Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Five years ago today I went on the perfect first date.

That's right. Five years ago at this very moment I was sitting in a romantic booth at Theos, eating an amazing meal, drinking great wine, and watching the snow fall outside while I was getting to know my future husband. We had the perfect first date! I knew after that date that we were going to be something special. About 2 weeks later I knew I was going to marry that amazing man. Just like that. No and's if's or but's about it. He was for me and the moment I realized it I got goosebumps and was literally brought to tears.

Our love has been perfection from the get go. Not to say our marriage is perfect--nobody would believe me if I said that! But I love our love. It's everything I always hoped and dreamed true love would be. Scott is my everything. My hero. My best friend. My companion. I wouldn't know how to live life without him!

I'm a sucker for always celebrating big moments. Today I wanted to cook a special meal. So I whipped up some delicious green beans, creamy corn (Scotts fav) and a tender and juicy filet with a crazy good sauce courtesy of Mrs Paula Dean. And just FYI, That filet came from the Schwans Man and it is was incredible. It competes with the Buther Deli for sure. So tender and juicy! You guys have just got to jump on the Schwans Man band wagon with me! Anywho, our meal was mighty delicious and still fit in my calorie budget for the day! Cheers!

(My greatest attempt in getting Scott involved in a photo op while he's working. Do you even have to ask? Of course he's working tonight. He set aside two whole hours for us to have a nice meal tonight though. Nice huh?! Ha!)
I love November 30 and will never forget that this is an important date in my life. After this day my life changed forever. And I'm so grateful that this day happened.
Five Years Babe! Five More? Plus Five More? Plus An Additional Fifty??!!! I LOVE You! And I'm glad you read my blog now since you can 'easily access it with your new iPhone." XO!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hey Head! Go. To. Sleep. PLEASE!

First Things First: Happy Birthday to my favorite big sister Hannah!! Love you sweet friend! I hope your day has been fabulous!

If you're looking for a good new blog to read you should check hers out--Sweet Tea & Stilettos! It's on my sidebar along with my other favorite blogs. Hannah's is a good mix of food and fashion---which just so happen to be my two favorite things---so her blog is basically perfection!
Nothing much to report today. I did manage to be very productive this morning. Yoga, cleaned house, changed sheets, did laundry...all before 11 AM! Not bad considering I get zero sleep thanks to my insomnia. I have no idea why I suffer from it. I've found nowhere that says it's hereditary. That would be the only thing that makes since, since Mom and Grammy suffer from it too. I'm not depressed, stressed, or anxious. I don't have Parkinson's and I'm not bipolar. I don't feel emotionally flat and I haven't recently gone through a traumatic experience. What gives?! I'm so tired of being tired! I bet this is how Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) feels. There's no way to treat it. I don't want to get dependent on sleeping pills so I'm seriously considering hypnosis. I've heard it works! I've just gotta find someone here in NWA that does it which could potentially be tricky. I have to figure something out soon though! I can't think of much more miserable things in life than being utterly exhausted and not being able to fall asleep!
Anywhoz, enough of that. Time to watch the Victorias Secret Fashion Show and feel bad about myself.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Merry Monday

Hey-O! Hope everyone was able to easily get back into the swing of things after the long break! I did a little Christmas decoration completion today. I wanted to do something different for my dining room centerpiece this year so I searched Pintrest for ideas. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and wanted to use a lot of ornaments that I already had. After getting a few ideas via Pintrest I went with this.

Different candle sizes and heights, colorful glass ball ornaments, a gold strand of beads, all sitting on this huge serving platter I received as a wedding gift. It matches my casual china pattern and I absolutely love it but I've only been able to use it once. So I'm excited it's getting some use for the next month!

Okay this little one is currently buggin. As you can see she's chewing on a bone. She ALWAYS chews her bones at the very edge of the sofa and about every two minutes it falls off. Then she looks at me like "could you get that for me?" This goes on and on and on for an hour--sometimes two. I try to show her that it won't fall if she scoots back but she doesn't want to listen to me.
We've been chewing lots of bones lately. Holly is sorta in need of a teeth cleaning but both her NWA doctor and LR doctor don't recommend putting her under (unnecessary) anesthesia given her age. We cleaned her teeth 2 or 3 years ago. They aren't bad but there is definitely some plaque build-up which can potentially make dogs sick. The solution is bones. They can scratch the plaque off and also keep teeth healthy. Holly is thrilled with this news. She LOVES bones! (What dog doesn't?) However, it takes her FOREVER to eat. When I took the above photo she'd been working on that one for an hour. You can't even see bite marks on it! She'll go about two hours then get tired of it.

The healthy diet has been running smoothly. I've tried to be creative so I've turned to Cooking Light. I love that magazine! I made plain grilled chicken and had Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, Garlic, and Shallots on the side last night. Ehh. Just okay. I've had better tasting brussel sprouts before. However....

I made this for dinner tonight and it was fantastically delicious! Pan-Seared Chicken with Tomato-Olive Relish and Balsamic-Glazed Green Beans and Onions. Both were super easy and the green beans were kinda to die for. They're in the November issue. I highly recommend you try my tonight's meal soon! Yummy yummy.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Decorating

Today has been a nice and lazy day. Rose went back to her house this afternoon. She's a sweetie. We FaceTimed with Jaclyn the other night and Rose totally got it. She kept trying to break through the screen to give her Momma kisses! It was cute. I love FaceTime. It's my new thing....

I decided it was time to decorate the house for Christmas so I tackled that today. I got my Santa Claus tree up first. It's pretty easy to decorate and doesn't take long at all since I don't put much stuff on it. I always love the way it turns out!

After the tree I set up my snow village. I've been collecting the Department 56 Original Snow Village houses for many years now--since I got my own place in college actually. I buy one new one a year. This year Scott went with me and I let him pick. He went with the diner....

It's super cute! I love my snow village and I go all out with it. It's probably my favorite part about my Christmas decorations. I use 'bead board' and shave it to make it literally look like snow. You can find it at any local hardware store usually and its inexpensive but really adds that extra oomph! to the village.

We've officially run out of room for anymore houses--in this house. Hopefully we'll be in a new home for Christmas next year so it won't be a problem! (Can you tell I'm super ready to move?)

Now Scott and I are relaxing on the sofa with some wine and we plan to stay here for the rest of the evening. We ate our version of the last supper tonight. We've had a good run the last few days on 3,000 calorie per bite meals. It's over now. Like I said I would do, I threw out all of the leftovers and our fridge is now stocked with chicken and vegetables ONLY. We both feel disgusting and I'm pretty sure I gained 1 pound per day since Thursday. I literally could be mistaken for a pregnant lady. Needless to say, I will be sticking to fish, chicken, fruit, and vegetables ONLY until Christmas. I'll probably throw in a cappuccino every once and a while though--I love those too much to say goodbye for a month.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving + Ark v LS...

Well I hope your Thanksgiving was perfect! Mine was wonderful. I woke up around 7:30 and popped right out of bed. I had to tackle my great-grandmothers famous Noodles. I've mentioned them on here many times before. Grammy and I are the only ones in the family who know how to make them and they're a staple at any holiday meal. Once you do it a few times it's easy to do but it is very time consuming. I set a new time record and did it in just under an hour this time! I was proud of myself.
We got to Jodie's (Scott's Mom) around 11:30. It was just the three of us celebrating together. Our food was delish! We catered Turkey IN Dressing from the Butcher Deli and my taste buds decided it was the best dish of the entire day! Jodie said we'll make getting that the new tradition and I couldn't be more happy about it. They make a killer Turkey IN Dressing. Combine it with a Honey Baked Ham, Ma's Noodles, and the other traditional 'fixins' and it was a perfect meal! Scott and I decided to bring our Wii because Jodie had never played one before and we knew she'd love it. She did--and is keeping it to play for a few days! Haha.
We left Jodie's, dropped the pups at their homes, then headed to Randy's. Grandma is totally over cooking the whole Thanksgiving meal by now--so we catered. They came to the house when we were ready to eat--set it up--left--we ate--they came back--cleaned up--AND put the leftovers in Tupperware for us to take home. Hello!! Niceness!! The food was incredible....enough for 15 people, not 6--but incredible! Grandma and Grandpa have used them (Pfeiffers) for years. Needless to say, we've accumulated GOBS of leftovers. My refrigerator literally can't hold anything else. I kinda want to chunk it all tomorrow. It's all heavenly but I just can't keep eating it all!! It's outta there by Sunday for sure. Sorry Scott!
Today we gathered at Randy's--again--to watch the big game. Some of Scott's best friends who are in town for the holidays came to watch on Randy's big screen and brought their parents too! It was a fun watch party. I had major anxiety leading up to the game---followed by disappointment. I'm still SO PROUD of the Hogs! We've had an amazing and fun season. Even though I DESPISE lswho, I'm going to be okay. Of course I wrote a little complaint letter to CBS. Their completely obvious and over-whelming love for LSU was freaking annoying and not professional from the beginning. The final straw was the replay--slow mo--Bobby Petrino clip where he expressed his feelings towards Les Miles. Really CBS? Normally I'd be bothered that our coach said that. BUT they didn't even accidentally catch it live. They replayed a clip that a different camera caught that nobody had to even see. Way to keep it professional and classy CBS. You continue to remind me that you are not only a biased station in your politics but in your sports as well. You Bleaux.
Go Hogs!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hey guys! Sorry for the blogging absence this week. It's been a crazy week getting ready for Thanksgiving. I'm sure you can relate.

Im blogging to you from my new iPhone 4S!! I've been needing a new phone for SO long now!! I think I've mentioned before how slow my phone had gotten. I love the new features the 4S offers!! Last night I FaceTime'd with Mom and Dad. I felt so out of touch with the tech world because I couldn't stop going on and on to Scott about how cool FaceTime is!! I believe Mom and I will use it a lot.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. This is Scott's year for Thanksgiving so we're staying here in NWA. We're doing lunch with his mom and dinner with his Dad, Grandparents, and Uncle Brian. Scott's family is so small!!! It's definitely different from my huge family holiday gatherings. Today I'm going over to Randy's house to decorate the table for Thanksgiving. He wasn't planning on having even a centerpiece but I can't handle that! Whenever my family has holiday gatherings the dining room table looks like a display table in Pier 1 or Pottery Barn. You have to make it pretty and special right!!? It's a holiday! So I'm just going to take it upon myself to decorate. He won't care and I know he will be pleasantly surprised at how nice it is to have a pretty decorated table! If nothing else, Grandma will appreciate it.
Finally, we have a guest staying with us this weekend....

Miss Rose Julian is staying with us for the week while her Momma and Daddy are out of town for Thanksgiving!
Okay folks, I've got just a little more cooking and preparations left so I better get moving. I hope you have a blessed day tomorrow!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

One. Two. Three.

---Today Scott & I went to Randy's house to watch the game on his massive screen in his theater room. I now understand why my husband insists on putting one in our (future) house.
---I've never in my life cheered so hard for a team that wasn't the Razorbacks. But I was a USC and major Baylor fan tonight. Woo Pig! Number three! Be still my heart....
---Anyone else get so bewildered when people are born and raised in Arkansas but cheer for a different team in the SEC? I don't understand it even if you choose to go to that school (which, PS, why would you do that) but especially if you went to the UofA. I truly will never be able to wrap my brain around this.
---Scott thought he wanted to go to bed early tonight so while he was in bed watching the OU/Baylor game I was in the living room. I thought he was asleep the whole last half. However, once the game was over he came into the living room to say "NUMBER THREE!!!!!!!" then grabbed a snack size bag of ranch doritos, followed by a mini rice krispy treat, devoured both, announced nachos sounded good then turned right back around and went to bed without saying anything else. Umm....???

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sanitary Fail

TGIF! Since I skipped on blogging yesterday why don't I catch you up with that day first. As I previously reported, the battery in my car needed to be replaced so I drove to Acura in Fayetteville to get it fixed. Scott told me to have them check my tires since I've not gotten new ones since I've owned the car (3 years). After waiting in the lobby for the quick 20 minute battery change, they came and told me my tires were bad. In tire terminology, they're supposed to be at a 12-10 and mine were a 3! They said it would be dangerous to go much longer without a change so I told them to fix me up. O.M.G. I had no clue that tires were so expensive!!! It was sickening. I could have gotten that Chanel bag I've been craving for the cost of those 4 stupid tires. THEN, they said it would take about 3 hours and they didn't have a loner car but a shuttle could take me to the mall. Better than sitting there for sure but 3 hours at a mall is a very long time especially when you aren't in a shopping mood. Anywho, my car is all fixed up and call me a guy but I actually can tell a difference with the new tires.
Today was interesting. I was very excited/sad to watch Regis' farewell show. I've grown up watching that show and have hardly missed an episode in the last 6 or 7 years. Just as expected, the tear flows started the second I saw Kelly Ripa's sad face. I thought the show was done perfectly and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. Well, I would change one thing. I guess I forgot to mention that while all this was going on I had a cleaning lady at my house. Its Randy's cleaning lady, Esperanza, and it's the second time she's cleaned my house. I noticed when she was here 2 weeks ago that she never used my little Scrub n Bubbles flushable toilet wand so I assumed she just didn't clean the inside of the toilet. Still, I was concerned that maybe she cleaned them last and used the regular bathroom brush but forgot to tell me so I threw them out and bought new ones just in case. So today, in the middle of Regis and Kelly, I saw her cleaning the spare bathroom. I heard the toilet flush so I peeked around the corner to see how she was cleaning it. I was horrified to see her use the bathroom brush to clean the toilet then head straight for the sink with the same brush!!! AHHH. Die. Literally. I called Randy to tell him and he was just as disturbed as me. If you know me, I hate an awkward moment so I just didn't say anything and decided I would clean it after she left. THEN, later on I saw her sweeping the floors with a broom she found in my garage. You know, the outdoor broom you use to sweep away dirt, leaves, dead bugs, etc. By this point I'm just plain grossed out. Needless to say, the second she left I did some serious sanitizing in my house. Even though she's super sweet, she wont be back. I paid her to clean my house then had to go back and clean it myself. The saying is totally true---If you want something done right you just have to do it yourself. Unless a really good (sanitary) cleaning lady can do it better. Randy and I are officially on the hunt now. If you live in NWA and have a cleaning lady who knows how to properly clean a house please Facebook me!
Have a nice weekend everybody!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today was interesting. I was out and about running a lot of errands. I decided I'd finally had enough of the "Tire Pressure Low" message my car has been showing me the last few weeks. My tire pressure gets low probably once a week in the winter. It's so annoying because the little alert button will not go away until you fix the problem. Grrr! So I pulled into a gas station to fill up my tires. Since I have to do this frequently in the winter, I'm getting to be an expert. Except today's experience threw me a curveball. I was trying to get the gauge to say 30 (like its supposed to be) instead of 28 (which is what it was....kinda ridiculous my car freaks out over 2 little points but whatev). I get to filling up while checking the gauge and it kept going backward on me! By the time it said 17 I gave up and called Scott. He couldn't leave work to help me because he had a deadline so I called my father-in-law. Randy was quickly there to help me fix the problem. In the middle of airing up my tires BAM. Car died. What is happening here!!! Randy found some cables and was able to jump the car off. I followed him to the dealership and sure enough I need a new battery. Luckily I'm still under warranty so it won't cost anything. Whew! Maybe they could fix the HUGE scratch I have on my passenger door while they're at it. Someone at the mall two weeks ago very obviously hit it really hard with their car door. So rude. At least leave a note saying "Sorry! --Anonymous."
On a happy note, I found Holly a super cute Christmas sweater today. When I got home, I pulled the sweater out of the sack and holding it up to her by its mini little hanger I said "Look what I got for you today Holly!!!!!!" To which she responded by immediately running away to hide. Haha! Why you gotta be so smart Holly? She doesn't like getting her arms through the holes. But she does secretly enjoy it once it's on because it keeps her warm. Silly girl. It made me laugh really hard. Here's her new outfit So cute!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Greetings! I hope your day was fab! Mine started out pretty early. The doodlebug always has a way of waking me up while she's still comfortably sleeping her little head off. And if you listen closely, she sometimes has a pretty good snore going on! Holly stays in my bed snoozing away until about 11:30. She'd stay there way longer but I get to a point where I'm ready to make the bed. It's definitely true that old dogs sleep a lot. I bet she sleeps 16 hours a day! I sometimes make her stay up and keep her active as much as possible and she doesn't mind. Holly loves to play with her toys, go bye bye, and get the mail. She's just bored I think. That's what I'm going with....
Today I spent way too much time making my Christmas 2012 playlist. It's good. I bought the Glee Christmas album today and it's something everyone should purchase! Every cast member has their own song which helps to mix it up and not make it seem like it's the same person singing on the whole album. Not that, that's a problem as I thoroughly enjoy Michael Buble's new Christmas album very much as well. With the new songs I got today and the ones I have from last year, I have plenty of Holiday music to listen to without hearing the same songs over and over. Very riveting stuff huh?

Finally, this pretty little girl is making an appearance in my backyard right now. So gorg!! I love an Iris!
This post just put me to sleep.....

Where's My Card?

I experienced such an embarrassing moment today. I went to Walmart to get groceries for tonight's meal. The girl checked me out, I had my sacks in my cart, and when I opened my wallet to pay--OH NOOOO!!! I had not one single thing in my wallet to pay for my groceries. I had taken out my credit and debit card along with my drivers license and a little cash and put it in a smaller bag that I took to the Razorback game. I put them in the little zipper pocket on the inside of the purse and forgot to take them out.
I tried to give her the card number so she could type it in but Walmart doesn't do that. I had two people behind me and was so humiliated! I didn't want to drive home then come back and re-do because that would be really annoying. I was at the checkout that was right next to the Arvest so I told the girl I had an Arvest account and I could get some cash. She agreed to let me leave the groceries in my cart while I got money so I could pay.
Dying of humiliation at this point, I go to the bank teller, explain my condition and cross my fingers. I cross my fingers because Scott and I NEVER use that account and I wasn't even sure there was anything in it. Not only do we not use that account, it's technically not my account. Just Scotts. They won't put me on it until I prove we're married and bring in our marriage license. Well that piece of paper is matted, framed and hanging on a wall. The idea of grabbing my marriage license off the wall and taking it to Arvest to prove I'm married to Scott--for an account we don't even use--is too much of a production for me. So I've chosen not to do it.
I explain all of this to the teller and he gets on the phone to talk to important Arvest people. Long story short, 30 minutes and a huge long line of people waiting behind me later, I'm allowed access to our account which actually does have money in it. Whew! This is a huge victory since Scott, the account holder, isn't with me, I don't have an ID and I know ZERO info about the account including the random address thats linked to it (which turned out to be Scotts Dad's address for some strange reason). Now that I think about it, the Arvest guy was pretty irresponsible for letting me access it.....
Regardless, I got my cash, paid for my groceries, and walk out with a red face. The only thing that helped numb the embarrassment was the bank teller informing me that it happens all the time. I hope I never allow that to happen to me again. It was stressful and humiliating.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


True Story: When WPS first became popular, I had no idea what it meant for the longest time. Today I finally learned that when people say SMH it means 'Shaking My Head.' I've been wondering for so long now!! Gah! I'm getting old and out of touch with the coolness and it's happening more often than ever. When the students at the first Razorback game starting doing the tight little dance to 'All I Do Is Win' Scott looked at me and said "I'm so old and not cool anymore. Not only do I not know the moves but I've never heard this song before." "Don't worry" I replied. "Neither have I." We both quickly got on board and know the moves + own the song. Keepin it real as long as possible....
Today was a (semi) typical Razorback home game day. We got up and moving and were on The Hill by noon. About 10 minutes of tailgating in, I told Scott I wasn't sure if I could take the coldness and EXTRA hardcore wind. I actually become an angry person when I'm cold. I can't take it. If I was that cold when the sun was shining, there was just no way I could handle sitting on a cold metal bench--in a freezing outdoor stadium--for 3+ hours. The fact that I knew I would leave Holly home alone for nearly 12 hours helped the rationalization in my head that we should probably just watch the game at home. So we wussed out and did just that. I don't regret the decision.
I do regret that I took not one single picture while tailgating!! I was just not on my game today. It makes me extra bummed since Ashley and Mallory were in town! We all gathered together for dinner last night with Braclyn and Ashleys brother & girlfriend and it was lovely! I love a large gathering of friends. Oh well! I did manage to get one photo today. I decided on a whim to actually purchase a true Razorback outfit. I was in the Razorback store a few weeks ago and spotted a black sweater with a little Razorback on it. I thought it was really cute and very festive so I got it! It was fun to wear a Razorback today even though nobody saw it because I had a coat on the entire time. Oh well. At least you could see my cute new shoes! Pair it all with red lips and a little braid and I was all set and ready to call my Hogs. WPS!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Three Elevens

Happy 11/11/11, Veterans, Harry Potter DVD release and Crystal Bridges opening Day!

I have a slew of magazines to read. It's stressing me out because I don't appreciate them laying around my house but I can't bring myself to throw them away without reading! #housewife problems.

OPI has come out with this and I of course had to snag it up. It's 10 of their most popular colors in little mini's. Perfection.

I had to reorganize my closet the other day. I'm growing out of it. It's time to move. Take a look at that bar. It's literally bending.

My new shoes could quite possibly be the reason for it. I have no more shoe space so I had to buy this organizer shelf at Target. Again, it's time to move. Actually it's time to build our house. Could that possibly be in my very near future? ;)

I've also run out of jewelry space in my little jewelry box. However, I've found that rolling up a Marie Claire is the perfect way to neatly store my bracelets!

And you know I could never do a post without mentioning this little one! So adorbs.
Okay. Off to pick up Scott at the airport. He's been in Philly all week for work and I'm beyond excited that he's home now. I've been very lonely without him!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Let me start by saying that today is my Dad's birthday! I'm celebrating by having a bottle of this...

It's one of my Dad's favorites so I felt it would be appropriate. Cheers Dad! Happy Birthday!

How cute is this little one? 15 years later and Holly's overwhelming cuteness still gets me! I seriously wonder how many times a day I tell her how cute she is, how much I love her, how sweet she is, and how many kisses I give her. I would ballpark around 50. Not kidding. And to be honest, I think Holly kinda gets tired of me kissing her cheeks so much. She sometimes gives me a "it is so annoying that you do that to me so often" look. I just can't help myself.
Today I got my mani/pedi. I typically save the mani/pedis for Fridays but I don't think I'll have time tomorrow so I did it today. I used to NEVER get mani/pedis. It's a new thing I've been doing the last year or so and I've found that I really, really enjoy them! I just go to a little place at the Promenade--ProfessioNail. (Haha. That name never fails to make me chuckle). The prices are great--I'm pretty sure they're the cheapest in town--and they always do a good job. There was a lady in there today who was a loud talker so I couldn't help but overhear her conversation with her nail tech. She had just moved from Texas, finished a late lunch at PF Changs and searched in her phone where the closest nail salon was and that's how she found ProfessioNail. Then she asked the girl if there was a mall in Rogers.'re at the mall. Did you not notice all of the clothing stores surrounding you? Hello!
Speaking of Hello moments....when Mom and Dad were up here last weekend for work they borrowed my car to get around town because they were in the Image One van/bus (oh yeah! We've got a bus now and no lie, it's kinda tight). Anywho, they both mentioned to me that the temperature gauge in my car was broken because it always said 66 and they knew it was much colder outside than that. I thought that was odd but figured it would be no big deal to fix it. A little bit later, we all piled in my car to eat lunch and Mom and Dad pointed to the temperature in the car and were like "See....66." Umm.....Sorry Pops and Gamma, that's the temperature of the inside of the car. Hello!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


-----Hey-O! Just saw a commercial for the Victorias Secret Fashion Show. Ugh. Nothing could make me feel more bad about myself. The hair, make-up, bodies--GAH!! Of course I'll watch--I always do. I find it very entertaining for some reason.
-----Brangelina is on E! News right now discussing what countries are their kids favorites. I hope my kids are that well rounded in the travel world. I doubt we can be as extreme as them but I definitely want them to have the experience of seeing many great places.
-----I know I'm SO politically incorrect for saying this but I don't think Dr Murray should have been found guilty. I LOVE Michael Jackson but I'm sorry--he was the one wanting Propofal and he should be held responsible for using it. Was Dr Murray a "bad" doctor for giving it to him? Maybe. Should he have been more responsible? Yeah. Do I think MJ woke up while Murray wasn't in the room and took more Propofal? No. I just don't think Dr. Murray should spend time behind bars for doing something MJ wanted and would no doubt find a way to have no matter who gave it to him. Getting his license taken away--maybe. Prison? No. My husband is cringing as he reads this. He thinks my viewpoint on this is sooo distorted. Sorry. That's how I feel. You shouldn't fuel an addicts behavior but really, shouldn't the addict be held the most responsible? Now that you're all annoyed with me I'll move on.....
-----Holly is so cute today! I love her little haircut and she's acted extra adorable all day. I had to get new heart worm pills for her yesterday. I walked in the Rose Animal Clinic and the girl said "I know you're Holly's momma I just don't remember your name." Haha! Aww. I find it a huge compliment that they know Hol so well. However it's also quite sad that my little girl visits so often that they know who we are. It's partly my fault. I make unnecessary appointments out of worry but still! Sweet. I love that clinic. They told me I'll soon be receiving an AARP card in the mail so we can get discounts. Die! How cute.....and score! Holly costs a fortune but it's worth every penny.
-----Christmas decorations are up in NWA. Not to be a Scrooge but isn't it a little early?
-----Speaking of NWA, it is so gorgeous in the fall. It's beauty never fails to amaze me. Fall is truly my favorite time of the year!
-----That's all.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Arkansas vs SC + My Great Weekend

Hey Friends! Today I'll tell you about the fantastic weekend I just experienced. It was one of those that seriously couldn't have been more perfect and the reason for that is because it consisted of me hanging out with so many of my great friends!!
(Does anyone else think Hannah and I could pass for sisters in this picture?)

Friday night Scott and I drove to Fayetteville to have sushi at Sho Gun with Jax, Craig, Christina, Ashley and Hannah. Ashley and Hannah spontaneously decided to come up to NWA for the weekend and it thrilled me to pieces! We enjoyed our meal then went to Jax and Craig's and stayed until 1:30 am talking! It was great.
Scott and I slept in and excitedly got ready to head down to The Hill for the big game. We stopped by Jaclyn's and picked up her and Jake (who also made me happy by coming into town) then met up with Ashley and Hannah at Slim Chickens (per Jake's request) for lunch. Too many chicken fingers, fries, buttery toast and a large amount of cayenne ranch consumed between Scott and myself later, we headed for campus to get our tailgate on.Last weekends tailgate wins as best ever this year. I loved having all of my friends to spend it with--we got there super early--and had a blast. There is nothing like a fun tailgate before a college football game where your team is ranked in the top 10.
The game was a lot easier on my nerves than I thought it would be. I was worried it would be neck and neck but the Razorbacks went easy on their fans for once and proved to be a much better team than SC. All in all, the weekend was seriously so perfect. I wish every weekend could be like that. My parents were in Harrison for work and drove to our house Saturday night to stay with us. We got to spend a little bit of time with them which was just the cherry on top. I love my friends and family and their company always makes me happy. Of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without Jake and I making sure we got a picture together mimicking Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves in all of their Twitter pictures. We (maybe just I) really enjoy doing that and for some reason it cracks us up so hard---it doesn't take much....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Chitter Chatter

Hey y'all. I didn't do anything super exciting today. I did purchase some new black suede booties--Sam Edelman--Spikes on the back--they're kind of amazing. However, they are not comfortable in any way and a little hard to walk in but so worth it. I've had a shoe problem lately. I've purchased 5 pairs of shoes in the last month. I never do that. It's more along the lines of 5 pairs a year. They were all irresistible though!! I had to re-organize my closet to make room. So worth it.
I'm looking extra forward to the weekend! Friends are coming in town for the big game....which I'm already nervous about by the way. I'm really feeling the Razorback perfect winning (except that 1 game) pressure.
OOOHHH! I lied. My day was exciting. The Schwans man was in the neighborhood and I totally bought all kinds of yummy goodies from him. My Mom gets stuff from the Schwans man and one night when I was at Mom and Dads, we got home late so Mom threw together a meal consisting of 2 canned veggies, those crazy yummy Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes and a Schwans breaded (not fried) chicken breast. It sounds so simple but it was such a good meal to me. It felt so cozy and comforting. I've craved it ever since then so I recreated it tonight! It was one of those moments where I was really sad that the food on my plate was gone. Anywho, our freezer is stuffed with Schwans food--and Lean Cuisines. Because that's what I eat for lunch EVERY day....and have for almost 3 years now. And I love it. I find them to be SO delicious. I missed my Lean Cuisines like crazy when I was in China.
Speaking of food, I found a new breakfast item that I don't think I can ever live without now. I used to never eat breakfast. Maybe I'd get a cappuccino or pour a glass of OJ but that was it. So I was watching one of those weight lose reality shows and one of the trainers was expressing the importance of eating breakfast. Yeah, yeah most important meal...we've all heard it...blah blah. THEN he said one way that helps Sumo Wrestlers get so big is by skipping breakfast. I nearly fell off my sofa when he said that. Ever since I've made sure I eat breakfast even if I'm not hungry.
Anywho, here's the point in that whole story. I love a warm breakfast. I've discovered Jimmy Dean D'Lights and I'm obsessed! They're breakfast sandwiches--just like at McDonalds--but they're only (max) 240 calories. So Yum! Also so yum--Jimmy Dean Breakfast Skillets. Scott and I make them every weekend. We love them! AND, Jimmy Dean is owned by Sara Lee so it's like a bonus--and the reason I know so much about these yummy breakfast meals. Seriously, go to Walmart right now and buy them. You won't be sad about it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Beauty Shop Visit + 4 Years

I took Holly to a much needed groomer appointment today. She has a girl in Little Rock who does a great job but I don't know when Holly will be in Little Rock again and it just couldn't wait. I decided to take Holly to the same hair salon Rose Julian goes to because her Momma, Jaclyn, recommended it. I was a little nervous to take Hol to a new person. I'd taken her somewhere up here once before and they totally butchered her. I actually had to look at Holly really hard to make sure I had the right dog. Horrible! Lesson learned--take a picture so they can see what she's supposed to look like!
Gail (the groomer) was so sweet. I could tell immediately she knew exactly what she was doing. THEN she told me she specializes in old dogs and those words were like music to my ears. After a good consultation I left my doodlebug to get all beautified! Gail called an hour later saying Holly was ready and when I saw her I was thrilled because she looked perfect!

Gail said Holly was so good and sweet and won lots of brownie points with me by raving on about Hollys "beauty." I get cute all the time but Gail's right--she's beautiful as well! :)
THEN, something happened. As we were leaving, Gail leaned in close to Hollys face and told her bye to which Holly responded by giving her a kiss on her nose. My knees almost buckled and I nearly hit the floor. Holly does NOT give kisses to anyone except me, Scott, Mom, and Dad. I still can't believe it. I called Mom and Scott to tell them about it. Mom's response was "Oh WOW!" and Scott's was "No Way." Top 10 Most Shocking Holly Moments Of ALL Time. She must've really liked Gail which made me so happy! Especially since Holly despises getting groomed.

Finally, four years ago today Scott and I got engaged! It was such a sweet proposal and a wonderful and unforgettable night that he planned so perfectly! I'm a very lucky girl that such a great guy wanted to marry me! I love Scott SO much and not only do we continue to have a beautiful marriage that I'm so grateful for but he becomes more and more of a best friend to me every day and I wouldn't trade my friendship (and marriage) with my best buddy for anything!! I love you babe! I'm so incredibly blessed that God chose you for me. Thank you for asking me to marry you!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy November!! So crazy huh?! I think I love November just as much as I love October. November means Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away and Thanksgiving just happens to be my favorite Holiday! I think it's the Macy's Parade + the fact that the 'Thanksgiving Meal' is my all time favorite meal EVER. I'm already worried about how big my belly will be that day. I have a real problem with the amount of food I consume on Thanksgiving.

Halloween was fun last night! We don't get a ton of Trick-Or-Treaters.....maybe 15-20 but I LURVE handing out candy to the kiddos! One little boy came by, maybe 8 years old, around 8:30. It was so late and he had maybe 3 candies in his bucket. It made me sad. I felt like time was ticking and he hardly had any candy! I don't know why the reason for that was but I felt sorry for the cutie so I gave him A LOT of candy. Like, probably a whole bag worth. Hopefully that boosted his Trick-Or-Treat experience!

I don't have much else but maybe I'll comment on Kim K since, as you know, I love anything to do with celebrities. Okay so 72 days? Really? Really?? You didn't even try. Maybe you should dabble in a little marriage counseling before calling it Kaput. I'd noticed the rumors speculating trouble for a week or so now. It definitely raised my eyebrows especially when People and TMZ did stories on it. But I really didn't expect a soon. I think this will hurt her image even though PR people on GMA this morning said it wouldn't. What do I know though? Because I'm totally looking extra forward to watching Kourtney and Kim Take New York this season more than ever. How much should we bet they're re-editing all scenes right now to make Kris look like a total jerk and Kim look like she made the biggest mistake of her life? M'kay I'm done.