense.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ice Storm 2010

Oookay. The ice is beating down on my windows. It sounds like really tough rain. I'm about to take a hot bath in case my electricity/hot water goes out. I would die. I'm miserable in a cold shower. I don't think I'm very prepared if that happens. I don't think it will which is why I'm not prepared. I went to Walmart today and bought some apples, wheat thins, and peanut butter. That sufficient.
Anyone watch the State of the Union? I did. The WHOLE thing. Whew! It was long. I don't really have any comments except that I wish Nancy would just stay in her seat.
Man I'm boring. I seriously have nothing to talk about. I'm sleepy and ready for bed but it's 7:00 so that doesn't really work. I'm in the mood for a movie that has snow in it. I'm hungry but I've already eaten dinner. I'm getting zillions of save the dates in the mail. This summer is going to be wedding after wedding after wedding....
Why haven't we captured Osama yet? Seriously. But no like seriously I'm so serious. I'm watching the news right now (of course) and that really bugs me that he's still out there. Almost 10 years now. Too long. One time in El Dorado not long after 9/11 I honestly thought I saw him driving down North West Avenue. I freaked out and almost called 911 but then realized there's no way he'd just chill in ElDo.
Also when I went to Walmart today I picked up the latest US Weekly with Brangelina on the cover. I'm NEVER interested in hearing any story about them because you know I'm big time Team Aniston. But this headline says 'Brad's Misery' so I grabbed it. They're on all the covers right now because they're supposedly on the verge of a split. Okay that would be terrible since they have like 84 kids but honestly I would not be sad. I don't predict him and Jen would ever get back together (although I would die) but I knew 5 years ago when he did that he was making a mistake and it wouldn't last. My parents make so much fun of me for believing this stuff but in my celebrity obsession experience when People, E! or Us Weekly cover it, it usually ends up being true. I tried to tell my brother and Dad that it was rumored Tiger was having an affair. They didn't believe me. The next day---BANG! See.
Hmmm....okay well I guess I'm done. Wish me luck that my power doesn't go out!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


WOO HOO!! Scott and I are taking our much needed vacation! Scott's been talking to his travel agent all day and I think we've finally got a date set and a trip booked! We decided last night that we're going to go the first week of April. We were going to do the first week of March but Scott's a touch uncertain what his work schedule would be like so we're doing April just in case. I'm very very excited. Check it out!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow Storm

Two in one day?? Woo Hoo I'm bored. So I've been watching the news (you know how I love to watch the news) and we, I believe, are getting a very bad winter storm this weekend. Yay! Okay people hate these but I love them. Scott says it's because I'm from South Arkansas. He blames everything on that. I memorize words to a rap song and he's like 'it's cause you're from SA. Or I love Dairy Queen and he's like 'it's because you're from SA.' Anyways...I get excited about snow storms. I love snow! I know I probably seems like an incredibly prissy girl given the shoes, and the hair job, and the pageants and all that but I totally love outdoorsy stuff. Like I'd love to go camping but Scott would never go for that. Hiking? Love to. Rafting? Duh! Hike Everest? Check. I really want to buy a bike so I can go biking or whatever you call it. I definitely have a masculine side to me....I guess that's what you would call it. So while I love summer I truly enjoy the winter as well.
Last year NWA got a terrible winter storm. I happened to miss it since I was in sunny St. Lucia at the time. Everyone in the airport who knew we were from Arkansas was like 'oh you guys got it bad!!' Scott and I were like 'HUH??? Clueless.' (we didn't have a tv on our honeymoon) So we missed it all. I was definitely in for a surprise when I arrived at my house in Fayetteville and my 1 little tree was sitting on my roof. Neat.
Brrr!!! It's freakin freezing in my house right now. Where's Scott? He's usually sitting on the couch with me. Now that I think about it he's been MIA from the living room for a good 30 minutes. What in the world could he be doing....
ANYWAYS. I love Karl Rove.
Anyways again.....Braclyn came over for din tonight. We introduced them to the wii. They loved it! We've got a pending wii date for the weekend. I knew Brad would enjoy. He made sooooo much fun of Scott for his boxing video. Brad looked the exact same. He actually looked over at me at one point and said 'don't record this.' I got really tickled because Brad tried SO HARD to win this tennis game. Jaclyn got up and beat Brad's record by a zillion points on her first try. HEHE.
Alright well....I guess it's shower time. You know how I have to have my nightly shower. Plus TMZ is on and it requires my full attention.

PS Scott was folding clothes. Love that.

Monday, January 25, 2010

1 Year Wedding Anniversary

I have been MIA from the blogger world because I had a special celebration last weekend. My 1 year wedding anniversary! Scott and I got married a year ago on Sunday. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was such an amazing and beautiful day! Everything I wanted and more.
While Scott and I were on our honeymoon, we made a decision to always take a trip on our anniversary so we could always make it a big celebration! So a few months ago Scott contacted his family's travel agent telling her what we were wanting. She did great finding Jade Mountain for us so we're letting her take over from now on! She emailed us back with some options, we fell in love with one of them, and decided to go with it!
So Scott went to his boss and told him our plans and his boss said no!! WHAAAAT? He said that was their most busy time and we'd have to go sometime between March and May because that's when they're slow. can't even imagine my rage. I cried even. Not at Scott....just his ridiculous work schedule. (Remember the night he came in at 4 am only to get up and go back to work at 8 am? Yeah....) So we're taking our trip later. We're booking tomorrow. I'll post where we're going tomorrow! SO our anniversary weekend rolls around the corner and I'm really sad because I always imagined us to be away celebrating it somewhere. Not eating at Bonefish, Bordinos, or Theos like we do every weekend. So I start internet searching and decided we just needed to go to VEGAS!! But I wanted to make sure we were there on Sunday since that was our actual anniversary date so Scott needed to take Monday off. So he asked his boss and again...he said NO!! Ugh. Like....SO MAD. Again...not at Scott.
Well, I think Scott realized how important it was for me to be away. Everyone has their things that are important to them and celebrating our anniversary in a really big way is very important to me. I never want that day to be an ordinary day for us. So Scott talked to me about going to Memphis or Dallas or Kansas City for the weekend and while all three places I love, they're all 5 hours away and we'd spend our anniversary driving in a car since Scott just couldn't miss work on Monday. (ugh)
So by Saturday I had given up. I went over to Jaclyns and was super sad. I came home and Scott wasn't there. ??? About 45 minutes later he showed up with a bottle of this
And some of these....
and told me to pack my bags because we were going to Eureka Springs. He said he was so sorry our trips didn't work out but Eureka is only an hour from our house, we can stay on Sunday night and wake up and drive home in the morning and he can still make it to work. Plus, since it's a touristy town they'd have great restaurants open on Sunday for us to eat at and we could celebrate our anniversary on the actual day. I'd never been to Eureka before and had always wanted to go so we packed our bags and 45 minutes later we were headed out of the door.
Scott booked us the best room at the Crescent Hotel which was so beautiful! It was built in the late 1800's and totally looked like it on the inside! Very Victorian, old & restored, just very historic! So cool.
We arrived at the Crescent around 6 and got settled in then headed to Ermillios for dinner. Okay umm...YUM! Italian, amazing, cozy, relaxing, chill, inexpensive. Delicious!! Scott and I are totally driving there one night just to eat then coming back. So good! A new fav.
After dinner Scott suggested we check out some local pubs since they're supposedly really cool and part of the whole 'eureka flare' so we headed downtown to check them out. We walked in and Scott was like ' we don't belong here.' Throughout my weekend I learned that Eureka is very umm...hippie. Scott and I are more city folk! We stood out like a sore thumb. It was okay though because we still had a great time. On Sunday we had an amazing brunch at our hotel then walked around downtown Eureka. We ate lunch at Local Flavor which was yummy then we came back to our hotel to relax. Scott made us reservations at Rogues Manor for our anniversary dinner. We popped open our champagne while we were getting dressed then headed to Rogues for a delicious dinner!Our dinner was amazing! Filet for Scott, Sea Bass for me.
We brought the top of our wedding cake as our dessert. Actually the lady who made my cake made a whole separate cake for us to eat on our 1 year anniversary so we wouldn't have to deal with the mess of the top layer and all that. I was surprised when I opened the box and this is what it looked like. I was a little nervous about how good it would taste after being frozen for a year but it was delicious!! It's so huge! Scott and I have been snacking on it still. I think we'll finish it off by tonight.
All in all it was a really fantastic weekend. It was very simple but very perfect because it was just me and Scott and really great food! We had such a great time. No internet access, no working on the laptop, no worries. Just us! The way it should be all the time. I wouldn't change it for anything. Not even our beach trip or Vegas. It was simply perfect. I've had the best year of my life. I've got my buddy! My best friend all the time. He takes care of me and makes me feel safe. They say the first year is the hardest. If so then I feel really great about all of the years ahead because the first year was absolutely fabulous!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


This morning I woke up very early to head down to El Dorado for Seth's funeral. Sad day. Really sad day. I sat there thinking to myself as I looked at all of my friends from high school about how wrong it was for us to be there. Funerals are supposed to be for old people who've lived their life all the way to the fullest, for decades, creating children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Looking at the pallbearers who were all great friends of mine broke my heart. No young man should have to do that for a friend. It's just sad. The Barry's continue to be in my prayers constantly all day long. Mom couldn't even look at them. My heart hurts for them so badly. I cannot imagine....don't want to.
When my mom called me to tell me about Seth I told her that it was so strange because just 2 nights before he ran across my mind. I told her I haven't talked to Seth in a while so it was kinda strange that he just popped in my head. Then my mom said something to me that I think has forever changed my life. She said that she has moments like that where people she hasn't seen or thought about in a while come into her head for no reason. She said she believes that's God saying to you 'pray for them.' I believe she is 100% correct. From now on, when someone random pops in my head, instead of thinking to myself 'weird, wonder what they're up to.' I'm going to instead say a quick prayer for them. You never know what God may do with that.
I have so many thoughts going through my head but I don't want to bore anyone with them. All that I want to say is the word blessed has taken a whole different meaning to me. From now on blessed is my family and my friends that I get to see and talk to whenever I want to. That's a blessing and I'm beyond greatful for that.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Substitute Teacher

Today started out annoying. I woke up very early and headed to the Bentonville Public Schools administration office because I decided I wanted to substitute teach on my days off. Fun huh. So I get there at the crack of dawn and wait amongst the sea of people waiting to get interviewed. I'm the dead last one....go in the office, talk to the lady for about 3 minutes tops only to be told I'm not qualified to substitute teach because I've never done it before. Excuse me? What's there to do? You hand out the assignment the teacher leaves for you then you get back to your magazine. A sub is basically a designated baby sitter for students. I'm so confused. Whatever.
I was so hungry today I ate lunch at 10:00. Sonic grilled chicken wrap. It's good. And a diet coke. Yummy! I never have DC.
I drove down to Little Rock this afternoon. Mom and I are driving to El Dorado tomorrow to go to Seth's funeral. It's been a sad week. I can't stop talking to Mom about it. It just breaks my heart. If I let myself think about all of the fun times and great memories we had tears will just start pouring out of my eyes. This is the first time I've ever dealt with the death of a friend. It makes me sad that it's been so long since I've talked to him. I'm sure tomorrow morning will be really tough.
Even though I've been really sad all week, I got to come home to this today. And if this doesn't put a smile on your face then I don't know what will.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I got in bed hours ago but I just can't fall asleep. My heart is heavy. My mom called me today....or yesterday I suppose, and said 'I have some really sad news for you.' One of my high school friends died today. I'm so sad. I can't stop crying. My heart is just broken for Seth's parents. It's unbelievably cruel that this is their second time to endure the loss of a child. A pain so deep I can't even imagine it.
I got to know Seth really well my junior year in high school. He and my high school boyfriend were best friends. It worked out perfectly that Seth was dating one of my best girlfriends, Sydney. They were our couple buddies. I always enjoyed being around Seth. He had such a beautiful heart. Just a really great guy. My prayers are endless for his parents and everyone else who loved him so very much. It's so sad. So unbelievably sad.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes Style

I wasn't just blown away by any of the stars on the red carpet. The dresses were just so so to me. Where was Eva Longoria? She always looks glam on a red carpet! Anyways, here's my picks. These women looked so beautiful on TV last night. It was more the colors of the gowns that caught my attention....the photos don't quite do them justice. Also I thought the mom from Modern Family looked gorg but I couldn't find a picutre of her.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Globes Results

Of course I watched from Red Carpet Premiere at 4 til the very end! I LOVE award shows.
Let's start with red carpet. Who did I like....well that may have to come tomorrow when I can just do a picture post. Let's talk about how it's becoming popular to not walk the red carpet. Reese, Jennifer, & Kate are starting to become huge fans of that which I don't support. Cameron didn't walk it too. Not cool.
Let's talk about how Jennifer Aniston thinks the only color that exists is black and how she thinks her hair can only be worn down and plain. I'm so over that. So I love her. LOVE HER. I'll watch any movie she's in. But really why does she only wear black and why is her hair always just blown with a diffuser and then that's all? I would fall off the couch if I ever saw her in purple or blue or pink. I wish she would just step out of the box. She discovered she likes black and ran all the way to the finish line with it. It's not just for award shows although that's the main place she wears only black. It's in her every day clothing as well. I'm over it. Over it. I will no longer look forward to seeing her on a red carpet since I already know what she'll look like. She's my fav celebrity but I'm so annoyed with her from now on out.
Let's talk about how Courtney Cox is unbelievably gorgeous and how nobody ever talks about it. Why isn't she on People's most beautiful cover ever? She's drop dead gorg. I wish people gave her more recognition for it.
Yay for Glee!!
I'm gonna need to go see Avatar.
You know I'm obsessed with The Blind Side. It's without a doubt one of my absolute favorite movies of all time. I'm so so happy Sandy won best actress for it. You know they say the Golden Globes are basically the same winners as the Oscars. I'm crossing my fingers!
Speaking of Sandra Bullock did you see The Proposal? It's so good!!! (To the the walls!!)
Okay...the after show on E! just started. Gotta devote my attention to it. My favorite Globe gowns tomorrow....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Golden Globes

TGIF. I'm so happy it's the weekend. I've been bored all week long. I feel as if my life is lacking excitement. It's just been blah. Mom and Dad are off in Vegas having a grand ol' time. They go to Vegas probably 7 times a year I swear. They loooove Vegas. I talked to Mom last night and she said we'll take a girls trip soon. GOOD! I'm in desperate need of one. I'm sure we'll go to Vegas....
I'm excited because the Golden Globes are on Sunday! It's my favorite award show. TV & Movies! Can't get much better. I always want to eat pizza when award shows are on. I don't know why.
I'm thinking about doing a pilates class at 12 during lunch. I've never done a pilates class before. I know they're a great workout for your muscles though. We'll see. I'm trying to be better about mixing up my workout.
Hmm....okay I'm really boring. I just can't think of anything exciting to write about. That proves how boring my life is. Have a great weekend.
Take a look at some pictures I found of movie stars at the Golden Globes in the 50's and 60's. Oooohh to have only been so lucky to have been alive during those glamorous times!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Idol, Eye Doctor & The Bachelor

I'm watching the season premiere of AI right now. I know so many people love this part, with the auditions and all but it's my least favorite. I'm tempted to try and find some 'grandest yacht' 'best beach homes' 'best lake homes' kinda show. I love those.
Today I finally had my eyes checked. I've been due for a loooong time. I've been wearing the same pair of contacts for about 4 months now. For those of you who don't know, the max time is supposed to be 2 weeks. I never know who to go to as far as doctors go up here in NWA. I've been pleased with all of Scott's doctors so far. He recommended an eye doctor to me so I went to him. LOVE HIM!! He's so great. Young. I like young doctors. He's actually the brother-in-law of one of my Sigma Chi buddies! And his wife's best friend is originally from El Dorado and she just happened to go to my church so I know her family very well. Anyways...I got 5 packs of contacts and a new pair of glasses. I felt I needed a 'nerdy' looking pair of glasses as opposed to my classic Kate Spade glasses that I only feel cute wearing after I've washed off my make-up while wearing my PJ's watching TV. Glad it's over with.
Speaking of doctors, I finally figured out my intense, sharp, miserable pelvic pains. I have endometriosis. That just goes to show how ignorant my doctor is. She should have picked up on it immediately instead of making me go to hospitals and other doctors 14 times. The other partner in her practice figured it out in 8 minutes tops. I'll be seeing her from now on. Actually my mom thought that's what it was from the beginning. Anyways, I've got it under control now and have been feeling great. Not that big a deal. A lot of people have asked so just thought I'd tell.
Anyone watch the Bachelor last night? I haven't watched it for a good 5 seasons. I got suckered in because of all the publicity from Rozlyn. So Scott and I watched last night. That show kills me. I roll my eyes the whole time. They're so cheesy and I hate how they scream when they see the guy. It's so redic. Be cool girls. Be cool. Anyways, it blew my mind when the girls cried when they were told Rozlyn was leaving. Seriously? The prettiest girl just got kicked out. Smile and be happy. I could never be on that show. I told Scott if I were though I'd totally be the hard to get girl who was super cool and chill. Haven't people figured out by now that's what works? Anyone remember Tina Fabulous from senior year in high school? So obsessed with her! I'd be just like her.
Hmmm...okay I'm gonna try to find a yacht show now. TTYL.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

This post is much delayed! I thought I'd share my Christmas with everyone. This year was a great Christmas! Landon was in Arkansas this year which made Christmas more magical! He is spoiled rotten in our family given that he's the only grandchild. Our Christmas celebrations were typical for Scott and I. We celebrated with his Mom and Steve on the 23th, had Christmas with his Dad's side of the family on the 24th then drove down to Little Rock to spend it with my family on the 25th, and on the 26th with my extended Luttrell family. It always makes it nice because Christmas lasts 4 days!! This year was a little bit different for my family since Landon was here. I woke up around 8:30. We sat around and waited for Kyle to tell us when Landon was up because we were going to head to his house to watch Landon open presents. He didn't wake up until about 9:30!! Can you believe that? I was up at 4 a.m. on Christmas when I was his age. Kyle lives close to my parents so Mom, Dad, Scott and I hopped in the car and headed to Kyle's to watch Landon open all of his presents.

Santa Clause had some cookies and milk!

After Landon opened all of his presents at my brothers, the rest of us headed back home so Mom and I could finish up our Christmas cooking! We had lunch around 1:30 then Landon got to open a zillion more presents from his Pops and Gamma and me and Scott.

Mom and I got really tickled at this. Here is Landon's present to his Daddy. Mom wrapped it and told Landon to fill out the card. She said 'okay Landon put to Daddy from Landon.' So he wrote his name first then mom said 'now put Daddys name here write D-A-D..." and Landon interputed her and said 'that's not how you spell his name. It's K-Y-L-E' So that's what he wrote on the card. To Kyle from Landon. Haha!
So that was our Christmas! It was a great one! I know Landon had a fantastic Christmas. To finish off, I was standing in the kitchen and saw Landon through the window trying to use his pogo stick. I thought it was cute so I filmed it. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

High Maintance? Nah.

Every time I go on group trips with friends I realize how 'different' I am from them. I never realize this in my day to day life because Scott and I are SOOO alike with everything and my Mom and Dad are the same too....probably why I am the way I am. Here's some examples and my friends know I feel this way. I'm pretty sure it drives them crazy and they think I'm 'high maintenance' for this but I, of course, think it's totally the right way to do it.
1.) I take two showers a day. One in the morning and one right before I go to bed. The before bed shower is absolutely a necessity. I cannot crawl into my sheets being dirty. It grosses me out. Scott used to not do that but I required that he did....and now he's the same way. He can't get in bed dirty...grosses him out now too.
2.) I shave my legs every. single. day. Seriously. EVERY. SINGLE. SOLITARY. DAY. This occurs during my morning shower. My mom does too so I never realize that's weird until I find that my friends don't do that. I was super duper sick one time about 2 years ago and I actually didn't at all that day (you know I was super sick if I didn't do that) and I couldn't fall asleep because my prickly legs were rubbing against each other. I hopped up at 1 in the morning and got in the bath and shaved. All was well after that.
3.) I make my bed everyday. I've told you guys that before. Apparently people don't do that and it's weird that I do.
4.) I would never just leave anything out. Every item has a place to be stored and that's where it should go. Make-up bag--in the drawer. Hairdryer--drawer. Shoes--shoe rack. Coat--closet. You get it....Especially on a vacation. It's a small confined space!
5.) I cannot go to sleep if I know I have a dirty kitchen. All dishes, pots, pans, cups, and silverware are cleaned and in the dishwasher after every cooked meal.
6.) I don't like clutter. My house may have dust bunnies on the floor but you won't see one thing out of place. Except for right now I have two magazines and an empty water bottle on my floor but don't worry....they'll be thrown away as I head to bed.
7.) I think I wash my hands too much. I'm a big germaphobe. I wash my hands when most people wouldn't. Like....after pumping gas, doing dishes, cleaning the house, coming home from Walmart....etc. You know in the movie As Good As It Gets where Jack Nicholson's character opens up a brand new soap, washes his hands, then throws the soap bar away? Totally get it.
8.) I would never walk around a hotel barefoot. I've told you this before. Or take a bath (unless the place is super swanky) I've actually been a touch disturbed by a hotel before and layed the complementary laundry sack in the shower and stood on it.
9.) I wash my fruit with soap. I've told you that before too. Well hello!! Nasty hands in Walmart pick up that fruit, look at it, decide they don't want it then put it back. You don't know where those hands have been. And I would never keep deli meat past 4 days. It's old after that. Dr. Oz just said so the other day and it made me happy on the inside because I've always thought so. You can get salmonella.
10.) Last and most important....I'm very particular about the kitchen sponge. Okay so here's the deal. Everyone has a sponge right? Mine has a nifty little handle on it and you can stick soap in it. Anways. A kitchen sponge is sick nasty. I wash my hands if I just touch it. It lays in my sink. The same sink that I defrost chicken in and pour the chicken gut juice down. You couldn't pay me a million dollars to lick my kitchen sink. Even though it gets cleaned weekly with pinesol. Did you know that your kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilets? The kitchen sponge is the number 1 source of germs in your entire house!!!!! Did you know that? Google it if you don't believe me. Remember that commercial where the lady says 'if you're doing this (kitchen sponge wiping down your counter top) you might as well be doing this (uncooked bone in chicken wiping down your counter top)" So here's my problem with the kitchen sponge. I get SOOOOOOOO uneasy and disturbed when I catch someone hand washing a pot, pan, casserole dish, plate, or wine glass......WITH THE SPONGE!!!! Like seriously I start sweating and I'm like 'OMG.' I've tried very hard to explain this to my friends and their response is 'I've never gotten sick.' Okay 1st of all lucky you and 2ndly....that's not the point! That is nasty and disgusting. Would you hand wash your pretty dishes with that sponge after I cleaned your toilet with it? I'm hoping no. Well your kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilet yet you still are hand washing your pretty dishes with that sick nasty sponge? I've seriously considered emailing Dr. Oz to tell him he needs to do a show on it because I feel like so many people do that and it's just not good. Just not good at all. If I hand wash's with a Brawney paper towel. Rest assured if you're coming to dinner at my house my dishes are 100% sanitary. Whew! I'm getting nauseous just thinking about watching someone hand wash a dish with the kitchen sponge....that lies next to the chicken gut juice, in your sink that is dirtier than a toilet.....
That's all. I'm sure there's some more. The thing is....I don't feel bad about it. You have to admit that my way isn't wrong. I'm sorry it's just not. I'm SO glad that Scott feels the same way about all of that. I married a man who is as neat and sanitary as me. The first time I went over to his house, he cooked me a nice meal and we watched The Breakup. But before we turned the movie on, he was cleaning up the dishes then pulled out the 409 to clean his counter tops. My heart fluttered and I was totally turned on. Seriously I texted my Mom to brag. Then I went to his bathroom and saw that he had Bumble and Bumble shampoo in his shower and I nearly died from happiness. That's a whole other story though....
So that's that. I'm proud to say that I'm happy that's the way I live my life and I'm SO happy my Mom and Dad raised me that way. Not that they really raised me like that it's just all I know. And yet again, God totally knew what he was doing by giving me Scott...he knows I couldn't handle a man any other way....and vice versa....happy Scott doesn't think I'm 'high maintenance' but sees that the way I do it is completely and totally right. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mom Circa Sometime in the 70's

My mom's friend posted this on my mom's facebook page. Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen!? Yeah....I think so too.

YouTube Video of the Day

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alarm Problems Again!!

Ohhhhh I've been so bored all week long. I only worked yesterday. Yeah I went in. I was actually feeling 75% better yesterday morning so I went in. Yesterday was the first time I've left my house this week. Didn't leave my house Monday, Tuesday, or today. I have nothing to do and I don't feel like risking the icy roads. They're pretty slick in our neighborhood. Maybe tomorrow I'll venture out. I'm dying for something to entertain me. This Texas vs Bama game isn't quite doing it for me.
Even though I'm feeling way better I've developed a cough. And it sounds like a fake cough too which bugs me. And I have to cough like once every 90 seconds. Sooooo annoying. I was even willing to take one of Scott's nasty Halls cough drops last night. 2 actually. He keeps them on hand like they're a necessity to live. All year round. They're always in his pockets. He swears he'll get a sore throat if he doesn't have a few a day. Isn't that so weird? Yeah I think so too.
Scott and I got in another alarm fight yesterday. He hit that thing for 40 minutes. 40 MINUTES. At the 30 minute mark I grabbed my pillow and went in the other room because I still had another hour of sleep I could get. So annoying. Last night I gave him no option to set his alarm to give him time to hit the snooze. He set it at 7:20 which is when he needs to wake up and get movin. He had noooo problems with it. He actually said he woke up like 5 minutes before his alarm went off because he was scared of what I might do to him if the alarm went off for too long before he heard it. Mmmm hmmm that's right. He should be scared.
I may give him a hard time but I love him to death! We've almost been married for a whole year. That is so crazy to me. It seems like yesterday. I hope it always seems like it was just yesterday! It's been the best year of my life. I wouldn't change one thing about him or trade him for anything in the world. He's my favorite!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

99 Degrees

UGH I'm so miserable!!!! Scott brought me home a Zpak at lunch. I hope it helps. My throat hurts so bad and my temperature has reached 99 degrees.
I'm in a huge predicament because I don't know what to do about work tomorrow. I've been off from work since Christmas Eve. What am I supposed to do call up and be like 'hey what's up I'm off this week too thanks.' When I get sick it's such a huge production. When you call in sick for work it's probably not that big a deal. Your boss tells you to get better and you can still try to get some work done on your laptop. When I get sick the salon has to call all of my clients and explain what happens and try to get them to reschedule which doesn't make them happy yada yada. Production. I cannot imagine going to work tomorrow. I don't think I'm probably contagious but hello! I feel like crap. I just hate hate hate calling in sick. Hate it. I'm putting it off. We'll see how I feel in the morning. In the meantime, I'm gonna sit here and watch SATC with my water and my blanket all cozy because I'm still in my pajamas and I haven't taken a shower yet. How nasty is that? I'm a two showers a day kinda girl. Always. Every day. Sickness certainly throws off my routine....

Monday, January 4, 2010


I woke up in the middle of the night with what I was sure to be strep throat. I was dying!! I walked into the bathroom to pee. I do it every night at 2 and old lady and annoying as crap is that? Every. single. night. All the way annoying. All the way. I decided to take my temperature because I knew I had one. Doesn't it make you mad when you're sure your fever is 101.6 but instead it's 96? So I walked back to bed and didn't fall asleep for a long while. I woke up today at noon when Scott came home for lunch. Made myself a turkey sandwich with some fruit then went straight back to bed. Woke up at 4. Showered. Watched the news. Cooked some chicken, fell asleep on the couch, woke up, made Scott take me to Sonic to get a cherry slush, and now I'm blogging. I'm about to go to bed. I'm exhausted. My body feels weak and my throat is killing me!!! I know tonight is going to be another miserable night. I'm popping in The Holiday and snuggling in bed. The Holiday is an appropriate movie for the weather I feel. It's so cold outside it's hard to catch a breath. And we usually keep our house around 69 degrees but we've got it on like, 74 because it just can't get warm enough. Wish me luck on feeling better tomorrow. Night.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Days & Wii

It's snowing in NWA!!! You'd think I've been absent from snow for 18 years because I'm so excited about it. Colorado snow doesn't count. It's inevitable it's snowing there. You're actually more annoyed when it does snow because then it makes it harder to ski. Snow at your own home is different. It started snowing hard around 11ish last night. I woke up this morning and gasped when I looked out the window. So pretty!! And so much snow. I'm watching Extreme Makeover right now and 40/29 is doing a news ticker telling us that all of the schools are closed for tomorrow. How lucky do those kids feel!
I'm excited because all of my shows start back this week! I never know what to do with my nights when I don't have my shows. Housewives is coming on in 20. So excited!
So you wanna know what Scott and I have been wasting our time doing? Wii. My parents got Scott a Wii for Christmas and we are completely addicted. Scott more than me but I'm pretty obsessed too. We stayed up until 3 on Friday playing it, 1ish last night and played it all day long today. We are ridiculous because our arms are SOOOOOO SORE. No weight lifting could ever make me this sore I'm not even kidding. We blame it on doing the boxing game. It is hard core. We boxed each other and owie! My back ribs hurt but my biceps are miserable. I have a hard time pushing the soap pump when I wash my hands. That's how sore I am. I'm not exaggerating I swear. It seriously hurts to push the Bath & Body Works soap pump. Imagine how hard it was to carry in the groceries today. Scott's the exact same. He loves to pick me up and make me kiss him (it's our thing...silly I know) and he tried today and dropped me!!! We're weaklings. You try it. You'll be the same I promise.
Scott really tickeled me because he got really into the boxing....took his shirt off and had sweat beads dripping down his face. I snuck a video a few days ago. It's okay to laugh. I do....every time. (I'm gonna be in sooooo much trouble)

As predicted I got in trouble and I had to post a video of me boxing too from the other night. Which I'm embarassed of not because of how I look (I think I look pretty awesome) but because of things I say in the video like 'baby baby' which is what Landon says when he plays the wii and I always say it too because it really makes me laugh. And something else too but I don't think you can tell what I say so I'm not going to type it. Scott made me choose this video. Payback's a biotch.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Happy 2010! I hope it's a good one. 2009 was a great year for me so it will be hard to top! Last year I made zero resolutions. I decided to make a few this year. Scott and I made one together and I decided to make a few on my own. Mostly just some that will try to make me a better person in general. Well duh, I guess that's what resolutions are huh!
I need to get back on my diet now that the holidays are over. I'm starting that on Monday. I've gained about 4 lbs and that's totally unnecessary. I've continued my work-out routine but I haven't been eating chicken and vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which is basically what my body requires of me to lose weight. She's a biotch. So back on that Monday and I'm happy Scott wants to do it with me because that always helps.

I'd like to read more this year. I have a book that I ordered off Amazon that a very good friend of mine wrote actually!! Identity by Eric Geiger! Eric is my old youth pastor. He and his wife, Kaye, have had more influence on my life than anyone I've ever met. They are both amazing people and I love them both so much and I feel truly blessed that God put them in my life. They're living in Miami now. I haven't seen them in about 4 years but I keep in contact with them still. I ordered Eric's book and it arrived on my doorstep this week. Scott and I are reading it together. He started while I was in CB and loves it. I scammed through it and it makes me laugh! I can totally hear Eric saying every word and I've basically already heard him say everything he's saying in the book. Every story, every teaching subject, but I love it because it's refreshing and Eric's preaching could never get old. Please support Eric and Kaye and go get this book. It's a very quick read but I have no doubt it could change your life because Eric has, without a doubt, changed my life.

I'm excited about 2010! I hope it's a year full of wonderfulness. So far so good!

Finally, I recieved this video around 11:30 on New Years Eve. Landon was having a dance party at my brothers and it made me get the biggest smile on my face. He's such a cutie! Happy New Year from Landon.

CB Photos

The view from Jacqueline's cabinTrying to take a picture but fell instead.....while standing still.Princess Wine BarHot Chocolate!

View from the ski lift.
The Ice Bar
Avalanche. Yummy restaurant right by the slopes. Good lunch place. How cute is that ski fence!
Trying to get a group photo but Jax kept sliding backwards!!