Saturday, May 29, 2010

Riding a Real Bike is Hard

I thought I'd blog really quickly before I head out on the boat with my family!
I've been in Little Rock since I left Memphis. I still wanted to make sure I got my workout in but the gym that was close to my parents house that I always went to shut down. My parents neighborhood has WAY too many hills for me to run in this scorching hot weather. Like, when it snows my parents are stuck at home. Insane hills. So I decided that I would hop on my brothers bike and ride it around! I've been thinking about getting a bike of my own because it just seems so pleasant. But they're like $400 and I really have no interest in spending that much money on a bike. So I hop on my brothers bike and start riding in my parents neighborhood. At first I was worried I was going to run into a parked car because I couldn't seem to keep my bike in a straight line. It has probably been 20 years since I've ridden a bike. It was kinda scary. Then I got it after about 3 minutes and I was fine. So I ride through the mountains that is my parents neighborhood and after about 10 minutes I'm really struggling. You know I'm so cocky about my cardio shape. I can run 7 miles without flinching, I'm the best in my cycle class, the best in my pyhsique class, I just figured I could do anything because I'm in the best cardio shape of my life. Well, I'm not kidding you at one point I had to get off the bike and sit under a shady tree because I thought I was going to either throw up or pass out. And at two different times I had to walk my bike up a hill rather than ride it. Misery. BUT I could tell it was an amazing workout because I went anaerobic like....the whole time. (anaerobic means absolutely breathless which brings you to your greatest fat burning stage) So I lasted about 28 minutes then just had to go home....where I almost passed out again.
I decided to give it another try yesterday and I did much better! I lasted for 35 minutes this time and remembered to bring a water bottle which I believe helped a lot. So note to self: Just like running outside is harder than a treadmill, so is biking. Have a great Memorial Weekend! I'm off to the lake!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shout Out

So I have to give a shout out to Billy @ Image One!! Image One, in case for some reason you don't know, is my Dad's company and Billy is one of his artists. He designed my new picture header for me and I think he did an awesome job!!! I emailed him a bunch of pictures and told him I wanted a collage done with them and this is what he did for me! Just what I had in mind. It is so incredibly handy to have an artist do stuff for you! I love my Dad's company. I'm always the friend who can find any excuse to get a t-shirt made for a party! And Billy always becomes my designated designer. I bother him all the time with projects and he whips them up within hours and emails me the final copy. So Useful!!! Just wanted to give him some credit!!
I stayed in Little Rock for the day since we're spending Memorial Weekend here. Scott almost stayed too and just worked from here but he decided he needed to get in the office. Today Mom has to run to El Dorado real quick so I'm gonna go with her. 2 hours there, 2 hours back....probably 1 hour actually being in El Do. Ha. We're going to hurry and get back because we're going to get all dressed up and have a fancy dinner then go see.............SEX AND THE CITY 2!!!!! Mom and I are so so excited!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Help Her Find a Home

If you read my blog you know how much I love dogs. I think of them more as humans than dogs actually and to be honest probably treat them better too. My brothers neighbor had an animal shelter that he's rescued his dogs from call him and ask him if he wanted another. He said no and they told him they were going to euthanize this dog if they couldn't find her a home that day. My brother's neighbor couldn't stand the thought so he went and got the dog and is now trying to find her a good home. She is 2 years old, potty trained, and great with kids. She's also apparently SUPER SUPER sweet. She isn't 'fixed' but my brothers neighbor is going to take her soon and 'fix' her. Kyle would love to take her but he travels so much he knows he just can't right now. If you or anyone you know may be interested in this sweet & super cute girl PLEASE let me know via facebook. It breaks my heart for any puppy to not have a loving family to spoil her rotten and treat her like the princess she (or he) is!!! Help me help her.

Home Sweet Memphis

Well I had a really great 25th birthday! Allow me to give you a play by play.
Scott and I woke up in Little Rock and got ready to head to Memphis so we could make it in time for lunch. I wanted to eat at one of my favorite places, Owen Brennans. It's cajun food and I LOVE eating lunch there. Look how yummy my crawfish etouffee looks!!
Owen Brennans is in the same shopping area as Vinyard Vine and a local store called Oak Hall so we popped in there....and popped right out with no shopping bags. We got in the car and drove to the Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma outlet. I could spend 3 hours in Williams Sonoma and not get bored. I got some good stuff there! Then we headed to my favorite Memphis boutique, Joseph. They carry super fun lines like Manolo, Louboutain, Prada, Gucci, DVF, Tory Burch etc. I had strong intentions on being their favorite customer of the day. I was so so so excited to go. I got there and became disappointed very quickly. They had nothing good. No good shoes, no good clothes. I must have tried on 15 DVF dresses and I didn't like a single one. Scott kept saying 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry' because he knew how much I was looking forward to going there. I ended up walking away with 2 pairs of Tory Burch flip-flops (one nice pair in black for work, one rubbery pair for the beach/lake) A Tory Burch black top and a Velvet black top...both great for working in since I'm trying to look better for work. Hopefully I won't get color on the shirts. That could potentially be quite tragic.
After I left Joseph fairly disappointed, I headed to the Saddle Creek shopping center and went to Anthropology and J. Crew. NOTHING. Left with nothing. We decided to head to our hotel, The Madison, and relax and get ready for dinner at Spindini with my parents and Kyle. We enjoyed champagne while we got ready and little did I know Scott had a surprise waiting for me. When I got to Spindini I had some friends sitting at the table! Ashley, Wade, and Alissa came to have dinner with me!! It was so great to see them. Such great friends to come and hang out on a Tuesday night with me! We had a fantastic dinner then my family left to go home to Little Rock and the rest of us hit up Beale street to top off a perfect birthday evening!! Thank you to Scott for planning my surprise and for my great friends for coming to spend my birthday with me AND especially for my family for driving up to spend my birthday with me in Memphis!
Today Scott and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at The Madison then walked around downtown and popped into Hueys for an extremely greasy (yet delicious) burger. After that we did one of my favorite things in the whole wide world no kidding....sat in the Peabody lounge and enjoyed a glass of wine while we watched the ducks. I really, really love to do that. I did it all the time when I lived in Memphis and it always relaxed me and made me feel like I was in love with my life at the time!! We left the Peabody then went onto the rooftop of The Madison to enjoy the Memphis view and reminisce then we headed home. It was great to be in Memphis but I have to admit I don't miss living there. I thought I might get a little sad and miss being there. I enjoyed spending a few days in Memphis but I'm content where I live now! I need to go back more often though and see my friends because that is definitely something I miss. All in all it was a really perfect birthday. I didn't find many clothes or shoes like I was hoping to do but I ate great food and enjoyed being with friends and family in my old stomping grounds!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Turned 25 Today

Today I'm 25! As of 2 a.m. to be exact. I'm very much looking forward to my day ahead of me! I'm going to Memphis to eat fantastic food and do some really fabulous shopping Carrie Bradshaw style. My husband gave me his approval. Very exciting!
A few days ago I got to thinking...I feel like 25 is a big birthday. I'm a quarter century old now! So to celebrate I thought I'd think of 25 things I'd like to do while I'm 25. Here goes.....

1. Taste wine at a vineyard in Napa
2. Go to a concert
3. Take Landon to Silver Dollar City
4. Try to remember to take my contacts out when I sleep at night
5. Hit up Vegas for a long weekend
6. Read a book
7. Bump into an A-list celebrity
8. Try a banana split for the first time ever
9. Go to Memphis in May
10. Try yoga
11. Travel with Scott to Chicago when he has to go for work
12. Figure out what Britney Spears is saying in her song, 3
13. Watch a broadway show
14. Spend more time in the morning looking better hair/make-up/clothing wise for work
15. Obtain more shoes
16. Run a 10K
17. Be less sensitive
18. Make more dinners like Barefoot Contessa on a weekly basis
19. Take an anniversary trip with Scott on our actual anniversary Bora Bora style
20. Continue my workout regime
21. Give more compliments AND be more accepting when I receive one
22. Get a picture made with Pork Chop, Sue E, Big Red, or Boss Hog
23. Manage to get a family portrait made with me, Scott, Mom, Dad, Kyle, Landon & Holly
24. Enter the Regis & Kelly trivia contest so I can, A. talk to Regis & Kelly and B. win a trip
25. Attend a black tie dinner

Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Day To Be 24

Today is my last day to be 24 years old. It's strange. Not that I'm super attached to being 24 but every time I have a birthday I get kinda a little bit sad that I'm getting older. I'm sure great things are to come in my life.....hopefully there's a lot more of it! I know I'm still very young but life really does go by so fast. I'll be sad when I'm not in my 20's anymore. My 20's have been awesome so far. The best times of my life have happened in my 20's. I enjoy my life just the way it is very, very much. I love going to Theo's and Bordino's, Ruth's Chris and Bonefish every weekend with just Scott or with our friends. I love watching my shows when I want to watch them. I love being young and carefree with really no responsibilities except to remember to pay the bills....which to be perfectly honest I don't even take care of....the husband does. I love being a newlywed. I love to travel with Scott. I get a smile on my face when something happens to Scott and I that is a learning experience that I know my parents figured out decades ago. It's cute. We're young and don't know better but now we do!! I enjoy sleeping in every once and a while. I dunno....I feel like that fabulous life is short lived and I know it's going to come to an end soon with every birthday that comes around. Enjoy it while you can I guess!!! Of course my Mom tells me this isn't the happiest time of my life yet whenever I talk about it with her. She assures me the best time of my life is when I have kids. Ehhhh...I guess. HAHA. JK...JK....I'm sure she's right.

Friday, May 21, 2010

This Warms My Heart!!!

Baseball Finals

My family is coming up this weekend for work. I'm going to have a whole house full! Mom, Dad, Grammy & Uncle Wesley are staying at our house this weekend. Baseball and softball finals are this weekend in Fayetteville and I love baseball! Partly because it's always in Fayetteville but also I just really like being outdoors listening to the sound of baseball. I love baseball! It's one of my favorite sports. So I just got done cleaning my house from top to bottom so it's sparkling clean for my company.
Yesterday was yet another busy day at work! Very exciting!!! I had been SO SLOW and it was getting really depressing. Being busy makes me love my job even more. Plus, it makes your day go by really fast. Hopefully it'll stay busy. I'm going to pick up an extra day because it's getting so busy actually! Yay!
I'm about to eat an early lunch because I have to be in Fayetteville by 2 and I need to go to the gym before to get in a good workout of cardio and pilates! Hope you guys have a good weekend! I'll be working the baseball tournament with the family. It's always fun to be around family especially my Grammy!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


She did it!! Holly won the cutest pet of the day contest!!! Yay Holly!!!! She had 3,790 votes and today she's featured on the website. If you're bored at work and want to see, click on 'meet other pets' and you'll see Holly! You can also click on her profile to learn more about her and see more pictures too! Haha. It's like facebook for puppies!! I think she deserves a special treat tonight!! Thanks again for voting! Holly says thank you too. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whew! WHAT a Day.

Today has been exhausting!!! I have been so busy at work I don't know what to do with myself. The busiest girl in our salon quit a few weeks ago. I've been getting her clients and it wears me out. It's totally awesome because I'm ridiculously busy but it really wears me out. I did a woman's hair today who has always done her 'at home walmart color.' I HATE when someone tells me that because it usually means disaster is going to strike with her hair. Yup. I put low-lites in her bleach blonde hair and they turned purple. PURPLE. At least she was my last client of the day so I could fix it today, but it kept me at the salon over an hour longer than it should have and it stressed me out to my max. At least she was chill....and honestly it wasn't my fault. Even our color specialist, Jennifer, was like ' can never tell what 'home treated' hair will do to ya. I fried a girls butt long hair off to the length of a boys one time.' I would probably throw myself into a whale's mouth if that happened to me. How traumatizing!! Today definitely marked my worst color experience ever. Well one time I turned my Grammy's hair pink actually. HAHA. Pastel pink almost looked strawberry....and again it wasn't my fault. I should have read the color bottle because it was expired.
I've also had a stressful day because Holly has been in a cutest dog competition today! I officially know I could never enter my daughter in a pageant because my stomach has been in knots all day for wanting people to think my dog is the cutest. Stress. I sent everyone texts and emails telling them to vote for Holly! Even my Mom's friends!! I told Scott to tell everyone he works with to vote and he said his boss voted for Holly 4 times! When I first saw Holly was up for cutest puppy, she only had 48% of the votes (traumatizing) but after I texted, facebooked, and emailed, she quickly rose to 65%!! I've had people texting & emailing me all day telling me they voted for Holly!! Thanks everyone!! Even those of you I never talk to anymore but bombarded with a text telling you to vote for Holly. Holly really appreciates it!! I can tell she knows what's going on today because she's been extra spunky, peppy, and happy! I'll let you know tomorrow if Holly won the cutest pet contest! Wish her luck!

A Message From Holly

Everyone please vote for me as the cutest puppy on!
Today is the only day to vote. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today Is His Birthday!

Happy 26th Birthday to this cutie pie! I love you bunches!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pilates and Memphis

Today I slept in really late. Why? Because I could...and I wanted to. I woke up super early every day last week, even on the weekends, so I decided to sleep in today. After I got up and warmed up a lean cuisine, I went to the gym to do pilates again. I'm really enjoying it. It's incredibly similar to my physique sculpt class. And, just like I have my favorite cycle instructor, I have my favorite aerobics instructor. Alicia teaches my sculpt class and she is so hardcore. In most sculpting classes you burn about 200 calories in 45 minutes, she said in her's you burn about 500. I've been doing her pilates classes because I trust her to be the best. Plus, we just discovered last week that both of our husbands work at Sara Lee! Awesome. We can mingle at work parties together.
So that's my new love. Pilates. Alicia said it'll be about 10 classes before I see a difference. I just really want to not do just cardio. I want to be strong and limber and super toned which you can't get from just cardio.
So I'm very excited because my birthday is a week from tomorrow and to celebrate it, Scott and I are taking off work and heading to.....MEMPHIS! I chose Memphis because my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world is there, Spindini. And they have some good boutiques there. And we're gonna hit up Tunica. And I just miss Memphis. I'm so excited. Scott and I are going to drive to Little Rock after work on Monday and stay at my parents, then wake up in the morning and head to Memphis so we can be there for lunch. We're going to shop around and my family is going to come up and eat with us at Spindini! Then we'll go to Tunica for a bit because I come from a family who loves to hit up a casino. Scott and I are going to stay the night then head back sometime Wednesday. I'm so excited!!! I'll go back to my old stomping grounds. Very much looking forward to it!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ruined Surprise

So I've been very excited for the past week because I've been planning a surprise birthday party for Scott. His birthday is Tuesday and I had this great scheme all planned out. I sent his friends a facebook message asking them if they'd like to join us to celebrate his birthday at Bordinos on Tuesday at 7. The majority of them are able to make it (such great friends) and knew it was a surprise and have been all excited about it and trying to help me be sneaky. Scott had no clue. I had him convinced that we would spend a special evening, just the two of us, going out and enjoying a lovely dinner. He totally bought it. It was just too easy.
WELL, today we were leaving church and bumped into 3 of his friends. We said hey on our way out and one of them said 'Happy early birthday! Sorry I can't make it Tuesday.' OH MY GOSH I WANTED TO DIE. My heart sunk into my tummy and a huge case of disappointment ran all over my body. We said bye (uh like immediately) and Scott looked at me with a frown and said 'awwww......sorry baby.' Then smiled and proceeded to tell me how sweet I am to plan a birthday party for him and that it'll still be a fun surprise. Whatever!! It would have been way better the way I've been planning it in my mind the past week. I probably said SURPRISE PARTY in that facebook message 3 times. Ugh! Scott tried to pep me up for a good hour. It's just so disappointing. Such a bummer. Oh well. I still have at least one surprise he doesn't know about and you better believe I'm not telling a soul about it since some people seem to not be able to keep a secret. It will still be a great night with his great friends, great food, and great wine. He just gets to prepare his excitement for it now.....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today Is His Birthday

Happy 28th Birthday Big Brother!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Quick Funny: Scott and I went to Coldstone after dinner to treat ourselves! I really wanted just plain vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookies crumbled in. When it was our turn to order, I asked the high school guys working there if they had chocolate chip cookies. One of them said 'no but we have chocolate chip cookie dough which is just like a chocolate chip cookie except you just have to bake it in the oven.' Scott and I literally started busting out laughing right in front of the guy. I'm not sure if he understood how stupid he sounded but it definitely made my night!

Single Ladies Girls

Okay you know how there's some things that really get under your skin and irritate you? I'm having something really irritate me today....the Single Ladies little girl dancers. Have you guys seen this being talked about ALL OVER the news? Someone emailed me the video yesterday and then today it's everywhere. People think it's so inappropriate for young girls blah blah blah. The first thought when I saw the video yesterday was 'dang!! Those girls are incredible.' Never once did I think for a second that it was inappropriate. What's the problem? The song they're dancing to? Oh you mean the song that's like, the most popular song ever? Their outfits? Umm...that's what dancers wear. I had a dance costume when I was 4 that looked quite similar except it was all neon colors (80's). They're saying these girls are 'bumping and grinding.' Excuse me? Bumping and grinding is what Miley Cyrus was doing at her wrap party on the video that came out this week. These girls are doing dance moves. THEY'RE DANCERS!!! What are they supposed to do in a dance competition? Cartwheels and pleays? They did a killer routine that even an 18 year old would find difficult. The people who have a problem with it are obviously not dancers or know anyone who is in the dance world. If I had an 8 year old who was in that video I'd be so proud of my incredibly talented daughter. Those girls rock and I feel sorry for their parents right now. Some people focus all of their attention on the wrong things. There is NOTHING wrong with that dance routine and people need to start chilling out. Okay I'll get off my soapbox now.

So Scott got back from Chicago and I have to say I'm so proud of myself for how well I did staying by myself at night. You know I NEVER stay by myself. I'm the biggest weenie. I even moved in with my father-in-law while Scott still lived in Memphis because I couldn't handle staying by myself at night. My Mom always comes up to stay with me but she couldn't this week so I was a big girl and stayed by myself and I didn't get scared 1 single time. I was such a good girl! You just don't know how big of an accomplishment this is for me. Mom, Dad, Kyle, Scott, and Jaclyn are all so proud of me! Haha. 24 and finally able to sleep alone. Bout time I guess....
Alright it's Friday night and time for me to think about some yummy food for dinner. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holly & Spa Party

Mom called me not too long ago to inform me that Holly has a new 'trick.' So whenever Holly wants for example a treat, she'll come where you are and give you this look like 'follow me.' So you follow her and she takes you to the pantry where the treats are and she looks at the pantry then you, then the pantry, then you. Same with the water faucet. She LOVES fresh water from the water faucet. She'll take you to the bathroom and look at the sink then you, sink then you. Well.....the vet has given Holly some new food to help improve her not so great kidneys. It's the soft kind in the can and whenever we give it to her she thinks it's a treat. She gets SOOOO excited. Well, Mom said she always warms it in the microwave to make it taste extra yummy. So today, Holly got Mom and took her into the kitchen. Then she looked at the microwave, then Mom, microwave, then Mom. HAHAHA. Mom said she knew exactly what Holly wanted so she warmed up her food while Holly did her 'happy dance.' My girl is so smart! She's coming to stay with me tomorrow. My brother is driving to Kansas City with some friends to celebrate his birthday on Saturday and he's bringing Holly on his way up. I guess he'll have to bring up some of that yummy food that comes in a can huh?
Today at work was incredibly busy. I didn't have 1 single 15 minute break. Those are good! Especially since last week or whenever I didn't have 1 client that day. Speaking of work, I had my work party last weekend. I had a great time and a ton of people showed up! Here's some pics. Not that you'll know a single person in them but you can kinda check out the salon...

My boss/owner of the salon, Cathy.
Rachel, Hairstylist
Stole this from the site. Me & Scott talking to Deborah, esthetician
My date!
Me and Thai, hairstylist
Escaping to the breakroom! Me with Arial, esthetician, & Tania, stylist
After the night was over Scott and I hopped over to Eddies for a quick last drink.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nothing Special

I sent my boy off to Chicago today. He made it safely and is eating room service and working on his presentation in his hotel room right now. Fun times.
It's only 8 p.m. but I'm tempted to hop in my bed. I'm really tired. Cycle wore me out. I haven't done cycle in about 2 weeks and I could tell. I struggled more than usual.
Wow. I've sat here for a good 3 minutes trying to think about something to talk about. I obviously can't come up with anything so I'm just gonna hop off and get started on Glee even though it hasn't been 20 minutes into it yet. (20 minutes behind gets you through the commercials in case you weren't aware)
See ya!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sick Boy

Ahhhh....I just crawled into my bed with my clean sheets. Is there a whole lot better than clean sheets? I'm not sure. Did you know Oprah has her 'help' clean her sheets every day? If I was a billionaire like her I'd totally do that too.
Today was a blah day. Scott didn't go to work because he was sick all weekend. I took him to the doctor this morning and turns out he ate himself something bad. I think it's the sushi we had Thursday night. He loves some raw fish laying on top of his roll. I believe that's what did it. He can't be normal and eat just a regular California roll like me. The fish must have not been stellar like it's supposed to be. The doctor gave him some medicine and he's been able to keep food down for the first time since Saturday morning. Tomorrow he leaves for Chicago for the week so he definitely needed to get better before then! He said he's feeling much better which is great.
Whenever Scott gets sick my body feels the need to get sympathy pains. For a good while this afternoon I thought I was gonna copy my hubby. I laid down and fell asleep for like 4 hours. Around 6 I started to feel normal....just like Scott was starting to feel normal. Aww...such a sweet wife I am getting all sympathetic. Actually it's annoying because I swear it happens every time.
After a light dinner at Panera, I hit the gym. I just ran on the treadmill and got some good cardio in. But Mr. Treadmill really made me mad. Sometimes after I've been on it for an hour it'll just shut off mid run. It did it to me tonight and it really confuses me when it happens and I almost trip over my feet. I'm sorry if you think an hour is enough of a workout but I'm not done yet and I'd appreciate you not cutting me off. I'll stop when I'm ready thank you. So annoying!! So I just had to start it all over again which ruins my calorie and mile count. URG!
I'm glad I ran myself out because after that 4 hour nap I was worried I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. I'm pooped now. Night night!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's usually pretty rare for me to do 2 posts in 1 day. However Mothers Day has made me think about my mom a lot today. I assume that's the point of Mother's Day huh!!!
So here's a story. A few years ago, I was doing my last bit of Christmas shopping before heading home. I was walking right in front of the food court when a random woman grabbed my arm and said to me 'You HAVE to be Sondra Bell's daughter.' Shocked and humored, I said yes to which she told me she and my Mom were best friends growing up. Knowing everything about my Mom's life, I told her I knew exactly who she was, said I'd tell Mom hi, then went on my way. I still think it's so funny that she thought I look so much like my mom, she was positive if she grabbed my arm and asked me, she wouldn't be wrong. I dunno......what do you think? Mom and I go back and forth. Sometimes we think we look just alike and sometimes we think I'm a pretty good mixture of both.

My Mom

Since today is Mothers Day, I thought I'd share exactly what it is that I love about my Mom so much.
--is my best friend
--is a great cook!
--loves to shop as much as I do.
--has fantastic taste especially in home decor.
--is so sweet to Landon. I love to watch her with him.
--always pushed me growing up to be the best of the best.
--loves to watch a movie on the couch snuggled up with a blanket, me, and Holly.
--loves Holly just as much as I do.
--taught me all I know about dancing....and cheering.
--will talk to me on the phone when I'm bored.
--understands that I'm not a 'career girl' and just want to be a wife and momma since that's how she is too!
--is quick to tell me when I'm wrong.
--has laughed so hard with me we've both literally pee'd our pants.
--taught me how to wear make-up.
--took such good care of me when I was sick that I still want my momma when I don't feel good.
--used to braid my hair in really cool ways in elementary and jr. high. Now people rock the same braid styles today and I love that mom was way ahead of the time!
--made me 'Dorothy' shoes when I was a little girl.
--is a neat freak like me.
--understands when I call crying after being on a diet for a week and haven't lost a pound.
--lets me talk to her about anything. And I mean anything.
--loves my husband and is so proud for me that I found such a great one.
--has been a great example for how you make a marriage work.
--worked just as hard, if not harder, for me to win Miss Teen Arkansas. The crown is equally her's. She did all the hard boring work...I just showed up on the stage.
--cheered really hard for me when I played basketball in 4, 5, and 6th grade and I think wasn't even embarrassed that I was by far the worst player on the team.
--made me do a lot of things I didn't want to do when I was growing up but now I'm so glad she did.
--always did my laundry up until the day I left for college.
--never gave me a curfew
--would bring me a yummy lunch to school almost every single day.
--would never snoop in my room or read my diary....of that I'm positive.
--never missed a pep rally!
--spoiled me....I don't think that's a bad thing!
--loves sweets and candy as much as I do!
--would occasionally let me skip school if I just really didn't feel like going that day.
--threw me my dream wedding.
--totally supported me to pursue a career in hair.
--let me get my ears pierced when I was 6 and shave my legs when I was 8.
--never pressured me to be a Kappa like her but was all the way excited when I pledged KKG.
--loves Razorback games.
--never thought it was silly to have a boyfriend in elementary school! Or at least she never said it to me anyways...
--was always a really awesome Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, & Easter Bunny.
--never had me look like a ragamuffin when I was a little girl. I was always dressed to the nine's with perfect hair and a bow placed neatly on top.
--still takes me shopping even though I'm grown-up and married.
--has taught me everything I know about life.
--most a godly woman who raised me in a christian home and introduced me to Jesus Christ by being an example and raising me the way God would want me to be raised. And she's the best Sunday School teacher I've ever had! Learned the most about the Bible from her!

Plus a million other things too. I love you mom!!! You're the best!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Greek Alphabet

I have had so many people make fun of me because I wrote XE instead of EX in my last post. Leave me alone!!! I know, I know I messed it up. I'm well aware that it's Sigma Chi not Chi Sigma. I know the whole Greek alphabet and the little Greek symbols too....and I was a Greek. Leave a sista alone. I'm over it! I had just come home from happy hour with Jaclyn. Nuff said.
I just got back from my physique class. It's killer. Love it! I didn't work out Tuesday or yesterday. Yesterday I literally pulled into the gym, got out of the car, walked towards the door then turned around and got back in my car and drove home. Yes I did! Whaaat?! I just wanted to come home to my husband and grill something yummy in the beautiful weather. It's really hard to want to be in a gym when it's so gorgeous outside especially around dinner time. I just love nothing more right now than to sit outside on our back porch while Scott grills. It's just fantastic and makes me happy. I'm SO READY for lake time. SO READY. I can't even express how SO READY I am. Memorial weekend can't come soon enough.
Tomorrow night our salon is having a party to celebrate our new space. Cocktails, appetizers, hair's gonna be a good time. If anyone lives up here you should come! 7-10.
Okay I'm hungry now so I'm gonna get to making my grilled shrimp salad.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kyle Always Get's Lucky

So Scott and I just finished watching Glee. They ended by singing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart.' I know when most people hear that song they think Old School....when I hear that song...something totally different. I was a freshman in college and was in one of my friends room in the Sigma Chi house (not Jakes....shocking I know) and a bunch of guys busted in and serenaded me with Total Eclipse. It was hysterical...clearly because I still remember it. I'm well aware you feel that was a waste of blog space but I just felt you should know every time I hear that song I don't think of Old School like the rest of you....I think of freshman year XE house. let's move on.
My brother, Kyle, was on his way to Arkansas today from Florida. He was in the airport when Delta made the announcement if anyone would be willing tol fly another day or whatever they'd pay for his hotel stay plus $200 in miles. Kyle ALWAYS volunteers. Which gets him in all kinds of cool places. Today---NYC. Jealous!!!! He's been there all afternoon. He's leaving at noon tomorrow. I'm so jealous. He ALWAYS gets cool deals. AND the major thing I'm not okay with is that he ALWAYS see's a celebrity. And not a Z list's seen Tom Cruise. He's seen everyone important. Today he saw Catherine Zeta Jones...and got to have a convo with her. He told her she was the most beautiful woman he's ever seen (which he swears is SO true...he went on and on) and she told him how sweet he was. WHAT! WHAT??? I went to LA and hit up all the hot spots. Beso, Ivy, Ketchup, Les Deux...I only saw Matt Leinart and Mikalha Gordan....kinda cool but not special. Kyle has seen Tom and Catherine now?! Jealous!!! Oh and Scott wants me to make sure everyone knows he sat right next to Brad Pitt at a restaurant in Cabo. And he's told me he's really little.
This is so not fair. None of those boys care one bit about celebs. Me? I carry subscriptions to People and US and stay up just to watch TMZ. It's not okay. I'm not okay with this. Whatev. Here's Kyle's pic of Mrs. Jones....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ho Hum Today Was Drum

Today I woke up early because Scott and I had to drive my car down to Fayetteville because the breaks were squeeking. I had to follow Scott in his car then drive him to work. Fun times.
I've tried to be somewhat productive on my day off. I did accomplish getting basically my whole laundry basket emptied. When I lived by myself I never had to do laundry. My husband goes through more laundry than anyone I've ever known!!! It's because I'll wear something then hang it back up usually. Scott wears it for an hour then throws it in the laundry. It bugs.
I ran on the elliptical today. I haven't done that in a long time because I don't feel like an elliptical workout can do near for you what a good, hard run on the treadmill can. But I don't want my body to get conditioned to running so I thought I'd change it up today. I went for an hour and 5 minutes...600 calories. Good enough.
I really need to give Holly a bath tonight. She's a stinky girl. She pretends like she hates baths but I think she secretly enjoys them. She has this pitiful look on her face when you bathe her like she's being tortured but then she LOVES to get dried with the hair dryer and she prances when we're all done. She knows she looks better and I know she feels better too.
Alright I need to go make my salad dressing. Scotts chickens are almost all grilled up. Enjoy your night.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Day Exactly As It Was

Today was a great relaxing Sunday. Woke up after hitting the snooze button for 30 minutes, went to church, drove to Fayetteville to have lunch with Braclyn at Mojitos, went to Masons, wanted Ricks, drove to Ricks--it was closed, went to Ozark Natural Foods--grabbed some groceries, went to Maggie Moos & split the Better Batter Boogie Board with Scott, came back home, got on the bed, caught up on my celeb gossip, went for a run around my neighborhood because I ate like a pig--punished myself for that-- ran 1 hour and 10 minutes without stopping to walk for even 1 second, came home, sucked down a bottle of water, took Holly for a walk, grilled dinner, watched Housewives, Kendra, then Pretty Wild, now I'm doing this. That was my day! It was a good one. Looking forward to the week ahead of me....dunno why....just am. Night!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yay for May!

It's May! That makes me happy. I love May. So much fun stuff goes on in May. My birthday, Scott's birthday, my brothers birthday, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, appropriate weather for the lake, Cinco de's a good month.
Yesterday I went to the gym because I felt gross. I got on the treadmill even though I totally wasn't feeling it. I could never be a runner professionally. I have a love hate relationship with running. Sometimes I love love love it and sometimes I'd rather eat a cucumber than do it. But I've worked just way too hard to let myself go all squishy so I reluctantly went. At first I got on there and was like 'I'll just go 30 minutes.' Then right when that 30 minute mark hit Dirt of Your Shoulders came on my ipod and that song pumps me up so I kept going. Then I was like I'll go 45 minutes. THEN I was like well might as well go 6 miles and my last song shuffled to Eminim's Lose Yourself which I thought was just perfect. If Jake were here this is when he'd say 'Good Story' very sarcastically. My bad....
Today and yesterday I worked the state soccer tournament for my parents business. I have a lovely farmers tan from my American Apparel v-neck t-shirt. Nice. The final show-down is Monday. I'll be going back for that one as well. So since I've been doing that I'm in desperate need of a night out. Those people wear me out. 'Are these adult sizes?' 'Uh can't you tell by looking at them? 'Are they unisex?' It's a t-shirt! 'Where's the programs?' I don't know. 'Where's the bathrooms?' I don't know. ALL. DAY. LONG. At least the soccer girls know what size to buy. Nothing bugs me more than a 140 pound girl trying to squeeze herself into a small. Why are you trying to make a t-shirt uncomfortable? Don't get that either.
Okay I better get ready for my night. Ruth's Chris. Yum.