Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Chatter

Who's tired of this chilly weather? I am for sure. Good thing my patio isn't ready cause it would be such a tease! I've spent my day working out and doing Shutterfly crafting. I ran into an old friend at the gym, Stephanie Sisson Green. Her father is Mac Sisson. He died this month a year ago and he's been on my mind a lot. I told her that I think about him all the time and miss him so very much. He will always hold a special place in my heart.
I'm home all by my lonesome right now. Scott has some work awards banquet. Normally I'd just drive myself to Bonefish, use one of my free Bang Bang coupons and enjoy a martini. It just sounded a little sad to do that alone tonight so I opted for a lean cuisine and a date night with Holly. Scott has hired two new people to work for him and they both start tomorrow. Two young ladies both my age. Scotts boss asked him if I knew he was hiring two young girls and if I was okay with it. Ha! The answer is of course yes. I trust my husband completely.
Question. Does anyone ever feel like their ribs get in the way? Sometimes when I'm sitting down or laying in bed it feels like my ribs crawl on top of one another and it's super uncomfortable. Anyone? Just me? Moving along...
So it's time for new running shoes again. I've been told by the guy at Rush Running that given how much I run I should get a new pair every 3-4 months. I went in there yesterday to check out the kicks. I love the guy who works there. He's so knowledgeable with what shoes I need. He gave me two options and I'm obsessed with both. First--Brooks Ravenna 2----Second--Nike Lunar Eclipse

So here's the deal. I've been a Brooks girl for a while. AND.... sneaky sneaky Dad can get them at cost. I'm using Ravenna 1 right now and I love them. BUT....I'm kinda obsessed with these Nike's. They look so tight on!! They both feel the same. Hrm. It's tough to be put in one of these positions. tulips have bloomed!!!! They're SO pretty. Even the bug spray guy complimented them today. I went with purple, pink, white, and orange with a spruce of yellow daffodils. I walk outside of my front door several times a day just to stare at them.
Finally, my cutie pie loves to chew on these bone/stick things. It takes her about 4 hours (non-stop) to chew it. Isn't her little face just so precious! Ahhh I love her.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Doctor Visit? I Don't Think So.

Evenin! Hope your day has been swell. Mines been alright except for the fact that my whole right leg is tingly and has been (off and on) for several days now. What in the world could be wrong with me now? I've told you all before that I'm ridiculously strange--medically and all. My right hip is achy, my leg from the knee down is numb, and the top of my right foot hurts. The leg/foot is worse when I'm driving and doesn't hurt at all when I'm running. I texted my Uncle Rex, who's a surgeon, and asked him what was up with me and he suggested I visit a doctor. I told Mom and Scott I don't want to go to the doctor because they never know what's wrong and I feel stupid. However I don't want to end up having to cut my leg off one day....ugh. What to do? Anyone ever heard of those symptoms? Send me a FB message if so.
I already feel awkward around Scotts doctor anyways. He's always in such a hurry (which I don't appreciate) to scootch me out of his office and get to his next patient. I don't care if he's "brilliant." I'm gonna need my doctor to take an interest in my life just a touch. My OBGYN is great about that. She always plans at least 3 minutes of chit chat with me into her schedule.
Also, this is so embarrassing and I can't believe I'm even admitting this, but I had a little mishap with Scotts doctor once. I had this wart that my freeze-away kit would not get rid of. Believe it or not that's not the embarrassing part. I finally had to visit Dr Sunshine and get him to take it off for me. But also, I had a huge lump on my breast that was bothering me and instead of making a separate appointment with my OBGYN, I just decided to let him check it out. So I told his nurse and she said no problem and gave me a robe to put on, then told me he'd be in, in a minute. So I'm literally in the process of taking my dress off when he WALKS IN!!! He said "umm, what's going on here I thought I was just taking a wart off your elbow." OMG I'm sweating right now just thinking about it. Talk about absolute humiliation. Really. Nothing can top that. I wanted to die. Apparently the nurse forgot to inform him about the additional work he'd be doing during our consultation. And of course the lump was nothing.
So that's really the main reason I'm refusing to go to the doctor. I'm humiliated to go back. I feel like Dr Speedy made time to pencil into my medical chart "weird girl that got undressed for a wart removal."

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cheers To Tan Towels

Today has been very productive. I woke up and went to Walmart then the Butcher Deli to stock up on groceries (I love the Butcher Deli). Then I cleaned my house. I usually clean my house on either Monday or Friday. I've found it's much easier to clean your house if you do it weekly versus every other week. It doesn't take as long. Plus, my dark hardwood floors look dirty fairly quickly and that bugs me. So every week it is. Just when I was about to get a new cleaning lady to come every week I quit my job. And I didn't inquire Scott about it but I'm fairly certain he would find it ridiculous for me to hire a cleaning lady when I'm a bonafide housewife. I don't mind it though. When you've got plenty of time on your hands it can actually be quite enjoyable. (I'm such a grown up. Who would've ever imagined I would say that.) 45 minutes on the elliptical and a quick stop at the Beauty Supply later, I'm back at home, freshly showered, and watching Holly look out the window barking at a parked car that just pulled up at our neighbors house. She just loves any opportunity to feel like an actual dog.
My spray tan that I got a week ago has basically already faded. It cost me $26 to get that thing and I'm not sure I want to pay $26 every week for a tan. So I went to the Beauty Supply and got an old faithful--Tan Towels. I used them a lot in Memphis because I couldn't ever find a good tanning salon to go to when I lived there. Tan Towels are great! I don't know why I didn't just do them to begin with. It's like a baby wipe and you just rub it all over and it doesn't smell and you can put your clothes and makeup on right away. It comes with a pack of 10 but I use 2 at a time so I can get extra dark (I secretly wish I was Hispanic or Armenian I think). Anywho, if you're wanting a cheap fake bake I would suggest the Tan Towels. I get them at the Beauty Supply for a discount but I think I've seen them at Dillards before. There's my Kara tip for the week. You're welcome. Okay, time to get dinner prepped. I bought Mahi Mahi and I've never made it before so this should be interesting. Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bored Talk and Harry Potter

I have been SO BORED today. Scott and I went to church like usual and ate lunch at Crabby's but since I've gotten home I've had nothing to do. Speaking of church, the last two Sundays have been quite umm, interesting? When Scott and I got in the car he said "did you notice how inappropriate that Dad and daughter were?" Uhhh....YES!!!! I said. She must'v been 10 and she was hanging all over him and he was just a little creepy. Last Sunday this teenage couple who I would guess were around 14-15 were showing major PDA. They kept rubbing each other's back and doing the finger rub and whispering in each others ears and even kissed once. And his parents were sitting right beside them!! If I had been his parents I would have set them straight and probably would have made them break up when they got home. They were super inappropriate....especially for church!!!! My goodness.
So something I've been doing this whole week is watching the Harry Potter movies and I must say, I'm completely obsessed. The 1st half of the last book isn't out on DVD yet so I haven't seen it. I will for sure be going to the theater to watch the last installment. These movies are so good and it kinda makes me want to read the books. I dunno I really want to spend all that time reading them? Probably not. If you haven't watched the movies you're missing out. They are so dang good!!! Scott's the one who got me to watch them. He's seen them all and has been wanting to see the last two but really wanted me to watch them first because he knew I'd be into it. That's something I really love about Scott. He loves all movies. They don't have to be about cars or killing people. He'll totally go see a 'chick flick' with me and doesn't mind a bit. Not only does he not mind but he enjoys them as well! He's very secure with his manhood obviously. He'll watch all my shows with me--Desperate Housewives, the Kardashians, Glee, Oprah....I really appreciate that he takes an interest in my interests. Good man. I really love that about him. Speaking of Oprah she's ending her show on my birthday and I think that's a sign that she needs to give me tickets to it. Don't you? Okay I guess I'll get back to the OWN Network. I love it. Don't yall? That women does everything right.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Story Told By Hipstamatic

I'm very into my new Hipstamatic app these days. Here's how yesterday went using my Hipstamatic to tell the story...
Woke up to my red tulips bloomed out and my purple ones look like they're close to making their spring debut as well!! Drove to Fayetteville, went to Masons, and accidentally purchased this Rebecca Taylor top in a lovely jade color and this Prairie dress, navy and knee length, with a plunging back in hot pink silk. Swoon.
Made a stop at Sam's and picked up these gorgeous baby roses along with some good grocery goodies and lots of taste testing!
Came home to this little cutie....Made Mojitos for the first time! They were delicious and went perfectly with our Talipia Tacos with Mango Salsa that I whipped up for dinner which the father-in-law joined us for.While waiting on Scott to get home from work, I decided upon an impromptu photo shoot to kill time....and see if I could potentially get a new facebook photo out of it. I did and decided upon photo number 3.

After a delicious dinner, we watched Greys and Private Practice then hit the hay! It was a good day. Enjoy your weekend ladies and gentleman!! And if you haven't already, go get the Hipstamatic App. You can pick all different film types and it can keep you wildly entertained for entirely too long. Or that's how it works with me anyways...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Silly Girl

Yesterday I went on an accidental shopping spree. It started with needing to go to Target to purchase necessities. Before I knew it I ended up at the mall shopping at Banana Republic, buying towels at Pottery Barn, and getting a new blanket for my bed (I like something between the sheet and bedspread) at Dillards. Sometimes unexpected shopping spree's are the best.

I spent a lot of my day outside tending to my lawn. I let Holly come outside with me and play. Holly doesn't go outside much because she gets stinky. She was just at the groomer last Friday and is always such a smell good puppy when she gets back from there. I like to extend the smell goodness for as long as possible. That's the nice thing about having a dog go on a puppy pad. She always smells like roses and feels like silk! But I decided it had been nearly a week of house arrest (other than bye bye trips of course) so I let her enjoy one of her favorite hobbies....sniffing the entire street.
Of course she was a stinky girl and I had just cleaned my bed sheets and there's no way she was getting in my bed smelling like....a dog. So she got a bath last night.
Now, Holly doesn't normally sleep with me. She gets in her own bed around 9:30-10:00ish and then around 5-6 am she wakes up to winky tink then scratches on my bed for me to let her up and she snuggles in-between Scott and I until I get out of bed. Sometimes (backtracking) Holly wants to sleep with us all night but Mom does not get good sleep when Holly sleeps with her. So she tells Holly she stinks and Holly goes running out of the room because she knows if you tell her she stinks it means she needs a bath....and she hates baths.
SOOOOO.....last night Scott and I were watching a movie and it was around 10:45 and Holly was still hanging with us. So I texted Mom and told her Holly was waiting me out because she knew she smelled good and she knew she could sleep with us all night if she really wanted to--which apparently she did. Mom and I thought it was funny....and brilliant. My dog is so smart.
Anywho, I put Holly on my bed then did a few things to get ready for a good nights sleep and when I came back I saw this.

Well Hello Princess.

This is the old blanket I had on my bed. I have the new one I got yesterday on my bed (which I LOVE by the way) and had just washed this one but hadn't done anything with it yet. I came into my room and Her Royal Highness had placed herself on it. I found it funny. Silly girl.
So that's that. And yes my smell good puppy slept with me all night just like she intended on doing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Celeb Talk

Allow me to indulge in my favorite topic--celebrities! I'm BFF with all of them....or at least I think I am. If they offered a degree in celebrity knowledge I'd be the best in my class and probably would've even gotten a PhD. The key to CORRECT knowledge is the right websites. You can only trust TMZ and People....with a slight trust in US Weekly.
Oooh! Just saw something on Gone With the Wind. Until Forrest Gump came along it won in my book as all time favorite movie. I grew up watching that movie. Seriously. Me and my friend Amy Davidson would 'play' it growing up. I could quote the entire 4 hour movie if you really wanted me to.
Moving along....
First, I learned something new about TMZ (the show) yesterday. Harvey totally started TMZ, also known as the CIA, all by his lonesome. AND, he's the hilarious person behind the funny voice that totally cracks me up. Never knew it. I always wondered who the funny dude was.
Second, Rachel Zoe went into labor!! I'm just so happy for her. Now it's Giuliana & Bills turn. Crossing my fingers for those two adorable folks. Third, Reese is supposedly getting married this weekend. I love her. She enjoys Tupperware and casseroles....a true southern gal.
Lastly for a quick roundup: XTina is a mess, Ashton is not worth following on Twitter, Ellen brightens my day with her show (and tweets) Oprah--i will morn you leaving me this fall. Chris Brown doesnt feel bad,'re a mess too, Charlie, well you're the biggest mess, 60 year old Kirstie Alley rocks on DWTS, Aniston, Ripa, Handler, DeGeneres & I should all go on a vaca together, and the Cyrus family....good for them.
Thats all...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Green--and Sore--Thumb

Today marks my first day of feeling unemployed like a true housewife. I celebrated the occasion by getting my very first spray tan. You all know how much I love a tan. I cannot handle the way I look with pasty white skin. Now that spring has sprung I just can't take it anymore. I'm trying to go cold turkey on the beds so spray tan it is. I think I'm going to like the way it looks. The way I smell on the other hand is a totally different story. This is the downside of fake baking. You can smell it on someone a mile away. Ew. I guess it's better than skin cancer.
Yesterday I worked out my green thumb and planted some tulips. Dozens actually. I'm ridiculously excited as they're my favorite flower and oddly enough, it was my first time to plant them. I also dug up 4 HUGE rose bushes. Those things have been a thorn in my side since the day I moved in my house. First of all, they're planted in a super inappropriate spot. Secondly, the upkeep is ridiculous. I've never been a fan. I never thought I would be able to dig them up myself but I'd just had enough. So I chopped them down (with only 1 thorn getting stuck in my arm & a few pricks on my hands and legs) and got to diggin. About an hour or so later those annoying creatures laid in my yard with roots as long as a yard stick. You couldn't even begin to imagine how happy I made myself. I am woman hear me roar..... PS I was so sore from that today.
Most people would love to move into a home with red, pink, and peach roses always fresh on hand but not I. They're entirely too difficult to 'mother' and Japanese Beetles love the crap out of them. I'm also going to dig up a Crepe Myrtle that's in my backyard. The Japanes Beetles love it too & it's the oddest Crepe Myrtle I've ever seen. It's not a pretty tree with beautiful blooms. Its like a trush. It can't decide if it wants to be a tree or a bush. The new limbs grow at the bottom of the stem--not the top? I'm over it. It's just wrong. It's confused.
As if you haven't noticed, I like to garden. I take pride in the appearance of my yard. It brings me happiness. It's a lot of work but even if I am working I always make time for it. Scott and I are in the process of 'building' an outdoor area in our backyard. I'm so excited. We've picked out the stone we're going to use for the patio, the new furniture, and the most important element, (sarcasm) the iPod dock (Scotts really into that). We just have to get the guy to come out and start working on it. It was supposed to be tomorrow but of course it will be later this week. It's all Scotts fault but I won't divulge into what he did that had me give him the cold shoulder for a solid 5 minutes. It will get done. That's what I have to tell myself....
I'll post before and after pics when it's all finished! Heck I'll probably throw a little party so get ready NWA friends.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Here's My Hair Trick Video!!

After a gozillion questions asking 'how do you do your hair like that?' I finally decided to break down and make a video. I was intending for it to only be around like 5 minutes then I uploaded it to YouTube and was like 'woah!!! that bad boy is almost 9 minutes long.' My bad. Hopefully you can find time in your day to watch it AND I hope my technique works for you!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Thursday Info

I'm still in Little Rock. Scott told me I may as well stay here until tomorrow because he's been working late every night. I miss him but I guess there's no sense in me just watching him work. I've had my Momma time and it was much needed! I think Holly wishes so badly that Mom, Dad, Scott, and I all lived in the same house together. Her life would be perfection if that scenario played out.
Today I ate lunch with Mom and Dad at Loca Luna--one of my LR faves--then Mom and I did a little shopping. I went to Kristin Chase and found 2 cute little tops! That was my first visit at that store and I enjoyed. I'll definitely be back.
After running a few errands, Mom and I came back to the house around 3 and just hanged. We've been here since. I took a little 45 minute nap around 6:00 because I was tired. Isn't that just the worst time to get tired? It's too early for bed but too close to bed time so you can't fall asleep easily if you do take a nap. Luckily for me, I'm tired so I'm about to head to my cozy little bed. It's funny, usually you go home and you have 'your' bedroom. My parents moved here after I graduated from High School so I don't technically have 'my room.' I usually take the front room. I don't know why. It's my fav.
Alright. Night folks! It's definitely time for me to hit the hay. I get to see my favorite husband tomorrow! I'm very excited about it. I miss him like woah!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mimi's 87th Birthday

Yesterday was my Mimi's 87th birthday. We celebrated with family and it was a lovely 'reunion' as she kept calling it. I went into her bedroom when I first got to her house and saw this.
At first I chuckled and my Dad was like 'well, she asks to go home all the time.' Aww. Alzheimer's is such a terrible disease. I hope that they find a cure for it one of these days. It's so sad to watch someone go through it. I would hate it. I feel like you're just so confused all the time. I hate being confused.
We enjoyed a lovely meal and had some birthday cake after....

The last time I saw Mimi was at my cousin, Kathryn's, wedding and her physical abilities were significantly different. She was walking and talking and had much more energy just a few short months ago. She's been a little confused for quite a while. Asking questions like 'what grade are you in now?' or 'do you have a boyfriend?' and 'where's Wallace?' but she's pretty much been fine. This time I nearly had to fight back tears. It's just sad to see your grandparent get to this point and it really breaks my heart for my Dad and his brother and sister. I cannot imagine watching my parent get like that.
I won't be surprised if that's the last time I see my Mimi. I live so far away and it's just hard for me to get down to El Dorado. That's why I made it a point that the last thing we said to each other was 'I love you.'

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Day Is It?

I've had such a crazy last few weeks I can't keep track of what day it is! People have asked me how I'm enjoying my down time. What down time?! Basketball is over (praise Jesus!) but I'm still not settled yet. Sunday Mom and I left Hot Springs, drove to Little Rock, she packed a small bag, then we took off to Bentonville. 24 hours later and I'm back in Little Rock. My Mimis 87...88?? Birthday is today. She's suffering from alzheimers quite badly and is just getting worse. Everyone is pretty sure this will be her last birthday so the whole family is making a really big deal out of it and throwing her a party. It's just the family all meeting up at her house in El Dorado. So I'm headed there today then on Wednesday I'll go back home. The reason Mom and I went to Bentonville Sunday was because well, I don't like to go very long without seeing my sweet husband. We spent the first 9 months of our marriage living 5 hours apart. I'm totally over the distance thing! (geez that was the worst time EVER!!!) SOOO, my sweet Mother rode to Bentonville with me so I could see Scott. We didnt even get to spend much time together but it was worth it. AND, Mom got Holly back. Even though Mom is convinced Holly is happier at my house, :)
Scott is in his relay at work so it's actually worked out pretty well for the both of us that I've been so busy. He doesn't have to feel guilty for working and I don't have to feel lonely! Plus, I just love getting to spend quality time with my Mom. I wish so badly I lived in the same town as my family. I know Mom and I would hang every day. Mom took me to Masons yesterday and spoiled me rotten! Who says just because you're a married grown up your Momma can't still take you shopping? Love it/her! Thanks Mom! I will return the favor one of these days.
Ok. Off to ElDo I guess. I NEVER go to El Dorado anymore. I think the last time I was there was over a year ago. It's so bizzar because I freaking grew up in the town yet I forget things about it. Like the short cuts, certain restaurants or people. I never know what's going on. Found out not too long ago they're building a new high school which makes me a little sad honestly. It has been nearly a decade since I lived there and since my parents live in LR now, why would I ever go to ElDo (no offense). There is one thing I miss badly about El Dorado--lunch at the Country Club after church every Sunday. I would give anything to have that back! Yum. Oh and Spudnuts. Those are just ridiculous!! I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't experienced them. Actually now that I think about it maybe there IS a reason to go to El Dorado....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Exhausted Already

Who's reached the point of exhaustion? Me! I am totally dragging. People make fun of me because I will totally crawl under the tables we have set up and sleep. I've never understood what's so humerus about that. I'm tired--I sleep--what's the big deal?
I'm in Hot Springs working this state basketball tournament. Otherwise known to the people of Image One as the most exhausting, long, and miserable tournament of all the tournaments. I feel very grateful this year for my parents best friends who are letting us stay at their lake house. It helps so much not having to drive back and forth from Little Rock. I think it was around 12:30 before I made it home & crawled into bed. The last basketball game starts at 8:45 which is entirely too late if you ask me.
I have to get through two more days of this and I'm home free!! Please Lord let this weekend fly by for me. Speaking of the Lord, I do believe he may be coming soon. We were watching the news this morning and Grammy said "have y'all read that book that man wrote about all of the natural disasters that will happen before Jesus comes back?" Mom and I got tickled and both said "the Bible?" Grammy said "no not the Bible it's a book and everything he's said that would happen before Jesus comes has been happening." Ha. Ok. I'm almost certain I could guess where he got 100% of his research from. I don't know if it will happen today or if these prophecies will continue to happen for 100 more years but I do know one thing---He's coming and I believe it will be soon. And I'm ready as long as he doesn't forget the deal we've had for the last 14 years--Holly comes too.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I posted one of these photos on Facebook yesterday and got a woahzillion messages asking me how I do my hair like this. I get that question a lot. Anytime I step out with my hair curled someone always asks me how I do it. I'm thinking I'm going to have to make a video to show you! I discovered the 'trick' a little over a year ago and my life has been changed since! I have the straightest, sleekest, fine, and non textured hair a gal can have. It's so hard for it to maintain a curl.....except not anymore! I've been trying for 5 years to get my hair to curl like this and stay curled and I've finally found the answer and kinda think I deserve a prize. I'm pretty sure I owe it to society to share my secret. This hair style is so classic and beautiful it would be mean of me to not show you how to do it right?! I'll see what I can do. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kara's Kut & Kurl

I've apparently opened a salon inside of my house. I've named it Kara's Kut & Kurl! Hahahahahaha. Oh that makes me laugh out loud. Anywho, I've had some clients call me who have asked if I would please still do their hair. The first just left. I was a little worried that it had potential to be totally awkward but these people have been coming to me consistently for over 2 years so it was actually okay! This lady wanted me to highlight and cut her hair. I was worried that rinsing the color out would be really hard but everything actually turned out really great. While it doesn't have a very great 'spa' feeling, it's probably better for my clients. Because I charge less and they can pretty much come just whenever they want.
I've told Scott many times before that I really want to put a teeny tiny salon inside the house when we build it. Just something with one chair, one shampoo bowl, and a door that leads to the outside. It would be so perfect. My clients, friends, and family could come get their hair done and it would be really professional and honestly, a lot easier on me. He's not super fond of the idea but maybe he's just not picturing it in his head the way I am in mine. The way my head pictures it, it's very small, but very beautiful and whenever it's time for us to sell the house, someone can use it as a really great closet to store their Christmas tree. Or tools! I think it's a fab idea. I've just got to get him on board.
Anywho, I guess the way I'm doing it now will have to do. O.M.G. I just realized it's FAT TUESDAY!!! Happy Hour is a must tonight. Cheers!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Tonight (I'm up's actually Monday) I was browsing one of my favorite websites--Wikipedia. It can be addicting. I'll google somthing (I'm a big googler) and it usually takes me to Wikipedia. Hours later I find myself still on the website searching anything and everyone. Tonight, it all started with Forrest Gump. I decided to wiki Bear Bryant. Then Fordyce (where he's from) which lead to El Dorado, then Rogers, then Bentonville, then Walmart, then the Waltons, then SAM's then Murphy USA, etc etc. Somehow I got lead to Miss Arkansas and it had a link to Miss Teen Arkansas. Hmm I thought. So I clicked on it and guess what...
I'm on Wikipedia yall!!! I mean, it's really not that big of a deal. It's not like my name is a link that you can click on or anything but still! My name is on Wikipedia. Excuse me for being overly excited about it but I think it's kinda awesome.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Sweet Holly Girl!

Doesn't this picture put a huge smile on your face? I ran across it while googling and thought it was just too adorable not to share!
Speaking of dogs, I bought Holly a bone to chew on and she is going to town on it!!! If you even joke with her that you're going to take it she freaks out on you. Holly is not a sharer. Holly is also very stinky. She's just gotta get a bath tonight and she is not going to be happy about it. Luckily for me, she's a really sweet and good girl while she's getting bathed. I do it in the kitchen sink and she just stands there real still with a pitiful look on her face. I know she would never admit it but I truly believe she loves getting a bath. Well, the aftermath of the bath. Her favorite part is when we're finished and I wrap her up in the hot towel that I had in the dryer. Yes, I put her towel in the dryer and call Scott to fetch it for me when I wring Holly's wet hair out! She loves it. Who wouldn't?!
I survived basketball. Now I have to survive this week and I'm all done. I'll be going to Hot Springs Thursday to work the finals. It's exhausting but also a little bit fun. Scott is going to watch Holly all by himself because the whole family works basketball and Holly is home by herself for entirely too long. We're in Hot Springs from about 9-11 and it makes us sad for Holly so she's just going to stay with Scott at our house! Holly is obsessed with Scott and Scott's pretty obsessed with Holly too. It cracks me up to hear him talk to her sometimes. He raises his voice a pitch (or 3) and calls her pumpkin and asks her for kisses. He takes her bye bye and snuggles with her in the morning. I love that he adores my dog just as much as I do. I couldn't love him if he didn't. Ha! Seriously though. How could you not love Holly? She's so sweet!! My sweet little doodlebug. I love her so much.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Few Tidbits

~~It's late. Well.....10:30. Scott and I are laying in bed. I'm pooped from working late. I don't really want to go to bed because Ive been working all day and feel I should treat myself to a good movie or something. However, I'm a touch tired.
~~Something I'm grateful for? My ATTUverse movies. Some are free--older movies and some you can rent--new releases. I bet the folks at Uverse like Scott and I because we rent movies nearly every weekend! It's given me the opportunity to watch a lot of movies I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise.
~~I have to work again tomorrow. I was hoping to sell out so I wouldn't have to. Oh well. Maybe I'll sell out early.
~~I keep messing up. Last night, Scott and I grabbed a quick happy hour dinner at Bonefish because I had a coupon for a free Bang Bang. So we decided to be cheap and use that, share an entree, and get wine because wine at Bonefish is half off until 6:30! Well, not ALL wine apparently. Just the house wine. I was confused. Of course the wine Scott chose was a house wine. I ruined the purpose of being cheap. THEN, today I asked Scott if he wanted to share a $5 footlong from Subway for lunch. He said yes! Pick whatever, I'll leave the office in 10. So I went to Subway and loaded my yummy sub up with a little bit of everything they offer and when she rang me up she said "that will be $7." "For the $5 footlong?" I asked. "Turkey isnt included" she said, UGH. Of course the most popular choice isnt included. I told Scott when I got home and he said "you've just got to pay more attention babe." Ive felt stupid back to back.
~~Scott is bugging me to play with my iPad. Guess I'll hop off Patty. Night!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are These Shirts Mens Or Womens Sizes?

Sooo.....still at Rogers Heritage. In case you were wondering what's up with my titles.....well they're the questions I get asked all day when I work sporting events. It never ceases to blow my mind....the questions some of these people ask. Shesh! Why would you ask me if a T-shirt is a mans or womans size? Seriously what do you mean by that?! It's a T-shirt. T-shirts be unisex girlfriend. I also don't understand why people ask me if they can get the short sleeve shirt in a sweatshirt. Or a grey shirt on a black shirt. Does this look like American Appareal? It also blows my mind when people take 10 minutes deciding what size shirt they should get. How do you not know what size you are? Oh I could go all day telling you stories. My favorite today was the guy who walked up to the booth and said "OOHHH! Are these t-shirts?" I usually can't even bring myself to answer questions like that. Just picture a Chelsea Handler stare. Another boy said "Are these free?" Again, I bring out the Chelsea stare.
I'm not being rude. Promise. ANYBODY else who has worked these events gets all the way annoyed at people too. And it usually just takes them a good 15 minutes. I've been doing this since birth so you can imagine my "I've had enough with the stupidness" attitude. It honestly makes me LOL. You've just gotta find a sense of humor with it or you're likely to go crazy.
A lot of people think my Dad just prints t-shirts but that's actually a very small part of his business. I guess people think that because he always printed our high school homecoming shirts or fraternity/sorority function shirts. My Dad owns a marketing and advertising company. Anything that will help market your business--he does. He does marketing with many fortune 500 companies and works with people all over the world. He's become a really successful businessman. Partly because of his hard work but I think also because he's such a great guy. People enjoy working with him. I'm very proud! I realize more now as an adult how hard it is to not only open your own business but keep it strong for nearly 30 years. Of course I shouldn't leave out the fact that behind every great man is a greater woman right! My Mom can be quite the savvy business lady herself! Anyways, I get the question "what does your Dad do exactly?" quite frequently so I thought I'd just clear that up. If you're even more curious or need help marketing your business you can visit for more info. (I expect commission from any business you get from that Dad)
Oh Man, someone just interupted my blogging to ask me if that was all of the colors I have. No let me just step into my magic closet and whip you something up. Lordy. What's funny is sometimes I'm out shopping and I catch myself being THAT person. Never a good thing...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can I Get This Long Sleeve T-Shirt In A Short Sleeve?

I'm sitting at Rogers Heritage working the 7A basketball tournament. They have me set up on the second level overlooking the main entrance. I don't like it. The only thing keeping me from plummeting to the first level is a teeny tiny rail that my chair is pushed up against. I'm sure it's safe but I have this issue of imagining horrible things happening like, the rail snaps and then there I go, flying down to the bottom crushing every bone and possibly a person as well. It's just making me jittery. It's the same reason I won't sleep with my head against the window in an airplane. As soon as I close my eyes I have this image of the window popping out and I get sucked through it. I understand how ridiculous I sound but I can't help myself. My mind makes up these horrible scenarios and it's just plain terrible.
You know what else is terrible? I've been here since 11:30 and nobody has come to check on me to see if I need anything like, let's say, a bathroom break. It's 4:30 and I've had a whole huge cup of McAlisters tea since I've been here. I feel like Joey Tribbiani when he's auditioning for Leonard Hayes (Jeff Goldblum) and he's "bursting with YooHoo."
I'm also starving as Ive only had a teeny turkey sandwich today. People that are walking around with nachos, pizza, skittles, and popcorn are making me all the way jealous. I'm still on this little diet I've got going and guess what! I've gained a pound. Lovely. I always gain weight before losing when I up the ante on my runs and I know it's going to happen but I'm never okay with it. I swear I could be one of those ridiculously buff body builders. My body takes to muscle like Charlie Sheen to "winning."
Maybe Scott will come and visit me after he gets off work. Highly unlikely though. I could always try to lure him here by saying we could eat a free dinner in the hospitality room. He loves to save.
Alright well, I guess I'll get back to people watching.